2026-09-05: Private Business Meeting


Elsa Havinter, Zuriel Zanford

Scene Title Private Business Meeting
Synopsis Parents meet to make important arrangements for their children. In their best interest.
Location <enter location of scene>
Date September 5, 2026
Watch For Anything suspicious…
Logger Zarina

While Rashan is off at school, the manor is quiet. That's where Elsa Havinter is at this moment. In the parlor she sighs as her Family's steward, Bosc, sets up the tray for tea and then leaves. She has to do this business on her own because her husbund, Orif, refuses to agree to it. "Foolish man, knows nothing of bloodlines." She mumbles to herself, setting back in her high backed armchair while she waits for the other person in this meeting. The union of their Children will ensure pure blooded heirs. She is wearing her black silk Armani suit, brown hair done up in a bun and a pair of wire framed glasses. Usually working as the Ministry of Magic's Ambassador to the Swedish Magical Community, today it's personal Business.

Outside of the Havinter Manor is an audible crack as the sudden wind stirs with movement, the dark and towering figure of a tall man appearing suddenly where he once wasn't, his back straightening as he lifts his head slightly to turns her sapphire blue gaze up at the household in front of him. As if deeming whether or not it is worth any trouble at all. Eyes narrowing, the black hem of his long jacket brushes against the back of his knees as he moves forward in an idle approach to the house, his long white hair a sharp contrast to the business suit that fits his form perfectly. Taking the steps to the door, he lifts a hand to rap his hand against the door three times in a precise knock.

The door opens revealing a Tall aged man in a long coat with grey hair and a sharp nose with a no nonsense look about him. "Ah, Master Zanford. Mistress Havinter is waiting in the parlor, Please follow me." He says, moving towards the side hall, without anyone around, the door closes of it's own volition once Zuriel enters. The Long side hallway has portraits of Family members past from both sides of the family, the house, while old looking, is spotless and well kept, a testament to Bosc's Perfect work. As the Tall Aged man, assumed to be Bosc, get's to the end of the hall, he places both hands on the double doors and presses them open. "Mistress Havinter, a Master Zanford to see you." He says in a deadpan voice, stepping to the side to let the other man enter the room. "Should you need anything Mistress, just ring." he says before backing out of the room and closing the double doors. Elsa stands and puts on a warm smile. "Mister Zanford. I'm glad we could meet and have a talk about this… arrangement." he says as she offers him a seat across from hers with a low table between them. "Have a seat, tea?" She offers, her accent much like her son's only thicker. "So, lets work out the basics shall we?"

The tall man blinks his eyes slowly at the door as it opens, his eyes uncaring as he glances to the gray-haired man that opens the door. With hands clasped behind his back, the gesture makes him seem all the more regal as he follows the man in silence, not a strand of silver-white hair out of place. With hands clasped behind his back, he offers a brief, unfelt smile that never reaches his eyes, lowering his chin only slightly in greeting, though he remains silent. His eyes seem to narrow slightly as the butler opens the double doors into a Parlor, revealing a tall business woman sitting in a armchair, teacup in hand as he is announced to the Mistress of the household. Zuriel doesn't even glance at the help as the doors are closed easily, eyes on the woman, letting the arms fall from his back as he offers a brief, unfelt smile that never reaches his eyes, lowering his chin slightly in greetings as he moves to the chair opposite of hers.
The fire continues to crackle quickly in its fireplace, glowing on the two inhabitants as Zuriel leans himself into the seat and lightly shakes her silver white head. "Not at the moment, I politely decline." He answers easily, already moving onto the next topic as his hands rests on the chair's arm rests. "I had sent you an owl with the announcement of my visitation because it is what you suspect." He murmurs. "I have come to inquiry about your son, Rashan Marik Havinter, as a possibility of a match with my own daughter. I have taken into consideration your son's bloodline, heritage, and age. And with being so few true purebloods, we must make sure that we keep each of our lineage from fading into… other unwanted elements…"

