2026-09-10: Shocking News


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Scene Title Shocking News
Synopsis A pair of students get some rather unusual news
Location Headmaster Office, Hogwarts
Date September 10, 2026
Watch For Snape's snide remark
Logger Zarina

The headmaster's office is nearly exactly the same as it was when Albus Dumbledore sat on the chair upon which the current headmaster sits right now. The curtains are open, to show the featureless, moonless night outside, and Headmaster Potter sits at his desk, quill in hand, writing something into a thick, voluminous tome. "Hi," he says, the quill stopping as he looks up, considering the two students with a measuring expression. There's a fire going in the hearth, and the shadows it casts bring the scar on his forehead into more stark relief. Forty-seven years of age, he could be thirty-seven. Still looks young. Too young to be a Headmaster, certainly, but here he is, surrounded by the portraits of all those who came before him.
"Well, well," comes a dark, silken voice from one of those portraits. A dark-haired, hook-nosed man dressed in black, wearing frown under intense, black eyes. Severus Snape.
"If it isn't our little pair… of walking… anachronisms."

Supper was a short one, apparently, as Zarina was handed a note that instructed for her to meet with the Headmaster as soon as she was done. Along with the password to the statue of course. And since that moment her stomach was twisted, as if she had swallowed a stone and it just sits in her stomach. Which is how her stomach is right now, as her sapphire blue eyes stare at the statue head accusingly, as if it were the fault of being called to the Headmaster's office. Her lips part to murmur the password as her slender fingers tighten around the slip of parchment, gargoyle moving to the side to reveal the open entrance leading into the Headmaster's Office. Slipping past the gargoyle, the Slytherin girl blinks once in surprise as she sees Rashan's back facing towards her, stomach tightening again as she shifts her eyes from him to the office itself.
Even with as long as she's been at this school, this is the first time she's ever been inside of it, a hand lifting to push back her long, snow white hair from her face as she looks around curiously. She almost jumps when the Headmaster greets them, looking up to spy Headmaster Potter sitting at a desk as his quill stops and he looks up at them with an expression she couldn't quite place. Frowning at this, Zarina blinks again as she glances to the portraits of previous Headmasters. Looking at the one of Severus Snape in particular. She just frowns at this, unsure if she should answer the portrait or not, though quickly decides to take one of the seats in front of his desk, hands in her lap.

Having entered the office prior to Zarina, having been taking his dinners later then most lately. He thought he was sent here due to his attitude over the past week, nothing rule breaking about it, but people might whisper that Rashan has been in a sour mood for about a week, and has even managed to bust one Quaffle already this year. He turns to see Zarina and bites his lip. He then looks to the Portrait of Snape and smirks, wondering how it would have been to learn potions under the legend himself. He then takes the seat in front of the desk and looks to the Headmaster. "Yes Headmaster?" He asks, wanting to know either what he did right, what he supposedly did wrong, or what special task the headmaster might have in store for them both. he hopes it's just praise…

"Yeah, make yourselves comfortable," says Harry, before looking at the portrait of Snape for a moment. The portrait doesn't look back, but instead, retreats into the shadows of his fame, just… watching the two students. Presently, Harry's eyes go back to the two students, and he says, a little awkwardly, "Looks, I'm going to say this up front, that your parents didn't exactly make me happy doing something like they did, and then sending me an owl, so I can explain it for you. Now, it's not your fault, but I do have to say that's not the way I'd prefer to operate. You can tell them that, if you want to. Or not."

Zarina blinks once before gently frowning at the Headmaster, looking confused as she travels his gaze to the portrait of Severus Snape the crooked-nosed man sits back and seems to watch her and Rashan with some apparent disinterest. The frown lingers as she glances back to the Headmaster, confusion there for a moment before blinking, lips quietly parting in silence for a moment or so, not understanding anything that he had said though understanding perfectly that her father was involved for some reason. "My Father?" she murmurs, almost afraid to ask. Already her mind leaping to conclusions. "He's alright, isn't he?" Zarina frowns again as her thoughts shift. "Headmaster… what isn't our fault…" she asks slowly.

Rashan tilts his head as he looks at the retreating Snape before turning his attention on Headmaster Potter. His eyes widen as he talks about their parents and he furrows his brow. "Are my Parents getting a Divorce?" it does involved both their parents, but Maybe Zarina's Father and His father had a duel, yeah… that could explain it. Though the thing sounds more like his mother, his father would lack the tact to have someone else tell Them. "Or… what does my dear sweet.." Sarcasm. "…Mother want?" He says with a frown. His mother is overbearing, and still thinks Rash is a little kid.

"Look, your parents have arranged for the two of you to get married as soon as you're of age," he just outs with it in one, "That's it. I don't know anything else about it, and I'd recommend sending them an owl if you want more information." He sits back in his chair after finally putting the quill away, and he shakes his head, "Again, it really isn't my place to be talking to you about it any more than that."

Zarina watches him he sets down the quill, a moment passing before she blinks at the news. "A… an arranged… betrothal?" she murmurs with disbelief. "Father… father arranged, this?… He… he couldn't-" Her voice catches in her throat as she struggles to breathe. "Even with-" The Slytherin girl bites at her bottom lip as she snaps her eyes up at Rashan for a instant before looking away again, taking a swallow. "So this is… his plan…" she whispers.

Rashan looks to the headmaster before his mouth drops open in astonishment. Then he starts muttering in Swedish. After part of his Tirade he look to Zarina. "Your father and my mother, by Oldin's Eye I'm going to give that woman a piece of my mind." He says as he doesn't look happy at all. "This is unacceptable, I don't need her to pick a wife for me." Though he would pick Zarina, he doesn't need his mother to do this kind of stuff. "Plan? what plan? and why am I in this plan?" He asks Zarina, not happy at all. "I don't need people messing with my life." He says as he stands up and paces, again muttering in Swedish.

"Yeah, well," says Harry, nodding a bit uncomfortably, though he is a good man, a kind man, and his smile is genuine, "At any rate, it's getting late, and I'm sorry you had to learn this way, but ah… congratulations. I hope." He stands up, and inclines his head to the door. Snape is back in his portrait frame, just watching the two future spouses as they cope with the news. He doesn't look terribly friendly, Slytherin or no.

Glancing up at Rashan, her cheeks flush distinctly as her deep sapphire eyes narrow at him for a deathly moment. "Don't speak about my Father like that…" Zarina murmurs darkly before glancing back to the Headmaster. Her expression instantly becomes worried and she gives him a nod as he dismisses them for the night. Slender fingers curling in her lap, the snowy-haired girl rises to her feat as her gaze flicks to the portrait of Severus Snape, narrowing slightly in thought before turning around to head towards the door.

Rashan looks to Zarina and shakes his head before turning on a dime and heading out. He doesn't look happy at all and he already has in mind the letter he will send to his mother. "Stupid…. no good… meddling… crone…" He says as he heads down the steps. Heading for the battlements so he can get some fresh air and think clearly. Watching as students part as he looks ready to bowl people over if they don't move.

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