2027-02-12: Love Potions In The Library


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Scene Title Love Potions In The Library
Synopsis Students and Professors gather in the Library as a poisoned breakfast wreaks havoc on Amon's love life, and the Headmaster's pride.
Location Library
Date February 12, 2027
Logger Amon, with some poses filled in by Elizabeth

Library - Hogwarts

There is a curious scent in the air which seems to be a mingling of dust, mildew, parchment and old leather. If this chamber were to be emptied out, it would resemble an immense cavern. Even the smallest, softest sounds seem to be magnified in here. Supported by a multitude of slender, graceful columns, the lofty ceiling has been delicately painted with murals of studious Witches and Wizards.

Tens of thousands of books are housed in this vast chamber, and the shelves are maze-like in their layout, twisting and turning in illogical directions. Ladders provide the only access to dusty tomes on the highest shelves. Leather sofas, upholstered armchairs, and tables with comfortable chairs are littered throughout the room. High, narrow stained glass windows are occasionally found between the shelves, but the light they offer is diffused and dim. Instead, the majority of light comes from unbreakable, glass oil lamps which are scattered atop the tables throughout the room.

The lending desk is adjacent to the large doors leading into the library, and within eyeshot of the desk is a section that has been roped-off. A wooden plaque near this group of shelves reads: 'Restricted Section: No Entry Without Permission'. To either side of the entry the black glass-like sheets of several holotubes are mounted on the wall. These magical devices have been especially enchanted to take softly spoken search requests from students looking for particular books.

The quiet lingers in the library of Hogwarts with the low murmurs of students talking to each other in low tones. Sitting alone at one of the tables Elizabeth leans forward in her chair slightly, her sky blue eyes narrowing slightly in thought as she pulls the another book of rune's closer, her slender fingers curling under the pages as she flips it every other second, scanning each page. The Ravenclaw girl's brow furrows just slightly as she comes to the end, closing it and setting it to the side as she pulls another book from a pile towards her.

Clara enters the library, eyes scanning around the room for a second, taking inventory of who is there, and whether to go for an empty table or sit by someone in an attempt to appear social. After a moment's hesitation, she opts for the latter, heading over to where Elizabeth sits. She didn't seem like the talkative type, so it was probably a safe bet. Taking the seat across from her, Clara proceeds to pull out her own runes homework, giving her classmate a silent nod in greeting.

Between the towering rows of bookshelves filled with dusty books, scrolls and tomes walks Rudolphus. Held between strong fingers is a book "Druidic Runes: An Occult History of Britain by Percy Yates Snobbersglout," but one would have to be very perceptive to identify the work. As he passes rows of students, Rudolphus occasionally reprimands one or two of them for speaking out of line. He walks directly past Elizabeth and Clara, offering their noses the distinct smell of musky globworm and distilled beetle juice, but pauses for a moment. Catching sight of their textbooks, the professor turns around and imperiously states, "Ancient Runes, eh, what? What is Professor Dazvarsh teaching you this term?"

For a moment or so, the girl doesn't answer, her attention focused onto the second book, though eventually she does give Clara a slight nod in recognition, if but brief. The new professor's comment does not go unnoticed either. "I believe you have not considered the full gamut of possible explanations for construing this particular manuscript. In this noteworthy instance, I am not studying." Elizabeth murmurs, her tone suggesting enough practice that she wouldn't draw the librarian's attention or distaste at all. "This is purely for recreational purposes, though indeed research." Her slender fingers push aside another page, sky blue eyes continue to scan and absorb the book she looks through in her hands before coming to the end of that as well. Closing it, she unceremoniously sets it aside and opens a third.

Clara looks up from studying (she, unlike Elizabeth, is actually doing assigned work) as a strange scent catches her nose. There's a potions master in the area, perhaps? "Hello professor." She seems unmoved by Elizabeth's wordy response, and gives her own — much more taciturn — answer: sliding her open book so that it is in view of Rudolphus as she pulls out parchment and quill.

