2027-02-14: Valentine's Dance


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Scene Title Valentine's Dance
Synopsis In lieu of a Hogsmede weekend, the hall is decorated for a dance that goes horribly awry, briefly.
Location Main hall
Date Februrary 14, 2027
Watch For Major point dockage, crying girls
Logger Amon

Great Hall - Hogwarts

Like the feasting halls of yore, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is vast in its dimensions. It walls and floors are of cold, pale grey stone. The severity of that stone is alleviated by long-faded murals and tapestries hung about the room.

Five immensely long tables are able to accommodate the students and faculty together in one sitting for meals. Four of these tabkes are arranged in parallel rows with long benches which are each reserved for an individual House. Located at the southern end of the hall, the High Table for the faculty is perpendicular to the house tables and outfitted with comfortable arm chairs. At the very centre of that table is the Headmaster's golden throne.

The tall, narrow gothic windows lining the western and eastern walls of the Great Hall provide light during the daylight hours, and the flickering light of countless torches and floating candles lights the hall at night. A touch of the outdoor weather is brought into the hall through the vaulted ceiling, which has been enchanted to resemble the skies.

That's right it is a Saturday. Yet worse then that, Valentine's Day! After the last meal of the day no one was allowed in except a select few. The Great Hall has once again been transformed! Tonight the hall sports colors of red, white, and silver. There are round tables replacing all of the house and staff tables… somehow those just magically disappeared! The floor is cascaded in colors from spot lights that are timed on a rotating schedule.
Even the band is here and all set up! it is time to have fun! One of the students already here is Layla Demente. Tonight she is in red! But as the doors are thrown wide for all to enter, she is seeing to last little details at the food and drinks table (like making BLOODY sure no one has //respired./ the food or drink. Oiy what a day yesterday was. Hey come to think of it did anyone ever think to like give Amon the antidote? She may need to check on that later.

Ambrosius is dressed to the nines in his fashionable formal robes and black tuxedo. Considering his age, however, he does look awkward in the clothing; and does not move in it with as much confidence as a grown man might. He arrives at the dance with a pig-tailed, blonde girl on his arm who is not only extremely talkative, but keeps playing with her hair and a stray piece of bubble-gum she has been smacking around in her mouth. Judging from his facial expression, Ambrosius is not at all impressed in having her here as his date; and he looks as if he is ready to ditch her at the first opportunity. Love-potion mishap, perhaps?

Oh yes, Marcus sometimes thinks he is being used… this time, he is acting as chaperone. The man is standing close to one of the darkest corners in the room, arms crossed over his chest, and wand in hand? Why wand in hand? Well… you see, Marcus doesn't have a special someone, and for some reason, some retard-mode enchanted Cupid, that is flapping it's wings and flying around Marcus' head, giggling and throwing bubble arrows at him. The man pretty much looks to be under a heavy duty rain, at least he is looking quite annoyed. The giggling goes on and on, along with chants of 'Happy Valentine's!' this of course, abruptly ends when he quickly flicks his wand and Mr. Cupid, blows up to pieces… these pieces fall on some poor students that decided to make out close to the Auror. Oh yes, two or more birds with one shot. Bitches.

Normally where the professors dine, the band has set up a stage. Well-known in Scotland, with occasional shows in London and Manchester, the Screaming Mimis are a quartet of trendily dressed twenty-somethings, pleasing to the eye to the degree their actual talent is secondary. The lead singer is especially eye-catching; long-legged and athletic, she looks like she could handle her own security at shows no matter how high the heels she wears. The four mill about for a bit, testing their instruments one last time before the woman—-Eva-—turns to greet the crowds. "Hellooo Hogwarts! How's it going tonight? Better for you than for Pinata Cupid over there, we hope!" she laughs. Aww, Marcus, totally busted.

Happy *BLEEEP*ing Valentines day. Hey, she didn't dress festively for CHRISTMAS. Do you actually expect your dark, grumpy, creepy, probably closet sadist Professor of Ancient Runes to wear anything nice to this either? Frankly, it looks like she hasn't even changed from the clothing she was wearing in her last class. When she blows through the front doors, just to add to the festivities, she makes tracks to where the bits of cupid are raining down. "Hollingberry, I got the message. Do you need some backup after this… thing?"

