Darla Rennigan
Portrayed By Abigail Breslin
House Slytherin
Year First Year
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 11
Place of Birth <place of birth>
Date of Birth August 7, 2015
Mother Catherine Rennigan
Father David Rennigan
Siblings Kyle - Older Brother Jason - Younger Brother
Marital Status Single
Children N/A
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History

It's hard, having a Muggle for a parent, when they were raised by Muggles before them. Magic is a childhood wish, a hope that its real, and then you grow up and are made to forget anything you ever knew about magic. A man named David grew up and did just that with his childhood dream about magic. He then married a witch named Catherine, and discovered that magic does truly exist in this world. David and Catherine Rennigan met and married in just such a way. It was romantic and rather whirlwind, but the two of them knew almost instantly that they were meant for each other. After only six months of being married, they had their first child. A sweet boy they promptly named Kyle. Four years later, their second child, Darla, was brought into the world, and then another three years after that, their final child, and second son, Jason.The one we're going to talk about today is Darla. Growing up with two brothers made Darla rather tomboyish. Between Kyle and eventually Jason, she learned to stand her ground and defend herself with the best of them. However, girls are girls and fight dirty, so that's how Darla won, if she won. It's rather difficult to fight tall, stout brothers when you're on the short side and skinny to boot. Jason's eleventh birthday passed, with no signs of magic, not one. Doomed to be a squib, he was. But when Darla's eleventh birthday started to loom in the horizon, rather funny things began to happen. Not on purpose, mind you, but things. The biggest thing, and the only one the family really noticed, happened one rainy day. Darla and her two brothers were playing indoors, as it was raining outside, and started roughhousing over something or other. A game, a marble perhaps, and Darla was knocked back into her mothers chair side table, knocking it about. Falling heavily on her rear end, she unpleasantly discovered she had fallen hard on her mother's favorite pair of reading glasses and broken them. Afraid and knowing that she would get into trouble if her mother found out, little Darla began to cry, clutching the pieces together in her hands, as if they were going to fix themselves. Little did she know, they did, fitting themselves back together in one whole piece of metal.The next year, she received her letter from Hogwarts and off she went into the wild blue yonder well, okay. Not really, but on to Hogwarts at the very least.


Darla likes to think of herself as a good girl. She likes to think she tries her best to stay out of trouble whether it's with other students or when it comes to her classes. It's not that she's against a little mischief or fun here and there, just that she would rather pick and choose when she'll run the risk of getting into trouble. Having grown up with two brothers who would torment her when they believed it was just playing around, Darla has a small mean streak in her which at times just may show itself. Darla isn't afraid to speak her mind when she wants to, but she also tries not to let her emotions overrule her actions… well, some of the time. Emotions will often play a large role in her decisions. To her, the way she feels can and most likely will affect what she does.

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