2026-09-16: Impersonal


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Scene Title Impersonal
Synopsis Suppertime in the Great Hall leads Rashan deeper into his confusion of women.
Location Great Hall, Hogwarts
Date September 16, 2026
Watch For Flying Sheppard‘s Pie.
Logger Zarina

Great Hall - Hogwarts

Like the feasting halls of yore, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is vast in its dimensions. It walls and floors are of cold, pale grey stone. The severity of that stone is alleviated by long-faded murals and tapestries hung about the room.
Five immensely long tables are able to accommodate the students and faculty together in one sitting for meals. Four of these tabkes are arranged in parallel rows with long benches which are each reserved for an individual House. Located at the southern end of the hall, the High Table for the faculty is perpendicular to the house tables and outfitted with comfortable arm chairs. At the very centre of that table is the Headmaster's golden throne.
The tall, narrow gothic windows lining the western and eastern walls of the Great Hall provide light during the daylight hours, and the flickering light of countless torches and floating candles lights the hall at night. A touch of the outdoor weather is brought into the hall through the vaulted ceiling, which has been enchanted to resemble the skies.

The sun starts to slowly ebbing into the horizon, the soft blue of the sky melting into oranges and reds in the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall as students mill around each of the tables, chatting and eating supper as they relax after classes. Sitting at one side of the Slytherin table is a young woman with her left elbow on the edge of the table, her long, snow white hair draping over her left shoulder as she rests against her palm as it cups against the side of her neck. Zarina blinks her deep sapphire eyes slowly at her dinner, absently spooning a spoonful of food into her mouth as she reads over a textbook, reviewing for an upcoming exam.

Rashan moves into the great hall, rubbing his eyes after spending a good two hours helping more people with potions. As he takes a seat across from Zarina he smiles. "Heya my love, what's on the menu tonight?" he asks as some of the Slytherins snicker, mostly the guys who are still in the phase between boyhood and adulthood. "Hey Rash, why don’t you.." Say the other boy before Rashan Elbows him hard. "Leave…" He tells the boy as the boy moves to another spot and the guys over there laugh at him for getting hit, kids…

Idly lifting a few fingers in a wave, Zarina keeps her attention on the textbook as the spoon disappears into her mouth for a moment, chewing as it appears from her full lips again. At the sound of snickering, her eyes instantly snap up to narrow coldly on the younger Slytherin, holding an unspoken treat within them for a moment before he moves further along the table. Unamused, she returns her attention to her book, "The usual. Sheppard's Pie, some dumplings I think. Pumpkin juice." She shrugs a shoulder, her silver white hair shifting slightly on her shoulder in the simple motion.

Rashan blinks and tilts his head. "Are you alright?" He asks as he gets himself a bowl. "By Odin… I hate Sheppard’s pie." He says with a groan, but still takes a spoonful. Then shrugging to himself, he pulls out his book for Ancient Runes and sighs flipping through it and stopping at a page with a piece of parchment marking it as he pulls out a quill and ink pot and begins writing notes. The sound of his quill scratching along the parchment is heard as he takes another spoonful of the pie and shudders, he really doesn’t like it. "I wonder when they will let us have pork on ham shanks." He says offhandedly, not minding a good hog quarter and a mug of butter beer instead.

Zarina lightly shakes her head, "Then pick another dish. You don't have to have Sheppard's Pie just because I'm having it." she replies dully, shifting her spoon through her dish as her sapphire blue eyes read over the page in her book, lightly frowning for a moment before pressing her lips together and folding her book closed. Moving her library book smoothly, she places an untitled journal on top of it, a small golden lock on the side that looks to be far from the commonly cheap locks on diaries.

The spoon lowers to the bowl and sits there. Now Rash wonders if he did something wrong. "Zee… are you upset with me?" He asks softly as he looks around a bit before looking down at his book, though he is actually waiting for an answer. "I mean, if I did something to upset you, let me know, at least." he says softly as he looks at the page of Chinese runes and wonders why, out of all things, they have to learn Chinese runes.

