11-15-2026: Snowball Fight


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Scene Title Snowball Fight
Synopsis Marcus makes good on an earlier promise to best Ariyann in a snowball fight. By being sneaky and subversive and completely unfair.
Location Anywhere #5 - Off Diagon Alley
Date November 15, 2026
Watch For Ariyann being extremely tricksy.
Logger Ariyann

Since the first day of snow, a few storms attacked London, covering the entire city with snow. Right now? It's Tuesday, around noon. The location? Diagon Alley, and the curious thing is, while all the stores are open, the snow covered streets are empty. Most people seem to be gathered inside the shops, to avoid the cold weather. Marcus is nowhere to be found, however, he is around…waiting, waiting for his target to appear. Dun Dun Duuuun

Ariyann, on the other hand, has absolutely no qualms about skipping through a fresh winter snow. Actually, it's probably one of her most favorite things to do aside from drinking cocoa or maybe wrestling large deadly creatures into submission. She's in the Alley, having picked up a few things from the Magical Menagerie and is now wandering down the empty street enjoying the silence of the snow and lack of people. Completely unaware.

See, Marcus spotted the woman when she was on her way to Diagon Alley, so he quickly appareted on the roof of one of the stores and prepared a seat of wonderfully crafted snowballs, perfect for speed and everything like that. :P The man leans a little against the edge to take a better look and when the girl is on firing range, he takes one of the snowballs and throws it at her. Right now, it's aimed to the back of her head. Good thing snow doesn't really hurt. <.< >.>

"YAAAGHK!" The sound that comes out of her mouth is something like what a chicken would sound like if it were kicked particularly hard. The snowball, right on target, hits the back of Ariyann's head and poofs into dust that falls down the back of her coat. She spins around, eyes narrowed, looking for the culprit — although he was particularly clever to be above her, because she doesn't look up. She does, however, bend down to scoop up a handful of snow. "I'll get you, whoever you are," She mutters with particular vehemence. Grr.

When Ariyann bends to pick up some snow, Marcus apparates away with, the usual popping sound fills the air, and sounds again when he reappears on the building across the street. "I told you I was good at throwing snows…." comes the voice of Marcus, it does have a happy/amused tone to it. And yet another snowball flies towards Ariyann. The man apparates away once again, but this time, he goes to street level, to see Ari's expression if he hits target. Either way, he is placing himself in the open, snowball fight time!

"That is CHEATING," Ariyann shrieks when she's hit again by snow — she's not the best dodger. But come on, apparating? Total and complete cheater. She jabs a threatening finger at Marcus when he appears. "Sneaking up on someone like that! Not even honorable!" But she can play dirty, too, and turning around in a circle, she disappears with a loud POP! only to appear right behind him and launch the snowball she'd been holding in her hand.

"It is NOT!" offers Marcus while laughing, he shakes his head and then winks at the woman "It is called sneak attack, which is the best type of attack you can throw at someone" The she apparates and hits him with his own medicine. The snowball hits him right on the back of his head, he launches himself forward and dives in the snow, the man rolls in a theatrical way (he's being playful) and takes more snow, throwing it at the woman now "See, you learn fast!"

"Taste your own medicine, MISTER," Ariyann says with a bit of a cackle, which is appropriate for a witch. She scrambles by her feet for more snow while he's distracted rolling around on the ground. Her bag of Magical Managerie stuff lies nearby, forgotten for the moment.

"Right back at you, MA'AM" offers the man with a polite nod, but right after that, he throws yet another snowball. The again, he misses, because he didn't notice she started gathering more snow. "Darn…" Ok, ok, time to get serious, this is WAR! The man takes a few steps back and kneels down to gather some snow himself "Tho I must say, you look good covered in snow, you know?" He smiles at that statement and looks around, trying to find some cover.

Ariyann is very preoccupied making a super snowball, one that could probably serve quite well as part of a snowman, maybe canon-ball sized. It's a bit ambitious. And as she hoists it up bits fall off because, let's face it, snowballs aren't meant to be that big. "It's a good thing you like the look," She says, hoisting the monster above her head and starting full-out charge. "'Cause you're gonna match!"

Marcus opens his eyes wide as he sees what she is doing "That's ambition right there you know…" offers the man as he backs down just a little, lifting his hands and pointing them at her as a way to stop the attack. He laughs amusedly and when she starts to charge, he comes up with an idea and adds "I think we are both going to match then…." and with that, he starts walking towards her. See, his idea is to kinda wraps his arms around her when she reaches him and let the snowball fall over both of them.

