2026-08-28: Lesson With Jaide


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Scene Title Lesson with Jaide
Synopsis Kaneda gets a lesson in Defense.
Location DADA Classroom
Date September 28, 2026
Watch For A noggin knocker.
Logger Kaneda

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom - Hogwarts

The lofty ceiling of this spacious stone chamber is scarcely visible in the dimly lit room. Unusually large for a classroom, the space has been arranged to accommodate classic lectures, dueling lessons, and practical application labs. The center section of the room is filled with old fashioned desks aligned in neat rows facing the blackboard at the head of the room. The left side of the room is used for dueling and is wisely free of any decorations or obstacles. The right-most area is used for practical application and is filled with numerous aquariums, cages, and pens which are arranged in no particular order.
An immense, locked cabinet on that side of the room has a disconcerting tendency to rattle whenever the room grows quiet, and other shelves, cabinets, and bookshelves are scattered around. The walls are adorned with various pictures, some depicting maps of Great Britain and others portraying notable Dark Creatures. A tall, broad gothic window overlooks the Forbidden Forest, flanked by two smaller, twin windows of similar design. A gentle wind blows from the north-east, moving the small scattering of clouds about the otherwise clear sky. The air is fairly cold, and a little damp; rain may be on the way soon.

Jaide sits atop one of the desks at the front of the room, the sunset light filtering in through the windows. She seems oblivious, pulled deeply into another charms book. The girl is dressed in Muggle clothing, something comfortable to wear out of the common room. Rolling up one of the sleeves of her sweater she shivers and laughs to herself. There are several sad looking training dummies lying on the professors desk and a stack of what appears to be bean bags resting there as well.

Sliding into the classroom is Kaneda, he dashes and stops before Jaide. "Konichiwa Jaide-Sempai!" He says with a bow, very formal. He offers her a bright smile and places his book bag on a desk before he waits for her to begin the lesions. he looks especially effeminate today, with his silver hair having a silky shine to it and his hands, for once, not covered by the black mittens, sport long fingernails for his guitar playing.

Jaide gives the only slightly younger boy a smile as she looks up from her book. She slides free of the table, sneakers making barely a sound upon impact. She pushes a few strands of hair from her field of vision, standing tall as she thinks proper. But being respectful and formal seems too odd for the girl, being stuffy just isn't something she has in her. Returning to her normal slouch she knits her finger together and cracks her knuckled. "S'japanese, right? Heh. Dumb question." A polite smile turns to a rather embarrassed grin. "You ready to roll?"

Kaneda nods and smiles as he gets his wand out. "Yes, I'm ready." he says and then giggles. "Of course it's Japanese, I could teach you if you like?" he says with a nod, a very polite, kindhearted person. You can tell it's hard for this youth to hate anyone.

Jaide moves towards the front of the room, her shadow cast long against the wall in the perfect light. She stops and spins around to face him, her own wand raised as she called the voodoo dummies to order. With a whispered mumble of a spell falling from Jaide's lips one stands up and mimes a yawn, stretching. "Okay, so I think what we should start with is something plain and simple. Think you could use Depulso on this little guy?"

Kaneda smiles and nods as he looks at the voodoo doll and takes aim. "DEPULSO!" Is said with much conviction and the red orb that flies at the doll actually destroys it, blowing the little guy up as Kaneda gulps. "Oops… I think I was too strong again…" he says with a bashful blush as he then covers his face wit his hands to cover the fact he is blushing.

Jaide falls backwards onto the hard stone floor in alarm. "Oh. My. LORD." Laughter bubbles up from her lips, though she does look suitably impressed. "WOW. No one mentioned anything about that." Hauling herself up by way of the desk the third year leans against it. Her green eyes survey the other. "Okay. I think that might have been a pinch too strong, I agree. So lets focus on control. When using Depulso it's best to not think of it as a weapon, so much a shield. You're intention should be to keep yourself safe. Maybe let's try again." The girl enchants one of the remaining dolls, which stands up ready for action.

Kaneda looks at the next one and gets his aim before casting, only his mind when somewhere else and… "Flippendo!" He says on accident as the doll then doesn’t just get knocked down, but is pushed back by that pushing charm. "Oops…" he says still nervous as he blushes again and ducks his head. He sighs and wonders where his mind is today. "Gomen nasi Jaide-sempai…"

Jaide shakes her head softly, moving over to the doll and scooping it up. She brushes it off and sets it back on the desk. "I guess. That's not good, you have to hone in on it. But the aim was really solid." With a tap of her wand the doll once more springs to life, marching in place. "Let's keep the aim going and give this one more one more good go. I think you'll get it this time." Her hands slide into the pockets of her jeans and she moves back from the desk. Who knows what'll happen if he messes up again.

Kaneda lifts his want to the saluting position, eyes closes as he then lowers it and opens his eyes with a flash, staring at the doll before. "DEPULSO!" he says, the doll getting knocked off the desk and not blowing up this time. he smiles and tilts his head. "Wicked…"

Jaide claps furiously, letting out a little cheer of joy. "That's exactly it! Great job." She moves back toward the desk and pulls a bean bag out from under a layer of exploded doll innards. "We're going to keep this going though, alright?" Throwing the bean bag up and then catching it a few times the girl thinks. "I think we should try something a little different. Lets get you ahead of the game." Tossing the bean bag as high as she can the girl whips out her wand and shouts 'Immobulus!' A brilliant streak of blue light sails upward and connects with the bean bag, freezing it instantly in its decent free from gravity. But it's not quite levitation for as soon as she looks away the object falls loudly to earth.

Kaneda nods and moves over to grab a bean bag and tosses it in the air. "Immobulus!" he says as it stops mid air and he smiles, walking under it to see if it really happened before the beanbag plummets to his head and he blinks and the force knocks him back to the ground, though he isn’t very sturdy to begin with. "Ouch… Kso that hurt… baka bean bag…" He says going off in Japanese which sound melodic, though one could tell he is cursing.

Jaide offers the boy a hand, smirking though as she does. "That was good though. Just a tip, it's a bugger idea to walk under things you're got magic'd in the air. You thinking about it falling on you will always break concentration." She moves to sit on the desk, thinking aloud. "How does he expect this to help me learn the Patronus…"

Kaneda blinks and tilts his head. "I figure, you did well and he wanted you to tutor me… I kinda tend to over do it in his class, and he is swamped with N.E.W.T. students." He says with a smile as he tucks his bamboo wand in his belt. "But I have been learning, I think I have the control part down, Domo-arigato Jaide-Sama." He says with a bow as his long silver hair falls over his shoulders.

Jaide gives a nod, smiling at the boy. "Yeah I think that's it. You're really doing well. Did you want to keep going with new stuff or would you like to practice some?"

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