2026-09-14: Something About Chocolate


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Scene Title Something About Chocolate
Synopsis A fight over women and Chocolate
Location Hogsmeade east street
Date September 14, 2026
Watch For Thom being bad
Logger Zavier

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It's a brisk nearly-autumn evening, with the wind coming from the west and carrying the smell of winter with it. Ariyann is lolling outside of Honeydukes with a rather muggle-looking chocolate bar in hand; the expression on her face makes it obvious that she enjoys spending time in the little village, and that she makes excuses to do it whenever she can. This time, it may or may not have been an interview, or a rogue skewt, or something of the sort. The place always has its own special brand of trouble.

The sound of black boots stepping is heard as Zavier Kashin walks down the street. This man who has ventured the world, done things most people have dreamed of, and still actually has his body in tact. He stops as he looks around a bit, shaking his head before he moves on, ignoring the lady who is scowling at him, and scowling at everyone else in that case. "Where to find another wooden target." He mumbles to himself, chuckling about the fiasco one of his first year students caused in a recent class.

And then, from nowhere, and with a sudden 'CRACK!' a man appears.
He's in robes. Auror's robes, to be exact, and he looks pale… muttering something to himself. Pale. Etes wide, he's casting about, eyes falling upon the 'Honeydukes'. And then, it becomes clear what the fellow's muttering.
"Chocolate. Chocolate."

Ariyann has seen her fair share of weirdoes, and treats the newly-apparated Auror man as one among many. That is, she raises her eyebrows inquisitively, but doesn't say anything. "They're having a sale, you know," She says, rather loudly. "On milk chocolate that's charmed to give you a warm feeling, like sitting beside a fire. I think there are some duds that have actually set people on fire and that's why they're on sale."

Zavier blinks as an Auror apparates right near Honeydukes. "Oy, I guess when you gotta have sweets, you gotta have sweets." He says with a Scottish accent before he moves over to lean against a light pole from across the street. "Familiar…" He mumbles to himself as he crosses his arms over his chest and waits to see what will happen, though more then likely the man will come out with chocolate and maybe be happy… though, Aurors aren’t known for their smiles.

Thom looks over at the woman who speaks, and he fumbles around with something in his robe pocket, before coming out with his wand. He points it at her, all of the sudden, after a moment of bleary-eyed uncertainly, and then his eyes flicker to the only other person on the street, Zavier. "What day is this? And can somebody get me a chocolate bar? I seem to have misplaced my bloody moneybag at the…" he fades out, there, for a second now, eyes going defocused as he mutters, "The office."

"Woah now," Ariyann says, her hands going up to show she's pretty unarmed except for the chocolate - which could be a weapon, I mean, considering it's possible unwarranted side effects. "No need to be pointing wands at people, mister!" She squints at him, then at her own half-eaten chocolate, and comes to the decision that maybe an offering will stop him from cursing her head off. It seems to work with other creatures, and in the end, Aurors aren't really that different from ill-tempered dragons. "Here, I don't want the rest anyway. I need to keep my girlish figure." She tilts her head slightly, shooting a glance at the older man standing nearby, then says in her best soothing-rabid-beasts voice, "Are you feeling alright?"

The sight of a wand, and being pointed at a fair maiden, moves Zavier to act on impulse, such a hero he is. Wand flashing out quickly and with expert precision that can only come from most of one's adult life living on the edge of death. "EXPELIARMUS!" He shouts, casting the red bolt of light that attempts to knock the wand from Thom's hand. "Easy there mate, just slowly step away from the woman." He says, wand raised still, anything this close to Hogwarts, and you know this Professor will try and protect the students, or, in this case, a fair maiden.

"Thanks," says Thom, eyes going to that chocolate, and the wand is jolted out of his hand, and he -doesn't even stop eating it- until he looks up, eyes narrowed, "Bloody hell, you wanker, I didn't know if either of you were safe until I ate the bleedin' chocolate. What in the hell are you on about?

