Deacon Hurst
Portrayed By No One!
House Ravenclaw
Year Alumnus
Position Owner of the Shady Nook
Sex Male
Race Muggle Born
Age 32
Place of Birth London
Date of Birth November 16th, 1994
Mother Alsace Jenkins
Father Jerry Hurst
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance September 22nd , 2009
Last Appearance

Character History:

Deacon Hurst was born on November 16th 1994 to Jerry Hurst and Alsace Jenkins. Deacon’s parents never married, having the child out of wedlock. The family lived in one of the poorest sections of London called East End. They lived in a single roomed loft with a shared bathroom for one floor of tenets in an old apartment building.

Jerry and Alsace was a pair of con artists and petty criminals. They both came from poor families who once lived in the same district in London. Jerry’s father was a violent man, choosing to mug people and take money and possession by force. This eventually lead to him killing a man going to far and was jailed for life. He would die in jail around Jerry’s fourteenth birthday. Alsace’s family wasn’t much into crime but came from poverty. Her father was an old leather worker, though with the changes in the times his services soon were no longer needed. He sold trinkets on the streets for money to live on. Her mother was a seamstress doing odd jobs for others within the district. Both her parents would perish to sickness by the time she was thirteen.

Alsace became an orphan and was sent to school, Jerry also a student who did not care much for studies would meet late in 9th grade and would both drop out of school in the 11th grade. Jerry started with thievery and other petty crimes, Alsace soon joined all in order to survive.

When Deacon was born Alsace stayed home to care for the child. Jerry would do what he could to get food and supplies for the baby. He held odd jobs but they never lasted. Jerry always turned back to crime though for income, and spent much time over the boy’s youth in and out of jail. The home was split up with sheets for walls, Alsace always doing her best to give Deacon attention early on as a child. The local’s here felt bad for the poor girl since the father was always in some sort of trouble or hiding from the cops, so they helped her with food at times.

Deacon was cared for as best as a family in poverty could be. He spent most of his time with mother, Father always trying to make money somewhere or in jail or running from the police. By age 5 he was sent to school, and was very quit and antisocial. This behavior would lessen over the years through the lower levels of school, but still much of a loner. He spent most of his time in books, taking his education seriously. He did not want to continue living in the squalor he lived in for years. He had one or two close friends named Jason and Rodney who were troublemakers, Deacon only ever a witness to their trouble, not really getting involved.

It was his tenth birthday when something strange happened to the boy. That morning mother had to go to work; she has procured a job in the inner city after all these years. She had left a note for her son that he could stay home from school for his birthday and she had made him a cake. Jerry was supposed to be locked away, or so he thought until that morning Jerry comes walking through the door. He had found a way to escape and now was wanted. He had a present for the boy which made Deacon happy. He deep down had missed his father, then that’s when their was a knock on the door. The cops had found him! Jerry was armed, he pulled out a gun, pushed Deacon aside to get him out of the way. The door flew open; cops came in hollering, Jerry hollering back. It happened so fat the words did not have any meaning until shots where fired. Deacon cried out which caused the guns of both the officers and his father to simply vanish! All were bewildered as to what happened though this immediately leads to the arrest of his father once more. This time it would be for a very long time.

Not long after that event Alsace and Deacon would get a visit from a teacher from Hogwarts explaining to the parent and the boy what had happened. He explained the rules of magic and of its existence. It was hard for Alsace to accept but this excited Deacon. He would admit to his mom that other small strange things would happen to him previous to this event, and was afraid to talk about them, like moving objects accidentally, or seeing strange things out of the corner of his eyes. Eventually it was decided that Deacon would attend Hogwarts to learn how to control his magic, give him a step up in life that Alsace always wanted for her son.

Hogwarts was dreams come true for Deacon. This was his chance to make something of himself. Learning magic was real come as a shock when he first walked through those halls, but was determined to learn as much as he could. He was sorted into Ravenclaw starting his career at the esteemed school. His grades were always good, spent most of the time in the library over the years and always taking extra classes when he could. He excelled at charms, transfiguration, and DADA. DADA was his favorite class early on which sparked an interest in the dark arts. His mindset was, if one wants to truly defend himself you have to know what you’re up against. Dark arts though were not something that was taught. Deacon became a good manipulator as he grew older, making many friends with staff more so then the other students, able to get more from them then usual. He was exceptionally well known to the library staff; at times they would turn blind eyes when he wandered in late nights in the restricted section for research. His later years, he would take Newt’s in Charms, Transfiguration, DADA, as well as Ancient Runes.

Deacon was offered a job in the Ministry as an Auror, which he took after graduation. He stayed as a Ministry worker for years; his time here though was spent continuing his own fascination with the Dark Arts and what better way to learn them by hunting them down. He was a fair Auror, never making it to high within the Ministry.

Deacon retired at an early age from the Ministry with not much notice. The man seemed to disappear for a few years until he opened up a shop of magical items, potions, and creatures in Knockturn alley. He seems to run a reputable business and enjoys researching strange items, phenomena and trading.


Deacon is a calculating individual. He is a dealer, will never give anything away without getting something in return. Overall he is friendly but his ambition for knowledge and wealth is greater. He will do what he needs to do to attain what he wants, even if someone needs to be hurt.


November 16th, 1994 - Deacon Hurst was born.
September 2005 - Deacon starts his first years in Hogwarts, sorted into Ravenclaw.
March 15th, 2007 - Jerry Hurst dies in jail, murder.
June 2011 - Deacon begins a summer internship for the Ministry in the Law Enforcement Department.
May 2012 - Deacon Graduates from Hogwarts, later that month he begins training as an Auror.
September 2012 - Deacon completes his training and becomes a full Auror of the Ministry.
July 2014 - Alsace Jenkins dies from Pneumonia.
September 2012 to December 2022 - Deacon retired from the MLE division ending his career as an Auror.
August 2025 - Deacon opens the Shady Nook in Knockturn Alley.

Other Information:

Deacon is the owner of the Shady Nook, a store cluttered with strange items and lore. It is located in Knockturn Alley yet seems to have a good reputation. Deacon was also a former Auror, retiring in order to run his own business. Rumor has it many of the items he holds now were confiscated from dark wizards he had captured in the past, but it could never be proven. Deacon specialized in Charms, Transfiguration, DADA, as well as Ancient Runes.

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