2026-09-29: Talk In The Meadow


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Scene Title Talk in the Meadow
Synopsis Layla and Rash have a friendly talk
Location Meadow - Hogwarts Grounds
Date September 29, 2026
Watch For Talk about Rashan's Mother
Logger Rashan

Meadow - Hogwarts

The large meadow behind the rear of the castle is not flat, but rather rolls with the gentle peaks and swells of the surrounding foothills as it drops towards the lake shore in the south. Regardless of the season, the grass is a beautiful, dark green, and the rolling expanse is the perfect place for various sports and games. On the north west side of the meadow are the greenhouses, and a path around the castle towards the north east leads one around to the main grounds.
Sitting by itself to the west, about midway along the meadow, the Whomping Willow is situated on a ridge away from the rear courtyard. Planted at some point during the seventies, the exceedingly knobby and violent tree is just a dangerous and even more ugly than when it was first planted over half a century ago. The sky is clear, the stars twinkling brightly. The air is warm; a trace of summer lingers still this autumn.

It's early Thursday morning. We are talking WAY before breakfast right. No one in there right mind should be up let alone outside. But the sunrise was fantastic and Layla needed time to think. So here she is in a pair of running pants and a tank top. She sits on the ground now, with a towel around her neck, just sipping from a bottle of water.

Rashan is also up at this ungodly hour, since this morning Slytherin has the Quidditch pitch for practice, and as usual, their first game coming up is against Gryffindor. After practice though, Rashan has decided to fly around the grounds with his broom, just time to think. Spotting Layla though he lowers the broom and flies right over her head, before turning and making a perfect landing. "Good morning." He says with a smile as he brushes off his green Quidditch robe.

Layla blinks and arches a brow with a gentle chuckle "Out flying and chasing birds I see." She watches you land "Morning." There appears to be strain on her face. She looks over the uniform "Aha practice for the Gryffindor game huh?" She stares at the fading stars as the sun comes into fuller view and lapses into silence.

Rashan smiles and walks over to her and takes a seat next to her. "I'm starting to worry about you Layla. You haven’t been eating and you have been hiding yourself away." He says with a frown. "Your other Hufflepuff prefect… oh… whats his name… is having a hard time with the student's by himself. Apparently one of your first years is having nightmares or some such." He says off handedly.

Layla shrugs at first and then nods "I'm alright Rashan. Things have just been a little off kilter is all. I've been holed up in the commons and other places. I know of the nightmares…woke me up last night screaming their fool head off." Softer "Things will get better with time. Once these headaches recede a bit it will be better."

Rashan lays back on the grass wit his hands behind his head. "If you have headaches, you should have come to me Layla… I am a skilled apothecary in any case." He says wit ha smile, using the old traditional term for Potions Master, a much better term in any case. "Besides, you worry me a bit to much, I don't like to worry." He says with a smile, last time Rashan worried about something he actually have to use Gemino, as well as a few dark arts spells.

The first bottle of water is drained and a second one comes from her pocket. This one Layla opens as she responds "Don't worry over me Rashan. I'll be fine." Then she laughs harshly "Trust me not even apothecary could touch these headaches my friend." She looks over at you so relaxed and hesitates. What she says next can change their relationship yet again and in ways no one realizes. Taking another long sip before she continues "Rashan if I tell you something, you have to give me your word you will tell no one else."

Rashan rolls his eyes. "Sweetie, I know a lot of things and haven’t told anyone, you have my word that I shall not tell anyone anything you tell me." he says with a nod as he looks to the sky. What manner of craziness will this one tell him now, well, at least she is telling him and not hiding it.

Layla grips the water bottle a bit tighter as she stares off in the direction of the lake as she says VERY softly "I'm a seer." She hesitates "It's a long story really. My mother forbade it and unless I wanted to loose my family and find myself on some curb, I was told at the age of 5 to live in the here and now and forget the lands of fantasies. After all a well known family like ours so could not have a dark secret." Likely she has said WAY to much here.

Rashan has a strange look on his face. His brow furrows as he sits up. "Seer?… seer… I've never heard the English word for it… wait… you mean an Oracle?" He asks incredulously with wide shocked eyes. "Your mother must be smoking crack if she thinks it's a bad thing." He says with wide eyes. Though, not privy to British taboos, Oracles are well thought of in Nordic communities.

Layla wasn't quite expecting that reaction really. She shrugs and shifts slightly to face you "I guess that's another word for it. I have to work to undo the damage I've done over the years to lock myself away and be normal. That's going to take time mind." She takes another sip of water and refrains from noting that is likely the reason her mother advised against things… afraid that one day her daughter would be a freak!

Rashan nods and smiles. "Well, I don’t know much about Oracle's… but I'm your friend and always willing to help you." he says with a smile. "You can even use me to practice your readings if you want to?" He offers with a wide smile, anything to help his friends learn what they need to, and besides, everyone needs a shoulder to lean on.

In time she may take you up on that offer. But that time will come later. Layla just stares at you oddly for a few moments "Thank you Rashan." She's afraid of being labeled a freak. And yet after talks with the Professor she is clearly on this path now. Whatever the Professor said, read or saw, hit home with the girl.

