2026-09-10: Clash


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Scene Title Clash
Synopsis Old rivalry is stirred by new blood
Location Great Hall, Hogwarts
Date September 10, 2026
Watch For Flying pastry products
Logger Jaide

Travis sits at a table in the Great Hall, quietly picking at a bowl of stew. His bright, green hair is standing up in spikes, while his eyes, which are the same bright green color, quickly scans the room. No one is seating nearby him, the closest person nearly ten feet away.

Kaneda runs into the great hall and slides into a Hufflepuff bench with a smile as he looks at the dinner. "Stew again…" He says with a sigh as he removes his black mittens and places them on his lap. Some of the other first years congratulate him on splintering the target with an over powerd depulso. "That was wicked… though Professor Kashin said I have to learn restraint…" He says with a sigh as he gets a piece of bread and starts in on his stew.

Jaide walks into the kitchen, arms still loaded with books related to charms. The tables, usually house coded, are sparse and seating is still more open at this time of night. The girl grabs a yam and a roll before sitting down near the end of the Slytherin table, close enough to the morphamagi and the other Hufflepuff boy to hold a reasonably polite conversation.

Travis does not seem to notice the Hufflepuff boy or the Slytherin girl. He simply goes on eating his stew with his piece of bread. Though, his mood has changed, as he now glares at another boy over at the Slytherin table. As he stairs, his bright green hair slowly changes to a bright red color.

Kaneda blinks at the boy changing his hair color and tilts his head. "Just like Alyn…" He says with a bit of awe and wonders if that is actually a normal thing and if he is missing something here. He then pulls out his want and points to a pitcher before swishing and flicking. "Wingardium Leviossa." he says as he lifts the pitcher of juice and pours it into his glass, then with expert wand control, he sets the pitcher down and smiles to himself. "I love magic…"

Jaide smirks softly watching the boy with the transitory hair. She chews a chunk off her roll, thinking for a little while. "HEY! HEY!" Swallowing a mouth full of bread the girl waves her hands veimently toward the boy. "You're like that Alyn kid. And you're green is slipping. If you’re mad at that kid…..you should just punch him. Not insult all of us with your head."

Travis stops his hair as it is green at the tips and red at the base. Looking towards the girl calling at him, he asks, "Insult? My hair is awesome, thanks. I can do a completely ugly shade of bright purple if you want something ugly…" He then looks over at the Hufflepuff, saying with a smirk, "More like Alyn is like me. I'm older after all."

Jaide quirks her head softly to the side, spinning around on the bench so she can get a better look at him. Another girl offers her a glass of pumpkin juice, which she takes and then holds between her knees. "What's that supposed to mean? Oh his friend? They're friends." Looking tiredly at the boy at the Ravenclaw table she leans back against her house table.

Kaneda blinks and looks from Jaide and then to Travis before he frowns a bit. "I smell a fight…" He says as he reaches for his Bamboo katana, something that he carries with him because he still practices his kendo.

Travis eyes the girl, not sure what to make of her.. He just shakes his head slowly. As he shakes his head, his hair slowly shrinks and returns to his natural coloring. His eyes too return, as he looks from the girl back to his stew.

Jaide takes a drink of her juice, watching Travis with enough interest to keep her attention. "This week. I swear. You crazy Ravenclaws…"

Kaneda blinks as he looks down at his Stew, the stares from the Ravenclaw table to the Slytherin table, and vice versa, make him glad he is a Hufflepuff. He looks over at some of his fellow first years at his table and they start to whisper and giggle.

Travis scrunches up his face and with a slight pop, his nose turns into a pig snout. Looking at Jaide, he asks, "What does that mean?" It is still early dinner time here at Hogwarts, with Jaide, Kaneda, and Travis sitting at their respective tables, but near each other. At the Ravenclaw table, no one sits near to Travis, at least not within ten feet of the boy. Currently his features are normal, expect his nose is a pig snout.

Jaide shakes her head softly, the Morphamagi boring her now. "What's what mean? It means that I think ALL OF YOU ARE CRAZY." The girl laughs loudly, the girl whom handed her pumpkin juice joining in. "I mean… like half of you are like… pig people or something."

Storming into the Great Hall, her feet nearly stomp with frustration, among other emotions as Zarina scowls and makes her way to the Slytherin, lowering herself onto the bench. Promptly resting her elbows on the table, she buries her face in her hands, shaking her snow white head at herself as a sound between a grunt and a grumble emits from her throat. "Merlin's beard… everything is falling apart…" she nearly murmurs, sounding aggravated.

