2026-09-25: Celeb At The Cue


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Scene Title Celeb At The Cue
Synopsis Slade stops by for a drink or six.
Location The Golden Cue
Date September 25, 2026
Watch For Heather laying the smack down.
Logger Slade

The Golden Cue - London

Spacious is the first word that comes to mind. The decor within is of earth tones and soothing. Tables and booths are placed sporadically about the room. A mahogany bar takes up the side wall. While behind it there are shelves backed with mirrors and well lit. Even the glasses speak high end and class. There are two pool tables at the back of the room, racked and ready for use. A larger round table sits at the back corner with poker chips ands cards at the ready. The lighting is subdued to ease the mood.

Friday night brings many in and out of the establishment. The bar and kitchen are going full tilt! Heather is here also, but then she usually is on the busy nights. Currently she is helping at the bar. Seems she was filling an order "Alright so that's 3 fire whiskies and 2 ale. Now just make sure Aaron remembers it is only a poker table….and no strip poker." The server, who looks over whelmed and nods….going bright red when strip poker is said.

Riding his motorcycle, a flying one of course, but since he is out in London proper, he decided to just use it normally as he rides looking for a place to relax, after finally getting home from a world tour, MTV studio where he made music videos, and completing the Universal Records contract, he now finally gets a few months to be himself, that means whiskey, beer, and pool. Stopping at the Golden cue, he kicks his bike off and locks it before pulling a leather bound black cue stick case from a saddle bag. He then lifts his shades from his eyes, letting them rest on his forehead, ray bands of course. Walking into the busy place he smiles and heads to the bar, casual as can be, though he may look a bit out of place with his attire, no one could mistake that face, Slade Barlow has entered the building, and Slade Barlow has a Gringots account to allow him to wear whatever the hell he wants, you don’t like it, pool stick in the ass. At least, that’s how his look comes off, though being patient and waiting for a bartender, he hopes it's the hot one in the suit.

Heads turn when he walks in and plenty of whispers are to be heard. Wondering what all the fuss is Heather looks over and arches a brow. So Slade Barlow is HERE! She has since out grown the fan girl phase of life. However she does reach under the bar for a button. Suddenly shades fall over all the windows, including that on the door. Repocketing her wand she moves down "Evening Mr. Barlow what will you have sir?"

Slade lets out a chuckle at the shades coming down. "Please, call me Slade, Mr. Barlow was my father." he says with a half grin. "I want to rent the use of one of your pool tables, as well as need a Double Pint of Killians Irish Red, and a double shot of jack Daniel’s whiskey Tennessee blend number 27." he says simply, as if he has said those words so many times. He then reaches into a pocket and pulls out a pack of Kool Menthols, happy that he is a wizard and able to purge his system of the smoke and not suffer the Muggle side effects. He then takes out a scorpion etched silver Zippo and lights his cigarette, actually remembering the time in America when they told him that you couldn’t smoke in public places… that pissed him off.

Heather laughs softly and nods "Alright then Slade." She arches a brow at the order "The tables are racked." She starts to say where the cue sticks are kept "I see you have your own." This earns him a smile that reaches the eyes. As she talks she starts to prep his drink "So haven't seen you in the area for some time."

Slade smiles back at her and looks to the tables. "I see." He says before he looks back at her. "I've been touring and such, we decided to take a few months off before we find another record contract, shouldn’t be too hard, though someone said Thorne media would gladly produce our next few records." He says simply, though in a way that is so non condescending that is feels like it's just as unimportant as anything else, making him sound as if his work is on the same level as running a bar. "That and I figured I would spend time with Aunt Viv and relax." He adds.

Heather slides his drink in front of him "Here we are. Thorne media is fairly the big times." She then teases "Sure you can handle it ace?" She takes and fills another order for a table. The other bar tender is going just as fast as she is and it is sometimes comical to watch. Almost as if the two are in a dance that was choreographed "Here you go Shelby." Shelby? Yeah she has been making googly eyes at Slade this whole time. With the patience of a mother, which she is not "Shel? Earth to Shelby…..take this over to table 3 please."

Slade looks at the waitress and smiles as his wand comes out and he casts sonorous on his throat, then he aims it at the jukebox, a song he has been working on starts to play before he starts to sing. Shooting his double jack while the intro plays before he starts to sing. "So what if I never wanna be sober, so what if I wanna be numb all the time, yeah? I can't justify why I wanna go slower. Takin my time just aint my style yeah!…" He continues singing as he leans up against the bar, just a little something for his Magical people, that and he does like to show off, after all.
(song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RVfEsuygLY&feature=channel_page ).

Heather looks from Shelby to Slade and arches a brow as he turns the jukebox on with a flick and starts to sing. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight here we go. Magical show off at 9 o’clock!" She rolls her eyes for just an instant…and since there is a lull in people wanting drinks, she takes the time to magically clean some of the used glasses, which politely reseat themselves on the shelves.

