2026-09-02: Strong-arming


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Scene Title Strong-arming
Synopsis Before arriving at Welcoming Feast 2026, Rashan asks Layla out to the Halloween Ball, later the girls have a talk about school only to be interrupted by boys being boys.
Location Prefect's Compartment
Date September 2, 2026
Watch For Rashan dipping Layla.
Logger Zarina

Prefect's Compartment - United Kingdom

A standard train compartment, done up in matching beige and grey colors of the corridor. There are six seats total, along with racks for luggage above the seats. A small table just out from the outside wall where a large window allows one to view the countryside as the train travels to Hogwarts.

Layla actually is just slipping back into the compartment, after checking on all the first years. She still remembers how afraid she was to start. Just seems there are many Muggles this go around as well. As she enters she is sipping bottled water and now looking for a place to sit. She will be glad once the sorting is over though. Eyes scan the compartment to see who is back.

Rashan Spots Layla and smiles as he moves over to sit next to her. "Hey." he says with a smile as he gazes at her with those cobalt blue eyes and brushes some of his hair back. "I would like to finish the conversation we were having earlier, if you don't mind?" He asks softly as he tilts his head to the side, offering a smile that shows off his dimples well, the almost glittering of his eyes is a great contrast to the moonlight coming through the train window.

Zarina releases a slow breath as she relaxes comfortably in he corner of one side of the booth, her eyes closed with a few locks of snow white draping along her cheek and over her shoulders. The moonlight passes through the window, passing over her robes as she continues to doze in her light sleep. The sliding sound of the door doesn't stir her.

Layla hands over a 6 layer bar that she made. Sweets from the trolley can't compare to this! She shifts a strand of hair behind her ear and offers a smile that reaches her eyes "Yes alright." She does remember…just things came up for all the Prefects…those nasty duties that must be attended too. "So where were we?" softly asked.

Rashan smiles and rubs the side of his neck before letting his hand drop. "We were talking about the Halloween Ball, but, I actually was wondering, if there isn't already, would you… "He clears his throat, biting his bottom lip in a bashful display. "Would you mind being 'with me'?" He asks, looking up at her, his eyes locked onto hers as he offers her a soft smile, his hand moving out to take hers as he asks the question of her.

She thinks he is nervous, and it doesn't take her long to know WHY! Layla blinks "Well yes the ba…." her words fly out the window as she hears the rest. No must so be dreaming. But she doesn't want to look away from those eyes! She finally squeezes his hand and nods "Me? You want me?" He can have ANY girl in the school!! But she blushes a bit as she answers with a nod "Yes I'd li….like that."

Rashan closes his eyes at the answer with a smile on his face and he opens them to look at her. "I'm glad you said yes, and yes I want you Layla, you're smart, and beautiful, a combination like that is rare." He says as he lifts her hand to his lips and kisses the back of it as a knight would a fair lady's. "Don't be so surprised, I was worried you would laugh at me." He says with a smile, giving his reputation, though most of the time he was the one who was asked, this time, he did the asking.

Layla still is trying to convince herself this is not a dream. Yet if it is she is hoping to never awaken. She reaches out her free hand and tucks hair behind his ear. It will sink in soon enough. She blushes a bit more at the kiss "No Rashan I'd not laugh at a dream coming true." What'd she mean by that? "Yet I fear my enemy count just went up now."

Rashan chuckles and looks at her. "If anyone messes with you, they will answer to me." He says simply, as if anyone in their right mind would mess with his girl and think they could get away with it. "As for a dream… usually, you would wake up from a dream before they kiss you." he says with a smile. "If you wish to find out…" he says leaving the end of that sentence unspoken as he runs his thumb over the back of her hand, still speaking in a soft voice.

Layla laughs musically and twirls a strand of hair around her finger "We shall see." She is pretty good at handling herself also. Yet it will be one step at a time. She arches a brow when he says that about the dream "So right you are." Looking at their hands together she is quiet a moment "Too bad the tables are by houses." While she does not reach to kiss him, she does move closer at least. A good sign right?

As she moves closer, Rashan raises his free arm and places it on the back of the seat, still gazing at her with a smile. "It's a shame, that. But we do have, most of your classes together, and Hogsmeade weekends." he says with a winning smile. "Though our Quidditch matches should be interesting."

Layla leans against him and laughs as she nods "So very true. I'm not taking Potions but well I'll still make them on the side. Professor Patil wrote me over the summer and said she wanted extra time with me also. Though why I don't know." She kisses his cheek then "Quidditch will be a challenge but we'll manage I'm sure. Maybe we can meet during some of our extra periods and work together.

The cart slowly rocks back and forth in smooth motions as the train continues to travel, the faint moonlight that does show through the large window from a waxing crescent moon outside is partially covered, faint clouds drifting in the night sky. The corner of the Prefects compartments stirs with motion as Zarina opens her eyes from her lightly doze, making a light face before releasing a slow sigh and lifting one of her hands to brush her long, silken silver strands from her face. Keeping her place against the wall as her midnight blue eyes in the shadows look up to glance through the window, watching the scenery pass by before them.

