2026-09-15: Courtyard Meeting


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Scene Title Courtyard Meeting
Synopsis Layla and Rashan come to terms with the betrothal contract.
Location Rear Courtyard
Date September 15, 2026
Watch For Rashan getting mad.
Logger Rashan

Rear Courtyard - Hogwarts

This small, square courtyard is surrounded on all sides. The north and east sides of the courtyard are faced by the ivy covered castle walls, and to the north is the wooden door leading into the ground level corridor. To the south, a lower wall with a metal lattice gate links the courtyard to the meadow and the lake beyond. The western most wall of the courtyard is made up of the glass and metal outer walls of the greenhouses.
The entirety of the space is paved with worn, grey flagstones, and in the center a fountain surrounded by weathered, marble benches burbles softly regardless of the season. The fountain depicts a three headed gargoyle which spews water from all three of its mouths. The sky is filled with white clouds; rain could well be on the way. The air is cool for the time of year, and the northwesterly winds do little to help.

A dismal morning, reflecting Rashan's mood. he already gave the damned betrothal bracelet to Zarina, and told her and his mother that he would honor the bloody contract. That was until she actually wrote his mother, until Layla actually asked her mother to break the contract, and tradition, because she is that much in love with him. Now Rashan is pacing in the drizzling rain, picking stone along as he sighs to himself. "Zarina or Layla… why does Loki taunt me so… it is punishment for my good looks…" He says muttering to himself as he looks to the sky. "By Odin's eye, please, tell me what I should do… show me the path, all father." He says, yelling in Swedish to the sky, before falling to his knees hitting the ground. "I wish… I wish I were ugly, then maybe… I could see if my looks have any bearing on this…"

Layla is up early, actually couldn't sleep. So here she is coming into the rear courtyard. No one else is usually there. She stops dead at seeing Rashan. What the bloody hell? Hesitantly she takes another two steps and offers softly "Your looks have little to do why some care." Hesitation as she keeps her distance "I wrote your mother and told her we are honoring the contract. I trust you and Zarina will be happy… or at least I hope you both the best." With that she turns to go.

Rashan looks up at Layla and sighs. "Layla… I heard about the letter you wrote to my mother. You do know that you would have to marry me if we break contract, and you would have to have my children. You would effectively be my bride, I couldn't ask that of you." He says softly. "You don't know what you would be getting into." he says softly as he doesn’t get up from the ground. "I'm a mud-blood hating egotistical bigot. I still believe that mud-bloods shouldn’t attend this school and that anyone who thinks otherwise is a blood traitor. Is that the man you want to be with the rest of your life?" he asks, telling the truth, but the pain to say it for the reason of letting her know that she will step into something that is as horrible as that.

Layla goes over and kneels beside him briefly "Rashan I love you." She meets his gaze "I wrote to your mother more so that she would know the type of son she had. I also told her I would back away." she closes her eyes "I am who I am. As a Prefect I help all whether pure of blood or not. I've interned at the ministry this last summer. While I am in your world my dear friend, I fear where the path will lead us. I've left it to you and your mother." She kisses her cheek and rises, "Truth before this all I needed or even wanted was to get through school."

Rashan lets out a sigh and closes his eyes. "Layla, I'm so sorry about all this. If you want to step aside, then I'll honor your choice." he says as he stands as well, turns to face her and wraps her in a hug. "Thanks for trying to fight for me, it meant allot." He says before he releases her and moves to walk into the school, head hung low as the rain start to pour a bit harder.

Layla returns the hug and whispers, "It is for you to decide Rashan." She closes her eyes as a tear falls. Then as they come apart he goes for the school and she further into the rain. Cursed life and parents! Her mother begged her to take the offer. But does she belong in his world? Oh the nightmares.

His next step after hearing those words, words he hasn’t ever heard from someone before, makes that step heavy. He stops, looks down at the ground and sighs. His world spins, his breath increases, and finally he lets out a loud war-calling wail. "WOOODEEEEN!" Then when the mixture of emotions reaches it's peak, a bolt of lighting shoots from the sky and hits a hereby tree, splintering it. He then lands to his hands and knees, breathing hard. "Everyone… upset, think they knows what’s best… I AM NOT A PRIZE!" he shouts as he pulls out his wand. "Mud-bloods, this is their fault, if they never existed, if blood traitors never had half breeds and made squibs, this wouldn’t happen. I would be able to choose my own bride, and not have people forcing others into crazy shit." He says angrily. "I SHALL HAVE VENGANCE!" He bellows as he walks out towards the meadow, angry as he strikes out into the rain, still shouting the name of his patron god and hollering for justice against the mud-bloods.