It's a great evening! Erika doesn't know why some people are grumpy, but she does know that she wishes people would stop being so icky all over each other. It's just gross. That said, she walks in quite sedately (for her) with her hand tucked in the crook of Gabriel's arm, singing under her breath, "Happy half birthday to me! Happy half birthday toooo meeee!" She then giggles happily, "Thank you again for the corsage Gabriel, it goes really well don't you think?" She beams and looks around, eyes skipping over couples who may be closer together than her brain can handle.

A shadow trails behind Erika and Gabriel; there's likely some surprise that Amon had the courage to show his face at all. After the complete ass he made of himself during the 'incident', one might think he would have tried to hang himself. …He probably did, but there are gargoyles, Prefects and Professors to handle that sort of thing. Momentary lapse! Still, he looks to be in a fouler sort of mood, scanning the hall coolly as he adjusts the cuff of his dress jacket.

Layla surveys the room and in a way feels like Cupid there. But alas she has a smile well in place as she goes about the room greeting people. Well granted the two she just let into for necking are a bit sour but hey! As she moves she tries to watch it all. THEN she spots Marcus and Aniko. The first well she will handle when she must, however the latter? well yeah… can we say want to AVOID? But alas even them she must greet however briefly. So with unspiked punch in hand she weaves her way around, after waving to Gabriel and Erika. See, she is nice! She even offers Eva a smile of sorts! "Hello Professors!"

Gabriel escorts the young Hufflepuff as would an odd sort of guardian. Not typically a very pleasant person in previous years, he's grown much more polite in this, his sixth year, even as he has gone from strong, athletic youth to tall, willowy, slightly-unwell near-man. He's the bloke what's been seen trailing behind Professor Dazvarsh at odd times, between classes, after classes, during mealtimes. He's been rather silent about what he is doing whenever he goes off with her. At least he has a touch of color now. He's quietly watchful, a pale smile, which comes nowhere near his eyes, briefly alighting his lips as he murmurs, "A pleasure." He seems to be sort of standing in front of Amon, as if he means to shield the other fellow from any unwanted attention.

Marcus looks at the band and… well… they don't look bad, not bad at all… so he disregards that comment instead of frying all the electronics. Kids, you should thank the pretty ladies. When Aniko approaches him, Marcus offers a nod as a greeting and then leans in to whisper something to her. After this, he nods to Layla "Ms. Demente"

"I'm going to get some punch," Ambrosius says to his date, not asking her for any. He takes the moment to lose the girl in the crowd, zigzagging through couples careful to avoid the open, empty dance-floor. Not watching where he is walking, he collides directly into Gabriel and knocks Erika's corsage off her arm. Unfortunately for the flowers, he tramples them underfoot as he tries to back up. The Gryffindor is about to open his mouth to apologize but, when he sees who it is, his pate claps shut. The younger boy is speechless.

There are still a few staples sticking out of Spigot's head when he materializes right next to Amon. Snap! The crook-nosed House-elf is standing next to the boy wizard, and starts desperately yanking on his formal robes. "Young master wizard! Amon Lafayette must know that Spigot has been asking questions, he has, about the love potion, he dids!" After what happened in the Library a couple hours ago, the arrival of the little monster in the middle of the school dance cannot possible have a good outcome. For all intent and purpose, he seems to be Amon's problem.

Eva offers Marcus a wink as she spins on her heel, punching her hand up into the air. "Well then, lets get this part started!" she calls out, cueing her bandmates. Colored disks of light appear, swirling up around one of the band members; his hand punches forward, hitting one, bringing up a steady beat. Another raises his arms, evoking a swirl of string-like strands of light, which vibrate with sound as his hands interrupt their light stream. The third seems to be taking the light-sound the first two create, mixing them, altering them into a lightshow that sweeps over the entire hall, shaking it with a beat the students can likely feel reverberating in their chests. When the singer's voice adds to it, it serves to energize the entire mix, and as much flack as they get for being a 'pretty' group, the woman has a set of lungs.

