2026-09-09: DADA First Year (1/3)


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Scene Title DADA First Year 1/3
Synopsis Learning Depulso (Jaide NPC's Poe)
Location DADA Classroom
Date September 9, 2029
Watch For Exploding Target
Logger Zavier

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom - Hogwarts

The lofty ceiling of this spacious stone chamber is scarcely visible in the dimly lit room. Unusually large for a classroom, the space has been arranged to accommodate classic lectures, dueling lessons, and practical application labs. The center section of the room is filled with old fashioned desks aligned in neat rows facing the blackboard at the head of the room. The left side of the room is used for dueling and is wisely free of any decorations or obstacles. The right-most area is used for practical application and is filled with numerous aquariums, cages, and pens which are arranged in no particular order.
An immense, locked cabinet on that side of the room has a disconcerting tendency to rattle whenever the room grows quiet, and other shelves, cabinets, and bookshelves are scattered around. The walls are adorned with various pictures, some depicting maps of Great Britain and others portraying notable Dark Creatures. A tall, broad gothic window overlooks the Forbidden Forest, flanked by two smaller, twin windows of similar design. The sky is filled with white clouds; rain could well be on the way. The air is cool for the time of year, and the northwesterly winds do little to help.

Kaneda races into the classroom and slides to a stop. After taking in the room he then moves to an empty desk, setting his book down and saving a seat for Alyn. He also takes out his wand and some parchment with his quill, checking his ink jar to make sure it's all okay. He looks over excitable and kinda jumpy as he looks around, giddy as ever as he takes off his black mittens and sets them to the side, stretching his fingers.

Alyn slips into the classroom, his satchel over his shoulder. The young Ravenclaw glances around for a moment before moving to take a place at one of the desks. He is a bit nervous after all he hasn't done one of these classes yet. He has kept his eyes and hair his regular colors. He sits calmly in the seat that Kaneda kept for him.

Poe Szandini, a tall brown haired girl sits near the front of the class. Her hair pulled back with a set of silver hair sticks, dark eyes downcast to her book. An errant foot bounces against the side of her chair, she's impatient for class to begin.

The door closes with a bang as a slightly tall man with black hair walks up to the front of the class. "I am Professor Zavier Horace Kashin, and I will be instructing you in Defense against the Dark Arts. Please open your books and turn to chapter one, today we will learn what the Dark arts are, as well as what they aren’t." He says as he looks over the class. "I will not tolerate any foolishness, you will take the class seriously or find yourself with a point deduction and Detention, Do I make myself clear?" He says as he opens his own book as his podium and waits for the rest of the class to do the same.

Kaneda blinks and does as he is told. Opening his book to the first chapter and wondering if this Professor will be like the Potions Professor. As the class is asked a Question, Kaneda, along with the others, Replies. "Yes Professor Kashin." Then he gets quiet, he really doesn’t want a detention.

Alyn pulls his book out of his satchel and lays it in front of him, he is glad that he left his hair and eyes their natural color. He takes the class seriously but it might have been thought he wasn't. He takes a deep breath and then open the book as asked. He nods in reply to the question, not quite able to find his voice at the moment.

Poe tips her head to the professor respectfully "Of course, Professor." The girl flips the large book open to chapter one. Her quill, a large and extravagant peacock affair, is dip into a well of green ink and the girl waits. Her gaze turned expectantly toward the professor, bored already. Her cloak is draped over her legs to keep out the chill usual to the bottom floor of the castle, though it does little to stop her foot from endlessly tapping on the side of her chair.

Kashin walks past Poe's Desk and spots the Green Ink. "We use black ink in this class Miss Szandini." He says as he taps the jar with his wand and it turns Black. "Now we have the spell Depulso, which pushes things away from you. It also knocks back magical creatures as well as people. It's not listed as a Dark Art, but can be called that when used in a Evil way." He says. "Allot of other spells fall into this category, this year you will learn about those spells as well as minor magical creatures which are listed as Dark Creatures with the Ministry of Magic." he says as he walks back to his podium. "Now, lets take the boiling spell you would be learning in Charms. Who can tell me how that spell can be used in a Dark way?"

Kaneda blinks and starts to write down the notes taken. He is very apt with his attention and his flowing hand doesn’t blot out one letter. He blinks to the question posed and tilts his head, not sure how it would work.

Alyn has taken out his ink and quill at this point and is taking notes as well. He raises a brow as the question is asked and then after a moment raises his left hand, his right still with the quill.

