2026-10-05: Bumble Mon Terrorizes


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Scene Title Bumble Mon Terror
Synopsis Little Bumble Mon comes to terrorize a firstie.
Location Entry Hall
Date October 05, 2026
Watch For Compassion freely given with Bumble Mon's demise.
Logger Layla

Entry Hall - Hogwarts

As cavernous as any gothic cathedral, its lofty ceiling cannot be clearly seen through the murk and gloom of shadows. Both the walls and floor are fashioned from a grey stone, and numerous doors and archways branch away into the other sections of the castle. Opposite the massive oak front doors, the east wall is dominated by a wide, sweeping staircase which leads up to the first floor and is flanked on either side by two narrower, descending staircases. The one on the left hand side leads to the dungeon while the on the right hand side leads down to the kitchen. On the south side of the entry hall are the large gilded double doors that lead into the Great Hall, and on the north side of the hall is the ground floor corridor.
Gleaming suits of armor, which are prone to creaking with occasional movement, stand at attention in various locations, and four banners hang from the wall. Each has been emblazoned with the colours and emblems of the House it represents. Light for the room comes from an abundance of braziers and torches mounted in wall brackets as there is only one, small stained glass window to light the entire room.

So it is Monday morning and students are streaming in and out of the Great Hall. Layla comes up from the kitchen stairs, already in uniform for the day. She checks a small notebook in her hand "Alright so Peeves was last seen up on floor 6." said softly to self. So she starts toward the stairs up. It would appear this Prefect is taking the ghost issues seriously. GHOST HUNT time!

After the student's clear out, the sound of screaming is heard as sliding from the stairs is a very scared and very much screaming Kaneda. "HELP, HE HAS GONE INSANE!" The young boy yells as he spots Layla and dashes towards her. he then slides to a stop and hides behind her, under her robe with his head pressed to her back. "He is gonna kill me…" Just them a small voodoo doll with a table leg leaps from the stairs and chuckles insanely, mouth actually having teeth. "Come play wit' Mr. Bumble mon, I wanna show you muh stick." he says before seeing the kid hiding behind the older hot girl. "Mr. Bumble likes girls." He says as he begins to dash towards Layla and Kaneda. "BOOGA BOOGA! mon!"

At the scream before she even knows what is going on, Layla has released the clasp holding her wand. It is easily slid into her left hand! Fast reaction time

sorry. As all this is happening her eyes scan. Seeing Kaneda she steps forward. "What in the name of Merl…" Then he is behind her? Wait what the frick is THAT? "Mr Bumbles is it?" Then she hears the last bit and her eyes narrow dangerously "Kaneda what did you do?" As in did you create Mr Bubbles?

Mr. Bumble smiles. "It's Bumble mon, and I'm gonna getcha, and your little first year too!" He says as he lunges for her, a wooden tongue comes sliding out of his mouth. Kaneda, still behind her and not letting go. "I was practicing Depulso… I was gonna cast it on him like the other dolls, and he tore a table apart and started to come after me." He says, sometimes sniffling between words. "Kill it…"

Layla mutters a curse to herself and sighs. Then the thing is lunging and flying toward her. Without even a blink, she neutralizes it back. Then she grabs it and holds it in her hand as it twitches. With another spell silent this time, the thing comes apart and back to the original makeup. Spotting the confetti she shakes her head and kneels down to face you "Kaneda where did you get this?"

Kaneda looks at the girl, tears rimming his eyes. "It was in… the defense against… *hic*… the dark arts classroom…" He says before he hugs her. "I wanna go home.. I want my momma… Magic is dangerous… and the Slytherins pick on me…" He says between sniffles and hiccups.

Layla tucks the items in a inner pocket and watches him "Kaneda listen…" Then she is hugged before she can continue. She sighs and wraps her arms around the boy "Magic is dangerous if you try to do things on your own. That classroom has many things in it. One thing to always remember is to look but not touch unless a teacher or Prefect tell you it is safe." And if a prefect sets up a first year like this on purpose Layla WILL have their head! Out of nowhere she pulls a Kleenex and dries your eyes, before handing it to you "Here. Now relax." She offers softly "I can not send you home Kaneda…nor can your mother come here. All I can offer is that I am here for you as a friend." Out of her pocket comes a gigantic candy bar "Here have some of this. Lets take you to Professor

Kaneda nods and sniffles once more. he takes the huge candy bar and holds it in his hand as he wipes his eyes. "Okay…" He then looks up at her and blushes. "Layla-sama, I… there is this girl that I wanna ask to the Halloween ball, a Slytherin… but… I don't know how to ask her…" he says softly. "I was trying to… enchant the doll to dance for her and give her flowers…" He says as he sniffles. "I was hoping it would work… I didn't know it was going to go crazy…."

Layla arches a brow and then smiles "Aww Kaneda. Enchant a stuffed animal that is safe." She pulls a stuffed Unicorn from under her robes. Yes the hand is in the pocket with wand. She grins and the unicorn starts to dance and toss it's head "Like this one. Here." She hands over the unicorn "Just say Dance, when you want him to dance." She hugs him again albeit briefly "Go ask her… you'll be fine." She rises "Remember it IS going to be alright, yeah?" She then notes the time "I best hurry before I miss my meeting." As she starts for the stairs, she mentally notes… the kid is going for a date. So what's wrong with me? Well at least we can go into the village soon. Then I get to look for something to WEAR UGH.

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