2026-09-07: Swedish Mates


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Scene Title Swedish Mates
Synopsis With Rashan frustrated, Kissera (NPC) helps him get it out while Jaide watches on amusingly.
Location Slytherin Common Room
Date September 7, 2026
Watch For A floor rumble!
Logger Zarina

Slytherin Common Room - Hogwarts

The Slytherin common room is a long underground room with rough stone walls and a low ceiling from which round, brass lamps with a green patina hang on rusted chains. Directly opposite the door is an extravagantly carved mantelpiece which depicts a myriad of slithering serpents. A selection of splendid armchairs carved of dark wood with forest green upholstery are arranged before the fire and scattered about the room. Several study tables with smaller chairs are situated in the empty spaces about the room. The walls of the common room are decorated with hanging tapestries in green and silver, as well as other depictions of serpents and famous Slytherins. To one side of the fireplace, an archway opens on a set of stairs down to the student dormitories.

All this week Rashan has been nothing but insufferable. He has been Extremely aggressive during Quidditch practice, even more so than usual. During classes he enters, takes his notes, does his demonstrations, and leaves. He has been a complete ass to the younger years, especially the Hufflepuffs. And has been entering the dorm well after everyone is asleep. Now he sits in an armchair with his potions book propped in his lap, with a clip board on his other leg as he takes notes. People have tried to get him in idle conversation, only to be met with a clearly stated 'Fuck off.' As he nears the end of his Potions work, he nods to himself. "Sage and love me knot at 120 degrees would procude the right about, stir counter clockwise three times, then clockwise once, add monks root and mandrake, then heat to a boil and let simmer. Potions is ready at room temperature." he says, describing a wit sharpening potion, or at least, a better way of making one that will get him the best marks in the class. It is said the only other person who could possibly Rival Rash at potions would have been Severus Snape.

Sitting on the couch across from him, a large Swedish girl scowls up at him from her notes as he seems to race through the notes of this potion. "Rashan! Slow down! I only got the part about the sage!" Her scowl darkens at him, her lips pressing together as she throws her quill on her parchment and stubbornly crosses her arms over her chest. "You have been acting like an arse all week. And not that charming arse bit that you usually put up for the girls." Kissera scowls deliberately at him, refusing to continue on until he either tells her what's going on or gets over it.

Rashan looks up at her and frowns. "I don't want to talk about it. And you probably wouldn't wanna hear about it either." He says with a frown as he looks back his book snapping shut. "Besides, it wouldn't fix anything I'd still feel miserable." He says with a sigh as he lays his head back on the chair. "It's just… you know something great can happen, something amazing that you want to cherish for the rest of your life… and because of fear, it won't happen." He says as he looks at her. "I never felt like that before, and it all came crashing down like a stone against a window." He says before leaning back again. "And I think it's my fault…"

Kissera blinks once before frowning at him, thinking before shrugging a shoulder. "Er, I guess so…" she answers, though unsure exactly what he's talking about. "Fear can either do two things, it can either render you helpless or it can motivate you into action. Usually its the first that tends to get people in the most trouble. The mind just freezes up from the fear." The Swedish girl frowns again in thought, "Your fault?" she repeats, sounding amazed. "Rashan I think tht is the first time I've heard you admit you were guilty of anything."

Rashan frowns and looks at Kiss raising an eyebrow. "Not funny, I'm being serious." he says with a sigh. "I can't say what it's about, because it involves someone else. That and knowing you, you would pick a fight with her and then there would be that whole fiasco." He says as he opens his Potions book. "If only I knew what the problem was… I could figure a way around it. I wish I was good at Legilimency…" He then sighs and shakes his head. "But I couldn’t do that to her… it's not fair…" He stops and covers his mouth.

Jaide steps through the portal that opens in the wall, her arms laden with several books. Little Hugo slinks through the portal behind her before it closes and the kitten sprints into the common room. The third year collapses into a welcome armchair looking exhausted.

