2026-09-22: Lesson With Kashin I


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Scene Title Lesson with Kashin I
Synopsis Jaide gets a tutoring Lesson from Professor Kashin.
Location DADA Classroom
Date September 22, 2026
Watch For Cameo by Mr. Bumble.
Logger Zavier

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom - Hogwarts

The lofty ceiling of this spacious stone chamber is scarcely visible in the dimly lit room. Unusually large for a classroom, the space has been arranged to accommodate classic lectures, dueling lessons, and practical application labs. The center section of the room is filled with old fashioned desks aligned in neat rows facing the blackboard at the head of the room. The left side of the room is used for dueling and is wisely free of any decorations or obstacles. The right-most area is used for practical application and is filled with numerous aquariums, cages, and pens which are arranged in no particular order.
An immense, locked cabinet on that side of the room has a disconcerting tendency to rattle whenever the room grows quiet, and other shelves, cabinets, and bookshelves are scattered around. The walls are adorned with various pictures, some depicting maps of Great Britain and others portraying notable Dark Creatures. A tall, broad gothic window overlooks the Forbidden Forest, flanked by two smaller, twin windows of similar design. A gentle wind blows from the north-east, moving the small scattering of clouds about the otherwise clear sky. The air is fairly cold, and a little damp; rain may be on the way soon.

The classroom is quiet and empty save for Zavier and a small wardrobe. Next to that is also a table with a few artifacts as well. A private lesson was asked of him and who is he to turn down someone who shows an interest in his craft. He himself could have made a good curse breaker, or even a Auror, but a magical archaeologist, the wizarding world's Indiana Jones he is, and passing on his knowledge he will. There is much to learn from this thrill seeker, and also, the hope that one day he will find an apprentice.

Jaide slides into the class from the turbulent windy night. Her hair damp and slicked from the rain, dripping softly onto the shoulders of her robe. In her small shaking hands she holds a soft leather satchel. The girl smiles though, spotting the Professor. "Evening, Sir."

Zavier smiles at his Pupil and walks over to her. "Not good at all, can;t have you soaking wet can we?" He says with a smile as he waves his wand and all the water from Jaide's clothing and book bag form into a floating ball as he leads it to a flower plant and actually waters the flowers. "Now, today, just to get a feel for your lessons that you will take, I'm going to review you on some things, starting with the Boggart." he says as he walks over to the wardrobe. "now, I'm sure you remember, so lets have a go shall we?"

Jaide glances over at the wardrobe, unsteady. "Yeah… that." There is a slow shaky smile that forms on her lips, she pulls her wand from the pocket of her newly dried robe. "That sounds like a very good start professor. Nothing to worry about at all…"

Zavier nods and smiles as he turns to the Wardrobe. "Alohamora!" He says unlocking the wardrobe and stepping back as the Boggart comes from the box, wit hthe form of Jaide's most terrible fear. "Now remember, Ridikkulous!" He says with a smile as he watches to see how the young woman handles the Boggart.

Stumbling backward, her wand is raised in front of her face, the girl winces looking away from the dark figure that raises from within the wardrobe. The form shimmers softly for a moment before it solidifies. It is a young woman, perhaps only a few years older then the third year. A smile forms slowly on the lady's lips. "Mother loved me best…" Jaide sighs quietly, her face blank.

Zavier looks at Jaide. "Not real, cast it." he says as he makes ready to step before her, just in case she can;t do it. "Jaide, cast it now…" he says in a military type tone.

Jaide steadies her self, breathing deep. "RIDIKKULOUS!" A bright pink bolt of energy bursts from her wand, hitting the apparition square in the chest. "Not real. Not real. With another breath she pulls her wand back before snapping it in front of her. "Ridikkulous!" Another bolt of pink blazes from the front of her wand, hitting the apparition once more. The girls pale plain clothing changes, fuzzy and warm. A rabbit costume. "Take that, Lori!"

Zavier smiles and waves his wand at the Boggart, it retreating into the wardrobe before the Professor locks it up. "Good, now lets start with the basics." he says as he casts a spell on a target and it floats around the room. "Knock it out with Depulso, Jaide." he says as he leans against his podium and smiles, wanting to see if the girl will be able to handle this task.

Jaide laughs quietly, her smile suddenly softened. "I do try Professor." The girl watches the target as it moves, slowly at first but then more erratically. She rolls her shoulders back to stretch, monitoring the little floating task. "Knock it down? I think I can. DEPULSO!" The spell misses the target by more then a fer feet. The classrooms chandaler swaying in the spell's wake. "Ugh…lets try again…"

Zavier tisks and shakes his head. "Yes lets try again, aim please. And don;t be like one of my first year students and splinter the thing hmmm? I don't wish to explain to Mr. Potter why I have to purchase more of these." he says with a slight smirk.

Jaide stretches again, her bright eyes darting around the room with the target. "Yes sir. I won't miss sir." Pulling her arm back "DEPULSO!" The bolt rockets into the target, it slams against the dark stone wall and clatters to the ground. "YAY!"

Zavier Zavier smiles and nods. "Nice work." he says with a smile before pointing to a Cage and releasing three pixies. "Let's see Rictusempra now." He says with a smile as he looks to the girl. "If you do well, I'll teach you Stupefy." He says, adding a bit of incentive to the girl, since the most the students her year know for dueling involve Expelliarmus, which for them is a half and half casting anyway, and Depulso, which is still funny to watch them fly back.