Erika gasps as she's bumped into and nearly trampled, though her corsage is the only real casualty. She looks at the crushed flowers on the ground and just looks lost for a moment, going very very still. She doesn't let go of Gabriel's arm as she looks up at Ambrosius, tears starting to collect in her eyes, but evidently she's still got the strength of will not to let them fall just yet. She does however bite her lip, hard.

Amon smiles wryly as he realizes what Gabriel's doing, subconscious or not, and reaches up to place a hand on his shoulder. Murmuring something to the boy under his breath, the hand then drops and he steps around and to the side, to stand next to him—-only to watch as Ambrosius makes a mess. "Very graceful." Amon comments dryly, though he's hardly in the mood to taunt another after all that's happened to him lately. Blinking at the familiar 'snap', Amon blinks and looks down, staring incredulously at the Elf. His head is still smarting from all those fallen books that beaned him. "…You… have. Well, that's lovely, Spigot. But this is going to be our little secret," His, Gabriel's, Erika's, and this new boys, that is, "So, tell me quietly, what have you learned?" He kneels and taps his ear, indicating the elf should whisper—=though he's going to have an earache if not. Someone is /definitely/ up to no good.

Aniko nods once after Marcus whispers whatever it is to her then she gives the younger man a pat on the shoulder. "Good work. I'll want to go over what you found later—I'll get out of this place over the weekend at some point and spin into London…" Eyeing Layla across the room, Aniko lets her gaze then shift and take in the rest of the madness as she mutters to Marcus, "The singer wants a piece of your ass, Hollingberry." Finally her gaze settles on Amon and his… house elf and the woman positively smirks in a horrible, amused fashion. Softly, she snorts, covering her mouth a moment later and running her hand down her face to wipe away the smile. Yes… she just laughed. Amon clearly has scary powers…

Gabriel snatches the flower from off the floor after nodding to Amon, murmuring something back to the boy, and, eyes falling upon the Gryffindor, he begins to put the thing back together. The corsage, as it were, may be salvaged, and he simply lets his verdant gaze slide to his long fingers, now, a pin sliding through the stem of the flower and the flower itself, "It's all right, squirt. Look." His voice is oddly urbane these days. Not the biting snarl of five previous years.

Marcus nods to Aniko after this talk about his findings, he does have to go back there… so who knows what will happen next. He then looks up after the comment of the singer and Marcus shows a smile to the young lady. What? A wink for a smile, it's a fair trade! However his attention is stolen by the fact that Erika is about to burst into tears, he was so busy talking with Aniko that he missed what happened. However, since the group of kids seem to be deep into some sort of interaction, he doesn't approach. "Well, she's not hard on the eyes…" offers Marcus to Aniko.

Layla steps back a step or two as the two professors talk. Then she hears the 'crack' and spins. She STARES at the elf! HIM! He is the noisy Gus asking rude questions and tripping a Prefect earlier! Ah yes time to go see elfy! She starts that way and comes to stand next to Gabe "Hey. I trust your somewhat enjoying the dance instead of our normal?" said softly to Gabriel of course before she turns to address Amon "Amon, just who is your little friend here?"

"Squirt!" Ambrosius answers, indignant. He may be smaller, and quite younger, than Gabriel, but he certainly has no liking for the boy. Brave, or foolish, the Gryffindor exclaims, "Watch where you're going, you big lout!" And so he winces, expecting to get clobbered. It could not hurt worse than on the Quidditch field, could it?

Very excited to tell the news he has learned as to who mixed love-potion with breakfast, Spigot opens his mouth to speak moments before Eva, the apparently sex-kitten band leader, blasts out into a rocking song. The little House-elf puts his gnarled, bruised hands to his large ears and tries to press them against the head. "Too loud! Ah!" Spigot shrieks and starts bashing his oversized round head against the floor. "Noise! Noise! Noise! Must not! Ahh!" Wails the monster. Somewhere in the room, crystal punch-goblets start to crack and pop! This could get ugly…

Layla steps between the two boys and flicks her wand at the elf to try to tone some of the volume down! Egads! She would like to cover her own ears at that "Now look you two…" Looking at both boys in turn "First Ambrosius don't forget your lovely date. I'd hate to think your ditching her and wanting to start trouble." To Gabriel as he tries to give Erika a hug. "Accidents happen alright. Lets just have some fun can we at least try?"

