Quidditch The Kenmare Kestrels Vs The Moose Jaw Meteorites


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Scene Title The Kenmare Kestrels Vs The Moose Jaw Meteorites
Synopsis A friendly game of Professional Quidditch between the top two teams for the current Quidditch Season
Location On the outskirts of Kenmare Ireland
Date February 9th, 2027
Watch For Ariyann gets the best quote of the game…see if you can find it!
Logger Deacon

Welcome to the Emerald Isle! Via port key you find yourself in the lush green fields of Ireland in a remote part of the country.

In the distance you see the Quidditch pitch setup on this bright sunny day. The towers are decorated accordingly depicting today’s match. The local colors of the Kenmare Kestrels of Ireland, large green tapestries with two golden K’s gently flap in the wind on a few of the towers. The rest are adorned with red and white tapestries to represent the visiting team from Canada the Moose Jaw Meteorites. Atop each of the towers flickers the team’s flags.

Around the pitch you will find droves of tents and stands of vendors from all over. You can buy all sorts of team merchandise here as well as a few other world class Quidditch players from various teams are here singing auto graphs. The turnout for this event is rather large. Hundred of people wander about the grounds, a good mixture of adults and children of all ages. Many have their faces painted representing their favorite teams and wearing the colors.

The day has been beautiful! It is late afternoon and the sun is on its way down. There is a chill in the air but the weather has held back it seems. The crowds are gathered and they are amp'd up for today's match. The local Irish are dressed for there team, wandering about with all sorts of team gear such as hats, face paint's of various colors and a overall excitement in the air. Those coming from other parts of the world find the various port keys about the world and end up right on the outskirts of the fair grounds. The game has not started yet but the energy is in the air!

Where Daniel managed to find money to attend any game is surprising. What's even more surprising is the fact that his seats are pretty decent. The young man is somewhere near the top of the stands, already sat in his seat and waiting for the match to begin. He's got a big hand in the colours of the Irish team, as well as some paint striked across his cheeks. Aaaah Quidditch, who can really deny going to a Quidditch game.

It's with a giggle that Bethany arrives with Deacon through the port key. "We're close enough." She answers the man before glancing about at the sights of the grounds and then peers off towards the quidditch pitch in the distance. "I can't wait! The Kestrel's are gonna destroy the Meteorites!" She practically bounces where she stands next to Deacon, looking back to the man. "Come on, we have to get to our seats, and get all our stuff ready. I don't want to miss a minute of this!"

William emerges from a port-key, bundled in his winter jacket and scarf and grinning ear to ear. "Candy first! Must stock up! Oh, and then perhaps we can see if any of the player cards I'm missing are up for trade. Who are we cheering for today?" he babbles, though his partner in crime may or may not have emerged just yet. What does William care who they cheer for, just so long as there's cheering to be done? He'll probably forget half way through the game anyway.

Deacon chuckles to Bethany as he starts to meander through the crowds of people passing a few vendors of various pieces of merchandise for both teams, "Is there anything you wish to purchase out here in the fields before we go find out seats at the pitch precious?" he asks as a man with his face painted in the color's of the Kestrel's comes walks through the crowd juggling what looks like 12 or 13 sets of balls all moving very quickly.

"Whoever gets the snitch!" Chloe declares as she lands, stepping behind William and catching the last of his babble. She laughs happily as she walks along side of him, looping her arm through his at a small gust of wind. She's so glad that she too remembered her scarf as well as her coat and gloves. "Please tell me you remembered the list of cards you need this time though! Or else we're not going to get anything! No more triplicates!" She snickers and nudges him with her hip.

Bethany nods her head quickly as she smiles even wider at Deacon. "There's a ton I want to get before hand. I hope you brought your money." she teases before rushing off through the fairgrounds and trying her best to drag him with her as she seems to seek something to purchase with money not her own. "And you better not root for the Meteorites while we're here."

William laughs, rocking Chloe side to side as they trundle on up to the merchanting fields. "I did! See?" he acknowledges, tugging out a tiny, tightly wound scroll — that he flicks, and allows to unroll a fair amount. There are a lot of teams in the world, and a lot of cards to collect! It flaps in the breeze. "And I even brought some of my triplicates to trade. Happy?" he teases back.

All sorts of different people from different countries are all about you! Tents are setup for those who have stayed here a few days perhaps, others here to sell sell sell! "Get your Kenmare cloaks and hats here!" one vendor cries out, "Butter beer! Pretzels! Kenmare Cookies!" a food vendor cries out to those who pass by! One may find any item they may desire to represent there favorite team or even other Quidditch teams around the globe. There is even a tent setup with some of retired Quidditch players sighing autographs!