The professor looks from one girl to the next. Rudolphus, wrapped in a musky cloak of pungent aromas, towers over the Slytherin and Ravenclaw students sitting at a wooden desk. There are books about: it is a library, after all. Background characters mill about and whatnot doing whatever it is people do in libraries.
"Yes, yes, good afternoon," Rudolphus replies to Clara. He peers from one girl to the next before repeating his question. "What, perchance, is Professor Dazvarsh teaching you this term? Am I to assume, then, that you are not studying her Ancient Runes class but are in fact studying the material for… amusement? Quite a dangerous proposition, young lady."

Sweeping into the library with her black cloak twisting behind her, Aniko's arms are crossed under her chest and her amethyst eyes flash as she inspects the little working heads. As unconventional as ever, the professor has been wearing a black body suit instead of traditional robes ever since returning from the break. She's also taken to having the hilt of some sort of blade - peeking just over her left shoulder. The exact length and shape of the blade itself is obscured by that cloak she wears, but there's definitely something strapped to her back. She hadn't carried that around before the break either. He heels of her boots echo hollowly as she stops at the librarians desk, snapping her fingers to get the woman's attention and then passing her a slip of paper, "I need… at least four copies of that. Can you acquire them?"

Erika walks into the library, not so much a bounce in her step but a dreamy smile on her face. She looks around and then starts grinning wider as she starts to step over to Aniko, "Good afternoon Professor, might I have a moment of your time? I need some help." She nods, shifting back and forth from foot to foot, her headband with bobbly bits waving as she does so.

Where Aniko goes, the sheep are sure to follow — and while Amon would rarely consider himself to be such a thing, for today it's all, 'Baaaa.' Overly eager in class, unusually helpful all around, Amon has just finished dusting the Rune Classroom's bookshelves — and desk — and my goodness, was that her quill? It still smells like her~ *yoink* and now quite desperately dashes about the school, asking if anyone has seen the Professor. What Professor? The only one that matters! That Goddess in a body suit, the woman of his dreams~ He rushes into the library, skidding into a long-slide of a halt as he finds his quarry, innocently getting something at the front desk. Speak to her — good Merlin man, find something to say!

Clara blinks. He's asking again what Dazvarsh is teaching? Didn't the open book count as an answer? She stays silent, delegating that particular task to Elizabeth, instead focusing her gaze on Amon as he hurries in. Her lips purse slightly, and it's hard to say whether she's watching in amusement, curiosity, or distaste. Take your pick.

Elizabeth pauses her fingers for a moment on the third book, considering the professor's words for a moment before continuing her steady pace, flipping the pages as her pale blue eyes behind her glasses absorb what the book has to offer. Silently she finishes this book and moves to the fourth of a pile. "If you are particularly interested in the curriculum that Professor Dazvarsh is offering this year, Professor Pratt, I would suggest engaging a conversation with her. No doubt she would find the interest engaging." she answers easily, never slowing in her pace. "A school is an institution for teaching children, commonly an institution in which children and teenagers are taught, usually up to the age of seventeen, or a building housing such an institution. Learning is the soul purpose of this institute. Though currently I am not learning anything. I am memorizing. A vast difference." Elizabeth answers, though her hands pause again as she glances up at the main library.

Erika looks over her shoulder as she overhears Elizabeth, blinking in shock. She would -never- dare talk to a Professor that way. Maybe because she's older? Then her attention is back on Aniko and now Amon, who she smiles at, waving languidly. "Hiiii Amon!" She says softly, if cheerily. "I have a -quest-!"

