2026-09-01: Prefects Plot


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Scene Title Prefects Plot
Synopsis Takes place after boarding, Slytherin Prefects have some interesting conversations with the younger years of their household.
Locations Prefect's Compartment, Slytherin Compartment
Date September 1, 2026
Watch For Really good acting.
Logger Zarina

Prefect's Compartment - United Kingdom

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train travels to Hogwarts.


A pair of large emerald green trunks slide across the worn wooden floor of Hogwarts express on their own accord, charmed with Locomotor as a pair of black mary jane heels step lightly as they climb into the passenger carriage. Zarina takes in and releases a slow breath, the scents of Hogwarts familiar and nostalgic as she lifts a hand and brushes her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair, locks falling over the pale pink of her soft sweater. Lifting a pale, thin brow, her bright sapphire eyes glance around the corridor with some skepticism for a brief moment, passing by other busy students as they greet one another and clap each other on the backs.
Her gaze glances to each of the open compartment doors, passing over each as she makes her way into the Prefects Compartments. Her heels click softly on the wooden floor as she passes through the low doorway, sliding he door open behind her and leaving it be, open for the others. Stepping forward, she brushes her slender fingers through the blinds, glancing out through the window for a silent moment or so before pulling her fingers away. Thoughtful for a moment or so before leaning back and plopping herself into the closest seat, long, snow white hair gathering over her shoulders to frame her face.

The train suddenly starts lurching with movement, slowly building momentum as the horn blows loudly with its departure.

Rashan walks onto the train, having stowed his things away a while ago. he enters the area where Zarina is at, rubbing his shoulder. "Damn reporter… That's it, Thorne is gonna get it this year." He says with a sinister smile on his face. "Teen witch Idol my Swedish ass." He mutters as he settles into a seat.

Layla frowns as she walks in and hears this. But then she makes for a spot to flop "I dunno it was chaos out there even without the cameras." She looks around "So many firsties this year. Seems allot of them Muggles also." She takes a candy bar out of her pocket and considers "We're at least underway now." She already looks tired "I can't believe I'm in N.E.W.T.s this year. What are you all thinking of taking?"

Rashan looks at Layla and smiles. "Layla, come sit over here." He says patting the seat next to him. "I'm Doing Potions, charms, transfiguration, DADA and ancient runes." He says with a smile. "I think I'll become an Obliviator if I don't get drafted onto a Pro Quid team myself."

Zarina releases a slow breath as she stretches her arms above her head, idly threading her slender fingers through her snow white hair as she leans back in her cushioned seat. She arches a curious, pale brow as she watches the exchange between Layla and Rashan, the corner of her lips tugging with some amusement as she shifts her blue eyes from Rashan to Layla again.

Layla shrugs and moves over "I dunno… I know I'm gonna be taking Defense, Charms, Runes, Transfiguration and Divinations for sure. Was thinking of talking to my head of house and the headmaster about potions as well. But then there is Quidditch to allow time for also…so I just don't know." She looks over to Zarina "What about you?"

Rashan smiles as Layla sits next to him and he smiles. "Well, if you do take potions, I could offer you a bit of help. Quidditch, not so much, we are going to win the cup back from you this year you know." he says, so long as Zee and Rash can keep Nathan from penalizing them into the ground. "Of course, I think the Halloween ball will be coming up soon." he says calmly. "Who are you guys planning on taking this year?"

Zarina comfortably smirks as she lifts a shoulder in an idle shrug in answer to Layla, "I am taking all of the requirements for Auror, and of course, Seeking for Slytherin to take back that the championship from Hufflepuff." The smirk grows as she glances back to Rashan and gives him a wink, chuckling softly as she absently brushes her slender fingers through her long, silver white hair. A pale brow arches, frowning slightly. "A Ball? Really? I know there is always the Halloween Feast, but I didn't know there was a Ball this year."

Layla arches a brow and offers easily "Well we will just have to see what the Quidditch gods decide I'm afraid." Then a glance at Rashan and a blink "Uh me? Not sure really haven't thought about that." After a moment "Yeah we're going to try it for this year and see how students like it. Something different and all." She leans back and goes quiet.

Slytherin Compartment - United Kingdom

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train travels to Hogwarts.

Gabriel looks down at that hand, and his smile morphs into something fainter, but pleased, "You know full well that you can be," he says, "And you are," he notes, laying his other hand atop hers, which rests upon his own, "In that case, I think that you and I agree. This could be the start of a beautiful… arrangement." He looks up, then, to note the entrance of someone else, though who it is, he isn't sure quite yet, as the door's only just now opened.

