2026-09-23: Pure Blood Thoughts


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Scene Title Pure Blood Thoughts
Synopsis Rashan seams a bit off.
Location Infirmary - Hogwarts
Date September 23, 2026
Watch For A change in Rashan
Logger Rashan

Infirmary - Hogwarts

A vaulted and airy chamber, the room is long and rectangular with stone walls and floors that gleam from fastidious, antiseptic scrubbing. Paintings are hung to alleviate the bleak monotony of grey, and each portrait honors a particular Witch or Wizard who made breakthroughs in medical history. On either side of a broad center aisle, the walls are lined with rows of bed made up with soft, immaculately white linen sheets. A nightstand is provided for every two beds which is used to hold medicines, get-well cards and various other tokens that visitors may bring. Tall screens are scattered here and there, allowing patients and their guests some modicum of privacy if there is need for it.
The brisk, sharp scent of medicinal herbs and potions permeates the air, and a multitude of cabinets and cupboards near the entrance are used to store ingredients and remedies. Adjoining the room is a small, well equipped work area where medicines and potions can be prepared. Just above the door leading to the corridor, a portrait of a young and pretty nurse tends to a sleeping patient. Numerous, tall windows stretch from the floor to the vaulted ceiling and allow an uninhibited view out on the grounds of Hogwarts. A gentle wind blows from the north-east, moving the small scattering of clouds about the otherwise clear sky. The air is fairly cold, and a little damp; rain may be on the way soon.

Madam Pomfrey isn’t in at the moment, but Rashan is. Looking out a far window, hands behind his back still wearing his green Slytherin Quidditch robes. Something strange is about the young man though, as from his posture, and even stance are nothing like the way he usually stands. Rash usually standing with feet apart and arms crossed over chest, instead of the more refined stance. What he is looking at out the window, could be anyone's guess when first entering the infirmary. A bandage is wrapped around his head, and with the lighting flashing against his face, he has an ominous look about him.

Even in disconnect mode Layla keeps up on things. She has made her way to the infirmary just to check on the boy that is more a man! Well actually she is going to ask the nurse about him and then disappear. That is till she looks around and finds the nurse AWOL! Hands slip in the pocket of her faded jeans as she starts across the room with quiet steps.

"Hello Layla." The young man says with a soft voice, even his accent seams off, as if it's an attempt as a Swedish accent. "Look at them, mud bloods, scurrying about, told that they are the same as we are, do they not understand that bloodlines are everything?" He says with a frown, not taking his gaze from the window. "Everyone has their place, and these, filthy wretches, they should be under heel, to serve us." He says, his accent slipping more as it sounds more a cross between a British and Swedish one. "it is because of them we have had our troubles. it is because of them that we had people like Voldemort and the death eaters… Even Voldemort couldn’t change things, proving that his half blood lineage isn't even enough to attain greatness." he says, a sneer coming across his features, the only show of emotion so far.

Layla remains off to his side and stares out the window also, hands still in her pockets "Rashan our troubles were caused by your mother, not a set of people." She frowns slightly as she watches students scurry "You should be resting." She is pale and there are tell tale signs of no sleep. Yet here she is at least for the moment.

Turns his face to look at Layla, the huge bump under the bandage seen as an outline under the white bandage. "Our problem is but one of many, my mother wouldn’t have to do this if there were no Mud-Bloods." he says with a frown. "I do not require rest." he says as he turns back to the window. "I.. I must…" He says before his eyes roll in the back of his head and he faints, hitting the floor with a thud, but luckily, not on his bump.

Layla listens and watches Rashan for a moment. There views are slightly different, as she blames the mother "Rashan, rest is what…" but the rest gets dropped as she moves the short distance with quick speed. She catches him before he can do any more damage, and gently lays him down. If possible she goes more pale. She looks for the nurse and frowns… sure never around when she needs to be! Taking out her wand she levitates the boy back to his bed.

Rashan is laid out on the bed, after a few seconds his eyes open up, bleary and bloodshot as he looks around a bit. "Oh… Layla, sorry I was asleep." He says softly as he reaches up to touch the bandage, his accent back to normal. "Took a Bludger to the head, Kissera kinda got over excitable… I think it's a beater trait." He says with a smile as he looks around a bit more. "Layla, you don't look so well, come have a seat.” he says scooting over and patting the spot on the bed next to him. "Take a load off."

Layla watches him closely and when she hears his words about sleeping she hesitates and arches a brow "Rashan how long have you been asleep?" She then nods sympathetically about the beaters and excitability being a trait! She shrugs off his concern though as she takes a seat "Alright but I can't stay for long, I'm afraid."

Rashan looks at Layla and quirks an eyebrow. "It was night when I passed out after Madam Pomfrey wrapped my head up." He says with a smile. "Why? was I sleep walking?" he asks with a soft smile as he looks around. "I remember I had to come here after my first Quidditch game. I threw the Quaffle so hard that I slipped off my broom and landed on my feet, twisted my ankle something horrible." he says softly with a smile. "I'm sure you can stay a bit longer Layla, it gets so boring here without someone to talk too."

Layla smiles and offers "No I was just wondering is all." She then laughs "Quidditch is a dangerous sport for you it seems." She blinks and looks to her watch "I'm afraid I have homework to see to and some first years to tutor. I'll come again though if I can." She hesitates "Has Zarina been up?"

Rashan looks a bit upset that you have to leave. Of course, at the mention of Zarina his face becomes withdrawn. "I don't know… I don't wanna talk about it." He says with a slight frown as he stares off into space. His chest rises with a deep breath before he exhales.

Layla arches a brow "Rashan don't close me out. I've got a few moments yet, just not long alright?" She shifts and fluffs his pillows and straightens the blanket over him. "Relax and rest, I'm sure they will let you go back to the dorms soon."

Rashan looks to Layla. "I'm not closing you out, I just don’t wanna talk about her… with anyone." he says with a frown. "I need a favor from you Layla… a very important one." he says with a serious look on his face. "Tell me you will do this for me?" He asks with a smile. "I would myself, but Madam Pomfrey might turn me into a goon if I leave the infirmary before she says it's okay."

Layla blinks but lets it drop for now. She then arches a brow "What is it Rashan? If I can I will, you know that." She glances around making sure the nurse hasn't appeared with her name or something.

Rashan smiles and looks around a bit. "In the Quidditch lockers, My potions set is in there. I need you to get me the vial that has the numbers three two six on it." He says with a smile. "Be careful, don't touch the red potion, just get me the other vial." he says with a smile. as he takes her hand. "You're a good friend Layla, I would be lost without you." He says with a smile.

Layla squeezes the hand and rises reluctantly, "I'll go and get it now before I start the homework "Better be for a good reason though." She offers him a strained smile and starts for the door "Back in a moment."

Rashan smiles as she goes to get the mandrake extract for him, that will get rid of this damned headache he has. "Next time I see Kissera, I'm gonna shove a Bludger down her throat." He says with a frown, knowing that you don't knock out your team's best scorer." He places his hands on his stomach and closes his eyes, a soft smile on his face, he has some good pure blooded friends he thinks.

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