Kaneda blinks and looks at the Slytherins are tearing into the Ravenclaws. He stands up and walks over to the Ravenclaw table. "You all are just jealous." He says his bamboo wand in his hand, pale face flushed and white hair flowing as he looks from one end to the other. "Travis-Sempai shouldn’t have to take that kinda talk from you." He says as he nods to the older Ravenclaw and other Hufflepuffs join him.

Travis looks at Jaide, asking, "We are crazy? And what doesn't make you crazy?" As Kaneda comes over to the Ravenclaw table, Travis raises his hand for silence before he continues, "You, Slytherins, and your pureblood madness. It disgusts me. Talk about crazy! If Magical Folks only ever married magical folks with no Muggle lineage, then we would have died out centuries ago! Talk about crazy, Slytherins are at the top of the crazy list!" He then eyes as Zarina stomps by, pointing at her, adding, "See! Crazy!"

Jaide flags down Prefect Zanford almost immediately, typical teenage tunnel vision preventing the girl from seeing that the other is dealing with something of her own. A roll from the Ravenclaw table whiffs through the air and hits Jaide in the back of the head. "Help…I think I just rallied a mob. And I think they have some kind of mega brain mind control spell with each other. And Travis is a pig person." These statements are said very quickly before the girl whips around with a furious look. "Sodd off! And do you homework before making gross blanket statements about how much I supposedly hate Muggleborns."

Kaneda blinks as Travis adds a Sixth year to the mix. "Better yet… y’all duke it out." and the other Hufflepuffs agree, wholly and they race back to their table, heads down in their bowls as they mutter about people picking their fights better. "I'm worried… see my hand… it's shaking." He says softly as the others, gripping their wands tightly, look around in anticipation.

Zarina instantly snaps her deep sapphire eyes up at Travis as they narrow dangerously, her slender fingers pulling from the sides of her head to place her palms flat on the table with exaggerated slowness, rising to her feet with just as much deliberate, slow movement. Her eyes keep her focus on Travis as he points at her. "Twenty points from Ravenclaw…" she growls irritably, her full lips curling slightly before her dark eyes glance around at the other tables pointedly. "Anyone else want to start a fight? I'll keep docking points, even from Slytherin if need be. But I will do it if people keep arguing…"

Travis glares at Zarina, his hair changing back to its bright red color. He then looks at Jaide, mouthing, "Crazy." He then pushes his stew bowl away, glaring at both of the Slytherin girls. He then makes a move to stand up from the table.

A hand slams on the table next to Travis as a smile, and not a nice one at that, looks down at the second year. "Mister Barlow, I see you wish more points to be docked from Ravenclaw, and how dare you insult Zarina like that." Says Rashan as he removes his hand, standing there like an imposing figure, tall, wide, and lethal. "You will apologize now, or perhaps you would like to be taken to Professor Malfoy and explain to him why you feel us Slytherins are… crazy?" He says as he crosses his arms over his chest, waiting for Travis to apologize, or at least dig himself deeper into the hole he has dug for himself.

Jaide shakes her fist menacingly at the Ravenclaw boy before sitting back down at the table. She looks toward Zarina with an appreciative smile. "Thank you. For keeping me from being dead. Are you ok?" Taking another sip of her pumpkin juice she giggles loudly, at Rashan's sneak attack. "Sorry, sorry… that was brilliant. But are you ok?"

Zarina blinks up at Rashan as he slams his hand on the Ravenclaw table, surprised for a brief moment before pressing her lips together and pulling her eyes from him, glancing instead to Jaide as she thanks her. Her sapphire eyes narrow then at the fellow Slytherin. "Don't think you are out of the fire yet. I don't know what was going on, but clearly there was a conflict between you and him. Only reason I docked points from Ravenclaw is that he was pushing to escalate it further." Snow white hair shifting over her shoulder, Zarina narrows her eyes slightly at Travis. "What's going on? What's this supposed fight about?"