She smirks like a pleased little cat that's caught a plump bird at Gabriel's words. With her free hand, she tucks her wavy hair behind an ear and laughs softly, "I'm glad that you agree - and I'll keep you - informed shall we say?" She drops her voice so it isn't too loud in the compartment, "I have some people I need to mirror call to make some arrangements - albeit they must be done on the hush." A perfectly groomed brow quirks up and she follows Gabriel's gaze a moment later - realizing, perhaps a little belatedly, that the compartment door has opened once more.

The door opens more, showing the leaning form of the Intense Swede himself, Rashan Havinter. "Informed… so that's what you kids are calling it these days?" he says with a tilted head and a sly smirk. "You better hope Professor Malfoy doesn't get a copy of tomorrow's quibbler Gabe, that little stunt could make Slytherin look bad." He says offhandedly as he looks from on to the other, that devilish smile on his face, showing off his twin dimples, the Tiger let loose in a petting zoo.

Zarina arches a pale brow at the pair of Slytherins as she leans against the opposite frame of the door, arms crossed under her full chest as she blinks slowly and shifts her sapphire eyes towards Rashan. "Hm. Beautiful arrangement…" she almost purrs the last word, the smirk growing on her full lips as she lifts a hand to lightly tuck a lock of snow white hair from her face. "Hm. That would be a bit of an understatement, Prefect Rashan. Maybe we should inform the Head of House about this little… arrangement…"

"He's one to talk, with all the skeletons in that one's closet," Gabriel frowns, now, and then he shoots a look to Zarina, eyes flashing, "And what's so strange about setting up a bloody date for some Butterbeers and snogging?" he snorts, "I mean… I suppose I'd be disappointed if I was a bird and a bloke like me was chasing after someone. But don't worry, I'm trying to work out a spell to make more of me, so there'll be plenty to go around."

Flicking her fingers out to check her nail polish job, Ciara hmms softly and then lifts her eyes to give Rashan a bright little grin, flashing her white teeth. Then her dark eyes slide from his face to Zarina's and that smile transforms into a little smirk. "I'm so sorry, Zarina. I had no idea that you wanted Gabriel so bad. I would have though with your … particularly large assets you would have had no trouble choosing any boy you'd like. Sad. Size must not amount for much these days." Her fingers tap to her lips and then she giggles, eyes widening, "Oh wait … -maybe- you actually thought we were doing something 'bad'." She flashes her grin at Gabriel then, "If we have done something remiss…" Her little smile settles on Rashan, "I'm sure we would be glad to make amends… Detention, that sort of thing - though I would but utterly interested in what our misstep was… if that's the case."

The look on Rashan's face is a bright Grin as his hand slides around Zarina's Waist. "Oh, she can have any boy in the school, but I think 'men' are more her taste. And Gabe, do you spend allot of time thinking you were a bird? You know, they have operations in Thailand for that kind of thing." He says with a smile as he looks at them both, intense cobalt eyes looking at then before he turns his Gaze to Zarina. "Truly a wonderful woman to have on one's Arm, Zee." he says with a smile, tossing a bit more of his accent into it.

Zarina instantly arches a brow at both Gabriel and Ciara, as if they were off of their bloody rocker with their "subtle" insinuations of her fancying Gabriel. Her lips part in answer before she is interrupted, an arm wrapping around the curves of her slender waist as she blinks her sapphire blue eyes up at Rashan in surprise. Blinking once, a moment passes before a smirk grows on her full lips and she lifts a pale brow at him, lightly lifting a hand to tread her slender fingers through his long, ebony hair, running her nails along his scalp slowly. "Mmmm. You are certainly correct about the… man part… So much more than boys…"

Gabriel laughs again… a soft, mirthless laugh, "And what of it, anyhow?" he asks, canting his head to one side, "I don't expect the two of you being the type to just run off to Professor Malfoy for every piddling thing. We -are- Slytherin, aren't we?" he is curious now, some of the sneer gone, and an almost cool politeness settling about him, "The two of you were sorted for your own reasons, just like me, I'd expect. Prefect badge or no, you're Slytherins, and what we should be doing at the moment is closing ranks. I hear the Gryffindors think they have an inside lane at taking the House Cup from Hufflepuff this year…" Hufflepuff has won the cup three years running, "I don't know about you, but I think it's high time we snatch it from everybody."

