2026-09-01: Quick Changes


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Scene Title Quick Changes
Synopsis Takes place before other students board. Zarina changes into her school uniform to get ready for her Prefect duties, though with a slight interuption.
Location Slytherin Compartment
Date September 1, 2026
Watch For Weirdly calm conversation after seeing your best friend changing. Only to then lead to one asking the other out…
Logger Zarina

Slytherin Compartment - United Kingdom

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train travels to Hogwarts.

A pair of large emerald green trunks slide across the worn wooden floor of Hogwarts express on their own accord, charmed with Locomotor as a pair of black mary jane heels step lightly as they climb into the passenger carriage. Zarina takes in and releases a slow breath, the scents of Hogwarts familiar and nostalgic as she lifts a hand and brushes her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair, locks falling over the pale pink of her soft sweater. Lifting a pale, thin brow, her bright sapphire eyes glance around the corridor with some skepticism for a brief moment, passing by other busy students as they greet one another and clap each other on the backs.
Her gaze glances to each of the open compartment doors, passing over each in thought before selecting one that is open. Her heels click softly on the wooden floor as she passes through the low doorway, sliding he door closed behind her. Stepping forward, she brushes her slender fingers through the blinds, glancing out through the window for a silent moment or so before pulling her fingers away. Thoughtful for a moment or so, she turns and reaches up to her knapsack, opening it enough to pull out her school clothing and set the neatly folded pile of clothing in the bench seating.
Her slender fingers move agily, unbuttoning the front of her jeans and tucking underneath the hem as she slides them downwards over her lean, pale legs as she lowers herself to sit, removing her jeans and discarding them beside her as she reaches for her dark gray, pleated skirt. She slips her slender feet through the hem, pulling it upwards over the length of her legs over the black lacy thong. Zarina blinks her sapphire eyes slowly, breathing evenly as her hands reach down to take the hem of her sweater and lifting it over her snow white head.

The sound of a trunk being placed in a luggage rack is heard as a young but muscular Swede is seen lifting a second trunk, black with green trim, into the overhang, Girls behind him sigh in unison as his muscles stretch across the tight black shirt he wears. After his little display and a wink to the whole gaggle of soppy young women, he decides it is time to change this clothing as well. Instead of waiting until he is in a private area, he just takes his shirt off as he looks for a separate room. The Young girls following him and ogling him. Though it is a bit annoying, he still flexes his chest and shoulders absentmindedly as he walks along the train car, showing a perfect athletic display. Opening one door, the door that happens to be where Zarina is changing, he peeks his head in, muscles still pumped, his eyes like a cold dark fire.

Zarina pulls the soft pink collar of her sweater off over her head, releasing a gentle waterfall of silver white waves as they tumble over her shoulders and along he curve of her back. Her breathing causes her full chest to rise and fall slowly within the lacy ebony bra, contrasting against the pale flesh tone of her skin as along her sides are nearly indistinguishable stripes that only the keenest of observers can see within the brief moment. As the door slides open, her deep sapphire eyes look up at the slightly open doorway, blinking in some surprise to find the sight of Rashan as he stares at her, shirt held in hand and the muscles of his chest flexing with definition. She blinks once more at him before her eyes narrow and she turns her back towards him, slipping her arms through the white sleeves of her dress shirt before he has a chance to spy other nearly invisible scars along her back. The girl leads her fingers along the curve of her skin as she buttons the white pearled buttons upwards, partially cover the ink black of the lace bra beneath it, the white material custom fit to the curves of her body as the long waves of her snow white hair fall over her shoulders and covered back.

Rashan steps in, because she didn't complain and he closes the sliding door as people start whispering. "Hello Zarina." he says with his light Swedish accent as he tosses his backpack down on a bench and starts to rummage through it. "Stupid outfit…" He mutters as he pulls out a white button down shirt and his green and silver Slytherin tie, along with his vest and black slacks. "I actually was getting ogled out there, no tact theast people have what so ever." He says nonchalantly, as if it's a common occurrence. He then begins to dress, Shirt coming on, but left unbuttoned for the moment as he pulls out a Black hair band. "Zee, could you pony tail my hair?" he asks with a smile as his wild mane of hair looks like it needs to be tied back.

