Jaide West
Portrayed By Jessey Dalebout
House Slytherin
Year Third
Position None
Sex Female
Race Muggleborn
Age 13
Place of Birth Bexley, England
Date of Birth November 1st, 2012
Mother Shaun Peyton
Father Mika West
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Curiosities
Last Appearance (Still Active)

Character History

Jaide Contessa West was brought into this world by a young nurse Shaun and her husband Mika. The young couple was only in wedded bliss three months before their daughter was born; Jaide was always their little surprise. Living in London the family existed together in a cosmopolitan bliss. That little surprise grew into a bright young girl, full of childish curiosity and an astute awareness of the world around her. Her father was an artist, spending hours in his home studio while Shaun was off at work, sometimes for days at a time. The world was uncomplicated to the little girl. Fresh pancakes on Sunday, singing in the school choir, walks to visit mum on Friday afternoons. But it was not to last. The midnight painting that appears on the ceiling of her room few days after her tenth birthday. The pretty picture the child could not explain, it changes everything. Hogwarts changed everything. When the ministry envoy arrived the simplicity of Jaide’s life was shattered. Her mother was frightened by the news; her father disbelieving thinking it was some kind of clever joke. But in the summer before her first year reality set in.The trip to Diagon Alley opened the little girl’s eyes, this strange world that in some way belonged to her now was brought to focus. She embraced it, knowing that such an opportunity comes but once. Slytherin was a fine choice for the girl; through she lacked the single-minded ambition that is most commonly associated with the house she seemed to get along with her housemates fine. Her strong suit was charms followed shortly by transfiguration. But went she returned home from her first year, eager to see her parents once more things had changed. The warm house of her memory was cold and distant. That summer passed in silence, her studies becoming her primary focus. And that is how it’s been ever since; her parents watching her become this wand wielding stranger right before their eyes


Jaide is a very open minded individual, curious to a fault. Her curiosity has been known to get her into heaps of trouble, both inside and out of the classroom. But the turbulence she causes is met with a warm smile and a bright laugh. There is something unshakable about her, the girl’s mind is weathered and resolute which is the type of person she conveys herself to be with no hesitation.


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