2026-09-18: More Insistence


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Scene Title More Insistence
Synopsis Rashan sneaks into the Slytherin Girls' Dorms.
Location Slytherin Common Room, Slytherin Girls' Dorm
Date September 18, 2026
Logger Zarina

Slytherin Common Room - Hogwarts

The Slytherin common room is a long underground room with rough stone walls and a low ceiling from which round, brass lamps with a green patina hang on rusted chains. Directly opposite the door is an extravagantly carved mantelpiece which depicts a myriad of slithering serpents. A selection of splendid armchairs carved of dark wood with forest green upholstery are arranged before the fire and scattered about the room. Several study tables with smaller chairs are situated in the empty spaces about the room. The walls of the common room are decorated with hanging tapestries in green and silver, as well as other depictions of serpents and famous Slytherins. To one side of the fireplace, an archway opens on a set of stairs down to the student dormitories.

Rashan stands in the center of the Common area, well, he is in the center, if not standing on the ceiling and looking at the room upside down. "I can’t believe it works." he muses to himself as he crouches to a sitting position on the ceiling, wondering of it's a good hiding place for himself. he could use it to spy on the other houses and knock off points. He looks around the common room and smiles a bit before pointing his want as his potions book. "Accio potions book." he book flies to his hand and he opens it up, reading upside down like some kinda freak.

A pair of dark heels click as they Climb down the steps into the Slytherin common room, the hem of the robes brushing along the stairs behind her as Zarina finally reaches the final step itself, hovering just above the polished floor as the fitted robes drape against her. Releasing a slow sigh, her left hand holds onto the strap of the bag over her slender shoulder as the other reaches up, brushing through her long, snow white hair to tuck a lock behind her ear. She blinks her deep sapphire blue eyes slowly around the common room idly for a moment, seeing it only mildly occupied with other Slytherins studying or chatting away. A few motion towards her from their group as they smirk, the silent joke traded among each other. Zarina, however, ignores this as she passes through the commons room, ducking her head lightly as she passes through the open doorway into the hall that leads to the dorms, entering into the girls dorms with a long sigh and plopping her knapsack onto the her canopy bed.

Rashan blinks as he spots Zarina and smirks to himself, a very mischievous and coy smiles coming to his lips as he starts to crawl on the ceiling towards the girl's dorms. Laying the book on a shelf before following her in there. Slipping in before the door is closed, he slinks around the ceiling and into a nice spot, waiting a bit to see what's going on before he does anything else. He is glad that his robe and boots are not on him, as he tries to keep himself silent.

Slytherin Girls' Dorm

This chamber is longer than it is wide and is given a dim atmosphere from the darkly painted murals that adorn the walls. These murals depict ancient wizards and twisting serpents, and the actual position of those mural images tends to change when one is not looking.
The dormitory for Slytherin House has rows of beds flanking the main aisle, which is kept clear of clutter and debris. Each of the four poster bed is heavily draped, so that the curtains may be drawn for privacy. For every student, there is a wardrobe, a nightstand and a trunk to hold their possessions. In order to take the chill off the subterranean room, fires are often left crackling in the depths of two iron calefactors, located in the middle of the aisle.

Sighing quietly to herself, Zarina lowers herself onto her bed next to her knapsack as she closes her eyes and rolls her neck slightly, reaching up to gently rub her fingertips along her scalp for a quick moment before letting it fall to her side again. Unceremoniously, she shrugs her shoulders, letting the dark robes fall over her shoulders as her feet simultaneously push off her each of her heeled mary janes off of her slender feet. Shifting her robes next to her, her slender fingers reach for the hem of her sweater vest to curl around it, pulling it over her head as she frees her long, snow white hair through the collar with a gentle toss of her hair. Tresses falling easily over her shoulders.

Rashan smirks and waves his wand, breaking the sticky spell as he lands on the floor after doing a flip. "Good evening Min Yeska." he says with a smile as he stands up, that look of 'I know I'm in trouble and it's fun' crosses his face as he clears his throat. "Very interesting spell. Professor Kashin taught it to me." He says with a nod as he raises an eyebrow at her and tilts his head. "You look like you had a rough day… do you need me to work the kinks out of your shoulders?" he asks with a smile as he leans against one of her best posts.