Layla is standing not far away, just staring out the window. She has a bottle in her hand though. Hearing the movement she hands the closed bottle of Butterbeer over "Good to see your awake. I reckon we will be there within an hour or two." She looks around the car "Most are patrolling the corridor. Feel better I hope?"

Zarina blinks her eyes a few times, focusing her eyes as she glances up as Layla with a quirk of a pale brow, flicking to the offered Butterbeer. She idly reaches up to take the bottle, the other wrapping slender fingers around the bottle cap and twisting it off in a sudden jerk, releasing the air bubbles with a 'pssst'. "Mm." she murmurs in answer to their estimated destination arrival, the corner of her full lips tugging into a tired, natural smirk, "You'd think I would be used to this by now…" The Slytherin girl chuckles briefly before lifting the bottle to her lips and drinking happily for several moments.

Hands rest in her pockets now, as Layla stares out at the moon. "There are many things we should be used too now. For instance we will only be taking this trip once more in a year, and then it is done." After a moment she looks over and leans against the window "I'm glad someone could sleep though. My mind would not stop long enough." She hesitates "I must admit though I am pleased that both you and Rashan got Prefects."

Zarina chuckles softly, her voice low and rich, almost purring in amusement as she lightly shrugs a shoulder and takes another hardy drink from the bottle, the warmth of the Butterbeer spreading through her stomach. "I enjoy the train trip. Though being Prefect still has is advantages and disadvantages, I would have hoped that I would be used to it." she chuckles again, lifting her gaze to the other girl as she tilts her snow white head against the wall next to the window. "Hm. It is all about putting your thoughts away and allowing your body to relax. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do it or else you'll go batty. But it looks like the school year hasn't even started and you're already fretting about something. Hopefully important." Zarina watches her for a longer moment before her eyes become curious, "Well, we did a good job last year. I think Professor Malfoy was impressed and chose us for this year again."

Layla arches a brow and offers "I hope to master more then that skill this year." She hesitates "It is always a weighing of the scales between advantages and disadvantages. There are many things on my mind. Some jumbled others quite clear. But that is neither here or there." She takes another bottle of Butterbeer from her pocket and opens it to take a long drink. "Same with Professor Macmillan of my house." After a moment she stares back outside the window "Ever have feelings you just couldn't shake Zarina?"

Zarina frowns just slightly at the other girl, brow gently furrowing as the Hufflepuff girl speaks and glances out the window, as if in thought or to purposefully avoid her eyes. Pondering this, she presses her lips together for a moment before taking another drink and straightening her back, lifting her head and leaning into the cushioned seating behind her. "More than you realize…" she barely murmurs, taking in and releasing a sigh as her free hand lightly brushes back long, silver white hair from her face. "I have had that feeling plenty of times, though it usually involves boys staring at me. More like an annoying feeling anyways. Though I think you will need to specify slightly. I think you might be jumping topics. I'm not quite sure."

Layla stands staring out the window, drinking Butterbeer. Zarina sits, having awoken and is drinking one also. Seems the two are talking. She shakes her head and shrugs "Doesn't matter really I guess. The year will be starting soon enough and all other worries will have to take aback seat." She takes another long drink "But now I am going to alter the subject again. I'm hoping perhaps I could gain assistance from some of the other Prefects. I want to run a scavenger hunt for the first years. Basically hoping it will help them get more familiar with the school. Do you think it is a crazy idea?

Zarina frowns gently again, her shadowed, deep sapphire blue eyes shifting towards the window for a quiet moment or so as her slender fingers loosely hold onto her Butterbeer bottle. "It sounds like a decent idea." she idly murmurs as she continues to watch the scenery move past them. "You will need Headmaster Potter's approval on it I think, but I do not think it would be all that difficult. It seems reasonable at least."

Layla offers softly "I already owled him. We have the approval. I just thought it would be a bit different and perhaps even fun for them. I had a friend draw maps for it after I heard back from the headmaster." She finishes the last of her drink "It is just a matter of deciding what they should grab and from where. Definitely most of the main classrooms." She considers and asks "Where would you send them if you could?

Zarina lightly quirks a pale brow in thought, eyes flicking over the wide countryside covered in gentle moonlight. "Maybe a specific egg hidden in the Owlry…" she murmurs slowly in thought. "A coin in the fountain of the rear courtyard. Something simple like that that is usually overlooked. Perhaps a bookmark under a specific title in the library. And…" The girl frowns slightly in consideration. "Hm. If I had to choose the last one, I would make it a bit more difficult. The Lake. And only make it one so that only one person wins. Maybe award that person with house points to start off the year." The Slytherin girl shrugs a shoulder.

The sound of boy's voices being raised can be heard one booth over as shouts of. "Beat the Gruffles!" Versus. "Slap the Slythersucks!" Looking over it's no wonder. A seventh year Gryffindor and Rashan are having an arm wrestling contest. So far its even, both pretty big guys to begin with. While this is going on, guys from both houses are cheering them on and doing allot of strutting saying who is gonna whomp who. "You can't win Havinter…" Rashan look to the other youth and smirks. "Is that sweat I see? Poor sad fool." Rash says as his bicep expands with the tightening of his muscle as he starts to turn the match in his favor.

