2026-09-11: On One Knee


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Scene Title On One Knee
Synopsis Rashan formalizes the arrangements officially.
Location Slytherin Common Room
Date September 11, 2026
Watch For Jaide fleeing the scene of the crime.
Logger Zarina

Slytherin Common Room - Hogwarts

The Slytherin common room is a long underground room with rough stone walls and a low ceiling from which round, brass lamps with a green patina hang on rusted chains. Directly opposite the door is an extravagantly carved mantelpiece which depicts a myriad of slithering serpents. A selection of splendid armchairs carved of dark wood with forest green upholstery are arranged before the fire and scattered about the room. Several study tables with smaller chairs are situated in the empty spaces about the room. The walls of the common room are decorated with hanging tapestries in green and silver, as well as other depictions of serpents and famous Slytherins. To one side of the fireplace, an archway opens on a set of stairs down to the student dormitories.

Paving back and fourth, a letter in his hand, Rashan looks like he has suffered a defeat of some kind. Finally shaking his head he crumbles the paper up and tosses it into the burning hearth. He then places a hand on the mantle and lowers his head, a deep sigh coming from him as he closes his eyes as if he is trying to accept something now. "She left me with no choice… damn it all but she's good." He says softly, most likely talking about the writer of the letter he just tossed into the flames.

Jaide slinks from the girl's dormitory, her hair pulled back in a thick French plated braid. She looks from side to side, moving slowly into the common room. Hugo follows the girl, keeping liberal distance. "Goodness…this is terrible."

Zarina releases a tired sigh as she climbs the last step up into the Slytherin Common room, heavy robes discarded for now as her hand idly holds onto the strap of her knapsack over her shoulder, long silver white hair draping over her shoulders as he deep sapphire blue eyes blink slowly. Seeing first Jaide in front of her, she lifts a pale brow for a moment, seeing the other girl's slightly worried expression as she follows her gaze to Rashan, leaning his weight into his arm on the mantle above the fireplace. Pressing her lips together lightly, Zarina passes by Jaide towards the couch, lowering herself on one end and laying her bag on her lap. "You seem frustrated." she states evenly, a general comment as she starts pulling out homework.

Rashan lets out a deep sigh and turns to look at Zarina. "Our parents are getting their wish, I'll not fight it." He says with a sigh as he looks back at the fire closing his eyes. "I mean, I wanted us to, I still do. But… I didn’t want it like this." he says as he turns from the mantle and paces back and fourth again. "And you know why they did what they did… don't you?" He asks as he still paces, his hands curled into fists. "I feel so helpless… I can't stand it…"

Jaide stops for a second, adjusting the satchel she wears over her shoulder. She pulls her potions notebook from it and goes over the brew one more time. "Sealing salve. Petals not roots." Psyching herself up once more she looks about the common room, attempting to draw the least amount of attention to herself.

Zarina blinks once quickly before looking down at the scrolls in her lap, releasing a slow sigh before leaning back into the couch, abandoning the thought of working for the moment as she shakes her head at herself. "Its for the obvious reasons. Its always about breeding, survival of the house's name and purity. And with you being originally from Sweden, there is less likely of a chance that there would be similar relatives…" she lightly murmurs, half-heartedly shrugging a shoulder. "And I'm sure your mother has other reasons…"

Rashan sighs and turns to look at Zarina. "My mother… any muggle blood in the family would kill her. She is so afraid, that she did this." he says with a sigh and tilts his head. "Zarina, I'll act according to the contract, and show you the honor that is due to you. Even though it is a moot point…" he says as he walks over to where she is and gets to one knee, reaching for her hand. "Zarina Zanford, will you marry me?" He says softly as he pulls out a diamond and emerald bracelet with gold and silver workings. It's a Nordic betrothal bracelet.

Jaide stares, her head wiping around. The girls jaw drops, eyes get wide. "B-bloody hell." The third year sprints from the common room, leaving her potions notes behind. "Merlin's beard."

Looking back up at him, she tries to offer a light smile, though it doesn't reach her deep sapphire eyes. "Ah. Different reasons than what I figured, but still…" she lightly shrugs a shoulder, the smile ebbing as she watches him speak then approach her. When he lowers himself onto one knee, her cheeks silently flush, though she remains still as he proposes. Her best friend. Her chest tightens as she glances down at the sparkling bracelet within its small velvet box. At Jaide's suddenly shocked cursing, Zarina blinks as she looks over her shoulder, watching the third year student flee into the dorms and scrolls and books in her wake. The flush deepens slightly at this and she sighs, looking back at Rashan and lowering her chin in a single nod. "Yes, I will, Rashan Havinter."

A smile spreads over his face, Rashan looking to be happy at her answer. He takes the bracelet from it's box and puts it around her wrist. "There are allot of traditional Nordic betrothal traditions, but this one seemed appropriate." Of course, killing a stag to prove he could provide for her, fighting a male member of her family to prove his strength, even guarding her home for seven days and nights without sleep. But showering her with gifts and other baubles, he can do that no problem. "I was going to say this, when we had our first prefect shift, but… I was upset at the time, and I am sorry about my attitude over the last week, it was uncalled for and rude of me." He says softly as he closes his eyes, gathering his nerves for this. "Zarina… I love you." he says looking into her eyes.

Zarina glances down at her hand in her lap as he takes the bracelet out of its box and gently wraps it around her slender wrist, clapping it together so that it disappears seamlessly. The bracelet looks elegant on her wrist, complimenting against her skin tone as it shines from the light of the fire in the fireplace. As he eyes look up into his, she watches them for a moment before he murmurs those words, gazing into her eyes, hopeful. She takes in a deeper breath as she shifts her eyes to the bracelet, the logical point to fall back on to avoid his gaze. "I know you were, and I know its because… I seem confused… You shouldn't have to apologize for being upset of what I did…" Her fingers curl in her lap, tightening out of reflex. "Rashan… I… I wish that were true, but you don't…" Her eyes snap up on his, intent and pleading, "But I promise that after… after the… wedding…" she murmurs the word, as if it was strange to consider it. "I promise that I will explain everything to you. I have to."

Rashan nods and looks at her. "I do love you Zarina, I'll take a truth serum if I have to, but I do." he says with a soft smile. "It's the only reason I am agreeing to this. Because of how I feel about you." he says softly as he moves to sit next to her on the couch, sitting sideways so he can face her. "I can wait till after the wedding to hear it." He says with a smile as he reaches over to kiss her on the cheek. "But I have made my choice, and there is nothing, nothing at all that will make me change my mind. I was going to ask you at the end of the year to marry me, but I guess things work out differently." He says with a small laugh. "It's funny, the most content I have ever been in my life, was when we were asleep on this couch. And yes, I thing my mother and your father will be expecting grandchildren, but I say we make it clear to them that those children will come when we are ready, not when they say." He says with a smile. "I want to make this as easy for you as possible, this isn't your fault, let me make this easy and… let me love you." He says looking down at his hands with a sigh.

Zarina flushes as she exhales a sigh, glancing down at the bracelet around her slender wrist as her slender fingers idly fiddle with it. She listens to him silently, wordless as he chuckles and smiles. "I wish everything were that easy." she murmurs softly. "My father planned this on purpose…" Pressing her full lips together, she closes her eyes and shakes her snow white head at herself. "Please don't make such claims, Rashan. Especially when… when there isn't a reason to." Her eyes open again as she glances to the wrapped scroll next to her for a moment, a letter from her father. "You mother and he already spoke of those terms… My father will pick a boy of his choice so that he'll be a Zanford."

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