2026-09-01: Boarding Hogwarts Express


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Scene Title Boarding Hogwarts Express
Synopsis Students prepare for their departure to Hogwarts.
Location Platform 9 3/4
Date September 1, 2026
Watch For The paparazzi earn respect with a threat from a Prefect and a flip of a birdie from a Quidditch Captain. The Hogwarts students are so respectful, huh.
Logger Zarina

Platform 9 3/4 - King's Cross Station, London

Hanging on the brick wall above head level is an ornate red iron sign that has been painted scarlet red and reads: Platform 9 3/4. The platform here looks identical to the muggle platforms of Kings Cross Station except for the distinct lack of digital clocks and departure displays. The opaque-glass ceiling above the platform is curved and supported by an iron framework of arches. Floating globes of light lazily drift back and forth in midair near the glass ceiling to light the room. This warm, golden light reflects off the glass of the roof which has darkened along with the night skies.

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.
A magical place, hidden from the eye of muggles who walk past it every single day, in the thousands. Right under the nose of the non-magical population of London, but one of the most magical of places imaginable.
The train which now sits, pulled into the station, is a place where dreams are born, friendships forged, and destinies spawn. This is where students, for the first time through the seventh, leave to go to the hallowed halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
There are staff, conductors and ushers alike, answering questions these days. It's rumored that last year, Headmaster Potter actually arrived with the train, though, sadly, he isn't here this time. None of the teachers, who will be awaiting the students at the castle itself, have come. Prefects, and the Head Boy and Girl, see to their duties, as families say goodbye for the coming months, mothers cry, fathers give pats on backs, and countless hugs are given. The steam from the train lends an almost surreal hue to the scene.

Layla got here early to help out where needed. People are starting to get here with students in tow. Her trunk and owl are already stashed aboard. Currently she is talking to some younger students, making suggestions and welcoming them back. She is also on the lookout for new students. The day is about to get chaotic for most. Layla is already in her uniform with her Prefect badge on.

Most people go to Hogwarts with a nice, typical little send off from the family members. Then there's people like the Thorne family, and Ciara Thorne - the little teen witch idol. She's there with her mother who, according to the Daily Prophet, manages her daughter's time, social life, and jobs. Also along for this family outing is Ciara's grandmother. She is the ridiculously famous 80's wizard singer Morissa Thorne - more popularly called Morissa Kavlin by her fans. She is an older witch with curling, grey streaked black hair, and utterly perfect, probably magically enhanced, makeup and facial features. The three of them are dressed to the nines in the latest wizard fashions.
Between the three fabulously dressed witches is Karrie Cass, the girl who is purportedly Morissa's best friend. Finally, trailing behind this foursome is a string of reporters and blokes lugging both typical wizard cameras and holotube cams - attempting to catch every movement, every word from the three generations of Thorne women. Navigating awkwardly around this roving swarm of reporters is an older gentleman with long, grey hair pulled back in a ponytail and a diamond ear stud shimmering in each lobe. He's been put in charge of Ciara's trolley apparently, but he doesn't seem to be a servant - and his face might look strangely familiar to anyone a little too obsessed with the wizarding music industry.

Rashan shows up with his uniform on, hair tied back into a ponytail as he adjusts the Prefect's badge he received. He looks around, stopping to answer questions, in his high and mighty way, and nods and clasps hands with the returning Slytherin's, showing his house pride. He stops and leans against a post near to where people will show up, making sure his badge isn't hindered in any way. Blinking at the Thorne Family's Procession he rolls his eyes and mutters something in Swedish. He is glad that his parents didn't come.

"First years! First years, this way!" Alexis calls. The brunette is already changed into her school robes. There is a shining silver prefect badge hanging right above the Ravenclaw emblem on her left breast. It's a new edition to her uniform this year. She is just doing her civil duty of helping the poor lost and confused students to safety.

Karrie BEGGED her grandmother Meslana to NOT come! Do you think the old woman would listen to her? Not a chance!! Thus Karrie keeps close to Ciara and Meslana, an elderly white haired witch, shadows Morissa. Almost like old times! Karrie eyes the reporters and murmurs under her breath. Right just keep walking and smiling K. So that is what she does.

Layla starts ushering a few first years toward the train. She reassures them softly. She almost seems to working in tandem with Alexis. So many new ones this year! All is well till a kitten takes off from its owner and Layla goes on the offensive to catch the furball!