Glancing behind her at Erika's voice, Aniko blinks once and then sighs, "Ms. Haaroldson." This was really turning into a weird day. One dark brow twitches at the corner and she idly asks, "What do you need?" The words have barely left her mouth as she notes Amon skidding into the library like a lost puppy desperately looking for it's owner. Her eyebrow twitches again at this and she mutters under her breath, "Merlin's Fu…" She clears her throat and glances at Erika before modifying her soft curse to, "…freaking boxers…" Sigh. "Talk quickly, Haaroldson. I fear Lafayette is preparing to stick his foot in a place he may regret…"

"Ah, yes, I see you have appropriately memorized Barnabus Scabtree's description of a school. Nasty bit of tiresome gibberish that is, I must say, but one needs to have such statements to describe pedagogy. They call it 'form' in certain circles," Rudolphus answers, evidentially fixated on his own digression. "Very well. I shall leave you to your memorization, Miss Dweedle. Though I caution you that small minds are those who fail to see the practicality and purpose of assigned tasks, no matter how remedial they appear." The man displays no semblance of offense or shock. Bemusement would be an appropriate adjective to describe his apparent condition.
He turns to Clara. "Ah, yes, Britannic Runes. Have you unpuzzled this speech by the Wizard Merlin: Iube magos tuos uenire coram me, et conuincam illos mendacium adinuenisse? It sits at the downfall of the Vortigern druids."

Oh, he is. There's an Elizabeth, an Erika, even another professor and a multitude of students — but they are invisable, unimportant, meaningless. There is only Aniko. Taking a deep breath, he steps forward with adoration in his eye, lips parting to say something… though nothing comes at first. Finally he manages a cordial, "Professor." though it's ruined quickly by the dazed smile on his face. So. Beautiful. Oh! But he shouldn't waist her time! "I… I finished dusting the classroom!" he's quick to inform her, "And I noticed some of the instruments needed polishing, so I did that as well. And. Uhm. I did this for you." he adds, then realizes he has nothing in his hands. Whoops! Rushing to twist and rummage in his book-bag, he emerges with a piece of parchment carefully folded into a flower—he holds it up to her with a bright smile entirely unnatural to his face, and it slowly unfolds, revealing a decorative bit of runic poetry, it's long lines written as if to draw out… a dragon head? Apparently even in his far-gone state, he realizes dragons are far cooler than flowers.

"I need help convincing the Headmaster I will die if I do not get snuggles." Those are certainly stars in the tiny Hufflepuff's eyes. "From him." She clarifies. "And you are the bestest person to get stuff done, so I figured you'd be able to help." She beams dreamily up at the professor. "I felt it Professor. It's the answer and it's necessary and it could save the world." Her world! She sighs happily and looks at Aniko like she's the answer to this puzzle she's presented herself with.

Clara purses her lips in thought, writing down the speech as he says it, staring at it in concentration. Runes is not her best subject, but nor is it in her character to admit that in front of such a large group. After a few moments of staring blankly at the paper (she was never one for furrowed brows) she says hesitantly, her voice even quieter than normal, "Order your wizards first, and I will… lie to you?" Cobalt-blue eyes glance around at the growing crowd in the library. Crazy people, all of them. And does Amon really think he stands a chance with a professor? And why would he want to? Of all the people to be fawning over, really… She shakes her head.

Elizabeth watches Erika and Amon with the Professor at the main desk, her sky blue eyes behind her glasses blinking a few times before she glances back to Professor Pratt. Not even a moment after her dark, thin brows furrow, eyes narrowing at him as she closes the fourth book precisely on the table. "I have not indicated anything of a sort regarding curriculum assigned by the esteemed professors of Hogwarts. Nor do I appreciate the assumption that I disregard assignments when there is no evidence of any such thing." She pushes back her seat as she stands to her feet, her arms taking the four books. And without another word she passes around him as she glances through the rows, turning into the one she had found hers in and glances up to put the first back into place. After the first is put away, her slender fingers lower, shaking in front of her.