Her expression darkens slightly as she shakes her head, biting at her bottom lip slightly as Zarina focuses her deep sapphire eyes on her bowl half-full of food. "No, I'm not upset with you. At all." she murmurs lightly, "I'm not happy with this situation… That and…" she releases a slow sigh as she shifts her left hand enough to rub at her forehead slightly. "I'm just… a bit moody right now…" The snowy-haired girl closes her eyes with some deliberateness. "If I snap, please do not take offence."

Rashan blinks and sighs. "Neither am I, but that doesn’t mean we have to be uncordial to each other. Tell you what, why don't I order you some chocolate from Honeydukes? Or maybe candy from Weasely's Wizardin Weezeies?" He asks with a smile. "Anything to make you smile for me." He adds as he looks down at his book. "Bugger this… I can’t state at these runes for more than five minutes without getting a headache." He says with a growl as he closes the book and tucks away his ink jar and quill after cleaning it on a napkin. "Oh, I don’t know if you heard, but I told Layla about… well… about the situation… she got mad and I think she want's to murder my mom." He says with a chuckle. Leaving out the part where she thinks Zarina won him… well… she did in a way, at least as far as his heart goes.

Zarina doesn't comment, but arches a pale brow as she lifts her gaze to look up at him in thought, frowning slightly before glancing down at her bowl again as her slender fingers idly move the spoon through her food. "She's that upset…" she murmurs softly to herself, quiet for a moment or so. "Rashan… This is… strictly formal, contractal. An arrangement, even if you do think… you love me. Neither of us are very happy with this so I wouldn't blame you if you said it out of obligation." The silver-white haired girl lifts a shoulder in an idle shrug. "Even if our parents have a contract and the courtship is purely for public… I also wouldn't blame you if you still saw Layla. Secretly of course."

The spoon lifts to his mouth as he listens to Zarina speak, then stops and his eyes go wide, shocked out of his mind, as the spoon drops. "Are you serious?" he says in a whisper as he looks around. "You can't be serious… besides… I already broke up with her… I… I couldn’t do that to her, or to you." He says as he tilts his head at her. "I'm not happy with a piece of paper, the only reason I'm going along with it is because it's you. What do I have to do to make you see that I do love and care for you Zee? I mean yeah, it was a shock when Layla actually tried to get my mother to break the contract, among other things. But I said I would honor this contract, and I will. I didn’t just give you that bracelet on a whim you know, I do want you to be my wife." he says as he looks down at his bowl. He does, only he wanted to win her heart himself, not with some damned paper.

The spoon drops into his plate of food and easily splatters wet, brownish-gray stew drippings everywhere. Zarina blinks once before reaching for her napkin, cleaning her books first before getting the food off of her robes. "She tried to get her to break it? I'm guessing you already told her that you spoke to her mother." she lightly sighs, "Who knows what conditions my father put into place if it were broken…" After a moment or so, she lowers her head in a nod as she glances up at him, eyes meeting his steadily. "And why not? People get married all the time because they have to. Most the time its because of a baby, but this isn't our choice. Even you were trying to break the contract. So why would I have a problem if we kept it intact and you saw Layla?" Her eyes narrow just slightly. "Our parents want heirs. That's it. They don't care if we're romantically involved or not. And I wouldn't care if you saw Layla out of the public's eye." Blinking her deep blue eyes down at her hand lightly holding onto her spoon, she watches the small glimmer of diamond and emerald peaking out from under her dress shirt sleeve. "I said yes because I'm obligated. And I am proud that there is a way that I can pass on my family's well-respected name. Why do you have to make it so personal."

Rashan blinks as he stares at her as she says all this, before he starts to wipe himself off from the Sheppard’s' pie being splattered. "I see…" he says softly, setting the napkin down before looking at her. "I'm heading for the common room." He says with a sigh. "We have a prefect shift tonight." He adds idly before gathering up his books and standing up to walk from the table. His steps are stiff as he steps near the door and turns towards the dungeons stairs. Not even having the heart to be upset, just, shocked.

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