Zarina simply lifts a pale brow as her slender fingers finish buttoning the last of the pearled buttons through their holes, leaving one loose still as it reveals some pale skin. Shifting her weight in her seat, she leans back and crosses her lean legs, a hand absently reaching down to brush down the pleated skirt, as if it were a second-thought. Her other hand reaches for her pile of fresh clothes, reaching for a tie stripped with emerald green and shimmering silver as she idly pulls it around her neck, leaving it draping there over the curve of her chest for now. "I thought that the door was locked, though it doesn't seem to matter regardless." Zarina murmurs with a light shrug of a shoulder. She watches him for a moment longer with a slight frown in thought, only for her attention to be brought to him again as he asks for her help. The snowy-haired girl gives him another odd glance before uncrossing her legs, standing to her feet. The slight smirk returns to her lips as she shakes her head at him, reaching forward to take the black ribbon from his hand as she moves around him at the same time. "You could have had a little tack too, you know…" Zarina murmurs to him as she drapes the ribbon around her neck, both of her hands reaching up to carefully brush through his hair to straight the strands.

Rashan smirks as he feels her hands straighten his hair. "Well, I feel comfortable around you and trust you." He says, a very big compliment coming from the likes of him in any case. "Besides that, when you look at me you see me, not a piece of man meat that thease immature girls feel is their right to stare at with drool coming down their chins." He says, though the fact he dosen't do anything to stop them, and even teases them somtimes doesn't seam to register with him. "Did you get picked for prefect this year?" He asks off handedly as he buttons up his shirt while he allows her to fix his hair.

The warmth of her fingertips absently brush along his head and across his back as he straightens his long, rich ebony hair, gently pulling it back as she lifts a pale brow at the tall boy. "Well we have been in most of each other's classes since first year. Not to mention I have personally watched you go through girlfriends like they were Chocolate Frogs." she smirk lightly, shaking her head at him as she holds his long hair back at the base of his skull. The girl moves her slender fingers carefully as she wraps the ribbon once, twice around his ponytail, trying it into a simple proper bow as it seems to only make him look all that much more dashing. "And of course you're not a piece of man meat, Rashan. You're a piece of boy meat." The smirk grows easily on her full lips as she teases him back, comfortable with the friendly teasing they have always shared. A pale brow quirks lightly at his question. "Don't know quite yet, bet we'll see."

Rashan smiles and turns his head once she is done. Starting to tie his tie in a nice knot. "Boy? I could show you the difference between a boy and a man. Just as I know you are a woman amongst girls." He says as he tilts his head to the side. "I just wonder what boys you shall have falling over themselves trying to catch your attention this year? It's interesting to watch you deal with them." He says with a smile as he pulls on his vest. "I'm shocked the other's haven't shown up yet, well, not really surprised, some of them can be lazy." he says off handedly as he does a dashing spin now in his school uniform sans the black Slytherin robe. "I wish I could wear my Quidditch robes instead of that black thing… It hides my physique." he says flexing a muscle and even though the shirt, it's impressive.

Zarina lifts a pale brow at him as she takes a light step back from him, "Know this for a fact how?" she asks him curiously before smirking some and rolling her deep blue sapphire eyes, shaking her head as she leans to the side and flicks her finger against the latch of the door, making sure its locked this time. Leaning back again, she lowers herself into the cushioned seat and leans back into it, lightly shaking her head quietly. "Probably the same number as last year, with the exception of those that will be first year students of course." The girl doesn't seem to care about dressing in the rest of her uniform right now, her slender fingers idly toying with the tie draped around her neck with her long, snow white hair draping over her slender shoulders. Her eyes glance up with a quirk of a brow as he spins for her, her full lips parting with another smirk as she shakes her head. "You don't need girls to drool over you. You do a great job of it yourself." Zarina smirks, giving him a wink.

Rashan chuckles and looks at her with a tilt of his head. "You know, we could completely blow everyone out of the water this year. It would be quite simple, and perfect actually." He says with a smile as he leans against the wall in a bad boy fashion. "I don't drool Min Dam (My Lady), I gaze intently, there is a difference." He says with a smile that shows off his dimples. "But, what I was getting at is… Why don't we date? Besides both of us being the most good looking people in the school, not to say the whole world, and the fact that our personalities compliment each other so very well." He says with a smile. "Just a suggestion."

Zarina smirks and rolls her eyes exaggeratingly, "Oh, my apologizes. You don't drool over yourself, you stare intently. That is such a difference." she lightly shakes her head, lifting a slender hand to brush back long, silver white hair back and tuck a lock behind her ear. Her idle gaze glances back up at him as he leans against the wall next to the door, arching a pale brow at him as she recognizes his familiar move he uses. The dashing smile and dimple move. As she listens to him, she blinks once before frowning slightly, the thought never occurring to her before then. "'Compliment'." Zarina repeats, "Rash, why are you asking now? I mean, we have a pretty good friendship and you have a history with girls…"

Rashan blinks and tilts his head. "Yes I do have a history with girls, girls who didn't know me, girls who, as I have said before, see only skin deep. It's because I know you as a person, and because you know me pretty well. That's why I'm asking. I… well I wanted to ask last year, but we were never both 'available' at the same time. I do respect you, one of the few people who has my respect is you Zee. I can understand if you don't, and it wont change our friendship at all if you don't want to, and I know it's… hard for me to say things like this, but it's the truth. You are the woman I want, not just your looks, but you, Zarina Zanford." He says his smile less boyish and more serious. Granted it would blow peoples minds to see them together, but rarely does he ever talk like this, outside of Quidditch and his distaste for Mud bloods.