Rashan nods and sighs. "I know this is a touchy subject, but as prefects we do have to plan it… It's about the Halloween ball." He says and closes his eyes. "Since it is October and it's on it's way." He says with a nod. "Besides, I don’t think Zarina will want to go anyway… she has been becoming very distant, and her insistence on this whole mess as being simply a contract is really starting to piss me off." He says as he gets up and starts pacing, a tale tell sign of his frustration. "I mean, I try, so hard to make this as easy as I can and she refuses, it's like she wants me to suffer, or at the very least, believes the shouldn’t be happy." he says as he kicks a rock. "It's pure insanity."

Layla rises fluidly "I already have some ideas for the ball Rashan. I've had to focus on something other then this haven't I?" She then frowns "She told me she and you were best friends… that this contract was merely to secure heirs for both families." She continues after another long sip "She even tried to convince me we could still see each other as long as we didn't get caught." She frowns "But well that's not who I am Rashan and I told her so. Why do you think I've been elsewhere but where you could find me."

Rashan turns to look at her. "She told me the same thing. I couldn’t do that to you or to her." He says with a sigh. "Best friends, yeah, a best friend doesn’t treat me like crap." he mumbles as he paces even more. "You shouldn’t have to hide in any case. You and me hanging out isn’t the same as us snogging. Nor is there anything wrong with it." he says, about the hanging out part. "Also, Professor Kashin might come for you, he has been taking aside all of his N.E.W.T.s students and giving them reviews. I don't think he likes me very much." He says with a shrug.

Layla rests a hand briefly on your shoulder and sighs "I'm sorry for you my friend." She chews on her lip "She showed me the bracelet and said she wished I were the one wearing it. It would have more meaning then." Hesitantly she paces away "I've had a student of mine draw up ideas for the ball. Of how the Great Hall should look." Then she swivels back "Why's he taking us aside? Heck we've done nothing wrong!" Her mind whirls now. "I'd well also like to hold a game night…" Her words drop as her mind digests.

Rashan smiles and shakes his head. "I didn’t wanna worry about marriage until I finished school, but of course, I found out that her father is the one who was pressing for an early marriage. Hell he wanted to pull us out of school on my seventeenth birthday, but my mother forced him to wait until the summer, and she also wanted to let us know right away so that we could avoid complications that could have gotten worse." he says with a sigh. "Kashin is doing a review for all of us, remember, this is his first year here, and he wants to make sure we all know what he has in store for newts, sort of a rounding out of lesions." he says with a smile. "I think this year my dress robes will be traditional Nordic ones. My father even sent me a new horned hat." He says with a smile. "Though I also have an ornamental sword, since potter wont allow a real one to be worn…"

Sighing she nods to the letting you know bit. Then Layla hears of the father "Is he /utterly/ insane? That's like not only stupid but moronic!" She takes a last drink and squeezes the bottle "Oh great I better find him before he comes looking for me." Just another Professor to hide….err deal with! Then she pales "Wait we have to dress up?" She shakes her head "I just was going to come in my uniform."

Rashan chuckles. "Well it is a dance, people dress up for one don’t they?" He says with a laugh. "You might wanna send a letter home asking your parents to send you a dress then." he says with a nod. "And yes, he is insane. And if he thinks to cross me, I'll let him know none to nicely why the Havinter Line holds land in Sweden still, Auror or not."

Layla gulps "I'd rather not contact my mother at the moment." There is a flicker in her eyes of old pain, then it is gone "I'll have to go into Hogsmeade it seems and hope to find something." She wonders if he realizes she has avoided dances where she could at all costs. She then offers "He will not cross you. He wants heirs and little else. If he crosses your family they could rescind the contract. He'd not want that."

Rashan nods. "That and if he tries. My mother would kill him. She may not be a fan of the dark arts, but I wouldn’t put it past her to use the killing curse if me or my sister were ever in trouble." he says with a nod and smiles at her. "Well, in any case, You Hufflepuffs have Ravenclaw after our Gryffindor match, you have any plan for them? Not that you really need it with that lot."

Layla blinks and arches a brow "Your mother and the darker arts? The killing curse?" For an instant her mind just tries to wrap around that concept. "I uh right Ravenclaw. Err we are practicing hard. I'll be seeker this year." She shakes her head "Yeah there are small things, but nothing major."

Rashan nods and smiles. "Just be sure you are ready for us, we have the last match of the season." he says with a smile. "Seeker eh? You play opposite Zarina then." He says and snickers. "Might be interesting… to say the least."

Layla mutters something under her breath and offers "Oh we'll be ready alright. Don't worry about that." Then her eyes go dark for an instant "Yeah I remember your roster. " Interesting indeed "All I want is to catch the snitch and end the game Rashan. Nothing more."

Rashan chuckles. "If that is the case. then you better hope you catch it before I score enough points to offset your one fifty after getting the snitch." He says with a smile. "I actually got a goal today from half court." he beams with pride.

Layla rolls her eyes and laughs "Always thinking Quidditch Rashan. We shall see when the game comes. Though I will admit you've much improved with time." Her alarm goes off and she scowls "I best go. Have some things to see to before class. Do take care."

Rashan nods and smiles. "You as well, I have potions right after breakfast." He says with a frown, why Malfoy has sixth years first thing in the morning, he will never know.

Layla starts for the door "Glad it is you and not me friend." No she just has another class. As she walks her mind turns over all that she was told and told. So many angles and threads to a weave. What is to come is anyone’s guess."

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