Kaneda Kakita
Portrayed By Takashi Nagayama
House Hufflepuff
Year First
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 11
Place of Birth Seattle, WA USA
Date of Birth 5 May 2015
Mother Kathryn Kakita nee' Larson
Father Bioju Kakita
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Boarding the Hogwarts Express
Last Appearance (Still Active)

Character History:

Kakita Family
The Kakita Family was once known as a family of Artisans and swordsmen, who took perfection to the next level. Gradually, as the social scene in Japan changed, so too did the Family, until Kakita Tsubasa moved to America with his wife Motoko. There they had a Son Named Biujo, who became a Lawyer graduating from Oxford Collage in England.

Larson Family
The Larson Family is your Average Northern English Family, Though Tommy Larson's Parents were of the Magical world, and he himself was born a Squib. He took a Muggle wife, Mary, and They Had a daughter, Kathryn. Kathryn received her Degree in Art and Music From Oxford Collage, where she met the Man she would Mary, Kakita Bioju.

They had a son named Kaneda. A boy born with striking light blue eyes and Stark white hair. The boy himself was born underweight, and since then has been lithe at best. Being short as well, the family Doctor says he wont get past five foot tall once he grows up, but this dosen't upset Kakita at all, because he has his music. He takes after his mother in that regard, but enjoys studying his Father's Family Past. He was born in Seattle Washington, and Lived there until he was four years old. Which they moved to Japan for two years due to His father becoming a Lawyer for Sony Entertainment. Eventually though, they moved to England, where his Mother could pursue her Carrer as the new First Violinist with the London Orchestra, leaving his Father to travel all over the world.

When his letter came for him to Attend Hogwarts, only Grandpa Larson knew what it ment. He himself was Delighted for his Grandson, and with that, has told him what is to be expected, as well as getting ready to head to London for a Nice trip to Diagon Alley and to see his Grandson put on the Train. A new legacy for the Kakita/Larson Clan.


A lover of Music and the Arts, Kaneda reflects this in the way he treats people. He is always Kind, and loyal to his friends, enjoying a good joke if no one gets hurt, and always Minds his manners. He takes to his school work with an almost unreal fervor. He also enjoys to Watch quidditch, and might even Try out for the Hufflepuff team. If he doesn't make it though, he wont worry to much, because he still has his Music, Kendo, and friends to make his life happy.

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