"I was calling bloody Erika 'squirt', you infantile git," says Gabriel, his green eyes flashing irritation, which for a moment burns the polite sheen from his features. "Don't you have some dragons to be slaying instead of trampling the local plant life?"

As Gabriel puts the corsage back together again, she manages a tremulous smile, and then as it's together again she abruptly hugs him tightly before looking back over her shoulder at Ambrosius, an offended tone in her voice, "I'm his Squirt. Not you. And really, you need to watch where you're going. I think you owe me an apology for nearly destroying my pretty flowers, and a thank you to Gabriel here for fixing it before all was lost." She tilts her head a little, her gaze as cold as ice.

Eva and the band are far too into their set to notice tinkling punchbowls; it's something that does tend to require focus, given her every body movement helps to alter the sound as she dances on stage. The percussionist is like a martial artist, aggressively punching those discs and pushing them around, while the others use their hands to push and pull at the light, causing sound to bend and extend with the movements. Poor house elf may just have to suck it up, even if it means students wearing their punch instead of drinking it.

Yes? YES? WHO IS IT, YOU LITTLE~ But Amon can't strangle the creature in front of a Prefect. Wait, a Prefect? "Miss Demente. I was just… asking after it's health. It seems a little out of sorts." he responds pleasantly, taking out his wand to cast a bubble of silence around the creature, and himself. Whoops, what was that? Sorry, can't hear anyone but the elf now! He gestures at Layla as if to promise he'll take care of it, really he will, it's okay. "Right. Better?" he asks Spigot flatly.

"Yeah, well, you dress poorly!" stammers Ambrosius, definitely out of his league. He is only thirteen, after all. Wow! He might become a huge celebrity in his year for this commotion! "And you—you could do better!" the boy manages to Erika. He looks at the other Quidditch Captain, and nearly goes bone white when she mentions his date. "I don't know who you're talking about," he answers Layla. Sure enough, much to his chagrin, the girl has spotted him and is waving excitedly! She smiles broadly, showing gleaming-rows of razor-sharp braces. On his neck are already some in-descript wounds, roughly a day old…

Still standing next to Marcus, Aniko's eyes watch the unfolding madness with an amused smirks. "You know… this might not be such a bad Valentine's ball after all. Especially if the house elf goes completely rogue. That's like a excuse to go elf hunting right here. Protect the kiddies and all that shizz… Aww… come on, Demente. Be even funnier if Haaroldson decides to use that right upper cut I taught her last week…" The older woman rolls her eyes and then nods to the singer with another smirk at Marcus, "Am I right in thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? I bet she's free tonight after she sings it up."

Layla scowls and almost has Aniko's look of sorts down as she comes over to the elf and kneels down resting a hand on his shoulder and eyeing Amon. She disengages it. "Simple Amon would you like me to dock bloody points for a bubble like that or would you like me to tell a Professor that your keeping secrets in these troubled times and really would rather not share!" Oh her voice doesn't carry far and has a bit of an edge to it "Now Spigot… it is Spigot right?"

"Must not bother the students, no we must not! Spigot's Master forbids it!" exclaims the House-elf, surprised at another person suddenly taking an interest in him. "Little witch has no business with Spigot. She has not made contract, no she has not!" Snap! The little monster hits his fingers together, and Layla is instantaneously transported to the other side of the room: right in front of Aniko and Marcus, in fact! As for the noise, it seems to have been quieted thanks to Amon's magic. "Yes, yes, Spigot has news! Spigot has news for the good young master wizard, he does!"

By now, Gabriel's summarily dismissed the Gryffindor from his attention, and instead sets about re-pinning the corsage back for Erika. It might be noted that there's nothing untoward in that touch. Big-brotherly, almost. Almost. It's almost like her brightness, however, protects him. The opposite of standing in a shadow. Pale features have found their customary, serious frown, and as he steps back, his eyes fall upon the house elf. The translocation of another student? He doesn't bat an eye.