"That's good, Amon…" The woman blinks and stares at the strange flower thing… An eyebrow slowly rises and she cautiously takes the flower note thing with the poem on it. She squints at the poem, then looks at Amon and you can see the edge of her lip twitch as if she's holding back… any number of comments or… maybe that's laughter. Hard to say. "It's… well crafted. So… Lafayette… would you like another task?" Then, Professor Dazvrash finally register the extent of what Erika is saying. The corners of both her lips curl upwards in a smirk. "For you, my dear Ms. Haaroldson…" Aniko never talk that way… never… "…I would gladly arrange some…" A pause and she flicks her fingers, "'cuddly wuddly time' with the Headmaster… Far be it from me to destroy the world by not allowing this…" Patting the little Hufflepuff on the head she adds with a sweet smile, "Besides… payback is sweet."

"'Order your magicians here before me, and I shall prove that they have lied.' A phrase and a spell which saw the downfall of an entire generation of Druids. Merlin ordered the Muggle king to drain the water beneath the castle, and through his incantations summoned two dragons from the rocks. With the power of these enchantments, he was able to rule Early Britain as the King of the Wizards. Powerful magic; it is the intersection of Runes and History where one notices the subtleties existent in the magical arts." Rudolphus' explication to Clara is concluded. He offers a warm smile to the girl and, absently as it were, pulls out a little silver flask from his robes. Unbottling the cap, he takes a heavy draught of the sweet-smelling liquor. It seems to set him up in fine spirits!
Elizabeth's outburst is mostly ignored; the magician tilts an eyebrow, but offers no comment. He smiles paternally at Clara, however, and adds, "If you have any further questions on Runes and the Magical Kingdom of Merlin-how daft those filthy muggles are to call it 'Arthur's Kingdom!'-do visit me in my office or at the Slytherin tea."

Aniko is noticed and, a la francaise, Rudolphus walks away from Clara to the other professor. He greeting is a simple, "Professor."

"You are the bestest Professor ever!" Erika exclaims happily, not caring that perhaps her voice may have gotten above acceptable library levels. She does her best to fling her arms around Aniko in a tight hug, the hugest smile ever on her face. "I knew you'd be able to help!" She totally misses the fact that the Headmaster may not be up for this plan, but will eventually be sure that she will take care of any objections. There are -snuggles- in her future! With her Headmaster! YAY! "Isn't she wonderful Amon?"

She likes it! Oh, glee~… When this is all over, someone will have to put Amon under suicide watch for a day. "Oh, yes! Absolutely. Anything I can do, you need just name it." Amon accepts eagerly, desperately hoping to be of service enough that she will need him, and love him in return. His eyes briefly turn to Erika as Aniko addresses her, mildly annoyed to have to share the Professor's attention with the girl, and all the more annoyed when the other Professor comes to steal more. He offers both an evil eye that is far more in keeping with Amon's typical behavior, save the fact it's directed towards a teacher. Coughing to get Aniko's attention back, he then offers her another horribly unnatural, and hopeful smile.

'Isn't this wonderful Amon?' No. From his expression, it most definitely isn't. His eye twitches as Erika flings herself at -HIS- Professor. "Miss Haaroldson, kindly remove your arms before I remove them for you." he challenges, steel in his tone. Oh look, /there's/ Amon!

Clara nods, smiling up at Rudolphus. "Yes, sir, I will be sure to do so." She tilts her head as he produces a flask, the movement sending a shock of hair tumbling in the way of her face, which she quickly fixes with one hand. Her attention turns to her fellow Slytherin yearmate, whom she regards with the slightest of frowns before standing and walking over to him. She bows her head to him, asking in a near-whisper, "May I speak with you for a moment?"

This is so freaking weird. Aniko twitches when she suddenly hugged again by Erika, both brows quirking as she says, "Yes, Haaroldson - I'll do something … now it's time to disengage your arms from my middle before Amon tries to emulate a martial arts film inside the school." Flicking her fingers at Amon, the woman adds, "You can calm down now, young man. Are you capable of cleaning an alembic set to a pristine shine?" Normally, Professor Dazvarsh is known for her scowl, but today she seems almost … amused. Which means she actually returns Rudolphus's greeting with a nod. "Afternoon. I see you seem to be unaffected by the tainted mushrooms of the morning. Or whatever the hell was tainted…"

It's funny how often Erika has heard variations on Amon's threat before! She beams over at him, ignoring the threat in his tone and quickly lets go of Aniko only to try and glomp him instead. "Eeee! She's going to get me snuggles with my Headmaster!" She sighs happily, even if she has to hug Amon's arm instead, before looking back up at Aniko, her eyes wide and hopeful, "When are we going to go see him Professor? Soon? Please?"

