2026-09-18: Library Troubles


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Scene Title Library Troubles
Synopsis Layla comes across Zarina studying in the Library.
Location Library, Hogwarts
Date September 18, 2026
Watch For Proposals and outrage.
Logger Zarina

Library - Hogwarts

There is a curious scent in the air which seems to be a mingling of dust, mildew, parchment and old leather. If this chamber were to be emptied out, it would resemble an immense cavern. Even the smallest, softest sounds seem to be magnified in here. Supported by a multitude of slender, graceful columns, the lofty ceiling has been delicately painted with murals of studious Witches and Wizards.
Tens of thousands of books are housed in this vast chamber, and the shelves are maze-like in their layout, twisting and turning in illogical directions. Ladders provide the only access to dusty tomes on the highest shelves. Leather sofas, upholstered armchairs, and tables with comfortable chairs are littered throughout the room. High, narrow stained glass windows are occasionally found between the shelves, but the light they offer is diffused and dim. Instead, the majority of light comes from unbreakable, glass oil lamps which are scattered atop the tables throughout the room.
The lending desk is adjacent to the large doors leading into the library, and within eyeshot of the desk is a section that has been roped-off. A wooden plaque near this group of shelves reads: 'Restricted Section: No Entry Without Permission'. To either side of the entry the black glass-like sheets of several holotubes are mounted on the wall. These magical devices have been especially enchanted to take softly spoken search requests from students looking for particular books.

Zarina lifts a hand to brush her slender fingers through her snow white hair, parting locks from her face to tuck behind her ear in a smooth, idle gesture, deep sapphire eyes blinking slowly as she keeps her focus on her books on her table in front of her. The quiet of the library lingers in the air, coupling with the low murmuring of students as they converse to each other in hushed tones. Enough so that the librarian doesn't feel the need to abandon her work at the moment to give them any stern correction. Sitting silently at her lone table, the Slytherin Prefect pours over what can assume to be homework, her sapphire eyes narrowing on the book in front of her as her slender fingers move the self-inking quill across the parchment of a journal.

Into this quiet walks another Prefect. Layla it appears needs a quiet place to study. She carries herself with a grace that is fluid and easy. A backpack over her shoulder is full. She looks quietly around the room, as she nods greetings to a few housemates. She weaves through the tables, looking for an empty one. Then she spots Zarina and hesitantly approaches "Mind company?" softly asked of course.

Blinking her eyes up from the pages filled with her cursive handwriting, Zarina glances up at Layla as she approaches, gaze focusing briefly before lifting a shoulder in a gentle shrug and return her attention to her book. "I don't mind." she murmurs easily, keeping her voice low as she finishes her sentence and promptly closes her book. Pulling out her wand from the sleeve of her robes, she holds it to the lock as it wordlessly slides into place, locking it securely. Slipping into her robes again, she takes the book and leans slightly to slip it into her knapsack.

Layla sits down easily and starts to pull books from her bag. First comes Divinations, Defense, and then Charms. She takes out her notes and quill next. Yes she caught the locking and arches a brow, but says nothing. She opens her Charms homework first. Her voice remains soft "Thank you." She hesitates half a beat "And congratulations my friend." She opens a parchment roll that appears to be a report. She checks something in her book before putting quill to parchment.

Pulling out another roll, this one fresh as Zarina opens it, closing the textbook and replacing it with another on the table, Advanced Potion-Making. Opening that book up, the congratulations earns a glance as she shifts her deep blue eyes up at the girl across from her, her expression a mask as she returns her eyes to the open book in front of her, fingers paused over blank notes. "You would think so." she answers back before gently shrugging a shoulder again. Trying her best to keep her attention from the sparkle of the bracelet that drapes around her right wrist.

Layla makes a few more notations before taking a small bite of her quill. Yes it IS a sugar quill! She pauses and looks up and over. After a moment "You sound as happy as he is." She frowns slightly and keeps her own emotions in check. Makeup does wonders these days. She shrugs and returns to her work. She frowns at the book and flips over to the next page. Come on where is that paragraph she remembered reading. Merely a whisper "Nice bracelet."

After a few strokes of her quill across the page, her slender fingers pause their movement again with a silent moment or so. "I've come to terms with it differently than he has…" she murmurs before glancing to the bracelet that barely sparkles from under her sleeve. "And I only accepted it because I'm obligated…" Releasing a slow breath through her nose, closing her eyes as she leans back in her chair, knowing that her concentration is all gone now.

"I'm sorry Zarina," come the soft words from the girl. She sighs and closes her eyes for a moment before shaking her head. "It's not my business." Well technically it should be and she shouldd be hurt. From the look of Layla there has been a waring of feelings and will. After a moment of silence that seems to stretch "I care for you both as my friends."

Zarina releases another slow breath as she opens her eyes again, focusing on the girl across from her. "Layla, stop it." she murmurs. "I know you are my friend, even an informal one, though don't act nice or that it isn't any of your business. You are already part of it." she shifts her eyes towards her quill, gently flexing her fingers around its stem. "I already told Rashan this… and I might as well tell you as well. I don't have a problem if you still saw him in secret."

Layla frowns and sits the quill down "Look I am who I am. I'm simply stating facts as I see them. Yes this involved me and heck likely still does." She then hears the last and goes pale by five shades "Secret? Zarina you must not really know me at all then." She sighs and there is suddenly a fire in her eyes "I would do that to no one. That is not the way of things. I'll honor this contract as you both are." She lowers her voice further "But even with your permission freely given, I'll not take that step. It is wrong and unloyal to both of you." She slams her book closed and shakes her head "I may not like what has happened, but I will respect it and do my best to remain friends with you both!"

Zarina blinks at her once before gently frowning, setting down her quill to reach her hand over to touch at Layla's forearm. "No, Layla… just listen, okay?" She presses her lips lightly together before glancing down at the book in front of her. "Listen… This contract our parents arranged is because they want to secure heirs for each of our families, and they don't care if we have a romantic interest in one another. I have no romantic interest in Rashan… He is my best friend, I just want him happy… So if he's happy with you, why would I have a problem if he sees you out of the public's eye?" Lifting her left hand, she gently brushes back the sleeve just enough to reveal part of the engagement bracelet. "We are all too young to be thinking about this kind of thing… even if we are almost seventeen. But to be honest… I wish you were the one wearing this thing…" she releases a slow breath. "It would have a lot more significance if you were the one wearing this…"

Layla is quiet for the longest, "I am listening Zarina. I'm not only listening to the two of you, but to a tradition that has transcended the ages." Her eyes close and few tears leak "I know he is your friend. I'm sorry your parents put you into this. I really truly am." She falls silent again and opens her eyes to stare at a point on the wall. "But I'll not go against my beliefs and traditions. I can't be what you both want. Now in his world I'm just an outsider a friend of sorts." She pauses "You fit in his world, I don't." With that she scoops up her things hastily and rises "I'm sorry I have to go!" With that she rushes out head down.

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