"Dock me the bloody points, Miss Demente, and I'll challenge it. It's no hex, I'm on school grounds, and there's no rules regarding it. The elf is somewhat delicate, and I am seeing to his comfort before something goes awry." Amon snaps. "Since when has my life become an open book you are entitled to read? You overstep—" …and then she's gone. Amon blinks, looks down at the elf, then slowly offers a half-smile. "Well now, I'm growing fonder by the hour, Spigot. Tell me your news, quickly, before we wind up with half the authority in the school on our heads."

"We are not manwhores you know?" simply says Marcus to Aniko. He tilts his head from side to side, his neck making crack sounds as he releases air pressure from his neck. The man shakes his head and looks at the stage "That bad of an image we have?" he smirks after saying this and almost… almost chuckles, shaking his head after that "Perhaps I'll ask her…" adds the Auror and then Layla appears in front of him and Aniko. The young Auror looks past everyone, eyeing that house elf and then he looks at Aniko "Do you want to do the honors? Don't hurt the house elf though, I see that that kid has been… well… not hurting him but he's not being nice"

Erika smiles brilliantly up at Gabriel, kissing his cheek as he's leaned down still. "Thank you." She says softly, reaching out to take his hand, like she's worried about getting lost in the crowd or something. She beams brightly and then looks at Ambrosius, raising an eyebrow as she steps a step closer to him, into his personal space. "He's my bestest friend. And you are being rude. If you can be rude, I can be, and not feel a whit of guilt. So you need to remember you are a wizard, and have some decency, and apologize for yourself. If not, I'll report you to your head of house, my head of house, and for good measure, Gabriel's head of house. Oh. And the headmaster, who, I might add, give a really good snuggle." Is that a glint in her eyes? Why yes it is!

Layla goes thunk and comes oddly back up! She starts to curse before she realizes who she is near. "That bloody little elf! I swear to god. Relocate me…" She mutters, "So it is secrets again. I'm wondering now if it wasn't Amon or even HIM that doctored it all." She starts to stalk off!

Gabriel waves a hand, irritated, even it may seem, with Erika. "It's fixed," he whispers with finality, before looking back to Amon, to Layla, wondering what in the Holy Hell is happening.

Ambrosius may be young, but the idea of the headmaster giving a teenage student a 'really good snuggle' seems indecentcriminal, even! The young boy blinks at Erika. "I am sorry," he answers, blushing a reddish color. He glances at Gabriel before looking back at Erika. "I will never apologize to a Slytherin. Evil, loathsome, vile hobgoblin-spawn they are!" He is going to get smackedfor sure!

The band's first song comes to a close, and despite the drama on the far end of the hall, most students seem to be happily pumped up. The lead singer blows a kiss to the crowd, and won't Marcus have a hard time living it down with Aniko if it happens to be in his general direction, before diving into their second, keeping to the high-energy beats in an attempt to wear the kidletts out.

Erika squeezes Gabriel's hand and smiles quickly at him before looking at Ambrosius again. The tiny Hufflepuff actually looks like she has several years before she becomes a teenager, she really does look like a firstie, even if she's not. She mostly acts like one too. But in this case she smiles brightly. "I'll be sure to let your head of house know your opinion. And Professor Malfoy as well. Do have a good evening." And then she summarily ignores the pesky Gryffindor, turning her attention to her friends.

"Never said anything about you Hollingberry's being manwhores." Aniko looks up and smirks at Marcus. "But I do know that you like women. If you think that makes you a manwhore…" Aniko shrugs and laughs, "Whatever. Vices, we've all got them." Snickering as the singer blows yet another kiss, Aniko adds, "And those sure as hell aren't for me." Aniko stares at Layla in a sort of amused fashion and then leans forward, her hand hooking the back of Layla's dress as the girl tries to stalk away from her and Marcus. "Hold it, Demente."

On the other end of the room, away from the sexy band, Spigot is having his own intrigues with Amon. He is jumping up and down, clapping his hands with excitement. His right foot sort of dangles a bit, evidentially damaged from some unspeakable act of self-mutilation, as he leans forward to tell Amon the news! Oh, would everyone not want to know all the juicy details! What fun! *Whisper* *Whisper*

Layla is still cursing under her breath and takes a moment to count internally as he is grabbed. No flying off the handle at Aniko will bring BAD things down on you. Especially when one needs said Professor to get her to Hogsmeade! Must GO! *ahem* "Yes Professor?"