"Constitution of an Albanian Gridgetsnarkle," Rudolphus answers Aniko's question about the tainted food in turn. He then beings to discuss Wizarding matters as follows: "I say, Professor, it is nice to see you this evening. Perhaps you would be willing to consider this scroll I have drafted; I believe you shall find it has important academic implications, both practically and theoretically, for the study of Ancient Carthaginian runestones…" Rudolphus, who is in the process of explaining an article and handing a yellowed scroll bound with horse-hair and sealed in purple wax to Aniko, suddenly looks at the odd figures of Erika and Amon. Frowning in confusion, the middle aged man asks the two children, "Are you quite fine, yes, what?" And, murmuring to himself, he adds, "Very queer, indeed! So there he stands: Holding a scroll, frowning at the pair, and outright befuddled."

Putting the last book in its place on the shelf, Elizabeth pauses for a quiet moment or so before she glances around the side of the row, her sky blue eyes blinking behind her glasses as she watches the small group talking at the front desk. She blinks with some surprise as Erika just openly hugs the Professor, as if it were a common day thing. Frowning gently, she quietly bites at the corner of her bottom lip as she watches, hesitating.

Amon does, indeed, hold up his hand to prevent Erika from glomping him, all while eye-twitching. His annoyance is more aggravated this time, and he's dearly hoping the long-winded professor near them will forget to breathe and suffocate, so he can have Aniko all to himself. There's a glaze that comes over his eye at the thought, and one can almost /see/ the black, squiggly little heartbubbles emanating from his ears. Oh, but wait, she's asked him for something! "Alembic sets! Yes, of course! Why didn't I think of it, I should have done it already! Stupid, stupid. Don't worry Professor, I'll have them gleaming in no time — and… perhaps afterwards… you would care to inspect them?" he asks hopefully. SPARKLE.

Clara shakes her head. This scene is getting absurd. She moves to the bookshelves and finds one of her favorite books (Reginald Crowley's "An Extensive History of Magic Music") and heads back to the table, losing herself in it. Stupid lovesick children, whoever spiked the food out to be killed for bringing such fine-bred people to such despicable groveling.

Clearing her throat, she gives Amon a small nod as she watches the scene play out between Erika and him. "I'll be sure to inspect it all— and if you miss a spot you'll have to do it again." Wow… it was like voluntary detention. "As for you… Ms. Haaroldson." Aniko smirks suddenly. "Tonight, after dinner. We'll use the usual training time to stage an invasion of the Headmaster's office. Alright?" Idly she eases closer to Rudolphus, her fingers wrapping around the scroll as she leans towards him and smirks slightly. "They'll be fine in about … twenty-four hours or so—depending on the potency of the contamination. As for these runestones… I would be delighted to hear more, Pratt. Oh and …" Tapping the scroll she idly traces something on the paper with her finger in a particular way.

Amon is on cloud nine, oblivious to the fact he'd just utterly ignored a fellow student. Poor Clara. Sadly for Aniko (and more sadly for Amon's health), when she comes to 'inspect' those sets — which will never have been so pristine since the day they were purchased — she'll also find a romantic tableau, complete with candles, chocolate, and a 15 year old boy intent on wooing his 80 year old professor. Cheerfully, Amon acknowledges, "Of course, I'd expect nothing less!" then bows, and turns to skip off. So. Very. Wrong.