Kaneda blinks at the procession as he looks up to his grandfather. "Is mother here? It's like when she gets done with a concert… like the time the queen attended a concert that she was first chair for?" He asks as the Elderly man, Tommy Larson, frowns at. "Never you mind lad, just go and get with a Prefect and get on the train, you'll be liable to get trampled." The older man says to the young, small boy as he urges him on pointing him in the Direction of Layla and Alexis. "I'll see you at Christmas Grandfather, I'll write to you guys every day." he says as he is walking backward, a liable way for him to run into someone.

Selina looks around wide eyed AFTER staring at the wall she just came through. BIG shiny train. But so many people!! Her mother hovers worriedly. Sel tries to figure out where to go, as she pushes her trolley with all her supplies including a new trunk. Also it has a carry case for a kitten. Can we say WIDE as saucer eyes and afraid?

Alyn makes it onto the platform glancing back at the way he came, his mum and da coming right after him and looking just as bewildered. What do you expect from Muggles? He glances around a bit, wondering if he will see any of those that he has come across before in the cauldron or the alley on his various trips to get things. The lad glances around a bit, in faded jeans with holes in the knees and a hooded pullover that looks like once it was red but now is more a dull orange. He has his things, which isn't much, two hand sewn suitcases, and a duffle. He looks around with wide eyes at everything.

Zarina releases a slow sigh as her dark robes barely brush against the ground, lifting a slender hand from under the folds to brush back long, silver white hair from her face, letting locks cascade comfortably over her shoulders before it frames her face once more. The comfortable, natural smirk remains on her full lips as she easily leads with other Slytherins, easily falling into step next to her fellow Slytherin Rashan Haviner, quirking a pale brow as the corner of her full lips tugs. "Hm. I think I found this year's target…" she says slowly, her low voice almost purring with amusement.

Rashan looks at the first years and starts to chuckle. He then moves from his post and stretches, showing off his huge frame. "Listen up, first years go with tease to pretty women." he says indicating Layla and Alexis. "The rest of you board in an orderly fashion." he says as he breaks up two second year Slytherins who were being over excitable. "Chill out you two." He says moving through the people now.

Gabriel stands there, in the space between two cars, where there's a door to enter either compartment. He wears the Quidditch Captain's badge upon his Slytherin color-trimmed robes. Solid, yet not large, he is broad-shouldered, and beginning to grow into his height. His father was tall, and his brothers, as well. But they had all been Gryffindors; the same house of those that he's just now trying to pick from the crowd, by sight. Silent count, he's making, with arms folded, though his gaze is interrupted by the arrival of one Miss Kalvin. He chuckles, darkly, and then that count moves on. A slide of his gaze to the Slytherin Prefect, Rashan. An 'I'm glad it's not me' sneer is birthed. A shake of the head.

The bevy of Thornes stop several hundred feet away from the train, apparently not stupid enough to try and actually wade into the fray with the bank of reporters behind. The grey haired man pushing Ciara's trolley gives a nod to Morissa and then Meslana, a smirk tilting his lips as he goes to the train to load Ciara's baggage for her. In the meantime, Ciara turns to her two matrons, offering them a small courtesy as the camera click away, "I'll be taking Karrie now, Mum." Another polite nod, "Grandmum."
Ciara's mother is going rapidly through an appointment book as she speaks to her daughter, "Your next job - we arranged for it to happen at the school so you won't have to disrupt your studies by leaving. I think they're going to do the shot at the late and …" The woman is quieted by the hand of Ciara's grandmother, and Morissa leans down settling her hands on Ciara's shoulders as she gives the girl an air kiss on either side of her face. "Have a good year, sweet heart. I'll be expecting you at Christmas." With a sneaky little smile, the grandmother loops her arm around Karrie as well and whispers something to both of them.

Zarina smirks easily as she brushes back the long, snow white hair from her shoulder, revealing the Prefect badge over her breast on her robes. Moving to the opposite side of the line of students, she tilts her head upwards easily, with an air of dignified pride. "Board one at a time, please. No pushing or shoving, and anyone that argues otherwise will be written up and points will be docked." She blinks her bright, sapphire blue eyes slowly as she looks over the crowd, making sure that everyone is boarding the train without any problems.

Kaneda blinks and spots Alyn. "ALYN!" he says with his high pitch soft voice as he reaches the Youth. "Hey! We finally get to go to school! It's gonna be fun!" he says with a smile as he leads the other boy through the throng of people, tugging his wheeled trolley behind him to get the stuff loaded onto the train.