Poe mopes a bit, looking at her ink in disgust. "It was… ugh… now it's not." She looks at her nails for a moment, a soft sparkly pink, before raising her hand. The answer almost spills from her lips but being a polite and dutiful student she keeps her clap-trap shut and waits to be called on.

Kashin looks around the room before he motions for Poe to answer the Question.

Kaneda blinks and watches as the girl is called Upan and he gets ready to write down her answer.

Poe smiles with a sort of self confidence, her leg stopping it's obnoxious kicking for a time. "One might be so inclined to use a boiling spell against the fluids in a enemies own body, for incapacitation, torture, perhaps even death. The human body does of course contain over seventy percent water. Maybe something like that?"

Alyn lowers his hand a bit disappointed but makes some indications in his notes as he waits to see how the teacher responds to the suggestion by the other student.

"Nice, but you can also Boil someone who is in water as well. Now, knowing that, we shall begin Depulso." The Professor says as he turns and pointed to a Target. "You simply flick your wand like so and shout the incantation." he says with a smile as he flicks his wand forward at the Target. "DEPULSO!" A purple ball of light shoots from his wand and spins the target as he nods. "Now, Link up and each of you will have a tray. Poe, you first, then Alyn, and Kaneda last." he says as he steps aside to see how they do.

Alyn watches as the teacher demonstrates and makes a few notes. He bites his lip a bit, he hasn't been having a lot of luck with the actual wand movements, he hopes he doesn't do as poorly on this one. He looks over to Poe to watch her go first.

Kaneda watches the demonstration with rapt attention before getting up and getting in line, being last in line as he holds his wand ready, giggly to cast this spell.

Poe nervously slides off her chair, saddle shoes clacking on the castle floor. She holds her wand tight in her hand, the other hand held behind her back. "Depulso!" The purple orb that shoots from her wand is not nearly as even and steadied as the professor's but it manages to wing the side of the target. She lets out a small sigh of relief for this meager success.

Kashin nods and smiles as he motions for Alyn to come up and Try. "Good first try Poe, but work on your aim a bit more eh?" He says with a chuckle as he waits for Alyn to give it a go.

Alyn blinks and watches for a moment, she didn't do too bad which does have him a bit nervous again. He takes a deep breath as he goes to take his turn. He raises his wand, gives it the flick and shouts, "Depulso!" it doesn't have quite the effect, the tip of the willow wand smoking a little. He sighs a bit as he realizes that he got the flick wrong and lowers his head a bit.

Kashin shakes his head and pats the boy on the shoulder. "Good try Alyn, but you might want to practice that a bit more hmm?" He says as he motions for Kaneda to give it a Try.

Kaneda steps up and clears his throat. He gets his wand to the ready position and closes his eyes, concentrating before he opens them and flicks his want. "DEPULSO!" as the purple orb shoots from his wand, he himself is knocked back and the Target turns to splinters. "Wicked…"

With a small laugh Poe scurries back to her seat, clamoring for her former perch as she watches the two others chosen to take a turn. "Goodness…" She murmurs, defiantly impressed.

Alyn lowers his head a bit more as he returns to his seat after putting his wand away. He makes a couple notes with his quill. He blinks a bit as Kaneda goes and then sighs softly and mutters to himself, definitely going to have to work on the motions, first charms now here.

Kashin helps Kaneda up and blinks. "Nice form, though not so enthusiastic Mr. Kakita." He says as he turns to the rest of the class. "Your homework this week is to Practice Depulso, and also pick a magical creature and do a report on it, explaining how Depulso can help in that fight. Class Dismissed.

Kaneda sighs and looks to Alyn as class is dismissed. "I can tutor you on the proper forms, I used a baton to conduct my orchestra in elementary, so I know the movements pretty well…"

Poe hops off her chair and walks from the class room, silent but grinning ear to ear.

Alyn jots down the homework before putting the stopper in his inkwell and drying off his parchment. He puts all the things into his satchel. He nods a bit to Kaneda and shakes his head a bit, wishing to himself that everything was as easy as changing his hair or eyes. As the class is dismissed he nods, "We can see, I might just have to work extra hard, have to try and get the swish right for Charms too." he says softly.

Kaneda nods and pats his friend on the back. "It's time for dinner anyway, you could use a bit of food in you. I wonder if we will be allowed to fly some brooms…" He says walking out of the class with his friend.

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