Shoving the book into places, Elizabeth pulls her slender finger down to her side as her pale eyes narrow and harden. Her fingers curl into fists at her sides as she steps out from the rows of books and approaches the group there, pointedly up at Amon. Wordly she comes to a stop in front of him as he starts to turn to skip off. Her expression hardens briefly, though she doesn't hesitate as she her hand reaches up and slaps him across the face, turning his cheek red with the hand mark. Pressing her lips together, the Ravenclaw girl stares evenly at him before turning around and calmly walking out through the doors.

There's another happy squeal from Erika as Aniko says that it'll be -tonight-! She lets Amon go to skip off, her eyes widening as Liz slaps him. Love potion or no, -no one- assaults one of her friends. An actual, honest to Merlin, growl escapes her throat as she heads over towards Elizabeth, stopping -her- from leaving. "Touch him again and I promise you you'll regret it." Her eyes narrow and her hands clench into fists, her body tense in ways that Aniko will recognize quite clearly. "Now go apologize."

"I only eat baby partridge hearts sauteed with onions and Swan kidneys for breakfast anyway," Rudolphus confesses. "Best for the digestion." Reading the runes, the professor sagely nods and smirks. "Nasty bit of business," he answers Aniko, evidently in reply to the message. Looking intently upon Erika and Amon, especially as the boy begins to skip away in ecstasy, he is about to say something when the sight of Elizabeth slapping the poor lad catches his attention. "Egad!" exclaims Rudolphus. In an instant, his wand is removed from the confines of his robes and a distinctive "Locomotor Mortis!" accompanies a flash of light from the object. Elizabeth, presumably, is leg-locked.
"I say, precisely, what is going on here?"

At the sound of a loud slap, Clara's head jerks up, immediately whipping in that direction. Seeing Amon's cheek red, she quirks one eyebrow. Not the route she'd been planning on, but perhaps more effective. She watches the scene with interest, although very little is displayed on her face.

Aniko's response to that slap is a faint twitch of her brow and her gaze levels very calmly on Elizabeth, "Well, Ms. Dweedle, I can see you have an attitude problem. I would expect better from you, but, clearly, intelligence isn't quite all it's cracked up to be." Nodding to Rudolphus she adds, "Minus ten points from Ravenclaw for assaulting another student, and detention with Professor Pratt." Quirking a brow she looks at Rudolphus, "If you don't mind. Everything I had for a detainee to do has been… cleaned recently."

Amon is suddenly involved in the center of everyone's attention, and all he can think is that it's damned inconvenient, wot? "Oh, Miss Dweedle." Amon sighs, actually pulled off his cloud momentarily by the sting of the slap, to look more sympathetic than anything. "Jealousy is a wholly unattractive quality in a lady, and an idiotic one in a man. Perhaps you should study more with the Professor, and become some of the Lady she is?" The pity in his voice is probably the worst part of this entire situation, and no doubt he'll be face-palming later. He looks back and offers Aniko a faint smile, saying, "It's okay. It's a difficult thing to handle graciously—may I go now?" Must. Win. Love. By cleaning!

As Erika steps in front of her, Elizabeth reluctantly comes to a stop in front of her, eyes down as the Hufflepuff girl threatens her. After a quiet moment, the most unusual thing happens. As she glances up at the younger girl, her pale blue eyes behind her glasses watering some and threatening to turn into tears. With a slow breath, she pressing her lips together and gently shakes her dark head, "I apologize if I offended you, Erika, but to him… I… I simply can not…" she murmurs softly, her voice slightly thick. Not a moment after her legs are locked together, as if by sticky glue. She struggles for a moment to keep from falling over, pulling out her wand from her left sleeve as she points it to her legs. "Finite." she murmurs, her legs suddenly free from the spell.
Taking a swallow, she tries to keep her eyes from watering from the overwhelming emotion that is pushing at her, glancing up over her shoulder at the Professor as she lowers her chin in a nod to her, "Understandably so, and I will fulfill it willingly." she answers. Her fingers flex around the end of her wand for a moment as she puts it away, her movement pause as she glances back to Amon, her bright blue eyes behind her glasses blinking with some shock as her lips part, wordless for several moments. A clear tear gently slides over her cheek as she pulls her eyes from him. "Never speak to me again, Mister Lafayette…" she murmurs.