Deacon cant help but be dragged along by Bethany chuckling along the way "Of course of course now….what do you want first….how about one of those silly hats there….or we can get your face painted to…that may look cute on you.."

Picking her way through the crowd, Gina's angular haircut sways around her face as she looks about through the crowd. For good or ill however, the tall woman's eyes are drawn away by bags of neatly packaged cookies. Oh, the joy of something neatly packaged. The auror pauses, her fingers lightly tapping the neatly wrapped cookies before she beings picking through the basket to find the best looking of those there. So … she was a tad OCD - oh well. Only when she's found the best cookies in the entire basket does she give the poor, bewildered man a few coins for them.

"Quite!" Chloe agrees, her eyes dancing as they head in to the crowds. "Gets them out of the house." She snickers, "Oh, remind me to pick mum up something from the Kestrels? Before we leave, not now. Mum's doing a piece that's supposed to portray birds of prey in flight… I thought it would be appropriate."

Bethany smirks towards Deacon as she leads the way up to one of the clothier booths. "You better get the money out now." she advises her escort as she starts picking out Hat, Cape, an entire outfit in the theme of the Kenmare Kestrels. "Ohh, make it two of everything. We just gotta take some back to her too." she waits for the owner to bag all her choices before turning to Deacon. "Well, Pay the man before we're too late to find our seats in time!"

Daniel is comfy. His player is a space cadet. Next!

Deacon smirks to Bethany as it seems he is the walking man purse tonight. Reaching into his jacket pocket he pulls out some galleons and pays the vendor "Of course precious….this is your day what ever you desire…." he says twirling his cane around then starts heading towards the pitch "Have you seen this team play before?"

"Oh, yes, that'd be quite perfect." Wil agrees, leading them over to browse some vendors. "You know, we may have to go card hunting afterwards. We can't miss tip-off — why don't we just grab two armfulls of sweets and find our seats?" he suggests, using his wand to tighten up his scroll again. It could take forever, really. There's a bit of candy floss that's caught his eye, and some exploding candy rocks, and … ooh, cookies. "Those look good." Wil comments pleasantly to Gina.

It is still a few minutes before the game is to start. The field starts to clear up as people start to head to there seat. Some last minute vendors try to sell off the rest of there wares before the big match. There are a pair of young red head Irish girls at the opening gates passing out programs depicting the highlights if the Kenmare Kestrels, the different players all with moving pictures and highlights from previous matches. The Kestrels are undefeated this year holding the highest overall point value in the league. The Meteorites though are in second place and depending on the score they could take the lead. The program reads the Kestrel's last match with the Moose Jaw's last year lasted three whole days!

"GO KESTRELS!" Looking at her, you wouldn't have thought something so loud and fierce could come from Ariyann's mouth. But there it is. She hasn't found her seat yet, instead opting to stand in the aisle by one of the guard rails, leaning over and shouting. Her arms being in the air may make her look more intimidating or they may make her look ridiculous, but she's decided it doesn't really matter. She has a day off tomorrow; she's going to enjoy this.

Deacon notices the crowds starting to move to the pitch "Well my dear we should start heading to the pitch then looks like everyone is filling in to the stadium….lets get a move on…"

Bethany hefts the bags of her purchases and nods quickly in agreement to Deacon. "These seats better be as good as you said they are." Moving to Deacon's side, she tries to hurry him along to the pitch after getting a couple of those programs being passed out at the gates. "This is going to be a blowout!"

She was enjoying look at her perfect cookies, but Gina suddenly realizes the game is starting, so she hurries over to the stand with her perfectly formed cookies in tow. She had to find her seat before the game began!

Daniel is high-up, still comfy in his seat and quiet as the game looks like it's about to begin. He was enjoying the silence of the stadium and spacing out, but the game will be more fun

The crowd has gathered, the pitch is live with the screams of the crowd as the announcer sitting at the highest stand starts to speak "Welcome one and all to the match of the century! Tonight match aught to be one for the record books! Let us introduce our guests tonight….with there Captain Jaque LeFleurthe Moose Jaw Meteorites!"

With the intro, high up in the air comes the Canadian Meteorites in a flying V formation circling the top of the pitch waving to there fans. The circle inwards in a spiral to the very center of the field, each one throwing out fireworks that explode in the air forming a depiction of the Canadian flag!
"GO BACK TO CANADA!!" Ariyann may have had a few drinks before she came out tonight.