Layla is actually taking mental notes. She nods and smirks as she looks over and sees the match "Winner gets a case of bruise balm and a case of Butterbeer from me." She nods and considers "Your right. One winner and points. But for now lets go root on Rashan shall we?" She already is heading that way and tries to find a good spot to watch the action from.

Zarina glances over her shoulder at the sound of the arm-wrestling match loud enough to be heard through the wall, though the door being slightly open doesn't help either. Looking back to Layla, she blinks once before frowning, watching the other girl's train of thought shift yet again as Layla pushes open the door and disappears into the hallway. Releasing a slow sigh to herself, Zarina shakes her snow white head as she discards her empty bottle and stands to her feet, shrugging off her warm robes and placing them on the bench for now before inevitably following the Hufflepuff girl. Closing the door after her, she turns and making her way through the hallway, following the sounds of cheers and jeers to the open door of the Gryffindor compartment. She blinks her sapphire blue eyes once before frowning at the scene.

Hogwarts Express - United Kingdom

The hallway corridor of the Hogwarts Express is not particularly wide. There is only just enough room for two small students to walk abreast. Paneled in beige and gray colors, it is quite plain. Evenly spaced along the length of the corridor, which spans the entire length of the train, are entrances to the individual compartments.

Both boys look to be getting tired, as more encouraging shouts, and a few side brawls are taking place. The Gryffindor has a smug smile on his face, that is until Rashan lets out a yell not unlike a northern Viking would. "WOOOOODDDEEEEENNNN!" The battle cry louder than the shouts, and catching everyone's attention as Rashan hammers the other youth's hand onto the table with a echoing 'THUD!' Rash then stands up and smirks at the Other. "Better luck next time." he says with a smirk before turning to walk out of the compartment, the Slytherins singing the Slytherin house song.

Layla works on breaking up a few of those side brawls that has come to blows "Break it up you lot or it is points in the negative before we arrive!" Then she arches a brow at the yell and just shakes her head. As Rashan goes to walk out she blocks his path briefly to give him a very sound kiss. Then she starts to turn to head back the way she came. "Guess I owe you the cases then."

Zarina blinks once as she watches the match continue on, her nose wrinkling with a breath held in her chest before Rashan yells and slams the Gryffindor's hand into the table, victorious. She releases and immediately takes in another breath, pupils dilating as the girl's face twists, turning away to make her way towards the opposite end of the train car as she bumps into the Tea Trolley witch. Her breath staggers, but she offers the older woman a kind smile and glances over the tray full of food and drinks. Licking her lips quickly, she makes a gesture at a sandwich with several layers in it. Digging out a few coins, she pays for the sandwich and a bottle of pumpkin juice.

Rashan blinks at the sudden kiss, but then snakes an arm around Layla's waist and takes her into a sudden dip, one hand resting on her hip as the other arm rests her shoulders, a gentle but firm hold as he places his lips to hers in a deep kiss, his long hair falling about his shoulders before he slowly breaks the kiss and has her upright once more. "I'll settle for kisses like that instead of the Butterbeer." he says with a smile as he looks deeply into her eyes. His biceps and chest still hard from the exertion he put on them, his white shirt stretching across them.

Layla is caught off guard but in no way objects. Her arms wrap around his neck as the kiss is returned. Once however she is standing again, she wraps her hands around his arm and laughs "I bet you will at that." She eyes the cart though and nods that direction "Zarina has the right idea. Shall we get something to eat? The three of us have a break from rounds for a bit."

Zarina offers the Tea Trolley witch another smile and a nod of thanks as she holds her food and drink in hand, turning towards the hallway again and suddenly blinking, watching Rashan hold onto Layla in a dip as he kisses her for a long moment. She has to blink again with a exhale once they are straightened once more and laughing once more. The girl has to breath out again and roll her neck slightly with eyes closed, taking in and releasing another breath for a long moment before opening her eyes and looking back up again. Uncapping her pumpkin juice, she takes a drink of it and smirks, walking again and passing the couple as she gives Layla a wink. Wordlessly she makes her way to the Prefect Compartment, lowering herself into her corner again, food in her lap as her fingers uncurl and grip at the end of the cushioned seat, eyes focused on the passing moonlit scenery.

Rashan looks around a bit. "That break will have to wait till after the ceremony. I see Hogsmeade coming up, and we have to make sure we get the first years in the capable hands of the Keeper of Keys and Grounds." He says simply with a smile. "I wonder if we will be allowed to fly to the castle this year." He says with a smile as he looks at Layla. "Prefects don't have curfew since we have to help patrol the halls, if you wanna meet once we get the little ones to bed…." He says, leaving that invitation open to her.

Layla considers and then nods as the train starts to slow down. Zarina is given a smile after an arched brow "Seems like many things will have to wait I'm afraid." Then she kisses his cheek and starts for the corridor to start rounding up firsties. She offers to Zarina "We'll catch up later." Then she is gone.

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