"Yes… I see," Rudolphus answers Aniko. "You have been making use of your newfound… celebrity, Professor." The wizard does not betray approval or disapproval, but merely shakes his head at Elizabeth. For the moment he has ignored the strange, love-besotted actions of Erika and Amon. Walking toward Elizabeth, Rudolphus says, "What are we to do with you, Miss Dweedle? Very disappointing. You shall accompany me to the History of Magic classroom: I have some dusting for you to do - dreadfully musty in there, I say—and afterward I shall want to see you write some lines. And, oh!" the magician exclaims, evidentially recalling something. He waves his wand at a bookshelf, and a singular textbook floats off the shelves toward them. By the look of it, the book is not only VERY large but probably quite heavy. It appears to have several hundred, if not more than a thousand, pages! The title "History of Wizardry, Volume 1: The Rise and Fall of the Magical Empire of Atlantis" gleams on the leather-bound cover in faint silver writing. It appears quite old. "I also expect a twenty-page essay on Lord Magnalimus of Magnesia's seminal work by the end of the night."

Aniko smirks almost idly to herself as she watches the scene unfold. Love potions were such a pain in the ass, and it just made her all the more glad that she checked everything she ate for toxins and potions - like she did this morning. Crossing her arms again, the woman leans back over to look at the librarian behind the desk, quirking an eyebrow in question. The woman jumps, coming out of whatever she was distracted by, "Yes, Professor Dazvarsh, four copies, no problem… No problem at all." Aniko smirks and then nods, "Good. Well then… Amon, you may proceed. Try to not upset too many more females. It seems hazardous to your health…"

What burden would Amon not be willing to bear for his beloved? If anything, he's just sorry it wasn't Aniko that slapped him. Siiiigh~ Oh, but Liz is crying at him, and he actually pauses and stares a moment, contemplating if he should care about that… before the potion reminds him that someone more important wants him to do something. "…yes, quite." he agrees, then smiles again and pushes his way out of the library to complete his given tasks.

Clara quirks one eyebrow at the professors' punishment. That book was huge, she definitely would not want that assignment. She gathers her things and stands, slipping out without further commotion.

Elizabeth doesn't even glance after Amon as he is dismissed and pushes through the one of the double doors. She lifts a hand, brushing the back along her cheek to wipe away the only trace of the tear that had fallen, blinking her eyes a few times before her sky blue orbs behind her glasses look up at Professor Pratt. Lightly pressing her lips together, she lowers her chin in a nod in agreement, expression passive. "Yes sir. I am ready when you are." she answers, her voice only somewhat thick now as she exhales a slow, calm breath. Never hesitating as she reaches for the large book and holds it to her chest, as she does with all her books.

"I look forward to your thoughts on these findings, Professor," Rudolphus says to Aniko, obviously referring to his scroll. "It is nice to return to Hogwarts after that… Ministry business. Very well; I suppose I shall see you at the Slytherin high tea?" Bowing his head in polite deference to the older teacher, the wizard turns to face the young witch. "Now, now, Miss Dweedle. We shant want to delay now shant we? Off to detention, little witch!" As is customary in the Hogwarts Disciplinary Codes, section 1., subsection 23, article II, paragraph 3, he grabs her by the right earlobe and leads (or drags) the poor girl out the library doorway.

What started it all:
=================================== Rumors ===================================
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After breakfast this morning many students started acting a bit strange. Many are over heard talking of love. Others are seen blushing and giving covertous looks to others. No one as of yet knows the cause but it is suspected to of come from the morning food.
OOC: That's right kiddies Love Potion was mixed somehow into the breakfast foods. What does this mean for you? It means you get a day to play love struck in ways you normally wouldn't. Does it have to be your bo or your girl? Nope. Whoever you saw first. As in HAVE FUN!!! The effects will only last the day.
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