Deacon does have very good seats. Very center of the field at center level where one can see all of the action both above, below and good view of each of the goals. Deacon settles down in hsi seat then looks to Bethany "Best seats in the house precious….."

Bethany gapes openly at the seats and sets her bags down hurridly as the Canadian team makes their entrance. Despite them being the enemy team, she still cheers a little at the display of fireworks and flying.

Daniel suddenly finds himself with a pair of familiar-faces flanking him, each with an armfull of candy. "I wish we could get fireworks for our neighborhood games." William comments absently, offering the man some candy floss. "It would be ever so much fun."

Chloe agrees with an impish grin, offering Daniel some berties bots. So much for it being quiet up there.

Daniel looks on either side of himself. "Oh. Hello guy and gal." He smiles cheerfully. The young man takes some of the offered beans and candy floss. "Neighbourhood games? You live in a wizarding neighbourhood, then?" He asks. He's not cheering so much, he's never been good at that.

"And now" the announcer goes, his voice echoing through the Pitch and beyond "Here they arethe home teamthe undefeated….lead by Kyle Oconnel..the Kenmare Kestrels!"

With that announce meant loud Irish music begins to play and the crowd literally explodes in cheers! A flash from camera pop and smoke all over the pitch! The team comes out from all directions of the pitch moving and zipping around each other in the center of the field like a ball of angry bee's! then as they gather in the center the team starts flying straight up over the pitch then fountain out with an explosion of Green and Yellow sparks that flood the pitch in wondrous color!

Ariyann is turning red in the face with the force of her yelling. She's got green face paint below her eyes — like football players and charcoal or whatever, like warpaint — and she's wearing a jersey. After they'd been properly introduced, she decides it's high time to pick her way to her seat so the wizard selling candy will stop giving her dirty looks. Lo and behold, she finds herself right beside the Daniel-Wil-Chloe combo, leaning over the girl — who'd she met once — to give Daniel a sloppy hug. "Heeeeeeeeeeyyy!"

Deacon points up to the Kestrals as they fly about over the pitch "I must say they do have a nice showman ship dont they….i hope they play as good…"

If they've met once, then chances are Chloe will be gleeful in her greetings, and offer candy to Ari as well. William, at that point, is on his feet cheering wildly — but don't take it as a given that he'll be cheering the Kestrals the whole way. Oh dear, this could be a problem. "What? Oh, our parents have a rural home, so I go back and play with the village, yeah." he explains, plopping himself back down into his seat, all smiles.

Bethany definitely isn't paying any attention to what Deacon may be saying as the Kestrels come out to the pitch. Up on her feet, Bethany's screaming with the rest of the fans rooting for the home team at the top of her lungs. She's rather lucky she doesn't fall over from all the bouncing and cheering she's doing.

Daniel looks surprised when Ariyann mauls him in a sloppy hug. "Hello Ariyann." The man smiles cheerfully. "Long time, no see. How are you?" Besides a little tipsy. He turns his head toward William, nodding. "Awesome. That must be a load of fun."

"Lets get this game going!" the announcer states as the players take there places on the field. A referee moves to the very center of the pitch with a box. Once its opened the bludgers are let loose to fly, then the snitch is held up high before it is let go into the air. Then the quaffle is taken, a moment is taken before its thrown up into the air! Who will get the toss? It is the Metorites! "Chaser Gallows has the quaffle! The Canadians have possession and the game is on the way!

Ariyann points an incriminating finger at Daniel, poking him on the forehead. "That's because YOU never send me an OWL, mister!" She collapses in the seat next to Chloe and graciously accepts any offers of candy with what can only be described as a devious cackle. "Oh, these ones are my FAVORITE," Her mouth is suddenly full of Bertie Bott's.
Deacon leans back in his seat placing his hands on his cane as he watches shaking his head "Seems the Canadians have the drop….lets see what your Irish can do precious…" he says to her wirth a grin.

Ohmaigawd, Ari is winning. William leans forward in his seat to look across at her and blinks, then asks in mock outrage, "Who let her start without me?!" Oh dear, looks like someone /else/ is going to be the designated porter today, because William emerges with a flask he quickly opens up and drinks from. "To. Uh. Keep warm. I'm a Healer, I'm allowed to claim it's medicinal." he informs Daniel with a smug smile, before offering to pass it down.

