Slade Barlow
Portrayed By Sully Erna
House Gryffindor
Year Aluminus
Position Hard Rock Musician
Sex Male
Race Pure-Blood
Age 28
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth October 31, 1997
Mother Yvette Barlow
Father Michael Barlow Sr.
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Michael Barlow Jr. was born to Michael Barlow Sr. and Yvette Barlow the Fall of 1997. His father was 50 years old at the time, and his mother was only 30. This made for an interesting childhood for Young Michael as his Father refused to understand his choice in music, amoung other things, Yet his Mother gave him all he asked for, including a Les Paul for christmas that he realy wanted, and thusly, started his road to fame.
August of 2008, Michael was sent his letter to Hogwarts, both parents happy about this fact, and his mother glad when he got into her old house of Gryffindor, due to his slightly more open mindedness and the fact he just has the Gryffindor point of view. He took to his classes like your average student, and for his electives he took Muggle Studies and Divination, and for his NEWT's he took Muggle Studies, Divination, Charms and Transfigureation. He passed them all with E's and in 2015, he graduated as a Prefect, though not head boy nor on the quidditch team.
He then got accepted to the muggle collage of Cambrige University and got a Degree in Music. During his time there, he met up with three other people who had the same taste in music, and amazingly, they were of the magical Community too, only two of them were american, but oh well. They then started to jam together and eventualy got picked up by an agent who got them a record deal with Universal Records. Thusly their first album 'Bringer of Death' came out with many referances to 'You know who' and Harry Potter. Their band, known as Zephyr Hollow, made platinum in sales, both in the Muggle community, and amazingly, in the wizarding community as well. This lead to their self titled album, which did better then the last. They have been on tour non stop, Slade, now called that due to wanting a stage name, only stopped to see his father who died two years ago. Slade then wrote a song for him, and played it at his funeral, it was an acoustic peice. Now as Zephyr Hollow is on hiatus, Slade has decided to spent time with his family, and possibly hit the dating scene to see if he can get himself married so his family will stop messing with him about it.


On stage, Slade is hard and fast, like his music. He himself acts like a beast and his fans love him for it. He has been known to send a mosh pit into literal insanity, and on some accounts, has even punched out a few Rival musicians (All an act.)
Off the stage Slade is a calm guy who pretty much enjoys hanging out in a calm quiet setting and eather talking about stuff or playing his guitar and Singing. He has a slight respect for his family, mostly in the fact that he dosn't act like a total jackass when out in public, and even manages to cover up his tats when formal occasion calls for it.

Other Information

Zephyr Hollow, a fast paced metal band with occult undertones.

Slade Barlow: Vocalist and Guitars (Actor: Sully Erna)

Liddya McBriggan: Bass and Backup Vocals (Actress: Emma Anzai).

Maxwell Charming: Guitars and Backup Vocals (Actor: Sean Morgan)

Killian Dervish: Drums (Actor: Dave Grul)

Bringer of Death
Featured Songs: Bringer of Death, and The Boy Who Lived.
Produced by :Universal Records

Zephyr Hollow
Featured Songs: Ashes of the Unknown, and The burning of Salem.
Produced by: Universal Records

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