Alyn waves to the various people he recognizes. Rashan, that pretty girl with the silver hair, Kaneda and a few of the others. He absently touches his own hair, remembering the silver streak that he put in it, that he has long since gotten rid of. He hears the words about the first years and turns to give his da and mum a hug each, both whom seem to be crying, "I will send you owls regularly." he seems excited at saying that and turns to move towards the other first years. He smiles and waves to Kaneda and then nods, "Yep, been lookin forward ta it."

Rashan looks at Zarina with a smirk, before spotting Gabriel and shaking his head. "Smirk all you want, our getting the cup this year is in your hands Gabe." He says, a slight warning tone under the friendly smile as he turns to spot more of the kids. Then his hand lashes out to stop a Crazy Reporter from boarding the train. "Students and Hogwarts staff only." He says as he thrusts the man back into the Gaggle. "Zee, look out for those damned paparazzi, they might try to board. Gabe…" He says with a smirk. "You got your beater's bat on you?"

Layla returns the kitten to it's owner and starts to set the firsties with each other for comfort. But then as she is ushering them on the train, a small man tries to slip in the line and board. Layla blocks his path and looks up to the Thorne group "Sorry sir but if you are a firstie then I will eat my badge! No reporters on the train please…step aside." Now she has said it loud enough to catch hopefully someone's attention…that can escort the man OUT! Still blocking his path as she helps to load two first year trunks "It's alright now… just slip into this compartment here."

Zarina easily lifts a hand to give Alyn a wave before moving on to the next student, watching over the other student and making sure that there are no complications. She lightly presses her full lips together as she keeps back the growing crowd of paparazzi. Her eyes shoot at Rashan before rolling, smirking to herself, glancing over her shoulder before scowling again at the closest camera man. "Hey! I can't do magic off of school grounds right now, but Merlin's beard if you tempt me, I will shove my wand so far up your arse that I won't need magic to make you see stars!" she threatens him. The man blinks at her, gulping before taking a cautious step back.

Selina hugs her mom and slips through the crowd to get in the first year line. Her mom doesn't look to happy, or is it more scared? After getting help to load her stuff, she gets on and finds a place to hide.

His Headboy badge sparkling brightly on the breast of his robes, the Gryffindor lion displayed proudly. Nathaniel pushed his way gently through a group of first years, his voice low as he tells them to move along to a compartment, shrugging off the slight glare he receives from one. The sounds of a raised voice and the word 'arse' catches his attention, making his way over and pushing some of the dark hair from his eyes, making sure his chest is puffed out enough to show his badge, but not enough to make him look completely pompous. He sees a Prefect badge on a girl, one he recognized as a Slytherin and gave her a slight nod, a smile tugging at his lips towards the fearful man with the camera.

The smirk which lives upon Gabriel's features, which would actually be handsome without it, turns into a sneer. It's an open secret that most of his time — up until this year, he wasn't Captain of the team — on the Quidditch pitch, though he's got notable talent, has been marred by excessive penalties and undeniable dirty play. He alone is responsible for last year's loss to Hufflepuff by a score of 200-40, with a hefty bit of those points — a GREAT bit — having been penalty shots. Word is he was warned by his own head of house, to the surprise of some, that a failure to curb old habits this year might have him not only not captain any longer, but off the team and in detention for the year. If anyone wants a hot button on this Slytherin, it's that. And so it is that he looks away, eyes falling upon the Head Boy, Nathaniel, as he eyes one of his housemates, and he looks away, as if he's just tasted something unpleasant. Strong hands push off from the railing, and he heads inside the Slytherin car.

Karrie has the schedule memorized! After all Ciara's mom and her own only insisted on it! She blinks and nods to the grandmother 1 and then listens as her own grandmother whispers to her. Meslana eyes the idiot reporter trying to board and excuses herself, with a look to trolley man. But then she needn't of bothered as Karrie slips off with Ciara in another compartment a bit of the way down. Not to mention the Slytherins and Prefects seem to have it in hand. Ah to go back to those care free days, Meslana muses silently. Karrie is just as happy to be going back.

Rashan blinks at Nathaniel and shakes his head. "Our Headboy…" He muttered before turning to push two more reporters out of the way and looks to the retreating Gabriel. "Zee… I hope he doesn't loose us the cup this year." He says as he helps a good looking seventh year onto the train. Girls, as usual, sighing as Rashan walks by and Rashan ignoring them unless they are particularly good looking.