"No no noooo!!!" Bethany wails as the Meteorites get first crack at the quaffle. "How could yoU!! Get it back get it back!!!" Arms flail as she uses them to try and make her point, occasionally stomping her feet and giving Deacon an occasional dirty glance. Oh ye of little faith.

Daniel laughs awkwardly at poor Ariyann. Oh dear. "Sorry! I've been busy. I'm so awful with owls, dear." Is he blushing? Perhaps a little. When William sounds all indignant, the young man turns his head and more awkward laughter prevails. Aaah fuck. It's going to be one of those nights, is it? His eyes go toward the field. "Chloe, you and I are going to have quite the task tonight."

Chaser Gallows moves quickly down the field with the beaters to both sides. They dodge two bludgers which try and intercept the Canadian's, but they are agile. The Kenmare chasers are in pursuit behind the three, as they approach the Kenmare goals Gallows makes a throw yet its caught by Captain Oconnel!

"Look at that catch! Captain Oconnel caught the throw from Gallows! What a catch!"

Oconnel quickly throws the quaffle down the field to Chaser Kline who turns and heads to the Canadian posts. He moves to dodge a bludger, another is smacked in his direction from one of the Canadian Beaters but with a show of professional arieal acrobatics Kline manages to avoid the bludger, coming into scoring range and with a throw scores!

"Kenmare will make the first goal of the game! What a move by Chaser Kline that's 10 points for Kenmare!"

Deacon begins to clap as Kenmare makes the first goal "Well well I do have little faith…that was a very bold move there by Kenmare….they really can fly…can you fly like that.." he says teasing to Bethany.

Indescribable glee and gobs of half-chewed Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans fly from Ariyann's mouth. "YEAH KESTRELS! YEAH GOAL!" She'd jumped out of her seat at that one. What? It was exciting! The truth was, she'd only had a cosmopolitan. But it was a strong cosmopolitan, and she's a little woman, and her stomach had been empty. "Ah, awfulness is no excuse!" She says to Daniel. "I expect that you'll be meeting me for lunch again next week to make up for it!" But then, a kindred spirit! At least in the amount excess able to be witheld. She peers suspiciously at Wil's flask. "What's that you've got there?"

Chloe looks over at Dan with a wry smile. "I'll take her, if you take him?" she jests… or perhaps it isn't a joke at all. William can be /heavy/ as dead weight! But then all conversation is interrupted, as the Kestrel's score, and once again William is on his feet hollaring incoherantly, lost in the crowd of voices doing the same. "Scotch malt!" he indicates enthusiastically, passing it down for her to try. William is a fast drunk, but not a cheap one by any means — Chloe's father saw to that. "It's really good." he insists. It must be, his cheeks are already getting pink. Or maybe that's just the shouting.

Bethany jumps up and down before her seat as the Kestrels score, cheering loudly with the rest of the home crowd before she sinks down into her seat next to Deacon and gives the man a hard nudge in the gut. "You know I can't!" she declares before her attention is gnabbed by the game once more. "Hey! Was that the snitch?!"

"Right, lunch next week." Daniel replies. "Alright, I will write it down and work out details later." He tells Ariyann. The young man gives Chloe a wide grin. Thank goodness for help. Of course, then there is the break for cheering. Which he does, clapping his hands and wooting loudly with his friends. No jumping around for him, though. "Pass that over here, Wil, I want a swig." He holds out a hand.

The Canadians now have control of the quaffle. Keeper Hammond tosses the ball out to Captain Lefluer who starts to fly up high, his Beaters flying low beneath him. The bludgers make there way to intercept but the beaters do there job to keep one away, but one gets by them and clips Lefluer's broom! Le Fleur is knocked off balance but manages to hang on to his broom only by one hand, valiantly he holds the quaffle crutched in his other arm as he dangles in mid air!

"Oh no! Bad luck for Captain Lefleur! He is hanging there taking a hit from the Bludger!

Canadian Chaser Kullen comes up to aid, but Kenmar Chaser Mcdonald goes to intercept. Lefleur attempts to toss the Quaffle to Kullen before he falls with Mcdonald fly's in with lightening speed and intercepts!

"Oh my Mcdonal has intercepted the Quaffle and is heading down to the Canadian's goal! There is no one in his way but the Keeper!"