Marcus smiles at the band leader and then moves his attention back to Aniko "Well, of course I do like women… quite a bit, thank you." he smiles to that and shakes his head. He looks at Layla now as she was pulled back by Aniko. Why oh why, there are things always happening, why oh why can't Hogwarts have a quiet year. "The way I see it… that boy should get… at least detention, as I remember it… what he is doing is not allowed within these walls." he shrugs at that but knows that both his father, and himself, caused a great deal of chaos in the school when they were students.

Amon leans forward to listen, his half-smile slowly fading as the elf goes on. And on. And on. Soon his expression is entirely flat, and his eye ticking. "Yes. Yes, quite, I understand Spigot~" he replies, just as his silenco spell fades. "That ladle came in quite handy, but did you find out?" Blink, blink. Why is he shouting again? Oh. Oh dear.

Aniko carefully eyes Layla and then she quirks her finger, indicating that Layla should come closer. Idly, the nasty old professor leans down and pulls Layla into a motherly-like hug as she whispers to the girl something that can't be heard by others in the room. Then she pats Layla on the back… all of this is just that much more disturbing because it's Professor Dazvrash doing it. "Eh, it's entertaining me right now, not like I'm going to be the staff member to stop in and put a stop to it, Marcus. Funniest thing all day, frankly."

The noise charm has vanished! Spigot, once again beset by the noise, collapses to the ground and starts writhing in pain. Holding his oversized ears, the House-elf squeals in agony, yelping, "Too loud! Too loud! Hurts me ears, it does!" This time it is not punch-glasses that are in jeopardy—the dance itself is in danger! The decorations are suddenly animated: Cupids begin shooting arrows across the room, deflating arrows and tangling streamers. Now real Cupids are harassing the poor Auror! Oh, no! Near Gabriel, Erika and Ambrosius, a punch bowl levitates and explodes! Needless to say, the three (and many other students around them) are soaked in sticky punch. Chaos. Pandemonium. Bedlam!

Layla does the oddest thing and hugs the cranky woman. As she pulls back finally, her color has somewhat drained even with the makeup. But she only nods "Aye Professor, whenever you like." She turns then and watches the stage, choosing to lean against the wall NEAR Aniko. Gee can this night get any peachier?

"EEEE!" Erika screeches as she's doused with punch, and she really does burst into tears. She just can't take this any more, so she takes off at a run, sobbing as she heads for the doors that will lead her out of this mess.

The Gryffindor boy does not sob, cry, or pout when he is soaked by punch. For some reason, he was expect a fist on the nose. Covered in the messy, sticky liquid, he just stands in the middle of the room stunned! "At least," he murmurs, "That Veronica Wellington will leave me alone!" Yes, to his good fortune, poor Veronica Wellington was also covered in fruit punch. She has erupted in tears as her blonde pig-tails are an orangish color. The girl runs out; Ambrosius does not follow her.

Marcus smirks after Aniko hugs Layla "You sure have the kid well trained…" idly offers the man as he looks at what is going on. When he spots the arrows coming his way, he immediately gets on guard "Alright…" this time he does have to throw that ready stance, because more than one arrow is headed his way. He uses shield charms to stop them and fires a couple 'Impedimenta' at those cupids… stupid things. He does look at how Erika runs away crying… poor girl.

The second song comes to a close rather explosively, band members ducking and covering as they're pelted with cupid arrows. "…Well, we didn't think the harmonics were quite this responsive." Eva laughs, then shoots her friends an agitated look that says 'check those settings!' "Everyone all right out there?" she asks, batting away a deflected arrow.

Amon twitches, bares his teeth in annoyance, and claps his hands over the elf's massive ears in an attempt to dampen the sound, even as punch trickles down the back of his collar. "SPIGOT! Stop this at once! Go home, and tell me more on the morrow!" If the elf can concentrate long enough to do so. Looking up through a squealing crowd, his eyes fall on Layla, half way down the hall, and calls out a venomous, "Permission to cast, Miss Demente?"