But Ariyann doesn't work with beasties every day just to be a weakling. Sure, she's little and all, but ants are little, too, and they can lift like ten times their body weight! So maybe she's not that strong, but she does attempt to lob the gigantic wad of quickly-disintegrating powder at Marcus when she's a few feet away, which may or may not interrupt his devious plan.

And Ariyann's plan does work, works quite too well actually…which causes the man to arch both eyebrows, showing and impressed expression right before the snowball of doom hits him. He is now completely covered with snow, standing still in front of the woman. The man shakes his head, some of the snow falls and he offers "Impressive, most impressive" A smile comes from his lips and he now says "You better run tho…" An evil smirk crosses his lips as he kneels down and starts to build a mega bomb.

"Success!" Ariyann may or may not do a little touchdown dance when her ammunition hits home, but she does take his threat at face value and turns to run the other way. Though it's a bit difficult, considering the coating of snow on the ground and how slippery the cobblestones are. Pretty difficult. Difficult enough for her to end up face-first in the snow about 30 yards away when she hits a particularly slippery bit. Oof!

Marcus cackles evilly when she runs away like that, but when she falls face first, and not really knowing how deep the snow is where she landed, brings a bit of worry to his expressions. The man drops the megabomb and leaves it there, now moving towards the woman, but picking up her bag first. After all, he doesn't want anyone to steal it. He kneels down next to her and if she allows, he helps her turns "Ari, are you ok?"

"Cold," Ariyann manages to croak, helping herself flip around as well and attempting to get all the wet off her face. "I'm fine, I'm fine," She says, looking at him for a moment before being a complete and utter spoilsport. She grabs a handful of snow in one hand while she speaks: "Just a bit of ice, I guess, but it wasn't too bad—" And then, if she can manage it, he'll get a face full of snow, too, and a rather evil moohahahahaha.

Marcus does aim do dodge that, but since she was rather close, he just manages to move away a portion of his face. It hits him and he shakes the snow again "You sneaky…." offers the man with a soft laugh. "Ok, so you want to play like that…" and having said that, he just throws snow at Ari's face, not even bothering to make a snowball. "Waaaaar….."

Ariyann is already pretty well soaked and is resigned to the fact that she is fighting a losing battle. She tries to crab-scrabble backwards, but it wasn't a lie, it's a rather slipper bit of sidewalk and she HAD honestly fallen. She just ends up kind of flailing in a puddle of her own snow war failure, choking on laughter. "Okay, okay, okay, okay, I give up, I give up!"

Marcus laughs along with her, the man smiles widely and nods his head "Ok, I think a truce is in place…" he smiles at that, the man is of course pretty soaked too. He stands up, brings up his wand and a small piece of fabric from his pocket "Engorgio…." casts the man, and the small piece of fabric enlarges itself into a bath towel. He extends his hand to Ariyann, to help her stand and offers "Towel?"

Ariyann takes the towel and the proffered hand with a muttered, embarrassed thanks. Once she's upright again, she scrubs at her face vigorously with the towel. "You know," She says through the fabric, light-hearted. "You're awfully lucky I haven't got to be back at work today, or I might almost be very upset that you snuck up on me in the middle of the street without any warning at all."

Marcus smiles and nods, he looks around the place as he holds her bag in one hand and then back to her. "Well, warfare tactics…." offers the man with a gentle smile. He nods to her words and adds "Almost very upset huh? But I live close by tho, you could take a shower at my place and we can dry up your clothes…." The man shrugs at that and smirks evilly "Tho I'm curious about the idea of you, mad."

"It is probably something you should never aim to see," Ariyann says primly, sticking her nose in the air and holding out one hand so he can hand her her bag. She raises an eyebrow at him and seems to consider for a moment before continuing. "And I s'pose, I could do that, if there were cocoa involved."

Marcus smiles amusedly at her first comment but nods "Then I shall never provoke you…" he nods wisely and then extends his hand, offering the handbag that she is claiming. "Of course there's cocoa involved, I actually have different types, including some minty one that I'm yet to try."

"Ooooh, I like minty," Ariyann says, suddenly perky again despite being soaking. Cocoa does that to you. She offers him the towel in exchange for her bag, which she throws over her shoulder.

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