Deacon grins looking to Bethany then looks about "I do not now…the seeker's have not done much moving yet….I wouldn’t be able to see that little thing…"

"FALL! FALL!" Ariyann calls for blood when the opposing captain slips off his broom. She settles back into her seat (although it makes little sense; she'll probably jump up again in a few seconds) and reaches to accept the flask from Wil with a bit of curiosity. "Oh, I've never had THAT before—awwwwwrrr intercepted by Jones! Oh, the humanity!" She'll let Daniel get a sip first. While she, er, commentates.

Wil cringes outright as the Captain is nearly knocked from his broom, 'Ooooh'ing in sympathy. It's high-drama — will he fall? Will he make it? Wil's just sat down, but already the tension is causing him to slowly rise back up and out again, passing Daniel the flask absently as he shouts, "C'mon! C'MON!" It's impossible to tell who he's cheering for in that, but the intercept is a beautiful one and he's on his feet again, watching as it comes down to a straight-up duel between chaser and keeper. IT'S THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD.

"Jones is just too quick for Lynch." Daniel smirks. He takes a swig before passing the flask along to Ariyann. "Man, I don't miss those days. Falling off the broom."

Bethany rolls her eyes as she hears Deacon though she leans forward, absorbed in the game. "Oconnel Is sooo gonna win this for us. I can't wait to see those Bloody Meteorites fly back to Canada as Losers!!"

Mcdonald starts to move in a zig zag motion towards the goal. The Canadian Keeper shifts a bit unknown where Mcdonald may throw. The Chaser moves to the upper ring but tosses to the lower one! Thos move confuses the Canadian and Kenmare scores again!

"Kenmare scores! A fake out maneuver by Mcdonald was a success allowing Kenmare to get ahead early in the game. Twenty points for Kenmare!"

At this time people will start pointing high above the pitch where the Seekers sit watching the match. It seems the race for the snitch is on! Right after the Kenmare goal, Seeker Debeu from the Canadians is seen making a dive straight down as he seems to be on the tail end of the golden snitch! Seeker Charles from Kenmare though is not far behind!

"All eyes are on the seekers now! Seems Seeker Debeu has located the snitch very early in the game! Can he get it though and win the game for the Canadians?"

Deacon grins a moment and points his cane to the seekers "oh no the seekers have already found the snitch….look over there precious seems they are going for it now…"

And she's on her feet again as the Kestrels make another goal, screaming her lungs out. She takes a break to accept the flask from Daniel and sniff at it cautiously. "I never had to fall off," She confesses. "I just sat in front of the goal." After a slight 'getting ready' pause, she tilts the flask back and takes a long swig. When she pulls it away, she makes a face and hands it back to Wil. "THAT will take getting used to, it's like what my pa used to drink."

Wil is going to be hoarse when it's all over. Good thing he brought some alcohol to sterilize a raw throat! WOOO! "/That/ is the good stuff. Not the best, but good enough." William points out with a grin, snagging his flask back for another drink. It's then he notes the seekers, and a great scowl takes over his features. Swallowing, he shoves his flask back at Daniel before he begins shouting. "NO! No no no, it's too soon! GO AWAY. SHOO. DON'T YOU DARE, DEBEU!" he objects angrily, shaking his fist. "Man, the game's only just /started/!" he adds, tossing up his other hand in frustration before flumping back down into his seat. "Oh, the first few times I fell off I was unconscious before I even hit the ground." he laughs. … Head injuries explain so much.

Bethany jumps back to her feet as she looks towards the seekers. "GO GO GO GO!!!" she cries, stepping in place where she stands, as if she wished she were out on the pitch chasing the snitch. "Come on!!! Knock him from his broom! Push him out of the way!! You gotta get to it before he does! Come oon!!!!"

Once the Seeker's start to move, the crowd tries to move with them. Debeu continues to dive as the snitch moves straight down almost coming to the ground when it dart's right back the way it came! This throws off Debeu trying to make a desperate reach for the golden nugget but misses and falls off the broom slamming into the ground! Charles is a bit throw off by Debeu's sudden movement but is able to maneuver around him and pull back around still in hot pursuit of the snitch!

"Oh know the Canadian seeker is down! Lets hope he gets back in the game quickly or they have no chance of winning this game!

In the mean time the Canadian chasers have maneuvered there way down the field with the Quaffle and with a throw make a successful goal!

"Seems Chaser Gallows has made his way down field and scored a goal for the Canadians! They are on the board with 10 points!"

So so much. William doesn't even know. Daniel looks at the man with a wide smirk on his face before his eyes hit the field once more. "I fell off so many ti—-" The young man winces and yelps when the Seeker smashes into the ground. "Jesus. Gotta hate when that happens. Always looks so painful."

