Hogwarts Yule Ball

Participants: Amon, Aniko, Brandon, Brice, Darla, Elizabeth, Erika, Gabriel, Layla, Marcus

Scene Title Yule Ball
Synopsis It's the … Yule Ball!
Location Hogwarts Great Hall
Date 12/21/2026
Watch For Grouchy professors, doomsaying, firstie plotting, and musical hijackarry.
Logger Amon

Great Hall - Hogwarts
Like the feasting halls of yore, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is vast in its dimensions. It walls and floors are of cold, pale grey stone. The severity of that stone is alleviated by long-faded murals and tapestries hung about the room.
Five immensely long tables are able to accommodate the students and faculty together in one sitting for meals. Four of these tabkes are arranged in parallel rows with long benches which are each reserved for an individual House. Located at the southern end of the hall, the High Table for the faculty is perpendicular to the house tables and outfitted with comfortable arm chairs. At the very centre of that table is the Headmaster's golden throne.
The tall, narrow gothic windows lining the western and eastern walls of the Great Hall provide light during the daylight hours, and the flickering light of countless torches and floating candles lights the hall at night. A touch of the outdoor weather is brought into the hall through the vaulted ceiling, which has been enchanted to resemble the skies.

The young woman before you stands 5'7". Hair of silver, falls to mid back. Glistening, ice blue eyes meet your gaze. However just now she appears paler and thiner then you remember.
A dress of red velvet, flows and hugs her curves and form, floor length. The dress is trimmed with eloquent silve lace, Usually not one for adornments on her person, tonight she wears earrings in the shape of dangling black onyx orbs. The necklace she wears is a silver chain with a black onyx tear drop. One might notice the absence of her watch. While of course, her Prefect badge is in attendance on her green velvet belt. Tonight she actually wears heels in a shade of red with silver highlights.

Slightly tanned skin covers her youth filled four and a half foot tall body. Long hair is allowed to flow down from the back of her head, light brown in color, down to the middle of her back. Her face is peaked with a small button nose that is snubbed up at the end just slightly, almost as if it ends too short. Dark brown eyes, with long thick lashes, are above the nose and small pert lips below it. Slim shoulders start off and lead down to the rest of slim and petite form that still shows some of her childhood padding. Well formed and toned legs support the rest of her short body while her arms are long and soft, tapering off to calloused fingers.
A long dress of fairly simple design adorns her, the upper portions a light grass green with ornate vines emerald green embroidered into the sleeves. The top is designed into a polite square cut that forms a snug fit against her back and tummy. The smooth materials flow down to her hips where it flares out just a little into a full skirt of a deeper green. Although her feet are often covered by the material, upon her feet may be glimpsed well made sandals with the hint of a heel.

A youth of serious disposition, Amon's dark brown hair falls with a touch of wave just past his school-robe's collar, contrasting sharply against his paler skin. Hooded black-brown eyes rest under thick, straight brows. They're partially obscured by a pair of dark gold, thin-framed reading glasses perched on a once-soft greek nose, sharpening as he leaves childhood behind. His mouth is broad and thin-lipped, often mildly down-turned, adding to the severity of ohis expression. He's tall for his year, his weight in the process of playing catch up from a recent growth spurt.
Amon's dress robes are of an elegant and modern cut, it's high collar left open to display the simple white cravat beneath. It's tailored to fit snug to his torso before flaring looser high on the waist. The black cashmere and silk contrast with his white vest, which his cravat is neatly tucked into, and shirt. Glittering over his chest is a small cravat pin, an oval moonstone bound in gold. Similar flashes of milky-blue can be seen at his wrists in the matching cufflinks.

Before you is a young woman with long raven hair that tapers off at the small of her back in natural waves. Long locks shimmer with midnight blue highlights that frames her pale face. A slender nose is the center piece of her smooth face. Separating her bright, sky blue eyes accented by long black eyelashes, hidden slightly behind wire, round-rimmed glasses. Below her nose is a pair of full, soft lips that reveal white teeth when she smiles. The curvature of her chin leads to her slender, strong neck.
Slender, womanly shoulders lead gracefully downwards. The back of her gown dips low, almost to the small of her back. To a chest that is easily accented by the dipping collar of the deep, richly midnight blue evening gown as it dips to a point on her chest. The material is thin, gauzy, and semi-translucent and tightly hugging her slender, feminine figure. Flecks of royal blue shimmer in the right angle in the light while the color behind it is a dark ebony black. Her arms are bare and leave nothing to the imagination the lean build of her dark skin. Leading to feminine hands with slender fingers and pale, natural fingernails.
Her flat stomach curves naturally underneath the material of her gown and lead to curving hips. Her smooth groin and curved hips are hidden under the clinging of her dress. Her lean, sculpted legs sway the slight flare of her dark material of the darkly glittering gown. Revealing her shapely legs underneath with light shadows. Though it is almost not needed, since a long slit travels up the right side of the golden evening gown and stops at the hip. Showing some of the soft skin of her shapely leg with her smooth steps as her heels step.

Here before you stands a young boy who may pass for a young teenager. He stands about five foot two inches with long straight dark black hair that is pulled in a ponytail most of the time. The hair ends about the middle of his back. He has an oval face with a slightly pale complextion. His eyes are almond shaped with very bright brown eyes. His eyebrows are thin and small, dark like his hair. His cheeks are thinned giving him a more gaunt look with thin lips and a pointed chin. His shoulders are wide and his physique a bit athletic for a boy his age.

The boy wears a nice formal black robe that is a little snug to the body and drapes down ending near his ankles. A white bow tie is worn with a formal button white shirt underneath. A pair of black slacks are worn held up by a black leather belt, feet have standard dark leather dress shoes.

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Here we are folks, the night before the blessed (escape school) holidays. The Yule ball has been the talk of the school for the last few weeks. Headmaster Potter is taking no chances either, for he has increased the security at the school 100 fold. All teachers and Prefects are on high alert for the night. Sadly for the Prefects though they don't know exactly why.

Tonight the great hall is decked out for the coming holiday. Yes folks Christmas time is upon us all, elves and scrooges alike. The house and staff tables are now absent. Floor and walls are of a silver hue and glossy. Levitating not far from the ceiling is a multitude of twinkling lights, in the colors or red, green and silver.

Round tables are scattered on three sides of the hall. Each table has festive table cloth. Six chairs surround each one. In the center of each table, is a soft glowing lantern. Where the teachers' table normally is, now stands a platform with DJ equipment.

House elves are not to be out done. There are three tables overflowing with food of every shape and size. The drinks are on the second table; in the gigantic refilling cauldrons. One is full of butter beer another is full of punch. Still a third is full of hot chocolate.

Gigantic trees have found their way into each corner. An extra one stands on the DJ platform. Each is decorated with lights and garland. The ornaments are exquisite. Many of them are charmed so that they rotate. The tree to the right of the DJ platform though demands attention. The ornaments here are not ornaments at all but live fairies. The underneath of this tree is overflowing with a packages brightly wrapped.

Students are just starting to filter in as the doors are magically swung wide. However a few students asre already here making last adjustments. One of these students is Layla Demente, dressed in red velvet. She turns as the doors open. With a flick of her wand it begins to snow within the great hall. The snowflakes at first look like small crystal diamonds.

To start us off is some muggle Christmas music.

Whoopdey freaking do. It's a party. Aniko Dazvarsh might be able to care less. Maybe. Possibly. Professor Dazvrash didn't even bother getting anything different to wear for his. She's in her usual black outfit with her normal black boots, and she's sitting in the darkest corner she could find - having snuck in before the festivities started. She has her ways. That's all you need know. She sits at a table in one corner of the room, scowling rather ominously, a small glass held between her manicured, bloody fingernails and her amethyst eyes flashing at the overly dressed crowd just before she takes a swig of whatever the heck that stuff is in her glass. That ain't no party punch, that's for sure.