Layla jumps and spins and just goes paler then pale! She listens too. Then the bolt hits and she hesitantly starts forward to comfort him. No, not her place any longer. She watches from the shadows as he storms off. Then she falls to her knees and cries.
Layla pulls her wand and rises. She pours water on a hot spot on the ground after lightning tries to fry where Rash was standing. Then she takes off after the other Prefect. Finally she rests an outstretched hand on his shoulder. It seems to matter to neither that they are now soaked through.

Rashan stops as he feels the hand on his shoulder and turns to see Layla looking at him. "Layla…" he says softly as he looks deeply into her eyes. "Everything is a mess, everything… How do I pick who I hurt? How do I choose who lives what life? Why me Yeska?" he says, using a Scandinavian term of endearment for her. "I can’t turn my back on my family, and yet, I can’t stand to see you hurt. Zarina, she doesn’t have a say, and won’t fight this. Tell me Layla, how do I fix this." He says softly as he looks around at the meadow and sighs. "How can you fight tradition?"

Layla offers softly as she lets her hand drop as she meets the gaze "I wish I had the easy answer Rashan. Gods know we could use some good news or right answers right now." She hesitates "There will always be pain, my love. There will always be crossroads. That is the crazy way of it all." She takes a deep breath "Traditions or is it destinies? I don't think it matters Rashan. What is… can either be accepted or bucked." She kisses his cheek and whispers, "Tell me we can still at least be friends? Or does tradition dictate I must even loose that?"

Rashan smiles and takes her into his arms with a soft smile. "We will always be friends, and to hell with anyone who says different." he says with a sigh as he looks to the sky. "Layla… I want… a last kiss, from you." he says looking down at her. "If you want, that is." He says softly as he brushes some of the rain water from her eyes. "My door is always open to you Layla, and I will personally break anyone who hurts you from now on. Min Yeska." He says the last works with a Swedish trill as he gazes down at her.

Layla goes easily into his arms, almost melding her form to his. She offers a smile as best she can and nods. "My mother would agree to the contract. Your mother wants Slytherin heirs. She wrote my mother. We are mostly Hufflepuff with a splattering of Slytherin in the ranks." She then leans in and kisses him deeply.

Rashan dips his head and returns the kiss, his hands sliding into her robe and he lets his hands rest on the small of her back, his kiss deepens and he parts his lips slightly before loosing his footing and falling backward, with her in his arms he lands on the ground with her on top of him. Those his hands don’t move from her back, and he is glad he cushioned her fall. He looks into her eyes. "We might catch a cold, but I don't care." He says with a laugh as he leans up to place a kiss on her lips gently.

Layla returns the kiss in kind and almost looses herself in said kiss. Her arms lace around his neck to stay close, and to assure herself he is there. Then they fall and she still remains. Once it is broken she offers "I don't either." Yet she doers look around "Rashan, what are we going to do?" She then returns the kiss as her alarm on her watch goes off. "Damn I have to go to class." she whispers.

Rashan blinks at the watch and rolls his eyes. "Well, we could do the proper thing and be friends, or… we could do the wrong thing and snog when no one is looking." Though he meant the second one to be a joke, he wonders what she would say. He also wonders about the look on Zarina's face if she ever found out if that were to happen. Most likely he would have to buy a one way ticket back to Sweden and pray she never finds him. His Mother and his betrothed, scary women. And Layla, his friend who feels his pain… oy.

Layla laughs and offers softly "While I'm unhappy Zee got you, I'd not hurt her that way." Oh but she so would love to snog in the darkness. "Rashan were it another place and time… and no mothers…" She hesitates and then offers "Hey wait, can we clone you?" She is only half teasing when she says that. She gives him a last lingering kiss after whispering "No matter what I'll always love you Rashan." before starting to rise and go to class.

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