Tossing the vest next to her, Zarina blinks for a moment as Rashan lands in front of her before narrowing her sapphire eyes at him before giving a quick glance around her at the rest of the girls' dorms, noting quickly that its empty. "I'll keep in mind that you know it." she answers flatly as her eyes look back towards the invading boy. "And no, I don't want you to work out the kinks out of my shoulders. Or any rubbing for that matter. To be honest, I would dock you points if I were allowed to." Her eyes darken for a moment before she pulls her legs up onto the bed and turns around, moving across on her hands and knees to the other side of the bed as the hem of her pleated skirt brushes against her thighs. Sitting on the opposite end, she moves her legs off of the bed as she leans forward to her dresser, pulling it open as she pulls out a long shirt.

Rashan lets out a sigh. "I don't understand you. Ever since… well you know, you have become cold and distant. Either I did something to really piss you off, or you are actually trying to push me away." he says with a frown. "I want to know what it is. I can't keep going around wondering of every word out of my mouth will constantly upset you." he says with a frown. "Damn it Zarina, I'm willing to do anything for you, and yet you act insensitive and down right cold towards me, and don’t give me that you don’t have feelings for me crap. You might not be in love with me, but I know damned well you have some sort of feelings." He says as he looks at her with a frown. "I'm not going to second guess what I do anymore, I’m not going to have migraines for the rest of my life because you feel that maybe acting this way will deter me. Nothing will deter me."

Setting the shirt beside her, Zarina pulls in her legs and leans to the closest post, wrapping her slender fingers around a tasseled rope and giving the boy a pointed look as she pulls at the rope, allowing the curtains of her canopy bed to fall to give her some privacy. "I already told you. I'm not mad at you, I'll tell you after the wedding." She smoothly unbuttons her shirt, pulling it off of her shoulders and dropping it behind her as she undresses. "And you have someone that is willing to cross your mother for you. Isn't that saying something?" Behind the curtains, she lightly shakes her head at herself as she pulls the collar of the large shirt over her head, releasing a slow breath as she pulls her long, snowy hair from under the collar, the hem falling to her thighs.

Rashan grits his teeth and looks towards the now closed curtain bed. "After the wedding, when you will tell me why you can’t get close to me, when you tell me why you can't hurt me. Once the wedding is over, we have to provide heirs. That’s the whole reason for this. So why don't you tell me now Zarina, and perhaps there is a way around this. I'll take the unbreakable vow not to repeat it. I just can’t walk blindly into this without knowing what will happen, and I can't be expected too." he says with a frown as he sighs.

Pulling at the rope again, the thick curtains open up to reveal Zarina dressed only in a long shirt, covering up her important parts as her hands gather her clothes, bracelet gleaming on her slender wrist. Her head shifts to move her eyes towards him, narrowing pointedly as she presses her lips together. "I'm sorry, Rashan. This is important enough that I can only tell you once you're my husband. Besides, we both have to walk into this regardless what we want. Blind or not." For a deliberate moment, she presses her lips together. "Do I need to show you that this agreement has nothing to do with being romantically involved?" Her hand reaches up to curl her fingers into his collar, pulling him closer to show she's serious. "Would it matter once you have my body?"

Rashan speaks in a soft grave voice as she asks him that question. "Y… your body?" he says softly as his eyes narrow, unlike the past few weeks where he has been walking on eggshells, that light returns to his cobalt black eyes as he looks down at her, hair framing his face. "You actually think that's all I care about? That all I want is women to dandle on my knee? Zarina, I have never been that intimate with anyone, with you is the closest I have gotten. Snogging is one thing, but something like that… only for the people I care about, and only you have I ever considered. No other woman." he says simply. "I'll not be in a marriage where the bed is cold, and where our children have to be raised with parents who are less then affectionate. Zarina, this contract has turned our lived upside down, you agree to it, yet instead of fighting the contract, your fighting me, as if it's my fault, at least, that's how I perceive it. I wanted you on my own terms, not because of some parchment, now, you don’t have a choice, do you know how horrible that makes me feel?" He doesn’t have a choice either, but he will keep that part quiet.

"No, I know that isn't all you care about. I know it isn't in your nature, that all those girls you tease are just fun and games, and they probably hate and love you all the more for it." Zarina relaxes her fingers and pull away from his shirt. "My mother died because she gave birth to me… my father no doubt blames me for it, yet I can only try to make it right. Somehow prove myself so that he'll stop seeing her when he looks at me. Sees the horrible mistake that he made and will never let me live down. So no, I'm not fighting this contract! It is my father's wish and I will give him an heir so that our name can continue on!" She catches herself, realizing she was unknowingly screaming at him as her lips press together. "Rashan… You are proud, pureblooded Swedish man. And I could not ask for anything more in a husband and father to our children. Believe me when I say that I am more than honored, and that's the reason I have to do this. I promise, it will make sense eventually."