Another that is already here is Brandon, the Head Boy, in his dress robes, and hair done just so, to look presentable. Helping with this an that. Awaiting for Layla do be ready, before he walks over to her, and digging into an inside pocket for a small red and blue stained glass box. That he holds out toward her.

As a way to increase security, the Magical Law Enforcement has been contacted. As a result, a young Auror is going to be stationed here for the night, this Auror is Marcus of course. He is currently wearing black, gala robes, because after all, the idea is to 'blend' in, as much as possible…to avoid creating discomfort between the young students that after all, are there to party. Having said this, the man is heavily armed, and is rather happy about this because, there are not many chances that he is allowed into Hogwarts while carrying his usual set of doomish wands. The Auror keeps his hands behind his back as he looks around with a curious expression, these parties are becoming more and more elaborated every year.

Gabriel enters the hall, with Erika alongside. She being quite a bit younger than he, and short, and he having sprouted markedly over the past year, the two are a study in contrast. His dress is simple and elegant, and for someone who seems to always use second-hand everything, these black and white dress robes, touched here and there with a green accent, and silver at his throat, lining the tie he wears, look new. He's murmuring something to the much shorter girl, pointing to the punch bowls.

Amon certainly isn't the first student to eagerly hit the hall. His entrance is casual, and singular. No date for the fourth year, though he seems unbothered by it. Stepping just inside, he glances apathetically around at the decor as he adjusts his cuff, then pauses, face tensing in first confusion, then mild displeasure. Glancing upwards as if in vain attempt to determine where the sound is emanating from, he mutters, "Really now?" Someone apparently doesn't enjoy 'Jingle Bells'. A flash of brilliant blue catches his attention, and he turns to watch as Gabriel and Erika make their entrance, lips twisting in a wry smile as he shakes his head.

Darla slowly steps into the great hall from the way of the entry hall, her hands fussing with fabric of the dress that she has donned only for this event. The look upon her face makes it most likely apparent of how much she's plotting to get at anyone who might remark about her in the dress. Alone for now, the first years keeps herself off towards the side, though the food tables are eyed carefully from afar.

Erika grins up at Gabriel, nodding happily as she looks over to the punch bowls along with him. She is dressed in a brightly coloured dress in contrast to Gabriel, the vivid blue standing out against her tanned skin and pale hair. "Yes please!" She giggles and peers around, "It looks lovely in here! They really outdid themselves." She nods and then spots Amon in the croud, waving merrily to him and tugging on Gabriel's sleeve to get his attention so she can point him out to the taller boy as well.

Layla blinks and looks to Brandon "Thank you." When she opens the box she smiles and slips it the corciege on. "Your so sweet." She kisses his cheek and then looks around and hesitates "I have to go see the DJ. She starts off that way.

Brandon blushes a little at the kiss, "Well, you're my date tonight, thought I should do something nice. Mum ordered the coursage special for me to give to you. And I had the box, and thought you might like it." But soon after she's off to the DJ. And he's stuck, looking around. Making sure everyone was behafing. A couple of boys are already squabbeling over a girl, and he keeps an eye out, to make sre it doesn't escalate.

Pulling a metal flask from her robes, Aniko pours herself another glass full of something. Then she recaps it and tucks it away again. One hand under her chin, the professor stares at the dance floor with all the interest of a bored tiger. It's not that she isn't alter or that she isn't watching - it's that nothing has caught her interest. Of course - rumor around the school had it that she was even older than she appeared… buuut, then again, the rumors could be wrong.

Well, time to eat it seems, and maybe have some pumpkin juice or whatever. The Auror looks around the tables to see what's good and when he makes up his mind, he approaches one and takes what seems to be a small sandwich of sorts. The man tries it and after finding that it's not bad at all, he takes another, along with a glass of pumpkin juice. He sighs as he wanders back to his comfy wall and leans back against it, hoping that he doesn't fall asleep.

Darla fusses a little more with the fabric of her dress before forcing her hands to stay still. Annoying things, dresses. Bah! Her eyes again return to the food tables before her feet start taking her towards them. "At least the food will be good." she murmurs, eyes now and then glancing about at the other students and such gathered.

"He looks thrilled to be here," remarks Gabriel, drily, as he looks over to Amon, and if the other fellow looks their way, he even gives a wave, as he stoops down a tad and noting to Erika, "Right. So, three choices, it looks like. Butterbeer here, but I'm not sure if you even drink it at your age, to be honest."

Brice enters wearing his best simple dress robes, in his hand looks like a bronze colored rose? He looks about the room a moment spotting Darla moving to her side "Well now you showed up….I am impressed…." he says with a playful grin to the young girl.

Yeah, thats right, SOMEONE has to talk to the DJ. And it better not be Amon, or the poor DJ may never come back. From bad to worse, now it's on 'Frosty'? Augh! The young man lifts his hand in casual acknowledgement as Erika waves, and elects to meander on over in their direction. He must be in a good mood if he's voluntarily exposing himself to her brand of cheer. "Hello. You both look nice. That particular shade of blue lends your eyes quite the vibrancy, Miss Haaroldson." he greets, offering off-handed compliments as if he were discussing the weather.

Erika laughs softly and shakes her head, "I do, but I like hot chocolate better." She grins and looks about, waving to Darla happily before winking and giving her a thumbs up. Then her attention is back to Gabriel, "I think we had our quotient of boring parties before we ever got here to Hogwarts. So lets make sure this one isn't boring shall we?" She winks playfully and then smiles broadly as Amon joins them, "Thank you Mr. LaFayette, you look quite dashing yourself… So, who wants to hijack the stream and replace all his music with innapropriate muggle music?" She beams as if this is the best idea in the world. And of course she's keeping her voice down so the joke, if it isn't one, isn't heard by those in charge.

Layla goes from the DJ, right over to some of the milling Professors. They look abssmurfly glad to be here…NOT! But at least someone thought to wear a blinking tie! She shakes her head to Prof Longbottom and seems to be asuring the man all is well. Then excusing herself she makes her way over to Aniko's shadow realm "Profesor. I'd say thanks for coming but well I think that would be off of me."

Darla offers a quick wave towards Erika as she spies the other girl before her attention is snagged by Brice. The smile she had a moment before seems to vanish almost all the way. "told you I was gonna." she replies as one hand slaps, not too hard, the lads shoulder. "It's about time you showed up. It's not nice keeping someone waiting."

"Hot chocolate, right," says Gabriel, about to move over to see to just that when he pauses, for Amon's approached. He's quiet during the initial niceties, "I'm afraid I've never even heard much muggle music," he finally notes, holding up a finger, "Back in a moment. Hot chocolate…" he's pointing to Erika, and then he points to Amon, "Did you want something?"

Well, it seems that the dispute over the girl is over. One boy having stormed off. Soon Brandon heads over for some butterbeer, then over to talk to Marcus. "Good evening, you enjoying the festivities so far sir?" he asks, Trying to be a good.. host. "They certainly went all out this year, didn't they?"

Brice chuckles a moment and hands Darla a rose actualy crafted from Bronze "I was to busy trying to find some rose oil….this is for you, I found it at that craft fair…dabbed some rose oil in it so it smells like a rose and it will never wilt…isnt it neat?" he says handing it over to her.

