2026-09-19: Secrets Of The Night



Scene Title Secrets Of The Night
Synopsis Just after midnight, Rashan copies Zarina's journal in order to find out what's going on, once and for all.
Location Slytherin Girls' Dorm, Near the Forest
Date September 19, 2026
Logger Zarina

Slytherin Girls' Dorm

This chamber is longer than it is wide and is given a dim atmosphere from the darkly painted murals that adorn the walls. These murals depict ancient wizards and twisting serpents, and the actual position of those mural images tends to change when one is not looking.
The dormitory for Slytherin House has rows of beds flanking the main aisle, which is kept clear of clutter and debris. Each of the four poster bed is heavily draped, so that the curtains may be drawn for privacy. For every student, there is a wardrobe, a nightstand and a trunk to hold their possessions. In order to take the chill off the subterranean room, fires are often left crackling in the depths of two iron calefactors, located in the middle of the aisle.

Late at night, the sound of girls asleep, yet Rashan can’t sleep. He smiles and reaches for his wand, tucked into his sweater and tie. He takes the wand and casts the gravity charm he used yesterday on himself, then he simply walks up a bed post, checking to see if the sudden shift in weight woke Zarina as he gets his sweater and tie and starts to put them on.

The quiet of the Slytherin girls' dorms couples with the gentle sounds of sleepy breaths and gentle, feminine snoring. As Rashan moves, his weight lifts off of the bed, causing a subtle creak in the mattress. Zarina never stirs, sleeping peacefully even as the warmth and weight next to her moves away.

Nodding to himself, Rashan then waves his wand, having practiced the silent casting like Professor Kashin taught them, he casts the invisibility spell on himself, though, not as strong as some adults. Still, he figures he has ten minutes to work with. He then slides around the post and lands on the floor, looking for Zarina's book bag and noting where Kissera's bed is at incase he needs to slide under there. Once finding her book bag, he opens it and looks for that fabled Diary of Zarina's.

The knapsack isn't too difficult to locate, as it sits patiently in its place between her bed and dresser. The strings pull loose easily enough as he silently and cautiously opens it, parting it enough to see the various textbooks from classes, scrolls, quills, even a portable cauldron. The locked journal he looks for rests between everything, hidden away enough that it could be easily overlooked unless one was purposefully looking for it. In this case, Rashan finds it within moments, looking perfectly harmless as its lock gleams in the dim lighting.

With a smile on his face he points his wand at the journal and whispers. "Gemino" Attempting to make an exact copy of the journal, weather she likes it or not, he will find out what's she is so afraid of. Besides, if there is something he should worry about, and his mother finds out about the problem, there could be a lot of problems, best to handle this quietly.

As he murmurs the Gemino spell, the titleless journal duplicates, one materializing over the original in his hand as the other poses the wand over it. The faceless, locked journal looks perfectly innocent, just like the one it was made from. From inside the closed, thick curtains of her canopy bed, Zarina releases a slow sigh, sleeping soundly as her slender arms curl just slightly underneath the covers of her bed.

Rashan smiles and slides the book back into the book bag from which it came. He then tucks the journal duplicate into his sweater and makes a B-line for the door, casting the silence spell on the door and leaving. A smile on his face as he heads for his own dorm to get his broom and some boots.

Near the Forest - Hogwarts

Rashan, on his broom and now high in the air over the forbidden forest, looks now at the book. He smiles to himself as he exhales slowly and casts the jinx detection charm on the book, to find out what exactly is in said book.

The simple charm reveals the pair of spells that are inlaid on the journal. One being a unique lock spell that locks the journal completely, the core focused on the lock itself as it is only unraveled with Zarina's lock as she holds it. The other being a similar spell of screaming that is used on the books in the restricted section of the library. Other than that, there is nothing else on the simple journal, with the exception of the intricate lock.

Rashan nods to himself and knows about the Screaming spell, and how most people know how to bypass that with a strong Silencio spell. The lock is a different matter. "I wonder." He says as he first casts Silencio on the book, then holds the book flat in his palm with once hand and slowly swirls his wand around the book, using a curse breaker jinx that, of all people, Bosc, his families’ steward and a man with a strong aptitude for curse breaking and the dark arts, taught him. As he swirls the wand he imagines the lock not being unlocked, but simply displaced from the book, to fall to the ground.

As the tip of the wand swirl in a continuous circle above the cover of the book, his will pushing against the lock as it remains wrapped the journal, as if it has tentacles that reach out to wrap around the journal as a whole. The moments pass as he pushes against the lock, the spell sticky and slowly pulling away, as if gently being pulled away as it tries to cling to the book. After about fifteen minutes, it eventually pulls away from the edge of the journal, the active spell curling as it falls into the darkness of the forest.