Ciara seems to be barely paying attention as she snaps open the little carrying case on her lap and pulls out a small tube and a mirror. The mirror snaps open with one hand, the tube of lip gloss is uncapped and untwisted with a deft movement of the other hand, and a moment later she's adding a glossy finish to her already painted lips. "And, on a random side note - I believe Gabriel's use of 'bird' was in the same way my grandfather uses it. Muggle slang, apparently, generally in reference to a…" Her fingers raise on either side of her head, recapped lip glossed held in one and mirror in the other as she makes quote marks, "One of the Female Persuasion." Peeling open her bag as she drops the implements back inside, Ciara shakes back her hair before looking up as she snaps the bag closed again. "It would be nice to have a pleasant shade of green in certain school halls, indeed."

Rashan looks from Ciara to Gabriel and smirks. "Well, if someone wouldn't hand over free points to Hufflepuff that time we played them last year, perhaps we could win the house cup… or pick fights, or mouth off." He says with a smirk. "You see, I want that House cup… more than anyone, because I will be head boy next year. So Gabe, are we going to win this year? Or are you going to foul out?" He says with a smirk, and Damn the fact Gabe can't handle it. Rash means business, and the last time he checked, he could chuck Gabe pretty far. "So Yes, we can form ranks, as long as no one, and I mean no one, ruins our chance for success. You get me? Captain?" He says and then turns his head to look at Ciara. "It would make good publicity if the house you are in winds the house cup, and the Quidditch up as well, don't you think?"

Glancing to Ciara, Zarina rolls her eyes and lifts her free hand to brush her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair, lowering the other. "Of course it does, you prat." Though already her sapphire eyes narrow as she glances to Rashan, silent as she listens to him for several moments. Pressing her lips together in thought, she pulls away from Rashan enough to lower herself into the empty seat next to him. "Avoiding fights and other forms of losing points…" she murmurs in thought. "We do need to think of creative ways of earning points too without professors becoming suspicious. Either that or… sabotaging others…" She frowns slightly in thought before shaking her snow white head. "No. With that it's too likely to get caught and risk losing points…"

"Well, see," says Gabriel, "This year, I'm Captain, and Flynn? Oh yeah, I think that tit's working for the Department of Useless Jokes or something equally low-brow and asinine." It was well-known that Gabriel and Flynn, the Captain who was in his seventh year last season, hated each other. But Gabriel always made the team, primarily because not many Slytherins seemed interested in trying out. And then somehow, this year, he's bloody captain. Only in Slytherin. "So I won't feel the need to skive off trying just to piss that one off. This year, we win? He gets to know we won without him." His smile is pale, barely there, and somewhat sadistic as he thinks back on how he made Flynn's seventh year such a dreadful place. Then Zarina's words reach his ears, and he notes, "We'll see what the other houses are like this year, and will plan accordingly, I'd think. Figure out who the weakest house is, and offer them our friendship, maybe. Lackeys are always good. At any rate, there are loads we can do. But we'll be patient. I'll be patient. And we'll all be like right pals. Remember, it's those bloody Gryffindors who crave the spotlight. And it would stick it to my dad if we made them look like laughingstocks this year." That said, he waves a hand in front of his face, suddenly irritable and stating, "Whatever. You want the cup, I want the cup, that's enough for me. And I won't run off to tell Malfoy about every single bloody thing you do that could be construed as.." he makes quote signs with his fingers, "A little on the grey side. I'd expect that same kind of consideration from you. Model student, I'll be."

Ciara flashes an eerily cheery smile at Zarina when the other girl calls her a 'prat', thought it's difficult to say why exactly she gave that particular reaction. "Good publicity, perhaps, Rashan, but I am definitely not the one to be talking to on this matter." Brushing her fingers though her hair, the girl settles back in her seat with a comfortable sigh. "There is little within my power to contribute - as I am assuredly a rather well behaved 'prat'." Rolling her shoulders in a shrug, the girl smiles up at Gabriel. "You'll just have to win your Quidditch matches spectacularly to make up for me."

Rashan takes a seat next to Zee and smiles at the other two. "Well, I can overlook your performance last year Gabe. Put see as your seeker and me as Your forward chaser and we should have it in the bag. You remember last year when I threw the Quaffle so hard the Ravenclaw Keeper went through the hoop with it." He says with a smirk. "But keep your ears open, anything the other houses say can be used against them, we can't break the rules, but we can bend them enough to where we don't loose points, yet still come out on top." He says with a smile, leaning back to look from one to the other, that evil smile plainly seen on his face.

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