"I'm just here for the Secret Santa." Professor Dazvrash sarcastically deadpans just before knocking back the rest of her glass yet again. "It just might brighten my f… freaking evening a little. The only thing better would be Potter saying I can have a smoke right about now." The glass hits the table with a clack of icecubes against glass and the woman's amethyst eyes lift and stare at Layla calmly before she adds, "By the by, while you're in a good mood - you and your bags - tomorrow morning, 8 am, SHARP - at my office door. No questions, no complaints, and no fussing - or I will figure out how to feed you to my house elf for his Christmas dinner."

Amon lifts a finger briefly, indicating that yes, he is all for hijacking the DJ's booth. "I think some of our house ghosts could put on a more lively stream of music." he comments wryly. Quirking a brow to Brandon, he eyes the cauldrons dubiously. "I think I'll also go for hot chocolate, as you're offering. Thank you." From there, his attention drifts back to the DJ next to all those fairies, and he murmurs, "Now, if those had been swapped for Doxies, we'd have it in the bag." Sigh.

Marcus takes a sip from his pumpkin juice and starts to pay more attention to the teacher's table, but then Brandon speaks to him and the Auror focuses his attention on the teen. "It's been nice so far" says the man with a polite nod then he just looks around and nods once again "Definitely more than when I was in school, our parties were more….toned down as I recall it." This is madness! The man takes another sip of his pumpkin juice and then looks at the boy "Excuse me for a moment…" he nods politely again and then makes his way to where Aniko is "Evening ma'am…hope you are not being bored to death?"

Darla stares at Brice and then at the rose that she's handed by the lad for a long moment before she tries not to glare at Brice. "Th.. thanks." she replies after another moment, a small sniff of the fragrance taken before she finally smiles. "I think you should go get me a snack now."

Layla was about to say something and then goes way off track as she stares at the profesor "I beg your pardon Professsor? Myself and bags are to be on the train. There are already plans for the holidays." Either shje is insane or she has completely just LOST it all! She bristled at Aniko. Death wish maybe?

A nod, and Gabriel moves off to toe punch bowls, where he sets about getting two hot chocolates — one for Erika, and one for Amon — and managing to hold them in one ling-fingered hand, though it takes a little doing, and he carries the butterbeer in the other. He makes it back without spilling anything, and sets his own drink down on the front of a chair as he's come back to Erika and Amon, extracting the first mug and handing it to the other young man, before the second is given to Erika, with a polite — and deliberately overdone — bow.

Brice smiles at Darla putting his hands behind his back "I am glad you like it…." he says looking to the snack table "well why dont you come with me and we will choose something together alright?

Brandon nods, "Oh, of course sir." Stepping out of the way a bit, before tipping up his mug. Watching the pair a moment, then over to Layla.. he bites his lip, but figures if he's needed they'd call for him. Meanwhile checking on the students, talking to this professor or that. Wherever his feet take him.

"Hollingberry…" Aniko smiles almost magnomoniously. "Do sit - as I'll be back to being bored in just a few moments. As soon as I'm done with this …." The smile is gone as her flashing purple eyes turn back on Layla. "You and your bags. If you don't like it - maybe you should consider not touching things you shouldn't be touching without MENTIONING them to your professors FIRST. And in case you think I'm going to feel sorry for you - well, you have another thing coming, sweetie - especially after your little stunt the other day. I am going to have to spend all freaking holiday helping you clean up from the giant cow pie you decided to sit yourself in - and I imagine you'll still smell funky afterwards - seeing as it won't all be coming off."

"Thank you so much Gabriel…" Erika beams up at him, reaching out to take the mug and then giggling merrily at the overdone bow, "Stoppit!" She then takes a sip of her drink and sighs happily, "Oh this is wonderful. And I think we need to go over to that guy," the dj "and correct the errors of his ways. Seriously, are we supposed to dance to this? Mum had livlier music at that Lithuanian function about the cauldron trade restrictions." She shakes her head and then grins impishly. "No one let her know I stayed up to watch that one ok?" She beams brightly and looks up at Gabriel, "Oh, mum says you should come visit during the hols." She nods and then looks to Amon, "And she's inviting your mum at some point, so you might get drug along."

Darla lets out a sigh that seems only a slightly bit annoyed. "I guess." she states, still clutching the rose carefully witih both hands before herself as she turns towards the tables and glances at Brice. "You still haven't said anything about this annoying dress though." she states before sniffing once more.

Amon accepts the drink with a nod, then smirks. Reaching with his free hand into his dress robe, he tugs out and flashes just the corner of a few mixed recordings, ethereal smoke swirling in vials. Tucking them back into his jacket, he likewise swirls his hot chocolate, and challenges, "If we're not detained for the entirety of Holidays, then I would be delighted. Now, Miss Haaroldson — how much do you hate this music?" he asks far, far too sweetly, then actually winks at Gabriel. Okay, who is this, and what have they done with Amon?

Layla does bristle "Professor all due respect at the time I did you were in ameeting. I sent you the note. Hell I only went toseal the bloody room!" She remembers who she is talking to and takes amoment to count to 1,000. This is all Potter's fault. If he'd just bloody listened the first time! Damn those adults! "Right 8 sharp!" This is far from over likely but not here! "Excuse me…there is someone else you likely should talk to even if I have to go drag him over here." She stalks off toward Gabriel. "Mr Nightfall a word please?"

Marcus returns the smile and takes a seat, and for the following seconds, he just observes the interaction between Aniko and Layla. The man finishes his glass of pumpkin juice and cleans his lips with a paper napkin. He looks up at Layla, then to Aniko, and back to Layla "Good luck…." Yeah, maybe that will scare the girl a little bit more, whatever she did, it must have been BAD. However, he looks at Aniko after that and half-snorts "Nice touch…" He takes another sandwich and digs teeth into it while he looks at Layla wandering away.

Brice moves with Darla at his side glancing over to her with a grin "Well….I was picking a time to give you a compliment….guess I should of said something earlier…." he says getting to the snack table though he seems to change the subject "Oh butter bear my favorite….and I see some brownies, you want?"

After awhile, Brandon makes his way over to Layla. Slipping a hand to her shoulder, trying to calm her down.. even if he's not quite sure what the deal is. Leaning in to belatedly return the kiss to her cheek, for the one she gave him. But he's too late on all of it, for she has stalked off again. He sighs a bit. But is a patient person, usually.

Scowling and shaking her head at Layla, Aniko leans back in her seat with her arms crossed under her chest. "Nice touch? That's one way to put it Hollingberry. I don't think anyone else shares your sentiment. Just wait - she's going to bring me another head in a few moments. Too bad Madame Guillotine is at my house and not here. Some things would be easier if she were present." PUlling out a silver flask, she holds it up with her fingertips, "Care for something besides … Pumpkin juice?" The question is followed by a soft snort of amusement. Pumpkin juice… seriously. Who drinks pumpkin juice anyway?

Darla nods her head as she smiles with the prospect of a hot, fresh brownie. "Make sure it's still hot." she advises as she stays where she is. Turning her back to the food tables, she glances once again about the great hall, eyeing the people assembled and the various garbs chosen by each.

"If it's what I think it's about, then there might be one or two people who will want to be involved in this conversation." Gabriel looks first to Erika, and then to Amon, though the latter only briefly, before his gaze of green is back on Layla, "Erika here's been helping me with something. Something I hope you lot end up having some sort of insight on. But I digress…" he gestures out, vaguely,"Wherever you'd like to have this word… lead on."

Brice shakes his head chuckling as he gets himself some butter beer and the requested brownie coming back next to Darla glancing over to some of the older students, namely Layla who doesn't look happy "Here you go…its the warmest one they got….and honestly….the dress does look good on you…."