Kissera smirks easily at him, "Well I thought it was funny." The Swedish girl answers easily with a light shrug of a shoulder, ignoring her quill on her paper for now as she keeps her eyes on her best friend. The first time he says 'she', the girl narrows her eyes at him suspiciously. She knows her friend better than anyone, and he hasn't ever worried about a girl before. "You're probably right." she says evenly. "Because I have your back in everything. And if this girl turned you down or whatever, there will be a bit of a meeting with "Old Betsy" and "The Five Avengers"…" she scowls briefly. A moment later she blinks at Rashan in surprise. "Legilimency? Seriously?" Kissera makes a face briefly, thinking. "Well… that probably isn't the best way to approach every situation you come across, Rash…" Her eyes flick to the little girl, narrowing slightly as she tries to remember her face but then promptly discards the effort.

Jaide tips her head politely to the prefect and the unknown lady he's with. The book she hauls into her lap 'Hogwarts - A History' is a well worn dog eared library copy. The girl flips back to the index, paging for a moment. "Sorting hat… sorting hat." Hugo hops up onto her shoulder and curls up there, peering down to see what his master is reading. "We can figure this out, little man."

Rashan nods and sighs as he looks to Kissera with a sigh. "She didn't want to, trust me. It's just… she said she was afraid of hurting me." he says simply raising an eyebrow. "I mean… come on, You have seen me throw people through Quidditch Rings… I don’t think anyone could actually hurt me without magical help." he says simply as he looks to the Girl. "Why are you looking things up about the sorting hat?"

Jaide quirks an eyebrow to the prefect, almost disappearing behind the giant book. "Huh? I wanted to check something for Prefect Zanford. Maybe I can find something of use to her… uh… nevermind. It's stupid." She sighs quietly then begins to cough, the dust from the book greater then expected. "Ugh this thing is like a billion years old."

Kissera frown again before shrugging a shoulder idly, looking almost bored. "Hurt how? There's all kinds of hurt. Heck, I can usually give you a pretty good run for your money, but if this girl is any smaller than me I doubt she can do anything physical. Maybe spiritual or mental? Did she have her wand on her? I don't know." she rambles some, her thoughts not really making much as they string from one to another. The Swedish girl arches a brow as she glances to the younger year girl, frowning again, "Sorting hat? That old carpet bag?"

Jaide quirks an eyebrow to the prefect, almost disappearing behind the giant book. "Huh? I wanted to check something for Prefect Zanford. Maybe I can find something of use to her… uh… never mind. It's stupid." She sighs quietly then begins to cough, the dust from the book greater then expected. "Ugh this thing is like a billion years old. It said something weird… at the feast. I wanted to find out more about it. I don't even really know what it is. …am I interrupting again? I'll be quiet…" She pushes her hair back out of her face.

Rashan blinks at Kissera and smiles. "Ha, you… take me? Laughable." He says as he flexes his shoulders before looking to the Third Year. "Check something for Zanford eh? Like what? The fact it went nuts and then the lights dimmed?" he says with a smirk. "Honestly, I think we are gonna see some cool stuff happening soon, and I for one want to be there to fight it." He says simply as he leans back. "Maybe a Dementor attack? or a swarm of boggarts? Or a Vampire Raid?"

Kissera easily smirks back at Rashan, "Yeah, take you, Tvalfager. You got a problem with it? I'll take you on, preeetty boy." she answers easily, though only a moment passes before she narrows her eyes suspiciously at him. "And don't you think that you have your clever little distraction from that little girl problem you have, Rashie. Either you have to deal with it or stop acting like an arse because I won't put up with it." His best friend scowls irritably, arms still crossed as she stares him down for a moment or so.

