Portrayed By No one, yet.
House Ravenclaw
Year 4th
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Pure-Blood
Age 15
Place of Birth England
Date of Birth Nov 11, 2011
Mother Josephine
Father Eldon
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Sept 24th, 2009
Last Appearance Current

Character History:


Amon is a reserved boy, studious and not the kind to suffer fools gladly. He isn't entirely without humour, but it tends to be drier than most. While often found reading books, and despite his clear interest in academics, he lacks any kind of social awkwardness that would label him an outright 'nerd'. While he treats most with casual neutrality, over exuberance tends to wear at his patience, and outright bullying he finds idiotic. He carries himself with a quiet confidance, and is not one to encourage too much physical contact — Amon can be seen as overly formal or snobbish by some, but he simply prefers to keep to his personal bubble.

Trivia and Notes:

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