The game involves three separate balls. They are:

Quaffle - Large, red, with indentions for holding onto it.

Bludger - Medium-small iron balls enchanted to fly through the air and fly at players on the field.

Snitch - Small, walnut-sized ball with wings enchanted to dart around the field and area.

There are four positions on each time. They are:

Chasers - Three chasers pass the quaffle between each other and try to get it through one of the three tri-level hoops at the end of the pitch.

Keeper - This person guards the tri-level hoops on their team's side of the field to prevent the opposing chasers from scoring.

Beaters - These two players are armed with small, thick bats and have the job of hitting the Bludgers to try and distract or disrupt the opposing teams players.

Seeker - This one person has the most important task in the game. They have to locate and catch the Snitch. If they do, they win the game for their team.

Scoring is as follows:

Each time the quaffle is thrown through an opposing team's goal - 10 points
When the Snitch is caught - 150 points to the team of the Seeker who caught it.

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