Travis looks up at Rashan, blinking for a moment. "How do you know my name?" He asks quickly, surprised still that anyone knows his name. He then looks to Zarina as Rashan motions to her. "I'm sorry," he says quickly, hoping that makes him happy, noticing Jaide's fist shaking. Pointing at her fist, he asks, "Oh, so she gets to shakes a fist at me and doesn't get in trouble? Now that's escalating! And she was bad-mouthing Ravenclaw for no reason. Calling us crazy and pig-people. For no reason! No one was even talking to her!"

Rashan smirks and walks over to the Slytherin table. "I have a good memory, and I have heard your name spoken before… Mr. Barlow." He says as he takes a seat at the table and begins getting a helping of food himself before he frowns. He glances to Zarina and nods, letting her know to tear the little churl a new one. "You warn them, and they won’t listen." He says to himself as other Slytherin boys nod in agreement.

Jaide smirks softly while finishing the rest of her pumpkin juice. "I said today was crazy, which it was, and then he was….saying words…and then he had a pig face and I commented on his pig face. And then…this happened. And he’s full of lies. He was making a pig face at me. I'm not piggy. That is exactly what happened. Exactly. Promise Miss Zanford." The large Charms book she'd been reading is used to prop up her elbows.

Glancing between Travis, Rashan, and Jaide as she speaks, Zarina shifts her deep sapphire eyes back to Travis as she crosses her arms. "Ten more points." she murmurs easily at him, her tone of warning that she'll take off more from Ravenclaw if he keeps pushing her. "Calling someone crazy is more intolerant than shaking your fist non-threateningly. And from what I saw, you were the one that pointed at me and called me crazy. Out of the blue." The Prefect's eyes narrow slightly. "As it was mentioned, if you have any problems, we can take it to Professor Malfoy… In the meantime, sit down and eat your supper." And turning around to the Slytherin table, she lowers herself at the table as she looks up pointedly at Rashan with narrowed sapphire eyes. "And I don't want to talk about our problem. Its been made and it will happen." she says evenly before shifting her eyes down at the empty plate in front of her.

Rashan blinks and looks right at Zarina. He doesn't say anything, but the look on his face is not happy. "I sent an Owl to my mother already." He says with a deep voice as he puts some butter on his breast and munches on it. After swallowing he starts muttering in Swedish, and the only other Swedish person there, a Female Slytherin in his year, blinks and chokes on her food. She looks from Zarina to Rashan and her eyes are bugged out. Rashan then looks to the girl and shakes his head. Then he looks at Zarina and frowns. "We will have words later."

Travis looks at Zarina with shock. Standing quickly, he knocks over several pieces of china as he picks up his bag. He then quickly heads for the door, muttering under his breath as he goes, "So Biased.." He then departs the Great Hall.

Jaide watches the prefects exchange words for a moment. She pulls a quill out of her bag and scratches down something on a piece of parchment. The third year slides the note over to Zarina and then goes back to eating her pudding. "I love pudding."

Zarina rolls her eyes at that information, not seeming surprised in the least as she glances down at the piece of paper slid to her from across of her. Lightly frowning at it for a brief moment before reaching for it and unfolding it, her deep sapphire eyes flicking over it as she frowns at the note. "How am I suppose to know that?" she asks the question out loud before folding the note and sliding it back idly. With a slow breath, she focuses on some Sheppard’s pie in front of her as she moves her spoon idly in the food.

Rashan finishes his plate and stands up. He looks to the rest of his table and turns to walk off, most likely heading for the common room or some such to relax and probably bury his nose in homework. His walk is like someone ready to strike out and hunt prey, though who that prey might be, no ones has any clue.

Jaide frowns slightly, pushing some rice around on her plate. "You weren’t supposed to know that, maybe. So I thought I should tell you. Which is why I told you." A small idle, nervous laugh. Her deep red hair falling over her eyes as she murmurs something to herself. "Look…I'm not trying to make you like me….wait…I know I am. Is that ok?"

Zarina frowns slightly before shrugging a shoulder slightly. "It doesn't matter now…" she murmurs, her slender fingers absently curling tighter around the spoon before she abandons it in the dish. Rising to her feet, she shakes her snow white head, "Don't worry if I like you. You're alright. But trust me, you don't want to be my friend…" she murmurs softer still before pulling her robes tighter around herself, moving forward as she passes through the large doors of the great hall.

Jaide smacks the table, annoyed. The girl takes her charms book, gathers her cloak and heads off too. Moving out of the Great Hall and upstairs to look for a place to practice today’s charms. She mumbles to herself. "So much for helping."

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