The tea cup rising to full lips as Elsa takes this in is soon lowered as she sets the Teacup down on the small table and leans back, sitting as regal as a queen would by not crossing her legs, but tucking one ankle behind the other and placing her hands in her lap. She nods as she reaches to a table as her side and pulls out a Portfolio and opens it. "I agree, and I took the liberty of learning about your daughter. A great Athlete, very intelligent, and amazingly good looking. I would say a perfect match for my 'only' son." he says as she looks at the other man with a small smile on her lips. "Those, unwanted elements shall not have my son, I pride myself on My family's bloodline. As it is known, That both my husbunds and my families can be traced back to the time when Sweden was still under the rule of Viking Kings, all pure bloods." Most likely even before that, but as far back as she could go, there wasn't any written bloodline records before that. "Of course the proper forms must be met. For instance, courting, and the wait until they are both of age to wed." She says simply. "I'm sure if my Husbund were here he would agree to this union." She says with a smile, though her husbund is slightly against the idea, once he knows WHO it is their son will marry, he will be more than happy. "My son has many opportunities open to him as well. A wonderful Quidditch player, as well as his studying to become an Oblivitor. Your daughter will lack nothing from this union. Propriety, a well respected name, a Well mannered Husbund, as well as equal inheritance of Mine and My husbunds Wills, should their union last until our deaths." She says with a smile, protect the family. Then she hands him the portfolio outlining the betrothal contract. "I took the liberty of having everything drawn up, Though headmaster Potter." She says the name with a light contempt. "Your former Superior I might add, will have to agree if we decide to have them wed over the summer, due to the fact that they will still have their seventh year to complete."

Zuriel lightly quirks a pale brow as the woman mentions his daughter, as if failing to see how she relates to the topic for a brief moment before lowering his chin just slightly. "My daughter is seventh generation Slytherin that is studying to be the fourth Generation Auror as well. Though I am pleased to hear that you consider her to be a perfect match, in this case. My daughter has a considerably dowry, inheritance, reputation and respect of the Zanford name as well…" The corner of his lips tugs subtly. "And there appears to be no disadvantage to this arrangement. Each family in turn gains considerably, in numerous aspects, and we also assure that our blood remains untainted by unwanted elements." A pale lifts again as she offers the portfolio to him, blinking his eyes slowly at it as she takes it in his hands and opens it, eyes narrowing in thought as he reads over the written contract, silent and still. Lifting his chin, he murmurs, "My daughter has her upcoming birthday on September thirtieth. I am assuming that the union will take place after he is of age as well, being then during the summer. The time for courting seems appropriate, though hardly necessary. Do you have any specifics in mind in regards to the courtship, or are we using a general term?" Zuriel asks idly. After another moment, he lifts a brow again as he looks up to the woman. "You spoke that your husband is not here currently. Was my arrival have inappropriate timing for him?"

A smile crosses her face as she looks at the man and sighs deeply. "My husband… is with the Welsh Quidditch team at practice. He has left this in my hands, we all know the Mad Swede himself can hardly conduct business outside of a Quidditch pitch." She says with a chuckle. On the field, master Havinter is a Beast, an amazing Keeper and very camera Friendly. outside of said Quidditch pitch, the man wouldn't know how to handle a business contract. Though he isn't stupid, just, inept in certain areas, husband and wife acting in perfect compliment to each other. "The courting, while no necessary, it lets others know that the two are together. Mostly for the sake of others though, as I'm sure our children can be trusted." She says simply. "This contract is beneficial to us both, and I agree with it wholly. The bloodlines will continue, and I believe one of their children from said union can take the name Zanford, so that your family name isn't erased from the records due to marriage." She says, that being her trump card for sealing this contract, to make sure his family name lives on. She does have a daughter and a nephew as well, but Rashan is her Family's heir. "So, if all is in order. I believe I can send our Children the owls with the appropriate information. Then we can schedule a meeting with Headmaster potter, letting him know. I would also suggest Professor Malfoy attend, as he is their head of house, and also a Blood Loyalist if I remember correctly."

Zuriel lifts a brow silently at the explanation to her husband's absence, lowering her chin in a nod of understanding regardless. "So long as agrees to this arrangement as well, being the boy's father." he murmurs, leaning back slightly. "Public courtship then, agreed. It should not be difficult in this case, seeing as they attend school together. We will have to either arrange or coordinate this coming Christmas' holiday. Most often my daughter stays at the school during the holiday, though that can be changed easily. Also… I believe we will need to speak with Headmaster Potter in regards to… living arrangements." His lips briefly press together. "After the wedding in the summer, they will not be living separately in other dormitories, regardless of being students still. They will be adults." Listening to her, his deep sapphire blue eyes narrow just slightly, his face carefully masked, being pleased with the opportunity that he hadn't considered. Lowering his chin, he agrees quietly, "So long as it is a male heir of my choosing, being as he will ensure the Zanford name lives on. Being the last of the Zanford blood, I feel that duty lies on my shoulders." His lips barely twitch with a subtle tug, certainly pleased as he nods once more. "Agreed then. They will be contacted in regards to this arrangement…"

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