2026-09-26: Thorne Vacation Part 1


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Scene Title Thorne Family Vacation
Synopsis Christopher surprised Nicole with a Vacation.
Location Thorne Estate
Date September 26, 2026
Watch For Romance.
Logger Christopher

Salon - Thorne Estate - London

Gilded in red and gold, with a warmth that spread from the low, raging heat of the fire, laying between the dark tapestries rugs on the Floor to the low, wood beam crossed ceiling. An ornate mirror above the mantle reflects the sumptuous, decor from the gathered intimacy of the sofas and chairs to the upright piano laden with photographs and trinkets and the vibrant, riotous plants that inhabit this civilized jungle.

Just arriving back from Hong Kong to work out a deal about yet another Jackie Chan movie, as well as once getting here and having a semi-formal lunch discussion with Slade Barlow, Chris is now at home, sitting in a comfy arm chair with his coat over the back of it. He rubs his temples. "He drank eight beers with lunch and got up and walked straight." He says to himself, using an old tactic to get the man to loosen up… to no avail.

Nicole pours brandy for her husband, after walking in. Then also pours wine for herself "Darling are you sure about this Slade person?" Walking over she hands over the glass, before going to lounge on the sofa "Besides you work to hard you know." Her words are ever soft.

Chris takes the brandy gladly with a beaming smile for his lady love before getting up to sit next to her. "Slade Barlow, you remember him from school don't you? The one with the guitar and spike in his hair." He says before smiling at her. "It's a good contract deal, universal made a mistake because they though Zephyr hollow was going to be a one hit wonder, they were wrong." He says. "It will help us in the music business as well as raise revenue and stocks as well. 'he says downing his brandy easily before loosening his tie. "But it's good to be home Dear, I have missed you so." He says with a smile leaning over to kiss her cheek gently.

Nicole sips her wine as she nods "Yes I remember him. As I recall he was to full of himself then. I do hope that has changed now." She even smiles and offers softly "I've missed you. What with you traveling all over the world." She turns a bit to be facing him "But I have been keeping busy also."

Chris nods and smiles at her. "That's good, I'm very glad you are keeping busy, I hate leaving you, but it's business." Alas, his life. "But I'm home now for three days. Until I have to get wit the Quidditch league on this years promotions anyway." he says, having to take a trip to friggin Dublin. "So at least, for these three days, I can be all yours if there is anything you need my dear love?" He asks with a smile as he leans back, playing the good husband, at least she is somewhat easier to please then most of the yahoos he has to work with.

Three whole days what ever will she do? She rises and sips her drink as she walks around behind the sofa. She starts to massage Chris' shoulders "Just relax for a bit then love. No one is do to visit here for now." She continues with slow strong hands "I was hoping to get your take on something however."

Chris watches his eyes roll into the back of his head under the wonderful care of his dear wife. "Uuuuhhh… anything at all my love." He says, half mesmerized. The feeling is so damn good, now he remembers why it is he comes home, because Nicole is here, and she is such a good woman to him.

Nicole picks up her wine and takes a sip while the other hand continues. Then both hands are there again "I still say you work to hard Christopher!" She muses and then comments "I've been thinking dear that we should build an orphanage…or rather a halfway house for kids. It would be terrific PR for Thorne Industries and maybe get people to realize that we do so care for the wizarding community."

Chris opens his eyes and smiles as he takes one of her hands and kisses the back of it before getting up. "That's a great idea, but… we can't start it yet." He says as he moves over to a desk and pulls out a leather folder. "You see… we have a five star cruise in the Mediterranean to go on for the next three days… and we leave in about a hour dear." he says with a smile, hoping this little surprise will make her happy. "I have my aid working on my stuff, and I already hired a planner to keep up with your stuff for three days." he says wit ha warm smile.

Nicole picks up her wine as she follows him over to the desk. Then he drops the bomb, err surprise and she practically BEAMS at him! She comes around and wraps him in a hug "But really darling Kent can see to both of our details. There is absolutely no reason to hire an outsider." She trusts Kent just as much as her husband does "Your father is alright with this time away?"

Chris shrugs. "The old man wont notice we are gone, it's only three days, he will think I'm dealing with Barlow and such, and you always have your functions to do. Kent will handle everything, now, we must get packed, I got us the best suite on the cruse ship, the sunset is really nice I hear." He says, overjoyed that Nicole is happy, She deserves this trip in any case, and he is happy to give her time away from both of their hectic lives. "You should wear that half skirt I like so much…" he says off handedly.

Nicole already is moving toward the back of the house, after kissing Chris deeply yet to quickly…much to quickly. "Kent is a man of all talents love. You surpassed all hopes the day you hired him. After all he has been a godsend to you in the business." You can hear things moving around in the bedroom as she calls off handedly "How about I also pack that little black dress, you know the one that snug’s my form so well?"

Chris smiles and as he walks into the bedroom too to pack some of his things he makes a giddy giggle. "Yeah, it would be good for the night we can go dancing." he says with a smile. "The ship is a re-creation of the titanic, but don’t worry, no icebergs in the Mediterranean." He says as he packs a few casual, yet still designer cloths, and a pair of Italian leather flip flops. he also takes out his business cell phone and does the unthinkable, while his wife is looking mind you, and puts it in a drawer. "There, no one will bother us, and Kent knows to fire anyone who tries." He says with a smile.

