Rashan Havinter
Portrayed By Tom Wisdom
House Slytherin
Year Sixth
Position Prefect and Forward Chaser
Sex Male
Race Pure Blood
Age 16
Place of Birth Stockholme, Sweeden
Date of Birth April 5th, 2010
Mother Elsa Havinter
Father Orif Havinter
Siblings Vennka Havinter (Younger Sister)
Marital Status Betrothed
Children None
First Appearance A Quick Change
Last Appearance (Still Active)

Character History:

Born to a wealthy husbund and wife from sweeden, Rashan Havinter is the oldest son and hair to their estate. Living in the northern Part of Wales, Rashan was never without anything in his life, and to this day, always has the latest things, clothes, and whatever else he needs to make him stand out as the 'Popular Guy.' As a child he was raised to beleve that he was a prince amoung paupers, his mother could never tell him no, and his father was always 'Proud of his son who will become an inspiration and pinicale of what a man is'.
He was Accepted into Hogwarts, no one had a doubt about that, and was Picked for Slytherin, no one doubted that eather. He did well in all his studies, as well as being on the quidditch team five years in a row as a Chaser. He did Date a few girls, and even though he dumped them, they never really said anything cross about him, yet again showing his ability to use a sly silvery way of talking to smooth over a situation.
His OWLs were well done, getting an O in Potions, an E in everything else, his electives being Ancient Runes and Divination. His Newts this Year are going to be Potions, DADA, Charms, Transconfiguation, and Ancient Runes. Also, this year he is planning on trying out for the Quidditch team, possibly hoping to get the Team Captain spot and possibly Prefect for Slytherin this year. After all, who better then the best?


Quiet in a shy way would not be the best way to describe Rashan. One might say his is quiet in a way that shows that he truly beleves that he is above most people, especialy Mud bloods. He is good looking, from a family of pure bloods, and has some good marks in his classes, making him an arrogant young man as well as knowing that he is a step and cut above the rest. Most people tend to get past his arrogant additude because he has the good looks, dark charm, and pure blood to make it so.


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