Jaide coughs again, louder as the idea is totally unexpected. "I noticed that the line about Gryffindor… it was longer then all the others. Now maybe it's pure favoritism but it just seemed really, really weird. So I wanted to look to see if it happened before." She continues to flip through the pages of the encyclopedic book, not sure what she'll find, knowing she shouldn't interrupt anymore.

Rashan nods to Jaide and then turns to look at Kissera. He smiles and stands up, his tie and vest already off as he smirks, Pulling out his wand he waves it a bit pushing the furniture back. He then lays his wand by his robe and stretches. "Bring it, Yiska, you want to wager this?" He says with a smirk as he crosses his arms over his chest, standing like an all mighty Vilking. "And I'll stop acting like an Ass, but I'm still not happy about that situation." He says, though he still wants to wrestle. She may have more lower body strength than him, and actualy be taller. But then again, when is Rashan ever going to back down from a challenge.

Kissera rolls her eyes at him while shaking her head, "See there? That's your problem right there. You're so eager to take me on, but you can't even tackle this one little problem? You might as well be German instead of Swedish." she verbally counters, knowing this ribbing routine easily. And as much as she ribs him, they both know this is her way of getting him to focus at the problem at hand instead of uselessly distracting himself. The large Swedish girl just rolls her eyes at him, glancing down at their homework with some distaste, but then reluctantly takes up her quill again.

Jaide snickers a bit, looking forward and then instantly disappointed. The third year then returns to reading her book, Hugo curling up against her neck and nodding off.

Rashan blinks at her and tilts his head. "G… G… That’s it." he says as he smiles and walks over to her, his hands reaching to start tickling her on her sides. "Coochie coo!" He says with a smile as he then jumps back and takes a crouching position, his arms out as he looks at her. "C'mon… If you win, I'll tell you who it is." He says with a smirk. "And, I'll do your potions homework for you." He says with a smirk as he squares his shoulders.

Instantly dropping her quill, Kissera moves to tackle his torso, arms wrapping around his waist to twist his weight towards the ground and pin him to the ground. The wind is briefly knocked out of her, though she keeps her arms to him as she struggles with his limbs. Holding him down for a quick moment, her index finger disappears into her mouth before she does the unthinkable, giving the studly boy a wet willy.

Jaide looks on in abject horror, but her more serious emotion quickly turns to laughter. "UGH That the most disgusting thing I've ever seen… unbelievable." She giggles softly and turns back to her book, trying to ignore then, failing, but trying.

Rashan blinks as he is tackled and as he tries to get up and in a better grappling position, he feels the wet finger in his ear. "YOU SON OF A!…" He says in Swedish, a testament to how shocked that move was. He then wraps his arms around her torso and smiles, applying a bear hug with his massive arms as he starts to break on her neck. His hands clasp together and he sets his Iron grip. Though a tactical flaw. her legs are perfect to scissor lock him.

Kissera's smirk doesn't last long as he twists and grapples her back, hands clasping tightly. Her faces twists in the struggle, and while his arms pin hers to her sides, she moves to grip her legs around him to either pull herself free or to position him underneath her. Either will give her the advantage again as she smirks, arms free now as she hooks her arms through his, holding them behind and stretching them painfully. "What? No Swedish guts? Have you turn into a codfish?"
Jaide giggles quietly. "God… reminder to self, never, never join the Quidditch team. It now seems like a totally terrible idea."

Rashan growls as he raises his legs, placing his feet flat. "Codfish? More like a summer sausage." He says as he actualy does a forward Roll to get her on her back, then doers a backroll that unhooks his arms, Then his strong hand comes down on her shoulders as he tries to Pin her using his full strength. "Come on, maybe you should make me a sandwich? Your full nelson is slipping Yiska." he says, using the Scandinavian term for pretty woman.

Kissera's face twists with pain as Rashan manages to pin her on the floor, struggling briefly before giving up as she rolls her eyes. "Sandwich. What do I look like? Your bloody mum?" she asks, smirking as she purposefully used the British idioms. "Just let me up Rash."

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