"Quite a lot actually." Erika smiles ever so sweetly right back at Amon, sipping at her hot chocolate and winking over the rim. "Enough that I'm quite sure I could…" She trails off as Layla walks over and requests Gabriel's presence. She looks a little dissapointed for a moment and then glances at Amon and she raises an eyebrow at him in wordless invitation. And by invitation, I totally mean 'follow me or else.' She then murmers, "We'll play it by ear." and then rests her hand in the crook of Gabriel's arm again. "Lead on my friend."

Amon frowns as the Prefect approaches — Merlin's beard, do they have radars for trouble or something? Oh, but it has nothing to do with him. It's an irritating interruption, and that shows in his expression — but then he's merely bewildered by all the subtext. "Playing it by ear, my dear Miss Haaroldson, is what I am finding so very painful to do." he mutters, sullently sipping his hot chocolate. Plans tabled, but not abandoned, he silently offers Erika his free arm so the pair might oh-so-casually wander in a (completely coincidental) similar direction to Gabriel and Layla.

"I do…" simply states Marcus about the fact that he drinks Pumpkin Juice. He smiles to himself as he takes another sip and shakes his head "Not tonight, technically speaking, I'm on duty." He just poured another glass of juice btw. "The body is our temple or….whatever, all that" Yep, Yep, while he does drink alcohol, it's not something he does on a regular basis. "Good evening, Professor Longbottom…" offers Marcus since the man seems to be fairly close. His attention returns to Aniko and just adds "So, big plans for the holidays?"

Layla makes damn sure Gabriel and company are ahead of her as she motions to Aniko's table. To say a fuse has blown in her thinking is likely right….She is FEEDING Aniko! *ahems* No the Prefect is not happy. And the two boys trying to levitate the punch bowl find out about it on her way past. Both get points docked and told to see their head of houses! She didn't bite them honest…see no marks "Professor."

Darla carefully holds the rose she was given earlier in one hand as she takes the brownie in the other, actually smiling towards Brice for the moment. If only he had a camera to catch her doing so after remarking about her dress. "Did you see the christmas trees? That one over there looks like it has actual fairies. Do you think they're really real fairies?"

Smirking at Marcus, Aniko twirls the glass in her fingers, "Ahh, yes, the body is a temple. But mine was desecreated early on, and I like to keep it nicely desecreated as often as possible. Too clean and it just becomes uncomfortable for my grimy soul to wear it." Looking up at Layla's return, the woman's red lips stretch in a smile, and her flashing eyes narrow slightly as she purrs out, "Why… Demente. Friends of yours?" She might as well be a big game cat who just had the prime cut delievered to her plate. Her eyes lock on Gabriel as she adds in a clipped voice, "You, Nightfall, I recommend taking a seat."

Brandon takes a seat, someowhere out of the way, but near enough to keep an eye.. and truth be known, ear… on Layla, and the others. Sometimes finding Head Boy duties to be a pain in the legs and feet, so he chooses to sit for awhile. But he can also keep an eye on things.. with the other kidlets too. Hearing Darla,

"They are real, be thankful they aren't Cornish Pixies, or some other annoyance. Just fairies." he smiles before looking back to the 'situation'
Brice glances over to the tree a moment taking a good look at the tree's "who knows anything is possible around these halls….and their are a lot of teachers about…probably cause of the missing ghosts and stuff….better to be safe then sorry…"

As Gabriel was the only one of the trio which had come with Layla, to stand in front of the table at which Aniko sits, he walks just in front of Layla, stopping as Aniko bids him seat himself, which he does, "What do you want?" he asks, not bothering with niceties.

Erika looks at Aniko levelly, but with a bright and sunny smile on her lips. As Gabriel sits down, she keeps her hand on the crook of Amon's arm and gently tugs him so they're standing behind their friend. She rests her free hand on the back of Gabe's chair, her fingers brushing over his shoulder for a moment before she just waits to see what the Professor will say.

Teens can be annoying sometimes, specially those who think they are the SHITZ, at Gabriel's comment, Marcus says nothing, he's not a professor and he's sure Aniko will tear him a new one, so that's covered. The man leans back against his seat and half pays attention to the table and half pays attention to his surroundings, after all, he was called for security reasons, not to see how some 'I want to be a great dark wizard' whiny kid gets chewed by professors. :P Or something like that, yes.

Darla nods her head towards the words from Brice before perking up at the words from Brandon. "Oh. neat!" she exlcaims before taking a bite of her brownie. Then, switching it to the hand with the rose, uses her freshly freed hand to try and grab BRice in order to drag him towards the tree with the fairies.

Having been herded like cattle by an irritable Prefect, Amon finds himself standing just where Erika places him — solidly at Gabriel's back, hot chocolate in hand. He offers his professor a polite smile, knowing full well it is an entirely wasted nicety, offers a polite nod of his head to Marcus, and continues to sip his hot chocolate as he casually waits.

With a small spill of his butter beer, Brice is tugged not ready for it moving closer to the trees "Oh..ok….." he says regaining his footing from his short stumble getting closer to see the fairies "If i remember from class Faries are actualy intelligent right? I forget…"

Layla has them all here and goes pale suddenly. She'll just let Aniko eat…. don't mind her. She starts to walk sideways abit, hoping to be out of some range. She didn't quite answer Aniko either.

"Your soul wouldn't be a bad place to start - but seeing as you might find that a little extreme - especially in mixed company - let's start by speaking about your extracuricular activities." Her gaze mets Erika's and then Amon's, analyzing each of them for a moment before she locks her eyes on Gabriel's again.

"Specifically your activities regarding a certain 'Sphere'. Don't you fu-freaking leave, Ms. Demente. You're involved in this too." She doesn't even move her gaze, but points a long finger at the girl and then crooks it, motioning her back. "Now … Nightfall - seeing as your are at least equally complict with Layla in this - I think you deserve the same punishment she is getting. It's only fair."

Marcus' attention moves towards Layla since the girl just went pale, he narrows his eyes and observes her while Aniko talks to the other students. He shifts a bit on his seat, not really comfortable about this chewing, brings a lot of memories after all. While he does keep a focus on Layla, he carries on with his current duty…so the man slowly moves his gaze over the entire hall.

Brandon also notes how pale Layla has gone and rises, moving over to Layla's side. "Here, come sit with me, I'm noy far." He eyes the Professor, but does not intervine any more then to help Layla, since she seems like she might pass out or something. Offering her his butterbeer, which is still cold. "Here.. I think you need this more then me right now." Hoping she follows him.

Darla comes to a stop before the tree with the fairies as ornamentation. "Think they wouldn't mind some brownie?" she questions back towards Brice as she carefully tries to start breaking off pieces of the snack she holds. "And I think they are, so they should like the brownie. Go get some more so all of them can have some."

Amon, one of Aniko's reasonably adept fourth year students, behaves as he typically does — he is relaxed, mildly respectful of the professors presence, and largely apathetic about the punishment his companion is in the process of receiving. The frequency with which Aniko is forced to correct her foul language causes his lips to twitch in a faintly wry smile, hidden quickly by his chocolate — honestly, are people really offended by Anglo Saxon? Still?

Brice smirks at Darla a moment "Well see if they even like that stuff….I do not know what faries eat….hell i do not think they even eat….see first then we can get them more food if you want…."