Deacon moves up to the edge of his seats to look down where the seekers have gone and winces as Debeu crashes to the ground "Ooo….that had to hurt…"

"HA! Take THAT, CANADA!" Ariyann roars when the seeker slams into the ground. She conveniently ignores the goal. "S'only when the beaters thought it was a GOOD idea to aim at the keeper… but I was fast, see, so they didn't hit me very much, or if they did, it was an arm or a leg."

"Ha!" Bethany exclaims as the opposing seeker faceplants in the dirt. "And that's what will happen to you Deacon if you make fun of my flying anymore!" she taunts before giggling. "Come on!! It's right there! Get it! Take the rest of them out!! Come on, Beaters!! How could you let them score like that?! Arrrg!! You all need more practice!"

Seeker Debeu recovers limping a bit but he is on his broom moving to intercept Charles. Kenmare has control of the quaffle and its tossed to Chaser Mcdonald. He moves quickly down the pitch and passes it to Chaser Morgan who passes it back to Mcdonald keeping ti away from the Canadian Beaters who attempt to knock it from there arms. Morgan takes the Quaffle once more moving to score and is successful!

"Kenmare scores again! Perfect passing maneuvers by Kenmare tonight ends up confusing the Canadians!

The seekers are at it again moving up high over the pitch. Charles from Kenmare is only inches behind the lightening fast snitch, Debeu not far from him. It seems Charles is so close when the Bludger finds him breaking the Seeker's broom! Charles is it square and begins to plummet from hundreds of feet in the air. Debeu maneuvers around the falling player and with a blast of speed succeeds and catches the snitch!

"Oh no! Charles has been taken out of the game! The bludger has destroyed his broom in an upsetting turn of events! Now Debeu is on the snitch and he has it! Debeau has caught the Golden Snitch ending the game! Final score Kenmare 30 points, Meteorites 110 points! What an upset!"

"BULLSHIT!" Ariyann lets loose with a rare expletive.

Deacon shakes his head "Well this has been i think the shortest Qudditch game I’ve been to….but a good one what an upset….poor Seeker….nothing worse then to be blind sighted by a bludger…"

"What the hell?!" Daniel jumps up to his feet as well, watching the Seekers on the snitch. "Holy crap, I've never seen a professional match this fast… Come on Kenmare, come o— WHAT THE HELL?!" He exclaims, just as loudly as Ariyann and her explicit.

Ariyann snatches the flask from Daniel to take another long swig, hoping that maybe it would wash the shame of last-minute defeat away. When she pulls the flask away and shoves it back towards Wil she's looking notably more red-faced. "I'VE HAD BOYFRIENDS THAT LAST LONGER THAN THIS GAME DID!" She screeches.

Bethany lets out a keening wail that has the semblance of the word No, somewhere in there. Stunned afterwards, she slumps back into the seat next to Deacon, staring off at the spot where the snitch was captured by the other team. "nooo.. It's not fair!" she exclaims, though a lot quieter before she turns to hide her face against Deacon.

Deacon embraces Bethany and runs a hand through her hair "It is ok precious….they still have a lead in the league if you do the math right so the Irish are still number one….when they play next we will come with your gear on and continue to cheer them on…"

William is stunned, clearly. Staring, he begins shouting his own abuse at the seekers, though nothing so inventive as Ariyann's. Now it's down to a fight for the flask. "COME ON. REDO. I DEMAND A REDO!" he shouts, clearly disappointed it's all over so fast.

Daniel chokes at Ariyann's exclamation, and he breaks out into laughter as he falls back into his seat. William and Ariyann can duke it out for the flask and continue to shout. He's just going to laugh joyously.

Bethany keeps her face hidden for a long moment before moving to try and rise from her seat, her hands moving to smooth out her clothes. "Come on." she states, pouting at the man who brought her here. "I'm done with this today. They cheated. They had to have and I don't want to be here one moment longer."

Deacon nods his head in understanding "of course love let us head back to the port key…"

Ariyann lets loose on a string of bellowed insults about peoples' mothers and the sizes of certain parts of their bodies and such for a good minute or so, but then she loses steam takes another swig from the flask she'd managed to wrestle from Wil — and collapses back into her seat. With utter conviction, she announces, "I think I am going to cry."

The announcer comes back on "and there you have it folks….short and sweet…the Canadians came out on top…let us congratulate our visitors and there Seeker Debeu who was phenomenal in tonight’s game….we will all see you next month for another great game with the Kenmare Kestrels!"

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