Brice Bowers
Portrayed By
House Slytherin
Year 1st
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Half-blood
Age 12
Place of Birth London
Date of Birth December 27th, 2014
Mother Kyle Bowers
Father Casey Killins
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance September 13th, 2009
Last Appearance

Character History:

Brice was born to Kyle and Casey Bowers on December the 27th 2014. Bowers is the name of a Pure Blood family line but Kyle was disowned by his parents for marrying a Muggle born. Kyle is a well known Alchemist and sells his wares independently throughout the land and has many private customers from all over the wizarding world. He makes a good living with his potions and other alchemical knowledge's. The disownment from his family never seemed to phase the man as his love for Casey was stronger then his families pure blood mania.

Casey Killins was a young muggle born witch who excelled in flying and even played some professional Quidditch for the Irish after she graduated from Hogwarts. She was a Gryffindor and Kyle was in house Slytherin during their years at the school. They met in their 5th year as Kyle was on the Slytherin Quidditch team, though not as good as Casey. Both were Seekers and a tumble while chasing the snitch started their relationship. They married soon after graduation.

Casey retired from playing Quidditch professionally when she found out she was expecting their first child Brice. The family lived in a small home approximately ten miles outside of London in the countryside. Kyle's experiments are best done where no muggles can see. Brice has a typical childhood; his early years up until the age of 4 were full of bedtime stories and lots of attention from Casey. Kyle on the other hand started becoming more reclusive with his work and did not spend much time with the boy. Brice was homeschooled by his mother starting at the age of 5. Casey kept in touch with some of her school mates from Hogwarts and would bring Brice over to play with other children. Brice got along with most of the other children early on, though as time grew he started to become more withdrawn keeping to himself. Casey and Kyle's relationship began to degrade as he kept to his work in the basement of their home. Brice loathed his father who continued to neglect the boy.

On the day of his 9th birthday, their was a little party thrown privately by is parents, very typical with presents , a cake, some of his friends came over for a day of fun, but Kyle slipped away into his lab missing most of the party. At the end of the party Brice decided to confront his father. The door to the lab was always locked, Brice banging on the door and asking for him, no response given by his father the boy let out a few tears and with a forceful cry of 'I hate you!' the door comes off the hinges falling down. Brice looked at what he had done, Kyle just astonished at what happened. Brice would decide that day he wanted nothing more to do with.

Two years later that letter would come, his invitation to Hogwarts. Brice was happy to leave home at this time, he would miss mother but his father he would be happy to get away from. Deep down though he wondered what his father could possibly be doing to be away all the time for so long. Knowing a little of what his father does, he figures he will learn more in his studies and better understand.


Brice is ambitious like his father, even though he doesn't know it. He is a curious fellow who enjoys learning. Brice learns to listen and speak when it suits him and knows how to draw out what he desires from people.


December 27th, 2014 - Brice Bowers is born
September 2026 - Brice starts his first year in Hogwartz, sorted into house Slytherin

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