Ciara exchanges a sneaky little smile with her grandmother, her eyes sparkling as she taps a finger to her lips. Then the girl spins, her fingers rising in a dramatic little wave behind her to the paparazzi as her wavy black hair swings to the side and she snags Karrie's arm. With a tugs she insists, more than she directs, the other third year Slytherin towards the train. "It's time to lose the idiots." She says rather softly, punctuating it with a pleasant little smile. "Let's move, Karrie. Before they rush the train or something. Beckett and Grandmum will only distract them for so long."

Layla eyes a few of her Slytherin counterparts, including the retreating Gabriel. Ah she must again send him cookies if he lets her team win like that. She speaks softly with a fellow fifth year asking them to go and check on the firsties on the train. After getting a nod, she spots Rashan with a look of 'oh here we go again!'

Alyn joins the line with the others and hears some of the comments going around and giggles a bit as he hears some of them. He shakes his head and giggles again waiting his turn to get on the train. He bites his lip as he realizes that a lot of the others, have slightly better clothes than him, but then they spent most the money on the robes and other things, so he knows will be better once he gets changed. He is extremely excited wanting to get to the School and try out some things he has been holding back on since he didn't want to get into trouble for using magic outside of school. He gets distracted for a moment by watching some of the other students and stuff move towards the trains.

Karrie is guided easily, almost as if an unconscious habit. She raises her hand and waves as she and Ciara disappear into the crowd and board the train. Yeah try to follow them will ya? Oh wait if they do she might get to see Beckett and her grandmum bash heads. No wait that is a bad thing right? With a nod she awaits Cia to board first, once they make where they are going.

Kaneda smiles as he lines up behind Alyn. "Maybe I should try out for Seeker in whatever house I get sorted into?" He says softly as the fact there are reporters everyone doesn't phase the boy at all. "My mum gets this all the time, only it's the Muggle paparazzi she deals with. I might do a duet with her during winter break for Christmas, it's going to be great." he says, all smiles and bubbly energy.

As Zarina glances up, she meets Nathaniel's eyes briefly as her own sapphire orbs narrow in some thought, lowering her chin in a silent nod to him before moving on to the rest of the students. Purposefully making sure she's not standing around like he Headboy. She blinks up again over at Rashan, pale brows forming a light frown as she glances to Gabriel speculatively. "Hm. We'll have to keep our eye on him…" she murmurs, barely heard over the moving crowd of students and the paparazzi. The girl releases a slow breath as she brushes back her long, snow white hair from her shoulders, watching the last of the students board the Hogwarts Express. Turning her head, she cups her hand around her mouth, "All aboard! Next stop, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" Zarina smirks as she lowers her hand, gripping the handle as she swings herself on board.

Climbing into the train as fast as one can manage while looking unhurried, Ciara disappears inside, leaving the reporters to fend for themselves out on the platform. Some apparently have figured out who the long haired man with the ponytail is, and he only just managed to load Ciara's things onto the train before a little swarm surrounded him. He laughs, pushing through the crowd and slapping a couple of the smaller reporters on the back - nearly knocking them over before he rejoins Ciara's mother and grandmother. Granted - a few of the more gutsy, crazy paparazzi try to get closer to the train - attempting to catch a peek of Ciara through the train windows with their cameras. She's no where to easily be found, however, probably taking cover somewhere inside.

As her eyes turn from his, Nathaniel moves on, his wand pulled from his robes and held loosely in his right hand at his side. Allowing his dark eyes to scan the crowd for any sign of problems, he directs a confused looking first year towards the correct train car. Seeing the crowd on the platform dwindle down quickly, he pulls himself into the car, giving one last look behind him before turning down the train car's hall.

Alyn cocks his head to the side a little and shrugs, "I remember reading that it is not common for first years to make the teams but it has been known to happen." he shakes his head, "I am not looking forward to learning to fly myself, never been good in sports and not sure how I am going to do." he mutters a bit and then glances up a bit at the announcement and moves to get on the train with the others, realizing he has lagged behind a little bit.

Some of those paparazzi, who have gotten close to the Slytherin car, see one open window, and a tallish, blonde-haired young man standing in it, giving them a rather rude gesture. Flashes go off, and Gabriel just sneers at them, mouthing something equally offensive.

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