Erika tilts her head a little at the professor, who she sees on a regular basis for third year runes, waiting to see what punishment is going to be handed out. Her personality is likely somewhat of a headache to the professor, but it's like she can't help being bouncy and happy! At least she's at least good at asking intelligent questions…

"Bloody hell, Layla," says Gabriel, his face betraying an anger which overcomes the normally only slightly displeased surface, and his gaze swings back to Aniko, "What the hell? I know next to nothing about the thing. I'm betting you know a damn sight more. And why should I tell you, anyhow? Gonna put me in Azhkaban?"

Darla holds the piece of brownie she broke off from of the whole and tosses it gently to the nearest faerie. "here, enjoy." she states with a grin, only to have the bit of chocolate tossed back at her. "Hey, I was trying to be nice. Fine, no brownie for any of you." she grumbles before popping the broken off bit into her own mouth.

Brice chuckles a bit as the brownie is tossed back "Well now if they ask questions about what to feed Faries we know brownies are /not/ the answer!" he says sipping his butter beer once more then glances back to the older students with the teacher "What is going on over there?"

"Azkhaban?" Aniko smirks and then she laughs aloud, swirling the glass between her fingers before taking a quick drink of what's left of the contents. Then, with a soft clunk, she sets it back on the tables, "No, that would be too easy for you, and I really don't care what you 'know'. You are a kid - so I will treat you like a kid. Has your mother ever told you to not touch things while you're in a store? Maybe she hasn't - judging from your attitude. Well, Nightfall, the same rule applies here. You break it. You bought it. Or - in this case - you touch the magic thing, you help clean up the magic mess. So - what am I going to do?" She smiles thinly and then chuckles, "You get to spend the holidays with me. Aren't you happy? Oh … and before we leave tomorrow … you're going to help me move furniture. Becuase - frankly, that little sphere, is spewing out crap. And I can't seal the room it's in - so we'll just have to seal the whole damn floor! That means the Gryffindor dorms … need to be relocated." Tapping her nails on the table she adds lightly, "Your parents will be, of course, informed that you have been detained for special training. It'll look like such a NICE honor. After the holidays - I'll decide whether or not we still need to do more cleanup work. So - tomorrow morning - 8 am sharp, you and your holiday bags at my office. Oh, and if you choose to disobey - well - then I will have to get nasty. Do you understand, Nightfall?"

Erika blinks and interrupts, "Excuse me professor. But Madame Ambassador-At-Large Haaroldson has requested Gabriel's presence during the holidays." She says quietly, but seriously, completely unlike her normal bubbly personality. "I can provide you with an itinerary of what he was going to be expected to attend if you like. I'll have it sent to you before he's on your doorstep tomorrow morning."

Amon's eyes narrow as his gaze slips to the back of Gabriel's head, his previous apathetic expression darkening to one of cool irritation. As Erika name-drops in an attempt to get him out of trouble he likely thoroughly deserves, the boy huffs an annoyed sigh and glances aside at the DJ inflicting 'Deck the Halls' on the masses. "Smooth." he comments, flat tone dripping with sarcasm, though who it's aimed at is a mystery.

Layla takes the butterbeer in shaking hands "Oh sure blow up at me! Next time you can be the one with a thousand claw marks and opened up like a pinyata……." she was going ot say more honest. But the cup fall out of her hands and crashes to the floor. She is suddenly as pale as pale is. She just stares straight ahead, through the people. Her voice when it comes is almost not her own "They come" For the longest nothing else happens. Then she starts to tremble and sway.

Darla sends a smirk towards Brice at the remark about brownies and fairies. "Whatever it is, someone's making a mess." she answers him as she hears the cup striking the floor. "Prolly someone getting in trouble or something, better not be losing us more house points."

Gabriel just stares at Aniko, wide-eyed, aghast at her words… though he does not, it might be noted, offer up any counterargument for the moment, for he doesn't have a chance to. Layla begins to act strangely. And then his shoulders begin to slump.

Brice smirks then chuckles at Darla's comment then offer's his cup to her "You want some of my butter beer?"

"Gee, that kind of sucks doesn't it?" Aniko reponds to Erika's name drop with a smirk at the girl. "It's just too bad that Gabriel's gotten it in his head that he can skate by so long without any professor's noticing something amiss. I'm afraid, he'll have to turn down those -nice- invitations." Ticking her nails together, she waves a hand and quirk a brow, "Of course, I might make an exception … for a particularly important event. Sadly, that exception includes the requirement that he take me as his date. That might sit poorly for poor Gabriel, as I don't really think he fancies older women." Layla dropping the cup gets a sighs out of Aniko and she rolls her eyes as she mutters, "Shit just keeps hitting the fan." Then the woman laughs, "I kind of adore it… Anyone else want to add shit to the pile I'm working through?"

Erika goes very very still and quickly leans forward to whisper in Gabriel's ear, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tight. She looks over to Amon and says almost conversationally, "If you have something you believe in, absolutely, truthfully, I don't care if it's shiny silver spoons, thinking about it right now might be a good thing." She nods and then looks to the Professor again, "Im sure my mother would love to have you as her guest. I'll get you that itinerary." She doesn't let go of Gabriel's hand.

Amon turns to look over his shoulder at Layla, blinking languidly once. "Is she being over-dramatic, or is that something I should be concerned about?" he asks the Professor, swirling the last of his hot chocolate before tossing it back and leaving the cup on the table. What does Amon believe in? The question startles him a bit, and he stares at Erika with a mild frown. Merlin if he knows.

Marcus' brain complains about being in the middle of teen drama moment but what definitely moves that fact away, is what Layla just said. "Wha…" but there's no time to say anything else, because now the girl is swaying and looks about to fall. The man leaves the glass, stands up and quickly moves to the teen girl. "Are you ok?" simply asks the Auror as he now remains close, in case she might fall. Of course she's not ok, or so it seems, so he offers his arms for her to use as support.

Darla makes a face towards Brice. "Not a chance! Eww." she answers him as she strides back away from the tree with the fairies and towards one of the tables set aside for sitting. Her attention returns to the rose she still holds, though the occasional glance back towards the group that is gathered is given. Odd, older people. Aren't people supposed to be dancing instead of making messes at balls?

Brandon looks at Layla, then Gabriel at his yelling at her. Then to the Professor, pondering what to do, say, his NEWT's in Ancient Runes on the line, if he pisses the teacher off. Though he's done well, she could flunk him on purpose, and he is Head Boy, he has to set an example, and just be there for Layla.. Waving his wand, and mending the broken glass. Then rising with it, and heading over for some more. As well as some napkins to clean up the puddle.

With a soft breath, Elizabeth narrows her pale blue eyes slightly from behind the circular rims of her wire glasses, hovering just to the side of the Great Hall's door as she watches the party sparkle in all its winter splendor. She didn't want to go to this party in the first place, though with the recent package she got through owl it almost became insistent. Though still she hesitates near the door, weighing the options and debating with herself before releasing a long sigh and shaking her head at herself. Taking a step out slightly, she lifts a hand and brushes back a long lock of dark ebony hair from her shoulder, its natural waves free from its braid for tonight as it lingers against the deep blue, shimmering material of her gown. With her eyes glancing downwards, the Ravenclaw tries to look as passive as she can given the situation, her hands brushing consciously against the dress material at her side, more than self-aware at the odd garment.

Brice looks into his cup "What you don't like butter beer or you think its gross to share with me? I don't got cooties or anything…" he states simply looking back to the older students when the glass shatters "Whats wrong with her she is like freaking out…this may be fun…"

Layla doesn't repond to anyone. She just stares. Damn this has been a crappy few weeks for her. Out of nowhere a rune in blood appears on her forehead. (Rune: It looks to be something based off of hebrew. A separate runic language, and not known, whatever it is. But strikingly similar to hebrew. And there are a number of dots on them. This one, there are sixteen, bordering it.) It also would appear to be on her chest just over the heart. At least if that is any idication by the slight shadow on her dress. But see blood is red so it doesn't show as well here. For the Prefect it seems time just stops! She would of fallen if not for Marcus.