Zarina watches him quietly as the comfortable smirk that seems to compliment her full lips slowly fades, she blinks once as she listens to him, quiet as her slender fingers gently curl around the end of her tie, lips parting. She breathes slowly as she pulls her eyes away, for the first time looking unsure, confused. "It… isn't that I don't…" she murmurs softly, slowly. "And… you were the only one that wasn't available. Those rumors always made it out that I was dating everyone in every year." The girl releases a sigh, tilting her head back as her snow white head rests against the wall. "I'm not sure… Admittedly, I haven't considered dating before. And you're my friend too. I wouldn't want it to be weird if… well if it didn't work out."

Rashan looks at her for a bit and then lets out a sigh. "I can make those rumors disappear if you like?" He asks, a slightly protective edge to his voice, the same as anyone in Slytherin. "But… as far I'm concerned. I wouldn't find it weird if it didn't work out. But, the choice is yours. Just tell me Yes or no, and if yes, then you will held in regards of a queen. If no, then I'll never speak of this again, and we can forget we ever talked about it." He says with a smile, showing that her friendship does matter to him, but he does have to ask anyway.

Returning her sapphire blue eyes to him, her expression softens for a moment before Zarina lightly shrugs a shoulder. "They are just jealous of brains and beauty. Let them be jealous and envious." she attempts at a smile as she gives him a wink. The smile soon disappears again as she bites at her bottom lip and glances to the window again, out at the passing passengers and conductors, mothers and fathers hugging and kissing their children. "I can't…" she murmurs. "I can't, but I don't want to just act like we didn't talk about it. I'm… kinda honored that you fancy me that much."

Rashan smiles and takes a seat opposite her and places his feet up on the seat as he looks at her. "Well, I'm not going to ask why you can't, but I'll accept it." he says with a soft smile. "And I'm glad you feel honored. Besides, regardless of our… relationship, anyone says anything to you that I don;t like. I'm going to make them regret it." he says with a smile. "And I'm sure the whole house will back me up as well." He says with a nod and a smile.

The smirk easily grows, brightening her expression as she rolls her bright eyes again, lifting her arms to thread her slender fingers in a mockingly sexy pose. "Hey, if you got it, flaunt it. And baby do I got it." she chuckles, brushing back the silver white locks from the curves of her cheeks. "Don't worry about it. I can either leave them on the ceiling, turn them into rats, any number of other things if they decide to get fresh with me. But you know you'll be the first one I'll tell it to, sweetie." she lightly pouts her bottom lip out at him in mock sympathy.

Rashan blinks at her and chuckles. "If you keep flirting like that, I might just get freash with you." He says with a smile. "I just hope someone doesn't try to love potion me. I saw what happoned last year with that one seventh year Ravenclaw. It was funny." He says with a smirk, gladly, his best subject, aside from being good looking and Quidditch, is potions.

Zarina just smirks, remaining silent as she gives him a wink as her slender fingers idly play with the emerald green and shimmering silver stripped tie draped around her neck. At the mention of the potions class, she arches a more than interested brow. Brushing back her long, silver white hair over her shoulder, she smoothly stands to her feet to take a seat next to him, the curve of her body facing towards him as she leans forward. "Alright, you so need to tell me that story. I heard those potions are the really easy to make. Is that true? How did she slip it to you? Did it work?" the smirk easily grows.

Rashan blinks and looks at her. "It wasn't me she slipped it to! I could smell the lavender extract and mermaids hair a mile away. Besides, anyone who needs a love potion is really sad in my opinion." He says with a smirk. "Though, there was the time I accidently dropped a bottle of sirens song. Professor Malfoy was so mad." he says with a smile as he tilts his head at her. "You're taking the potions newts this year right?" he asks with a smirk.

Zarina blinks once before the smirk grows to naturally grace her full lips, "And Ravenclaws think they are always so smart…" she murmurs, her voice almost purring as she chuckles. She idly shrugs a shoulder, "And some people are just desperate, though I would have loved to see Professor Malfoy when you did." The smirk grows slightly on her lips, "Yes, though N.E.W.T.s aren't until next year."

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