2026-09-07: Curiosities


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Scene Title Curiosities
Synopsis Jaide and Zarina worry about what the Sorting Hat sang at the Sorting Ceremony.
Location Slytherin Common Room
Date September 7, 2026
Watch For Notes to be had.
Logger Zarina

Slytherin Common Room - Hogwarts

The Slytherin common room is a long underground room with rough stone walls and a low ceiling from which round, brass lamps with a green patina hang on rusted chains. Directly opposite the door is an extravagantly carved mantelpiece which depicts a myriad of slithering serpents. A selection of splendid armchairs carved of dark wood with forest green upholstery are arranged before the fire and scattered about the room. Several study tables with smaller chairs are situated in the empty spaces about the room. The walls of the common room are decorated with hanging tapestries in green and silver, as well as other depictions of serpents and famous Slytherins. To one side of the fireplace, an archway opens on a set of stairs down to the student dormitories.

Jaide sits at one of the low tables near the fireplace, a large book splayed out in front of her. The girl wears a thick black cloak about her shoulders but her face is paler then usual. "Don't understand this. This charm is stupid." The girl mumbles darkly, staring at the page so intently as if through the glare it might be willing to give up all it's secrets. "When the heck am I actually even going to need this…"

"Because adults feel that it will be useful to you at least one time in the future." A comment answers idly in return as heels click on the stone steps as the Prefect Zarina lowers herself onto the last step, her dark cloak over her robes dripped with water from the rain from outside as she exhales a slow breath. Reaching up through the folds of her cloak, she pushes back the door hood, allowing a gentle waterfall of snow white hair to cascade down her back. Lightly lifting a brow, she glances to the familiar girl from before, absent a kitten this time it appears. "What is the charm for." she asks, or states, while she lowers her knapsack against the wall next to the door.

Jaide startled, the third year laughs staring up at the prefect. "Good Afternoon Miss Zanford." She looks to the book again, remembering. "Cheering Charm. I know it's cute and all but…whatever." Watching the Prefect with a mild interest the girl seems suddenly more alert, reserved. "Is it really useful?"

Zarina quirks a pale brow lightly before approaching the couch in front of the fireplace and lowering herself into it, leaning back into the cushioned back and more than aware of the girl's shift of nature. She tilts her head slightly in thought for a moment, pondering. "I don't see why not. It depends on how you use it. Or how you are inventive for its uses." she answers. "I'm sure an Auror can purposefully overuse it on a suspect to make them laugh hysterically for hours on end, as a safe way of interrogating for information."

Putting a hand on the page the young lady laughs. "I guess…I guess that's kind of reasonable. I should try that sometime. It'd be pretty neat." Jaide wraps the cloak tighter around her thin shoulders, cold even this close to the fire. "Have you done that before?"

Zarina lifts a shoulder in an idle shrug, letting her head rest back into the couch. "In class a few years ago. It just takes practice, like everything else." She gently shrugs again, passive as her eyes close. "It's the mind behind the spells that determines whether they are useful or not, how they are applied."

Jaide breathes softly, pushing herself up off the cold stone floor. She stretches her arms high above her head. Then looking back at Prefect she collapses into a chair as well. "I'm really sorry about the other time… I didn't mean to interrupt you two. Am I in trouble for that…? I had to get someone else to tell me the password."

A quiet moment passes before Zarina lifts a pale brow, opening an eye to glance at the young girl before closing her eyes again. "I'm pretty sure I don't have the faintest clue what you're talking about." she answers idly, though the corner of her full lips tugs just slightly. "And the password is Inviolable."

Jaide snickers quietly, but quiets herself with ease. "But I saw… I saw you two…" But she thinks better for herself. "Studying… quietly. With no physical contact at all." She pulls to book into her lap, flipping through the pages only hoping she saved herself.

"Ah. Did you now. We must have been studying hard if we didn’t notice you." Zarina answers, smirking just slightly as she chuckles. "But I'm sure we can help you next time you have questions about your classes. Its part of our duties after all."

Jaide smiles then, thinking that she's not gotten herself into any more trouble. Straightening up her tie, which had been pulled loose in her struggle for cheerfulness, she folds her legs up into the chair with her. "Thanks… I didn't tell anybody. I mean anybody else. Except you. Not like I have anyone to tell anyways. This year is weird already."

Zarina shakes her head, opening her eyes to glance at the fire as she frowns just slightly in thought, pondering. "Yes, this school year has certainly started off strange…" she absently murmurs in agreement. Her frown deepens slightly, "Usually the Sorting Hat has its song and sings about each of the houses. It thinks over the lyrics over an entire year. Though… it was acting odd. The entire Welcoming Feast was odd…"

Jaide seems to nod, glad someone else noticed. "I don't like what it said about us. I don't like what it said about anyone. Except Gryffindor, always coming out on top, regardless. It never sang anything like that before…not even when… he came back?" The young woman does seem kind of nervous by the whole thing, Hogwarts is supposed to be where all her problems end.

Her frown deepens at that before lightly shaking her head, "My father was an Auror when You-Know-Who came back, and he said that he was destroyed by the Headmaster. So I don't think it would be." Zarina presses her lips together. Standing to her feet, she walks over and grabs the strap of her knapsack, carrying it back with her as she sits down again and rests the bag in her lap. Opening it, she pull out a blank piece of parchment and a self-inking quill, positioning the parchment over the paper as she starts to move her cursive handwriting across its surface. "The first verse goes like this: Oh, the years have been right peaceful. Yes, everyone knows that. But there's come a rise of the deceitful. Now, trust the Sorting Hat."

Jaide nods, glad that’s at least not the case. "Then it went O' Gryffindor, in years of yore/You've stood here, brave and proud/If you are sorted here/Your brav'ry knows no peer/You stand large in the crowd. It's a weird refrain….the others only have four lines…they got five."

Zarina frowns slightly at this though doesn't hesitate to write that lyric down as well. "That is peculiar… I didn't notice that before." she bites at the corner of her full lips in thought. "Dark Slytherin, You're out and in… The shadows they have formed. If you are sorted Slytherin. You ride before the storm…" The snowy-haired girl frowns again. "Ride before the storm… I wonder if that means there is a Slytherin that is doing something big enough for the Sorting Hat to notice. It is magical after all…"

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