2026-09-01: Prefects Plotting Again


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Scene Title Prefects Plotting Again
Synopsis After Ciara and Gabriel doze off, Rashan and Zarina talk about the upcoming year
Location Slytherin Compartment
Date September 1, 2026
Watch For Straightening hair
Logger Zarina

Slytherin Compartment - United Kingdom

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train travels to Hogwarts.

The day slowly fades into night, shadows overcoming the interior of the Slytherin compartment as Ciara and Gabriel soon fall asleep against one another, as if they were a pair of puppies. Sitting across from them is Zarina still, a brow arching as she tries to glance over her shoulder to attempt to focus her dark sapphire eyes on Rashan in the shadows. "So?" she murmurs, nearing a whisper to keep from waking the others. "The arm around the waist part, hm? I can understand at first, but you purposefully kept it there, Mister Havinter." Zarina barely has to lean over to poke at his side accusingly.

Rashan raises an eyebrow and looks at her. "Oh? and you had to run your nails through my hair too huh?" he says with a smile. "You are a good actress, you had me convinced you wanted my arm to stay there." He says with mirth. "Besides, we never actually said we were anything." He then looks at her and smiles softly. "Don't tell me you didn't like my arm there? I loved how they both changed their tune quick to 'we should be a team' when they knew we could bring them down."

Zarina smirks some as she lifts a shoulder in a shrug, "I caught on quick, so I figured I might as well improvise and play along." the smile grows still as she gently elbows him in the side. Pursing her lips slightly, she lowers her chin in a nod as she glances to the other two across from them. "That is true, they did make assumptions and change the topic rather quickly, hm…" she ponders quietly before glancing back to him. "Younger years. Its too bad they don't know how easily they can be manipulated. Its rather sad they are also Slytherins, but… oh well…" The young woman keeps her chuckles soft, making sure not to stir the others as she glances at him and frowns slight. "Oh. Here. I think I messed up your hair some when I did that hand gesture. Lets see if I can fix it." Her pale brows furrow slightly as she reaches up to try to brush his dark hair smooth.

The feel of her fingers as they straighten his hair feels good, always has. "Well, they have to learn, if they know their own failing's maybe they can turn that against their enemies." He says with a smile as he raises his hand to move some of her hair from her shoulder, his hand resting on her shoulder as he smiles at her, his eye, still that dark blue intensity, like a caged animal waiting for it's mistress to send it on the hunt. "We both know that we have things we wish to do in the future, but there is also now, and for now, we should make sure our house is top of the heap, with us at it head. Who better, then us, smart, strong, and the envy of everyone else?" He says, his voice a soft baritone as he talks, as if his words could caress a breeze.

Zarina lifts a skeptical brow at him for a moment, "Hm. Maybe Gabriel, but I'm not so sure about the girl to be honest. At least when it comes to, well, learning about their failings…" she chuckles softly before she pulls her hand away, resting it in her skirted lap as she leans her side against the seat's cushioned back. The smile briefly falters under his intense gaze, the sensation slowly becoming familiar over the years, though it was always over the usual things like Quidditch. Being under that intense gaze was almost unnerving. Zarina blink at his eyes, quiet before pressing her full lips together and frowning slightly, shrugging a shoulder after. "I have always had every intension of making sure that our house was first this year, regardless of who gets credit. Winning the Quidditch Cup might impress Father though…" she murmurs softer.

"My father as well, he actually wonders if the Cup could be at our manner once we win it." He says with a chuckle. "Well, I might be able to… quell Layla as far as trying to keep tabs on our house. Perhaps if I pour it on thick enough, I could keep her occupied enough to where we could work around her. Though the head boy might be another problem, not to mention Ravenclaws… but a good team foundation can withstand anything, we just have to place ourselves in perfect formation and strike once we have enough aces in our favor. Don't you agree?"

Zarina chuckles briefly before glancing down at her hands in her lap, "Yeah, if it isn't one father its another…" she lightly murmurs, though not a moment passes before she returns her deep sapphire blue eyes up at his with a quirk of a pale brow. "Pour it on thick, hm? You think she fancies you that much to be distracted? Or give up information?" she asks curiously before a smirk tugs at the corner of her full lips. "Well, look who I'm talking to, of course. The man that can use his boyish dimples to his advantage. Of course you could." The soft white brow lifts at him again at the mention of the Headboy and Ravenclaws. "Do you think they would be that much of a challenge to overcome?"

Rashan smiles and lends back. "Well I can keep Hufflepuff at bay, if you can handle Gryffindor… we could feed the Ravenclaws to those two, good practice for when we aren't here anymore." He says with a smile. "And it's not just the dimples, but how I use them. Granted she would be nothing compared to you, but for the good of the house, she is a pure blood and still pretty in her own way." He says with a smirk. "I would enjoy next year if we made head boy and head girl though, that would complete a good school career, especially with us taking the cup twice in a row."

Zarina gently rolls her eyes, "Oh sure. You just get to distract Hufflepuff. I have to distract a Gryffindor Prefect. There is a bit of a difference here. And you are supposed to be the expert in this 'persuasive' distraction bit…" She smirks lightly before shaking her head. "Ugh. I can't believe you're seriously asking me to distract a Gryffindor… I have to wonder if we ended up snogging if I'll taste failure." She releases a slow breath, eyes trailing up to him with a quirk of a silver white brow. The smirk grows comfortably on her full lips. "You sure do have visions of grandeur."

Rashan raises an eyebrow. "Nathaniel is easy. Besides, Layla is a Prefect, and it's through her that I'll work my magical control of Hufflepuff, that and she is their team captain as well." he says with a deep smile. "Think of it, Slytherin versus Hufflepuff, all I do is be flashy and she will loose concentration." He says with a wider smile. "I talk her out of snitching on a Slytherin, and ask her to leave it up to us to discipline the younger year." He then leans back and looks at her. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer darling. You saying no earlier made this happon, you might just be psychic."

Zarina arches a skeptical brow at him. "Easy huh. Just the fact that Gryffindors usually dislike us as much as we despise them not detour you any?" she smirks lightly and shrugs a shoulder, listening to him as the smirk grows slightly at his 'magical control' pun. The girl just chuckles softly at that, leaning her weight against the wall before blinking at him about the psychic comment. The white-haired girl presses her lips together for a moment before pulling her eyes from him, "That was kinda a decision that is out of my hands. Don't make it sound like it was a diamond in the rough." A pale brow quirks slightly, trading him a sideways glance, gentle smirk returning briefly. "Just don't tell the Divination Professor that."

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