"Bloody hell," says Gabriel, and—-frowning, both at his soaked state, as well as Erika's hysterics over it-—he goes after the young Hufflepuff, a meaningful look given to Amon on his way out, but then he sweeps past the bedlam.

Unless Aniko is quick Layla will be on the move casting charms to repair things and diving flying projectiles. She watches as Erika runs out and this time does curse "I swear that elf!" It's all Amon's fault! Yes it is! "You damn well better help me set this to rights Lafayette!"

"I have to go change! What a bummer!" sighs Ambrosius. He walks out of the room in a swish of his formal robes.

Aniko skips dodging cupid bolts of doom and just grabs her cloak lifting in front of her face. The crazy things hit and slides off it like nerf darts which fail to attach properly. Then… she casually drops the cloak down, shaking the clothing and snickering at Marcus's antics to get rid of the things. "Well, that was kind of a puny attack…"

The racket from the Great Hall was loud enough to bring the Professor in from the Courtyard. He dodges Erika, raising a curious eyebrow, as he steps inside the dance hall. Catching sight of the spectacle, the wizard is not exactly sure what to make of the scene at first. "Merlin's Ear-Wax!" Rudolphus exclaims.

Marcus shakes his head and already had it… since he has a clear view of what's going on now that all the students are starting to… move away. "Yeah yeah, laugh it up…" offers the man with half a smile to Aniko, however, he is dead serious now "Stupefy!" and now there's a red bolt of doom flying towards the house elf… sleepy time little guy. Party pooper? Never! Well… maybe a bit.

The house elf is unintentionally wrecking all sorts of havoc. Decorations are everywhere. For some odd reason, however, Marcus' spell has no effect: Spigot raises a hand and blocks the spell without difficulty. Snap! Marcus' mouth is suddenly filled with butterflies. Whenever the Auror tries to speak, make a sound, or utter a spell, butterflies soar out. Oh, no! The magic of the house elves is powerful indeed!

"Master must be angry with Spigot!" cries the little creature. And, what would you know, at that moment his round eyes really do get wide—for they catch sight of the man in question! "Oh, no! Master!" In terror, Spigot drops to his knees shaking. He starts biting his fingernails off in self-punishment.

Layla casts a spell to levitates a heavy tablecloth over said elf and tries to stupefy him! That's it Aniko's office ort no she is outing this elf and vacating. At this rate good luck finding her Professor! "Spigot you idiot!"

The Band lingers a moment, Eva standing up on her tip toes to see past the crowd. Seems she's in good enough humor, however, and jokes, "I think we've just been upstaged by a house elf!" before offering a honey-warm laugh.

After the humiliation he suffered yesterday, this is all just icing on the cake for Amon. Ignoring Layla's response, and seeing as how the music has died for the moment, he finds a read streak of light heading for them; only to have it reversed. And then a tablecloth and another red streak of light, at which point he shouts, "STOP WITH THE SPELLS!" Do these people not learn? Are they all stupid? Wait, what a dumb question, of course they are. "Spigot! If you put everything to right that you just destroyed, I'm certain your master will forgive you. Can you do that? Can you fix all this, then go?" Amon asks, tone hard. He hasn't yet figured out that the creature's master is now present; only that he has spells flinging at HIM. Or might as well be.

Rudolphus is not very pleased. He marches toward Spigot and Amon, glowering with anger. "What manner of nonsense is this! I send you out to fetch me a book from the Library, and here you are causing havoc in the Valentine's Day dance!" the Professor says in a cold, polished, and deadly tone. He looks at Amon. "What have you been doing with my property, Master Lafayette? You have some explaining to do!"

Spigot cowers, and is stupefied! That and a table-cloth lands on him. An Auror couldn't stop the house elf but a little witch could? Highly irregular. Not that it matters very much.

Layla mutters a curse and nods to Eva to continue at will. She sees the Prof has both the student and elf in hand. FINE! She stalks back to the professors "Excuse me." With that she looks like she is going to head for the door.