Dispels sonorous once the song is over and smiles to the people before he takes a nice gulp of beer. He then wonders how many people will want whiskey now. "There Shelby, that was for you." He says with his deep baritone before taking his beer to a pool table to work out the kinks in his game. He takes the pool stick out of its case, along with fingerless black gloves, because hand chalk will totally kill the pain job on the stick, and he then uses the blue chalk to get his stick ready for action. (Sounds suggestive as hell.) He then looks at the table and thinks on a good place to place the cue ball for a nice break.

Heather nudges the shell shocked girl "Table 3 Shel." She watched him move oh yes. Also she notes the table he is at. Right. The owner watches closely and studies him from afar, while she mixes a bloody Ruben and Skylights on the rocks. Right he may have a voice….but is that all? She then sends the other bar mixer to the back for supplies. A few fans are stars in the eye struck. But they at least give him distance

The sound of a white cue ball pulverizing the side of the racked triangle can be heard, perfectly placed, and the two balls on the corners towards the end of the table sink instantly, leaving the white ball lined up for another three good shots on solid balls. He gives a small smile and begins to move about the table, using his pool stick to measure angles and then takes his shot, rarely missing, but if he does miss, he makes it to where if he had an opponent, he would screw them over as well. His smile slowly fades to concentration, and every few shots he takes a sip of beer. Some would say he is a natural, but he has spent a lot of time playing this game, practice made him good, because he sucked hardcore when he started, scratching and sinking the 8-ball on the opening break one time.

Once Drake returns up to the bar, Heather shifts from behind it. She meanders over near Slade where people are starting to gather. But oddly as they see Heather and the look in her eye, they start to disperse. "Not bad for a man with a voice." She watches as three die hards back up a few paces, but stubbornly remain.

Slade looks up at Heather and smiles. "I try." He says offhandedly as he places his stick on the table and moves to take another sip of beer. The pool cue is that of red and green dragons twining within each other "Though I still haven’t got the English of it down just yet." he says with a frown as he looks to the table. "Perhaps you could show me?" He says with a perfect pearl white smile, for a man who drinks like a fish and smokes as well, he looks to be healthy, then, as before, magic is the best medicine. "Sorry about the song, I have a soft spot for my fans." he says with a slight blush.

Heather laughs richly "Sorry Slade I'm no teacher. The soft spot for fans has likely gotten you where you are." Nice looking true, and some are swooning over him. Yet not Heather. She just oddly seems to take him in stride. "So where'd you learn to play with the cue so hot?"

Slade smiles and finishes his Beer, well, his first beer, noticing Shelby out of the corner of his eye, he smiles and places a hand on her shoulder. "Shelby, sweetie, could you get me another Killians?" He asks with a wink and prays she doesn’t just faint, some women and even men actually pass out around him. He turns his attention to heather and tilts his head. "Believe it or not, I actually learned in run down holes in the wall places. Usually when I was on tour in America, we would ride our bikes around and find a quiet bar to shoot a few rounds of pool, and whisky." he says with a sly smile. "I actually had the stick personally made to my arm length as well as the design." He says with a smile. "I'm kinda on the short side so most of the sticks I looked at were to long." he says with a slight blush again, acting humble.

Shelby blushes at the touch, but keeps herself together enough to make it to the bar. Heather listens attentively. "So then you liked it over in America I take it?" The man likes to travel that's for sure! She eyes him up and down as he blushes, trying to decide if it is yet another of his acts. "Nice choice that." After a short time Shel returns with the open beer and a bowl of pretzels. Both she gives to Slade, before hurrying off to see to the bellowing mass of a man at table 5.

Slade nods to the girl and then starts to drink his beer. Then he deftly pulls out a Zippo and lighter and lights a cigarette. He tucks the Zippo back into his pocket and smiles as he takes a drag from his Kool. "America isn’t as bad as people think, well, musically in any case. Their government could do with a few good kicks, but I'm not a politician so I wouldn’t know very much about it. But nothing beats London, there is an old world splendor here that just makes everything right as rain." He says with a smile, a very poetic thing to say about his hometown. "But I do love to travel, Japan is pretty fun, though they get obsessive with music over there. I'm pretty sure when we were there last month, we had cell phone pictures taken of us constantly." he says with a smile. Slade-sama, he did like the sound of that.

