Marcus Hollingberry
Portrayed By Ryan Reynolds
House Ravenclaw
Year Alumnus
Position MLE: Auror
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 25
Place of Birth Sussex, England
Date of Birth August 23, 2001
Mother Rebecca Morgan (NPC)
Father Marcus Hollingberry Sr (NPC)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character Description:

Marcus stands at a height of 5 feet, 11 inches. His general build shows that this man spends some time at the gym. He doesn't look like one of those huge bodybuilders, but looks muscular enough. He has short medium brown hair, he always keeps it looking nice and clean, sometimes carrying it with a 'spiky style'. His eyes are medium brown in color as well, his nose shows a very tiny scar on the upper side of the bridge but other than that, it's a normal button nose. His lips look full and he is the owner of a strong chin. Most of the time, he wears a shadow beard but still, he keeps it clean.

A black set of robes is what he wears, probably what he wears for work. They are a snug fit to the torso, giving more hints of the exercise he does. On waist level, the robes loosen up, giving him more freedom of movement. Long strong arms covered down to the wrist. He is also wearing black pants and dark dark brown heavy duty boots. His wand is not visible, but some people could say that is concealed in his left sleeve.

Character History:


Marcus' personality has been changing a little after he joined the Aurors. When not on the job, he is an easygoing person, always offering a smile to everyone he meets. He is the kind of person that is always there for his friends and family. While on the job, he can be pretty severe and straight to the point, sometimes showing a bit of his hot temper when in combat, people say he can even turn into quite a scary person.


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