"Gyahk!" Ariyann was expecting some kind of intervention on the older guy's part, but she had hoped for something a little less showy. She holds her breath for a moment before realizing that Thom isn't going to be violent in retaliation. She lets it out in a sigh, crossing her arms over her chest and adapting her finger-shaking pose. "You didn't have to go and do that, you know, violence only perpetuates violence." A pause. "But thanks." She eyes Thom and the Quickly Vanishing Chocolate Bar. "I don't understand."

Zavier narrows his eyes and looks Thom in the face. "You don't sodding apparate in the middle of a bleeding village and then hold people up at wand point for their damned chocolate mate. What the hell are you on anyway? I have a mite good reason to let the ministry know that their Aurors are going around acting like crazed drug addicts over bloody chocolate." He says. His eyes showing a flash of excitement, he really doesn’t want a fight, but he will fight. "Expeliarmus isn’t really a lethal spell, it's a disarming spell, and a good way to end a fight." he says simply, as if he were back in his classroom.

"Bloody… okay…" Thom looks between the two people, and he blinks, slowly, eyes wide for a second, as if he's looking at them in a mirror to see if they're bloodshot. And then he stands a bit more straight, fixes his tie, and when he starts talking again, his voice is actually conversational, "Either of you see a really, really tall bloke apparate on this street? Black fedora, and looks like he's had a stretching jinx put on him?" As he says this, he actually kicks, somehow, his wand back into his hand, and with a glance at Zavier's wand, puts his own away.

"I've been here quite awhile and I've seen no such person," Ariyann says easily enough, her eyes still darting back and forth between the two men. "And I appreciate your… concern… for our safety, as it is, but I really — I really should be going now." She feels like spending less time around the crazy is probably better for her health. "Um. I hope that you enjoyed the chocolate. If you feel a little sunburned, just complain to Honeydukes' HR and they'll probably give you something else for free." And with a little wave of two fingers and an anxious kind of look she turns on the spot and vanishes with a pop.

Zavier blinks at the woman apparates away. He then turns to the Auror and smiles. "I haven't seen anyone around here matching that description, though if he is in the area, you might want to let the headmaster know, since we are close to Hogwarts, and having the rest of the professors knowing about such a criminal loose would be safer for the students." he says simply, sliding his wand back into it's sheath before he looks around a bit. "First the bloody hat goes insane, and now this."

"No, no, nothing like that," says Gideon, "He's not dangerous. To those students, at any rate. But he's a bleeding dark wizard nevertheless. A lowlife. Someone who knows things, and those things are things I need to know. Damn." he's not happy, apparently having lost the trail, and he crumples up what remains of the chocolate wrapper, "Look… if you see him," he produces a card, "Let me know. I answer that mirror no matter

A smile comes over Zavier's face. "Something lost, and yet still sought. I might be able to help you, if I may." he says with a smile. "I have learned the way of magic from many cultures, and at least three of them involve what they call 'circles' for finding people. Though, it will require something the person has touched, or even better, something they owned personally." he says with a smirk. "Doesn’t work all the time mind you, but it's worth a try I say." he says as he takes the card and tucks it into his coat.

Brows arch, "Really?" he asks, and despite the fact that the fellow is the very same who disarmed him not five minutes ago, he's smiling, as if he likes the guy, "All right, mate, what's your number?" A blank card's produced. And a muggle pen, "I can get you something that he's touched, no bloody problem. I'll even pay for your expertise. Or the Ministry will."

Why Zavier can’t stay away from danger, no one knows. Why he feels compelled to aid an Auror against a dark wizard… well.. maybe Zavier is mental, but he offers his number, both for his muggle phone as well as his mirror. "Though the prime minister has called a meeting for the house of nobles in a month, perhaps my cousin could attend.' he says with a roll of his eyes. "Let me know and I'll have the components ready, just, not in Hogwarts, I don't need any of the students to catch a whiff of this." He says with a nod.

"Good," the Auror takes Zavier's number, slipping it into his robes, and then produces his wand, nodding to the other man's, "Nice wand work, by the way," he intones, winking before, with another CRACK! He disapparates, gone just as quickly as he came.

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