Nicole things seem to be packing themselves as she walks over and adds her phone to Christopher's "Just you and me for three whole days." Her bag even comes off the bed and floats to the door. She packed the skirt and this skinny all to revealing black dress. And of course the accessories to go with them. She even packed a new skirt and blazer.

Chris' bags do the same thing, and he comes from the closet in white slacks, with white leather shoes, a white silk polo knit golf shirt tucked into those slacks, and his silver Rolex on his right wrist. He fetches his wallet and check book. Then he slides on a pair of silver rimmed ray band sunglasses, thinking he might by an even more expensive pair in Italy because friggin Barlow has ones that are better then him. "Yes, just us my dear. All the arrangements are made, we will Floo to Italy, then I have a limo waiting to take us to the dock. They are waiting for us already and will have our luggage delivered to the suite." he says as he places his arms around her hips. "I'm thinking I should spoil you more often my love." he says with a smile as he places a soft kiss on his lips, already relaxed and ready to enjoy himself with His wife.

Nicole likewise is changed. Her clothes go from Business attire to casual in one thought. Now she wears a pale yellow silk blouse with darker shade pants. Her sandals are the silver ones "Shall we then? As she wraps an arm around his waist. "We don't want to be late either for the cruise or the sunset after all."

Leads his wife to the Floo hearth and smiles as he takes a handful of Floopowder and brings her in close. "Bonjourno, mi amore." He says with a cute accent as he tosses the powder down and they reappear in a wizarding station in Italy, their bags following along as he leads her to the limo. "Mr. and Mrs. Thorne, I'll be your driver, please, make yourselves comfortable." A tall older man says in a chauffer’s uniform.

Nicole stays easily at his side, after all she is so used to being there now. She kisses his cheek just before they leave the estate. Then they are in Italy! She smiles to the Chauffer and slides into the limo leaving room for Chris beside her. "Christopher darling you spoil me so."

He smiles and hits the button on the divider between the front seat and the back, giving them total privacy. "It's because I love you so, is why I spoil you so my dearest." he says with a smile as he kisses her on the lips once more. "You may just have to beat me away with a stick, I don’t think I could let you go the entire trip."

Nicole laughs softly and wraps her arms around him. She likely would sit in his lap if they weren't in the limo "I love you Christopher Thorne." She returns the kiss softly and looses herself.

Chris smiles at his wife and kisses her again. "And I love you Nicole Thorne, the most shining star in my life." he says with a smile as he opens a cooler and pours her a nice glass of red wine, and of course, a glass of the same for himself. "To us, my love." He says with a smile.

Nicole smiles her brightest yet. She takes the glass in her slender hand. Once he has his poured she clinks hers to his "To us indeed my love. And also to Thorne Industries that will soon be all yours."

Chris chuckles and nods. "That it will, but lets not talk about that, for the next three days, it's just you, and me." He says as he takes a sip of his wine and smiles. "I have dinner reserved for tomorrow night, well, dinner and dancing." he says with a smile. "Tonight though, I ordered us a nice dinner that we can eat on the balcony while the sun sets." he says with a smile, business is his game, and he knows how to set up the perfect mood for anything, what makes this better is he deeply cares about the next three days.

Nicole seems impressed and nods, laying her head on his shoulder "Just us then." She looks out the window as Italy strolls by. "I didn't think you liked cruises or boats Christopher…or is that more your father?"

Chris smiles and raises his arms to rest on her shoulders so she can cuddle in close. "I don't mind them, they don't rock." He says with a smile. He closes his eyes and sets down his wine as he watches the scenery. before they stop at a pier and the driver says through a speaker. "Mr. Thorne, we have arrived." The door then opens and Chris helps Nicole out of the Limo, sliding something into the drivers hand before escorting his wife to the boat. "Remember, the Cruise guide might try to be a pain, just show her your pass and she will more then gladly leave us to our own vices." he says handing her a pass that says V.I.P. on it.

Nicole cuddles close and enjoys the time with him. Once they arrive however she rights herself. When Chris helps her from the limo it is the eloquent long legs that come first. Then the rest of her follows in a fluid movement. She slips the pass into her pocket. Then she links her arm with his and starts toward the ramp.

Chris walks with his wife up the ramp, and shows the captain his pass. The captain smiles widely and has a yeoman show them to their suite. One they are there, a huge three room ordeal with an amazing view of the horizon on the balcony, a four poster bed in the room, the suite itself almost the size of a medium sized flat. "Mr. Thorn, will you or the Mrs., need anything?" The young yeoman asks. "No Thank you, just have our dinner sent up in two hours." he says handing something to the young attendant as well before turning to his wife, spotting their bags already here. "Well, we have two hours before dinner and that sunset I promised you." he says with a smile as he removes his shades.

Nicole walks easily and keeps her arm linked with his. She smiles to the Captain, before following the yeoman. Once they reach their cabin she looks around. She then smiles to the yeoman "Thank you." While Chris sees to the details she is already walking to the balcony. Ahhhh the sea air, or at least it will be soon. She turns and calls back "A whole two hours….what ever shall we do?"

He smiles and walks over to her and slides his arms around her. "Oh… I have no idea." he says with a sarcastic tone. "You see, I think so much that I must leave the idea to you my dearest." he says with a smile as he lowers his head to kiss along her neck, right under the ear.

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