Jaide darts about the room, attempting to corral the little winged monster in a central area so only one casting of the spell is needed. Without thinking, stalking her quarry, the girl climbs up onto one of the tables, hoping from one to the other. "Sorry sir!" She scrambles across the dark wood. "I'll clean them up later." She finally stops cold, taking aim. "Rictusempra!" A bright arc of blue hits two of the pixies but the other doubles back and buzzes past her head, pulling at her hair. "Ow. Ow. You little monster! Glacious!" The spell cast again she downs the last one, freezing a bit of her hair with it though. Not the spell she intended but the one her mind pulled forth on instinct.

Zavier smiles and claps his hands. "Well done! Five points to Slytherin for aim and tenacity!" He says as he looks around a bit before he looks at Jaide. "Okay now lets learn Stupefy." he says turning to aim it as a Voodoo doll. "STUPEFY!" The doll is hit and falls to the floor. "This, will incapacitate your opponent, now, try it yourself." he says with a smile as he waves his wand and the doll becomes upright again.

Jaide listens carefully, lowering herself from the table with only relative ease. "Ok. It's stupefy?" The word rolls off her lips and she repeats it once more. "Stupefy." Her little form moves before the doll suspended in the air, her stance turns firm, face a stony blank mask. "Stupefy!" The spell misses the doll and ricochets off the wall behind turning itself right around at her. The third year drops to the ground avoiding it narrowly. But not one to give up she casts it again from her vantage point on the ground. "Stupefy!" This time the doll gives up the ghost and falls as well.

Zavier smiles and nods. "Nice reflexes, you would make a good duelist I think." he says as he looks to the crumpled doll. "I think you are ready to learn a bit more… usually I teach this to fifth years, but I think you might want to learn the Patronus charm." He says with a smile. "That is if you think you can."

Jaide giggles softly, amazed that she just managed to avoid the spell at all. "Do you think…I could?" She hauls herself up and brushes off her back and rear. "I heard that it was really hard."

Zavier nods and smiles as he looks to the center of the room. "Observe." He says as he raises his wand. "EXPECTO PATROMUN!" A white light leaps from his wand taking the form of his Patronus, a Ram with curved horns. "This is a strong casting of the Patronus, the only other person able to master this at your age was in fact, headmaster potter. I couldn't perform this until my fourth year when I was in the DA." He says with a smile. Yes, the man fought death eaters along with the rest of them. "Luna Lovegood was a friend of mine actually."

Jaide sits down on one of the stools, watching him intently and listening to every single solitary word. "You… oh wow Professor. That's-that's just so cool!" The young Slytherin rests for a moment, breathing slowly. "Do you really think I could be a good duelist?"

Zavier nods and smiles. "I think you could be one of the best, well anyone could, but you seem to have the heart for it." He says with a smile. His Patronus vanishes then and he smiles at Jaide. "Of course, there is more to dueling then just slinging spells, it's anticipation, reflex as well as thinking on your feet. Funny, I always though Hermione would get this post." he says with a smile. "Oh well, I'm as good, granted she is a literal library, to stuffy for this line of work though, and she hates Slytherins." he says with a nod as he looks about and then back to Jaide. "I also happen to know for a fact that you, my young pupil, are taking lessons from one of the school's best potions makers." He says with a smile. "You'd think Mr. Havinter's brain was all sawdust, but he is as much a dull wit as I am." he says with a nod. "I'm thinking in your case, the sorting hat made an error, you would have been a great asset to Ravenclaw." he says with a smile. That happening to be his house. "But, excellence in everything does describe you." he says as he crosses his arms over his chest. "Any questions Ms. West?"

Jaide swings her feet softly into the open air. "I don't think the sorting hat makes errors. Maybe I'll grow into my house." She stands up, thought still leans against the table. "All the Ravenclaws hate me. I kinda called them pig people. And they said that I have 'pure blood madness'. Funny them telling me that. But enough of all that… I want to learn the spell. I want to be good. Will you help me?"

Zavier smiles and nods. "Besides the fact you think I'm a pig people." he says chiding her. "But yes, I'll help you become great." he says with a smile as he moves to his desk and pulls out a leather bound folder with notes in it. "These are my notes, you wont find them in any book, remember, I never gave this to you." he says with a smile as he hands it to her. "Though, I do expect you to pass the owl in two years, and then I expect to see you in my N.E.W.T.s class. You could become quite a good thrill seeker.' he says with a smile. "Don't let them talk you into Ministry work, the best money is had when you find your own work." he says with a nod. "Mummies, Wraiths, Onis, and even a few Dragons, but the rewards were worth it." he says with a warm smile.

Jaide takes the folder, tucking it carefully under her arm. "Oh it'll happen. And I'll pass the O.W.L. I'm a quick study. Especially with charms." She takes her satchel and carefully tucks the note inside. There is a quite determination in her eyes, the way the girl's hand rests on her hip. Something to prove. " Can we start on the Patronus next time?"

Zavier nods and smiles at Jaide. "Yes, Hmmm." He says rubbing his chin. "I think a little extra work to help you along, teach everything you learn to another student who has promise." He says with a smile. "Kaneda, teach him. If you can teach what you are taught, then you understand the spells better." he says with a nod. "Off you get now, I'll see you next time Jaide." he says with a smile as he pats her shoulder then turns to head for his office.

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