Rashan looks at her with that intense gaze still on his face, though lightened a bit by her admitting it. "Zarina, there is no one else I would rather have as my wife, no one. I just… can't stand the coldness that's between us, it hurts." He says his voice a soft whisper. "I don't want to spend the rest of the term like this…" he says softly as he looks up at her. "Tell me what you want, and I'll do it. Anything at all. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, so tell me, what do -you- want? Not your father, -you-." He says as he tilts his head, willing to do anything, even give her the world on a chain if he has to. He is a proud Swedish man, and as one, his pride comes from how happy he makes his soon to be wife. Her being upset, reflects on his job as a husband.
Zarina watches his eyes for a moment before lightly shaking her snow white head, "I can only ask you to wait, but that seems to be unacceptable to you…" she sighs and lifts a hand, rubbing at the back of her head gently with her fingertips. "And I can't do anything else about our interaction. It

Zarina watches his eyes for a moment before lightly shaking her snow white head, "I can only ask you to wait, but that seems to be unacceptable to you…" she sighs and lifts a hand, rubbing at the back of her head gently with her fingertips. "And I can't do anything else about our interaction. It's just… It's just something I have to do." Lowering her hand, her eyes follow the movement of her hand as she smiles sadly. "You must be sick of being in the dark… confused… not that it can be helped…" she gently murmurs to herself.

Rashan blinks and sighs as he looks to the ceiling. "You're right, I am confused, sick of being in the dark. Sick of thinking that this contract will banish any love in my life forever, and the fact my betrothed won’t trust me until our wedding night." he says as he looks at her. "I won’t be in the dark any longer. If you can't trust me now, or better yet, can't trust yourself. Then why should I honor this whole thing anyway? Zarina I feel like I’m being punished. Not because it's you, don't get me wrong. But because I feel like everything is just out of reach, it's driving me insane. This past week, I wanted nothing more then to curl up and cuddle with you." he says as he looks at her. "I sound like a broken record… I even missed an ingredient in potions yesterday. Professor Malfoy made me go to infirmary to make sure I wasn’t confunded." he says with a soft chuckle that sounds shallow.

"I'm not telling you until that night not because I don't trust you. Its because… because I already know how you'll react. I'm keeping this to… to make sure that this contract stays intact. Besides… you don't have to honor anything…" Zarina murmurs, gently lifting a shoulder in an absent shrug. Her sapphire eyes glance up at him for a moment before releasing a sigh and reaching up to curl her slender fingers into his collar again, lightly pulling him into the canopy before she releases her hold on him and reaches to the rope. Tugging on it, the thick curtains slide close again surrounding them in darkness. Curling up under her covers, she pulls them over herself before quietly murmuring. "Do you have a deep secret with Kissera that you can't ever tell absolutely anyone about?…"

Blinks and looks at her with a tilted head as she says this. Before he could even retort, he is pulled into her bed and the canopy closed around them., He looks at her, raising to rest his head in his hand, as his arm rests on his shoulder. "How I will react? You could be the granddaughter of you know who and it wouldn’t change my mind." He says with a chuckle. "Actually, not really. I mean, I do have a secret, and I'm pretty sure you would hate me for it as well, but…" he looks at her. "If I tell you mine, will you tell me yours? This contract will happen, and nothing could possibly make me change my mind, you know how stubborn I am.' he says softly as he reaches over to move her hair from her shoulder.

Zarina lightly shrugs a shoulder. "You'll react like anyone would, and I wouldn't blame you either…" she softly answers. "And I'm sorry… I can't, Rashan… You may be stubborn, but, I know how you are also." The girl gently shakes her head again before her eyes close, releasing a slow breath as her shoulders relax slightly. "You have five minutes, then everyone will be going to their dorms for bed. I don't want you to get caught."

A slow smile spreads across Rashan's face as he pulls out his wand. "I figure they don't usually pull back your curtains, do they?" he says with an even wider smirk. "They won't catch me, I have actually been learning the type of spells that curse breakers use, it's a good test." He says as he leans over to place a gentle kiss on her lips. "The only thing that would make this even better is if I had a batch of polyjuice potion." Sadly he doesn’t. "Besides, I want to be here with you." he says with a soft smile.

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