As there's an auror here, and plenty of adults, Gabriel doesn't rush over to Layla. Indeed, right now, he wishes he could be invisible. But he does look on, eyes the only thing which betrays the fear in his eyes as he sees that rune. "Bloody…" his face has drained of color. His hand squeezes that of the hufflepuff who had it on his shoulder, and the frown on his face is stark.

Amon watches as the athletic, handsome Auror sweeps in to catch the swooning girl… while her boyfriend? goes to get another drink and clean up the mess. "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why nice guys finish seventh." he murmurs dryly. All drama aside, Amon's gaze is soon drawn past the group, to the young woman who just entered the hall. He blinks a few times, then quirks a brow at the sight of Elizabeth outside of her school uniform. "Interesting." Far more interesting than doom-saying, for a fifteen year old boy, at least. Pity they're still playing christmas songs no good for dancing to… wasn't he going to do something about that? … and then Layla drops. "… Something to be concerned about then." he sighs. Adjusting his glasses, he leans over to peer at the symbol and the dots, then leans back, and simply steps out of the way. Hmm. "Mr Nightfall, you're either an idiot or a liar." he states flatly. Amon — not the boy you go to for comfort or sympathy.

Marcus just leans his arms and picks the girl in his arms, he looks at the rune appearing in her forehead and then looks up to Aniko. "Professor…" says the Auror. He tries to keep Layla comfortable while the others interact, in just a moment, he'll take the girl to the infirmary.
Darla carefully seats herself at a table away from all the action, though in a place that she might watch what the group is doing from where she sits. HEr glance looks to Brice for a moment though before looking back. "They're making a lot of commotion over there." she remarks with a frown, though she takes another small sniff of the rose she holds.

Erika abrubtly hugs Gabriel tightly, like her best friend is injured or something, and she just wants to comfort him. She shoots Amon a Look and says, "Check out those runes yeah?" before she goes back to quietly whispering in Gabriel's ear, resting her forhead against the side of his head.

Brandon returns in time to see Layla go down, and mutters something under his breath. "Layla?" And oh yeah, he's right there, at her side. Even possibly getting in Marcus' way. Ignoring Amon's comment. "I can get her to the infirmary, I know you'll want to ask questions, but.." He's seeing the Rune, and biting his lip again.. "I should be with her."

"Indeed, Haaroldson… I'm sure she'd be ever so delighted." Probably not, all things considered, but that's not going to bother this woman one single, solitary bit. Smirking at Amon's words, Aniko rises slowly, unhurridedly from the chair she's been sitting in all this time. "This, Nightfall, is just a taste of why you deserve to clean up the mess in this case. Hollingberry - do not move her. I want you to insure she does not bite her tongue. Also - please check around her neck. She should be wearing a necklace - Just make sure it's touching her skin." Coming around the table she rolls up the sleeves of her robes to her elbows, and pulls out a piece of chalk. "And - Hollingberry - whatever you, don't move and don't mess up the chalk lines, mmkay?" Then there's a click of chalk and she begins to circuit Layla, dragging the chalk against the floor, sweeping it one continual motion of complex runes that unfold in a growing circle around the auror and Layla… when she reaches the point where the chalk connects again …. there's an audible 'pop' feel as something magical cuts into being.

Brice sits down with Darla finishing his butter beer then glances over to the other table and points "Hey look at her head….what the heck is going on? Now whats the teacher doing?" he says trying to get a good look from his seat.
Gabriel? He's just fallen silent, slumping there over the table, head down, and he looks rather exhausted, "Whatever," he just says, conceding whatever points are thrown at him. And Layla… he can't even look at her right now. So he doesn't. Sits there, brooding.

Merging into the thrall of people, she frowns slightly at the concerned murmurs that are milling around, passing others before finally coming across the Auror and Brandon as he catches Layla. Blinking once, she comes to a slow stop as her lips part. The rune. Her brow instantly furrows into a thoughtful frown. "That symbol." she murmurs to herself, "I do not recognize it…" Her pale eyes linger on it for a moment before she glances up at the Auror again, her skeptical glance over him briefly as the murmurs and whispering continues.

Brandon is there too, so Brandon is also in the circle. Not about to leave Layla's side. Head Boy or not, some things are more important then his position. He is blushing a little, but checks her neck for said necklace. If it's there, he slips it onto her skin.. hoping the Professor knows what she is doing.

"Really now?" Amon drawls. "When one of the greatest Rune Masters alive is standing right there? Yes, Miss Haaroldson, her second year student is going to see something she doesn't. I had -one- real ground rule with you two — that the school, and it's student body, would remain in tact. Your Prefect is bleeding out her forehead, which suggests it's somewhat beyond our means. Now shush, I'm watching this." he snaps, his patience a thin line. His focus then is on Aniko's actions, remaining out of her way, but watching with absolute interest. Never mind he already has memorized it's form, is already turning over in his head the significance of the number of dots with this particular rune… The boy can't really help himself.

Marcus looks at Brandon as he approaches, he shakes his head and says "No can do kid, you heard the professor…" The man now checks that she has that necklace around her neck and also that Layla doesn't start biting on her own tongue. "Yeah Yeah, don't worry…" says Marcus to Aniko, he's not planning on moving, so he just stands quite still, having checked what Aniko wanted him to check.

"That's not what I meant Amon." Erika huffs quietly, starting to rub Gabriel's back and focusing her attention completely on him. She gently kisses his temple before going back to her soft whispers, hugging him tightly.

Darla shakes her head as she eyes the group huddled together and glances over at BRice. "Whatever it is, prolly more trouble than we wanna get into to." she advises with a nod before looking back. "I kind of feel like having popcorn, did you see any over there?"

The necklace is there yes because one Aniko gave it to her. Two Aniko threatened her with unspeakable things should she remove it. Three Aniko is now someone Layla trusts with her life. Yes she may at times wish the said prof would drop dead. But that is only some times and generally after one of her verbal flailings! The girl does FINALLY come too and stays STILL. Her bleary eyes look around as if trying to figure out where the hell she is let alone where the fuck she is "Bran…." She notices Marcus is holding her "Uhhh." Her voice is just abare whisper.

Brice nods to Darla "Yeah though I cant help but wonder what is going on and why is she bleeding?" he says looking back to Darla "I didnt see any and im out of butter beer…you want a drink?"

"Wakey, wakey, cotton head." Aniko singsongs when Layla's eyes finally crack open. Then the woman really does something insane. She tucks the chalk away and pulls something out of a leather strap that is just barely visible on her upper arm with her sleeves rolled up. It's a sharp, wicked looking knife. Lightly she nicks her finger with the tip of it. "Well - some sort of that combination did the trick… Riggs, Hollingberry - you' will escort Ms. Demente up to the infirmary. I want her looked over. She should be fine - but I imagine she'll want to wash up." Rubbing her finger to make it bleed a little more, she adds, "Hold you your hands, I'm going to put some portable protection on you two - since you're going to go with her." With her foot, she lightly smears the circle of chalk, and something magical disrupts and that spot returns to normal. Then she waits - and when they each offer a hand, the woman will quickly write a rune on it with her blood. "Appetizing isn't it? Mmmhmm.."

Brandon smiles when he sees Layla wake. "I'm here Layla." right in the circle with she and Marcus. A hand trailing over to carress her cheek with the backs of two fingers.. Looking up to Marcus, he nods, but only lightly. His eyes returning to her. At the Professor's words, he offers the hand, not currently carressing Layla's cheek.