Silent casting, know about that one? Marcus flicks his wand over his mouth and releases himself from the butterflies of doom. And now, some stupid teen wants to handle everything. Fine, fuck it… now the Auror spits a butterfly wing after biting it's head off 'Ozzie style…' "You know…" offers the man to Aniko. He takes another butterfly wing from his tongue with his fingers and says "Pretty times when Unforgivable curses were allowed back in the day… a shame that I wasn't alive." He smiles at that, he's joking… kinda… a little… "Think it's a good time to talk with the pretty lady over there…"

Amon stands abruptly as the elf hits the ground, batting away the table-cloth that half-landed on him. "You got lucky, Demente." he snaps, then turns to regard the professor. It's clearly the young man is deeply, deeply angry, but it's also clear he attempts to master himself and find a more respectful tone for the Professor. "Your elf has certain behavioral problems. I'm certain you've noticed." Oh, that wry tone wasn't quite the respect he was aiming for. No, he tries again, taking it down a notch. "He arrived to tell me something, but the sound of the music was too much for him and he acted out. I had cast a silenco, which was objected to, but it ran out and he resumed." he explains simply. "Incredulous as it might seem, this entire situation has arisen by virtue of my attempts to protect your property."

Eyeing Marcus' mouth full of butterfly, Aniko snickers and shakes her head. "Good save, Hollingberry, and might as well take your chance with the band babe now… Just don't spew any winged insects at here." Aniko snickers again and gives Marcus a sound thump on the back, "I will contact you soon, but I have a prefect to catch… and I have a feeling things are about to slow down here rather abruptly."

Eva winks to the crowd again, and says, "Why don't we take five, and try this again? And hey, if anyone's got the popcorn, be sure to pass some on up. Man, I've missed this place!" Laughing as her band mates flick stray arrows away from their instruments, he decides now'd be a good time to get a drink, and moves over to crouch by the edge of the stage.

Rudolphus looks around the room, and dodges a stray arrow from one of the animated Cupids. Taking his wand from his robes, the wizard directs it at the soaring cherubs and firmly intones, "Immobulus!" The cupids hang in mid-air, eerily suspended. Now that bit of madness is rectified, the professor looks down at Amon and the stupefied house elf. "Yes, I see you have been doing a fine job of it, too," he dryly answers the boy's claim at protecting his property. "Finite!" utters the wizard, and the creature is suddenly reanimated. Not that it is too pleased.
"Fix this mess, Spigot. Collect the book I sent you for, and return to my office. I expect you to be boiling your hands after this episode…"
Spigot whimpers and vanishes in the flash of an eye. Snap!

"I didn't say I'd been successful. In fact, I think I acknowledged how unbelievable such a notion appears, given circumstances." Amon mutters, clenching a fist in frustration. Plastering a smile on his face and lifting his chin—-the entire school is staring, after all—-he asks, "Would I be correct in assuming detention is in order? And if so, what are the chances of my being permitted to start on it immediately?" Please? Pretty please.

Goooood, another professor will take care of Amon and the crazy house elf. Marcus runs his hands over his clothes, getting as much butterfly crap off them. After that, he makes his way towards the stage, where Eva is. "So this happens every time your band plays?" asks the Auror with a soft smile. He takes a small glass with what it looks to be pumpkin juice and simply takes a sip from it.

"You guessed correctly. Minus thirty points for Ravenclaw," Rudolphus says, his eyes shining. "Since Professor Dazvarsh tells me you are so adept at cleaning, I believe I shall use your services. You can begin with cleaning up this… whatever this goo is on the floor… and I shall meet you in my classroom!" He crosses his arms across his chest, waiting for an answer.

Eva glances over as Marcus approaches, offering him a wry smile. "Mmm, trouble usually takes a different form." she replies, reaching forward to pluck a wayward wing from his shoulder, only to turn her hand and discard it. "Don't suppose I can convince you to get a lady a drink?" she asks with a broader smile, offering him her hand so he might help her hop off stage.

The professor gets no answer; he simply turns to look at the floor, removing his wand to flick several scourgify spells at it, then turns to leave the hall without a glance back.

Rudolphus claps his long, patrician's hands together. "Carry on, children! Let us not forget to have fun, eh, what? Dance away - but no touching! Master Samuels and Miss Pugshort, I want to see at least you at least a foot apart from each other! Miss Hopsgirldle, unpin that skirt! That's right. Very well, children, carry on!"

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