Letting out an exhale and shaking his head, Rashan blinks and flips through the book to the entry after their amazing snogging session. Wondering if she wrote about anything there. He blinks as he flips through the book, a slight pang of guilt coming over him, but at the same time he knows that if she is this afraid of it, he needs to know.

The very first page doesn't have an entry. Instead there are dates written down, about three days each month. September: 23, 24, 25. October: 21, 22, 23. November: 18, 19, 20… The months and numbers continue on through June. Proceeding that, there is weekly dates, each on Sunday though some are blank while others have small comments next to them.

September 13 - Allowed permission into restricted section of the library to look through the new books that Hogwarts received this summer. I still have a pile to go through, though there isn't anything new. Just the same useless information that I've seen over and over. I know there has to be someone out there that knows more, or is at least researching much more than I can as just as student.

Rashan hmms and decided to turn to the section that happened after the shocking news from the headmaster. He blinks though, about the restricted section and about her wanting to learn more, and he thinks of Bosc offhandedly. Though he shakes the though from his head and looks for the date that he wants.

September 10 - It was inevitable. I knew I was coming close to the point, as my birthday is only a couple of weeks away. It isn't surprising that Father would be searching for someone to marry into, trying to recreate what had happened to him and Mother… He will never forgive me for it. Never forgive those that duped him… And now he is trying to do it with Rashan… He has to know. Why else would he pick Rashan, of all people. Anyone else I would be fine with. There wouldn't be any risk, it wouldn't be so hard. There isn't anything I can do though. Father's spell won't let me tell anyone, and just as well… I just… don't want it to be him…

Blinks and tilts his head. He then pulls out his wand and sighs. He then waves his wand a bit and casts a location spell on the book, looking for anything involving her father. Though to him he wonders what is up with her father, maybe Bosc should have a chat with the man. He would hate to see what would happen if his parents found out that he was a pawn in a revenge plot… His own father would most likely go insane.

There doesn't appear to be any other mention of her father so far, the date apparently ending the night before last, as the journal wasn't updated the night before. It appears that if the boy either needs to skim over each of the entries, or pick another word to search for in the book.

Rashan Frowns and begins to skim over the entries in the book, flying higher into the air to avoid anything, casting Lumos on his wand so that he can read better, Rashan begins to feel extremely protective of Zee at this point, wondering if he will actually have to come to blows, magically or otherwise, with Mr. Zanford.

September 11 - Rashan proposed. Formally that is. Its a beautiful bracelet and I haven't taken it off so far. I don't plan on taking it off. But still… He says he loves me, but that can't be true. He doesn't know anything. Doesn't know me. He's only in his little bubble of a world, oblivious. And I can't explain anything either. I can only hope to keep him in the dark for now, try to stay neutral. I just hope that I didn't frighten Jaide too much. That girl is rather jumpy.

September 13 - Research in the library has proved to be unproductive, of course. I really didn't expect much else. I'm still charting the phases in the back to keep track, as well as keeping my scheduled checkups with Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital wing. There hasn't been anything out of the ordinary so far, but I'm glad for the checkups. If anyone were to be able to understand it I know it would be her.

Rashan blinks and tilts his head. Moon phases? Then he remembers checking the earlier entries… three days, a full moon phase…" he then turns to the first one and reads that, thinking he knows what she is now, but wanting to make sure. "This can't be… she wouldn’t be so scared over something this simple." He says softly to himself as he checks.

September 17 - Rashan is terrible… He's been torturing me so much lately, like its my fault that I have to keep him at a distance. Like its my fault I have to make sure that I keep my feelings from him. I already hate the thought of what might happen if I shifted and he was nearby… I can't control myself, I've tried so hard. The times I wasn't in spelled into deep sleep, I wake from a daze of blurred memories and emotions. It seems like he begs with me everyday… pleading that he loves me, as if it would make any difference. I hate this. I hate that I my blood is so pure and is tainted by this disgusting disease. I'm such a disgusting, pathetic excuse for a Pureblood. And I know that Rashan will think the very same thing. Even if I could talk, I wouldn't risk being discovered before the wedding. Appearances are everything and if we were married, it would be fine if he found out after. There would be no way that his mother could press the issue of a divorce, not when everything was arranged formally and completely in public. If she does, it will only taint her family's name. I just have to keep this up…
This appears to be one of the last entries, though in the last pages circles are carefully drawn into the journal, some more inked in than others, each having a name next to it and numbers beside that as well.

Rashan tears the page with the numbers out of the book and stuffs it into his pocket. Then he closes the book and frowns. "Damn…" He says to himself as he looks down at the book. He then lifts the book up. "Dangerous stuff." he says tossing the book in the air. "EXPULSO!" he says, casting an object destruction spell on the book, watching if disintegrate. "So, she has a secret keeper as well… but who." he says softly as he turns on his broom and heads back towards the school at a more sedate pace. "I wonder how she would take it if I told her I know, and that it doesn’t matter…" He mumbles to himself.

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