Stepping aside to Elizabeth, Amon murmurs, "The language isn't Hebrew, but bears resemblance. A derivation, or perhaps even a co-curent development in the same region? … And you look quite stunning, if I might be so bold. You might consider wearing your hair down more often." Ah, Ravenclaw flirting. If it's not couched by geekery, there's something wrong.

"I'm not thirsty." Darla replies as she eyes all that blood that seems to be just visible a little from where she sits. "I wonder what all that is really doing?" she muses before grinning at Brice. "Bet you can't get close enough to find out."

Marcus arches one eyebrow at what Aniko is saying and just extends one of his hands, the one that is supporting Layla's legs. Worry not, the arm is still there. "Sure…we'll take her to the infirmary…." offers the Auror, still looking at Aniko. He looks over the professor's should, to another professor…Mr. Longbottom. Now, he takes what Aniko places in his hand "Bloody hell" He doesn't nod back to the Head Boy as he wasn't really paying attention, as as soon as Aniko deals with the chalk…he just starts walking towards the great hall doors.

"Well right. Tomorrow, then," says Gabriel, and he gets the hell out of dodge while he can. Up and over his seat, he grabs Erika's hand and points towards where the dancing is taking place, "If I go to a bloody dance and don't dance…"

Layla reaches automatically again to where her necklace is and should be. Then her gaze finds Aniko for a long moment before she is carried out. Time for yet ANOTHER checkup! She is gonna swear off healers at this rate.

Brice shrugs his shoulders to Darla "Isn't hard…" he says getting up from his seat and going over to Brandon tugging on his sleeve "Brandon what's going on? why is she bleeding?" he asks inquisitively looking to the girl who is now being carried out."

Erika bursts into a surprised giggle, letting herself be tugged towards the dancefloor, bad music and all. "Yeah, that would be pretty awful. So shall we?" She walks with him towards the dancing, determined to ignore everything around them for a little bit.

Once his hand is bloodied.. Brandon follows along, staying very near, so Layla knows that he's still there. Not about to leave her side… that's for sure. That is until Brice is there tugging on his sleeve. "It's a long story. She's just not feeling well." He's not really lieing, just not the whole truth. "She'll be fine soon don't worry." He pats the boy's head, but he has to go with them.

The thoughtful frown remains lingering in Elizabeth's expression as she quietly watches the scene unfold before her, glancing up at others as they seem to argue with themselves. Her pale blue eyes glance back to Layla as the girl starts to stir, waking up with people gathered around her. The Ravenclaw girl's eyes narrow with apparent growing interest as Aniko brushes symbols onto the boys with her own blood. Pondering to herself, she presses her lips together, lost in thought as Amon unexpectedly steps closer to her. Blinking up at him, she frowns again as she glances back at Layla's runic symbol. "I am not sure… I have studied runes extensively. Their symbolism, meaning, and origins, though this one I have not come across…" she murmurs softly back at him, thoughtful still. He takes her by surprise with the compliment, her sky blue eyes looking back at him for a moment as her lips part just slightly. A quiet moment passing before she lifts a thin dark brow at Amon, "Are you making a statement in order to evaluate the instinctive response?"

Studying Gabriel, the darkly clad professor smirks, "Indeed, I will see you in the morning. Do be careful what you touch in the meantime." Rolling her eyes, Aniko then sticks her bloody finger in her mouth, idly sucking on it as she saunters over to the food table. There she takes a large helping of metaballs on a plate … which is followed by a few steps down to a chocolate fondue pot. From this she drags out a brimming ladle full of melted chocolatey goo. This she pours copiously over the steaming meatballs. Ahhh, yes. A little meat and chocolate - just what the healer ordered after a nice little battle with … unexplainable forces. Licking her fingers, the woman gestures to a house elf, "Hey - get a couple in here to clean up the mess." She points with her thumb back over her shoulder at the chalk shoulder. She then weaves through the crowd, idly tucking her knife back up her sleeve and shaking her sleeves back down as she pops a chocolate covered meatball into her mouth. On to the infirmary? Apparently - yes.

Darla frowns as the commotion causing group sseems to dissapate with the majority of the people leaving the great hall. "Well, now how are we supposed to see all the weird stuff?" she questions as she glances about for a moment. Hmph! she leans back in her chair as her eyes return to the rose she still holds. "I wore a dress, for this?"

Amon smiles wryly, watching as the lot trundle out and Gabriel pulls Erika onto the floor. "I should know better, I suppose. Miss Dweedle, I would be delighted if you would honour me with a dance, but not to this — drivel. I'm afraid I must intervine — perhaps you'll consider my request while I'm gone." He steps back and bows at the hip towards Elizabeth, watching as focus of the crowds tends, on the whole, to be on the front doors — and away from the DJ booth. Even the /DJ/ is distracted, which is overall ideal. He may be angry with Gabriel and Erika right now, but by no means does that mean he will permit the travesty of their first dance to be done to the tune 'Chestnuts on the fire'. Slipping through the crowd, the young man approaches the booth, extracting those vials from his jacket pocket, and while the DJ is looking away, uncorks one and pours it's gaseous form out into a receiving bowl — which is when the music quite abruptly and painfully cuts out. Replacing it is a thump-thump-thump of something far more energetic, entirely current, and perhaps even vaguely inappropriate for Hogwarts — actual dance music. Chaos, panic and disorder — we can't let Layla have all the fun.

Brice comes back to the table after getting another glass of butter beer and a plate with some cookies and more brownies on it placing it in the center of the table where Darla sits "Well i got close but they were already on the way out….strange things going on around here…I wonder if every year is gonan be like this…" he says takinga cookie and biting it "and Darla you look good in the dress I am glad you wore it…"

The professor of Ancient Runes approves of the musical hijacking, and the woman smirks, idly bobbing her head to the much improved beat as she heads out of the Great Hall for her next destination. Some students knew how to party … thank goodness.

Darla might have heard Brice's words and then she might not have as the music changes and gets her attention instead. "Oh, finally!!" she exclaims, looking towards the DJ boothe. "I didn't think they'd play something like this!"

Brice chuckles looking to Darla "No this isnt the usual type of music…though its danceable…" he says putting down his glass getting up reaching to take Darla's hand trying to pull her to the floor "come on!"

He gets out there with Erika, does Gabriel, just as the music changes, and he looks up, surprised that the plan has gone through after all, "Bloody don't know why they think I know so much. I -almost- know a lot about what's going on, but apparently bloody professor's the one adult I didn't count on." a sigh, "Well, we'll see if they can make any more sense out of this than everyone else so far. Maybe they can."

Elizabeth blinks again, only to frown in confusion at Amon's first words, only to blink again with some surprise as Amon asks her to dance. She pauses, watching the boy take a step back and bow to her before turning around and disappearing into the crowd, making his way to the DJ. Frowning to herself, she presses her lips together as curled fingers absently press to her chest. The lightly worried expression lingers before the shift of music, some of the students cheering with their approval as more start to pour onto the dancefloor. A subtle smirk tugs at the corner of her lips for a moment, lowering her hand with a slow exhale as she gently shakes her ebony head.

"No shop talk right now. You can tell me everything, and I do mean everything, later." Erika says with a smile, which grows bigger at the change of music. She moves better into his arms as they start to move to the music. The tiny girl knows how to dance! "Right now I just want to pretend we're having a a normal ball, a normal dance ok?" She beams up at him.

Darla sets the rose she was given on the table just before she's dragged up out of her seat and towards the dance floor. "Hey, not so fast!" she whines as she tries not to trip over her own feet.