Heather listens quiet intently to the man. She steps over to the bar for just a moment to get a bottle of water. She opens it and drinks. Water after all while she is here and open. "So is there a place you have…." But her words are cut off abruptly as a fight at the poker table breaks out. Fists are ready and wands are drawn. Spinning with a speed and grace not many have Heather is there "Alright gentlemen enough!" All three find their wands no longer in there possession. Then they all try to tell their story at once. She looks over to the bar and catches Drake's eye with a bar nod and some signal. These men are cut off from further drinks beyond water and coffee "Here are your choices.." Her voice is stern and no nonsense "You can sit your arses down and finish the game, with a cup or two of coffee to sober up …. or you can lea.." As she is about to finish the last word, Charlie takes a swing aimed for her middle. It's ducked and she spins. Poor Charlie finds himself down on his face on the table, with his arm twisted behind him "No one takes a swing at me." said in a bare whisper. By now the whole place is dead quiet.

As Heather takes down one guy, Slade had walked over and nods with approval, that is a woman to get to know he thinks. But one of the other guys moves to try and pull her off Chucky, and Slade, being the gentleman he is, lays him out with a left hook to the jaw, the man falling back as he looks around at the other's at the table. "I would listen to the lady, if not, I got more knuckle sandwiches for the lot of you." He says in a stern voice, as his fans gasp and love the fact he is being assertive. "Need any help Heather?" he asks with a grin as he looks at the woman, and he likes what he sees, as he pictures her and him fighting out of a biker bar… nice.

Poor Charlie is spluttering words that make no sense! He tries to fight the woman to get up. With a scowl Heather hauls him straight and reaches in her pocket where the wand is. With a glance to Slade and half a smile in thanks….she glares at three others that try to come and help. Oddly with that look they retake their seats. "Drake take out." Then Charlie finds himself levitating and going across the bar. Drake only nods and reaches for his wand under the bar. Suddenly the door opens of it's own accord. Charlie bobs along and to the door as Heather follows "Now Charlie if I see you in here before the next forth night your really going to hate me." She stands in the door and Charlie comes down to sit on the sidewalk. Suddenly he is privy to an ice shower from Heather's wand. That done she closes the door and turns back to the room and looks over at the poker table…waiting to see if there are going to be more following in Charlie's wake.

Slade nods and offers a slight bow to Heather. He walks over to her and crosses his arms, standing at her shoulder, as if being a protective pit bull. Though he whispers to her. "I think I'm in love, that was bloody brilliant." he says, as if he didn't just KO a man twice his size with one punch. He may not be overly strong, actually being on the lithe side, and barely five and a half feet, but you learn where to throw a punch. "I think you just have gotten my total respect for that one." he says with a smile.

Heather arches a brow at Slade as she repockets her wand. As she starts for the bar, the place seems to snap out of twilight mode and come back to life. Nice punch there. Thanks." She then laughs "Love is a mighty strong word there." Moving behind the bar she finds her water and levitates it over "You see Slade….this here is my life. I won't accept rude and unruly behavior here." That is obvious after what has just happened.

Slade nods as he flicks his wand towards his beer and it levitates over to him. "I can understand that." Though she wont have to worry about that from Slade, as long as he has beer, whiskey, and pool he is content to be off and enjoy himself. "And there are no strong words Miss Heather, just strong feelings." he says, actually taking a quote from one of his own songs. "Anyway, you were asking me a question before things got abit hectic?" He says with a smile as he drains his second beer and nods to drake for another, yep, bar etiquette. he doesn’t even seams phased though, well, maybe abit more open, but still steady, and of course, not being a mean drunk, a silly drunk and quite friendly, but he rarely shows anger, unless it's come record executive who thinks they know music better than him, that makes him down right Pissed.

Heather starts right in on the bar orders and nods and smiles "I see Slade." She arches a brow and laughs "I was asking is there anywhere you haven't been?" She will have to think on this guy. But Heather seems nonplused to the feelings from Slade. "Shelby orders up for table 7." She then stacks the drinks and food on the tray. "So Slade when does the next tour start?"

"Well after our break, I think we will spend about four months recording, we all are pretty OCD about the music, sometimes we actually start yelling in the booth about riffs and such." he says with a smile. "After that I'm thinking a short American tour with just enough time to be back to open for the Quidditch world up would be a good Plan." he says with a nod. "But besides that, I think I have. Sometimes it's off stage and onto a bus. It's not all glorious, I remember once we had to play a noon festival then go to another town for a night concert. I fell asleep in the shower I was so tired that day." he says with a smirk. What a trooper.

Heather sips her water and listens transfixed. She arches a brow "Ah so you travel at times more then you'd like or should." she smirks slightly. Then her mirror goes off and she curses under her breath. Holding up a finger to Slade she answers the mirror "Yeah?" She blinks and frowns more "Jesus can't you dimwits get it right? I'll be there shortly." She snaps the mirror closed and looks around the room and then to Drake. There seems a lull in here for the moment "I have to go take care of idiot workers Drake." She turns to Slade "A pleasure to meet you. Hopefully we will meet again soon." With that she is moving around the bar and toward the door.

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