Not merely a sonic recording, it seems Amon has gotten his hands on a full-on Holovid. A cloud forms overhead, ethereal whisps that flash lights, the ghost-like forms of the singers or bandmates forming, then disappearing in pulsing sync to the music. Amon stands at the stage, lifts his arms and addresses the students in time to the opening line of the song, a demanding, "Lets Dance~" Turning to look over his shoulder at the annoyed DJ, he advises sweetly, "Change it back and there will be a riot." With that, he hops off the stage and makes a b-line to Elizabeth, allowing crowds to part around him as if he didn't notice they were there at all — and there are starting to be crowds, as the once-filled tables empty and students begin infusing the atmosphere with far more energy than it had previously. Hand offered to Elizabeth with a quirked brow and hopeful smile, Amon asks, "Your response?"

"As normal as I can dance…" Gabriel isn't bad, but he isn't great, either. Passable. But he doesn't try anyting fancy, or ridiculous, instead content to let Erika be the little attention-getter here, "Right," he says, "Pushing it to the back of my mind. And thanks for speaking up for me back there. I bloody trusted Layla." And then he notices the hologram of the band, and actually manages to force himself to relax enough to grin.

Brice chuckles slowing down a bit not to trip Darla up, though he does guide her to the dance floor, turns and starts to move to the more up beat music. He isn't bad at dancing, but he isn't spectacular, though he can move to the rhythm to not look completely ridiculous "Lets see how good you can dance!"
Darla stares up at the hologram of the band as the music plays before groaning at the words from Brice. Her eyes glance down tot he dress she's in before grumbling some more, slowly starting to dance as well. "This is so not fair."

"Pish tosh, you can dance just fine!" Erika declares, beaming up at Gabriel once more. She has to be careful with the dance because of their height difference, but they make it work. She is ever so relaxed in his arms, and she giggles a little bit. "Amon fixed the music. I'll have to thank him, and flail a bit, later. So much better than before yeah?"

Brice chuckles at Darla "Awe come on! Smile! you look great your dancing fine their is no need to look somber!" he says still moving to the music.

The crowd parts around Amon as he easily jumps off of the stage, allowing him to pass as he walks straight towards Elizabeth. Blinking her pale blue eyes slowly behind her glasses, she glances down at his offered hand, hesitating for a moment before her slender fingers reach out to lightly rest over his. "I feel I must make you aware that I… am not the most proficient when it comes to the art of dancing. In any of their forms." she says, trying not to talk over the music as the beat seems to drown out her voice slightly.

"Yeah, well sometimes, a stand needs to made. Glad he made it." Gabriel seems calm enough now, when one considers the events of just a few moments before, "So yeah. I dance all right, but nothing special. I could pull off flailing, though. Not too bad."
Darla smiles as she reaches out to lightly push at Brice as she dances along with him, her hands moving to carefully make sure she doesn't trip herself up on the dress she wears. "Too bad they don't play this music more often…"

Amon's smile widens to a grin — a rare thing, from this young man. "No one's -good- at it. But I'll tell you a secret — convention dictates that every 8 beats there is a minor change to the music, and every 32 a major one. Keep that in mind, and you can look like you've heard any song before." he calls out casually, taking her hand and drawing her closer to him. Irritation at prior events dismissed, Amon's focus is now entirely on his rather attractive classmate — and as it turns out, the studious Ravenclaw -can- dance, and seems even to enjoy it, easily finding the beat to move to.
Brice is pushed stubling back only a few steps as he laughs "Their is a smile!" he points moving closer "Good now we are having fun!"

Elizabeth lightly blinks as she watches Amon's expression grow with a smile, her lips parting slightly as a soft blush barely rises in her cheeks. She blinks again as she listens to him, eyes narrowing slightly in thought before lowering her chin just slightly, "That seems feasible as far as the cadence goes. Are there any other expectations that are required during the dance, such as pirouettes, sways and turns?" she asks, though her thoughts are distracted again as he pulls her closer. Much closer than the Ravenclaw girl is use to at least.

Darla blushes at the lad as she tries her best to try and hide that smile that had come to her lips. "Come on. Let's go do something." she states over the music, stepping closer to Brice. "Like try to find out what's happening in the infirmary!" she adds, grinning mischieviously. After all, if they're going home tomorrow, how much trouble can they really get in tonight?

Brice grins leaning in closer to Darla "Perfect….how we gonna get up their though without them telling us to leave? fake something?"
Amon's hand on the small of Elizabeth's back, he's at least kind enough not to lead her off into anything overly athletic or challenging. As near as they are, shouting over the music is no longer required, saving their voices some strain. "We'll save the pirouettes for next time — but for now, swaying, pulsing, hopping and shaking are all acceptable verbs, depending on the song. If you're feeling ambitious, we can even work on a turn or two." he offers with a chuckle.

Darla seems to get an idea as her grin turns even more mischievious. "Well.. these shoes are hurting my feet. I think i might twist my ankle!" she announces to him before turning and feigning a limp back towards the table where she left her rose. She glances back to see if the lad is following.

Brice places his hands on his cheeks "Oh my Darla you ok!" he says with a laugh "Come on let me take you to the infimrary…here put your hand on my shoulder ill help you up.."

With her right hand resting on his shoulder, Elizabeth presses her lips together as she feels his hand rest at the small of his back, conscious of its presense as the pair starts to move into the beat of the music. Several moments pass as her eyes watch the hallow of his neck, breathing out slowly. "You appear… acceptionally well in your formal robes, Mister Lafayette." she murmurs.

Amon's typically wry smile twitches momentarily wider. "Why thank you. I had hoped you might think so." he acknowledges, employing both some of the 'sway' and some of the 'pulse' to the music as they move together. While Elizabeth might be focused on the hollow of his neck, Amon is all too aware of how high the slit of Miss Dweedle's gown rises. "I don't suppose we could pretend like I'd had the foresight to actually ask you to this dance? I'd rather forgotten just how close it had gotten."

Darla smiles back at Brice as she makes sure to pick up her rose from the table before walking with a little less of a limp quickly out of the great hall along with Brice. "See what happens when you get me to wear a dress!"

Brice and Darla slip off to see what they can see, while Erika and Gabriel dance the night away. Amon and Elizabeth continue their bizarre flirtations before slipping out for a walk, and much fun was had by all~ except for Layla. Her night kind of sucked. We're sorry, Layla!

Logs edited for missing names and mistakes (Layla is not Head Girl! Right.)

OOC Horrors:
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And the rumors circulating afterwards:
Strange things were afoot at the Yule Ball, but their exact nature remains a mystery. On the surface, the buzz regarding a certain Ravenclaw's cheeky hijacking of the music and light show seems harmless, as it certainly enlivened the party, but listen more closely and one begins to hear rumors of something more juicy — or sinister.

Some claim to have seen the Hufflepuff Prefect, Layla, swoon into the arms of the handsome Auror chaperone, who then swept her away. (And right in front of her boyfriend, too!) Other's claim to have witnessed her and others arguing with Professor Dazvarsh, leading to some obscure ritualistic curse. (Really, who talks back to /Dazvarsh/ and expects to live?) Still others claim she simply elected to throw a fit for attention, which she certainly got, while a very few whisper absurd claims that they had actually seen the Prefect bleeding, that Dazvarsh had done something to stop it, and Amon's musical stunt was little more than a cover-up to calm the masses.

Given his presence near to the scene, Amon is frequently heard on the train snapping, "You're an idiot. Now go away." in response to nosey enquiries. Perhaps Brandon, Erika or Gabriel would be a better source?

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