2026-09-02: Welcoming Feast 2026


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Scene Title Welcoming Feast 2026
Synopsis New students and professors are introduced to the school, as well as some other strange occurrences.
Location Great Hall, Hogwarts
Date September 2, 2026
Watch For Lightning and the Sorting Hat acting ominous.
Logger Zarina

Great Hall - Hogwarts

Like the feasting halls of yore, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is vast in its dimensions. It walls and floors are of cold, pale grey stone. The severity of that stone is alleviated by long-faded murals and tapestries hung about the room.
Five immensely long tables are able to accommodate the students and faculty together in one sitting for meals. Four of these tabkes are arranged in parallel rows with long benches which are each reserved for an individual House. Located at the southern end of the hall, the High Table for the faculty is perpendicular to the house tables and outfitted with comfortable arm chairs. At the very centre of that table is the Headmaster's golden throne.
The tall, narrow gothic windows lining the western and eastern walls of the Great Hall provide light during the daylight hours, and the flickering light of countless torches and floating candles lights the hall at night. A touch of the outdoor weather is brought into the hall through the vaulted ceiling, which has been enchanted to resemble the skies.

The sorting had is carried into the Great Hall by Professor Longbottom, who reaches the single, solitary chair at the foot of the steps to the teachers' table and places the aged, beaten, somewhat face-like pointed leather hat upon it. It sits there, quite inanimate for the moment, as Longbottom turns away from it and moves to stand in front of the line of children which has gathered in the Great Hall. Though the Headmaster and assorted teachers sit at the teachers' table, it is Longbottom who addresses them at this moment. "Alright, first order of business is to get you first-years sorted out now, isn't it? What we're gonna do is you'll each go sit in that chair when I call your name. You'll put the hat on, and the hat — it's called the Sorting Hat — will tell you what house you're going to be in. At that point, Prefects, please make sure they get to the proper table. After tha… quite suddenly, the braziers and candles which light this place dim, markedly, and the much darker lighting lengthens shadows, and brings the Deputy Headmaster's words to a halt. He looks up, and pauses. At the teacher's table, glances are exchanged. The Headmaster leans in to whisper something to Professor Malfoy, who simply nods, and moves off and out the side door.

Selina was already nervous! She isn't sure the hat is gonna like her. Not to mention this place is HUGE! She stares at the hat and back to the professor. Is he sure that hat is safe? Then everything dims and she shifts uneasily. Not supposed to be here honest! Magical she is not, or at least so she thinks. She looks around at her fellow first years and fidgets from foot to foot.

Kaneda blinks around, taking it all in. He sees the sorting hat and blinks… does he have to put that dirty thing on his head? eeeewwww. He looks to Alyn and smiles reassuringly, though he keeps quiet as he takes in the professors table and the older blonde professor leaves.

Zarina blinks her sapphire blue eyes slowly as she stands next to the line of arriving first year students, making sure they stay in order as she glances up at Professor Longbottom, listening politely. Its when the lights dim down that the Slytherin Prefect blinks in surprise, her eyes narrowing slightly in suspicion as she glances around her, making sure that the younger students stay calm as a few of the Professors start to move on their own.

Layla smiles reassuringly to the first years. She eyes the hat and wonders what pearls of wisdom will come this year. Then the lights dim and her hand slips into her pocket. She softly reassures those at her table, before her gaze sweeps the staff table. This is definitely new!

Sitting at the faculty table with a faintly bored look on her face, Aniko is drumming her fingers against the wood of the table as Neville talks. She's a new face to the school this year, but somehow manages to look utterly bored with the whole proceedings. When the lights dim suddenly, her amethyst eyes flick upwards and her dark eyes narrow before she shoots the Headmaster a sharp, pointed look and a quirked brow. Her eyes follow Draco for a moment before sliding back to settle on Headmaster Potter with a sour frown creasing her features and pulling her lips taut.

Zavier looks around a bit and slowly slides his wand from it's sheath as he looks around, keeping a protective eye on the first years. "First day on the job and already something's amiss…" He mumbles as he looks at the other professors and sighs.

Alyn nods and smiles at Kaneda and then glances forward as he listens. He is quite excited himself. The hat draws his attention, after all he has read all about it. He really is wondering what it is going to be like to put it on. He blinks a bit as the thing with the lights happens, "They supposed to do that?" he mutters a bit, not really to anyone in particular. The greenish-grey eyed boy just looks on a bit with wonder.

Professor Longbottom looks over his shoulder, at Professor Potter, who isn't smiling, but at just about that time seems to realize he's not smiling, and just nods to him, an indication to proceed. Up at the table, Professor Patil, the Divinations teacher is quietly flipping over tarot cards at her place. She shakes her head, takes up the cards, frowning worriedly, and then puts on her own fake smile as she notices the first-years who are looking at her. Overhead, the ceiling has darkened, as well, and the Moon has turned blood red. Presently, thunder peals, and the windows are lit with the staccato flash of lightning… and then…
…The lights are normal once more. Professor Malfoy, tall and pale, has his wand out, and as he puts it away, things sort of seem to become normal again; a collective breath is taken, though it had been an odd few moments.

"So yeah. Oh, don't worry about that," he tries to reassure the first-years, "Nothing's wrong. It's done this loads of times. Magic and all. At any rate… now's the time for—" and again, Longbottom's words are cut off, as, with a loud stage-cough, the ragged, leather hat suddenly comes to life where it sits upon the chair. And it's singing scales, softly to itself, as if preparing to sing. "Right," says Professor Longbottom, a bit put out by the interruption, "The song."
Karrie finally got Ciara to agree on electives, only took allot of train ride! Muggles are cleaner then animals she insisted. Well Ciara is mostly always right? Right! Her gaze sweeps the first years just before the lights dim. She was speaking softly at her table. But the head table has her full attention now.

Oh sorting you are so boring! Except for the part when the hat calls out new Ravenclaws. The table always erupts in madness when that part happens. Seeing as the sorting just started, though, it might be a little while. And all this oddness and so on is kind of unnerving. Alexis, though, is mind-numbingly bored and spacing out to the extreme. She kicks her feet under the table while she waits for the sorting to get over with. "Bloody heck I'm hungry." She murmurs.

Selina peers at the hat and then the professor. Note to self DO NOT ever interrupt a professor or adult type, even if you are a magical hat! She looks around again, but has calmed since things are somewhat normal. Well if you call a magical school and castle normal!

And then, the hat begins to sing:

Oh, the years have been right peaceful
Yes, everyone knows that
But there's come a rise of the deceitful
Now, trust the Sorting Hat

O' Gryffindor, in years of yore
You've stood here, brave and proud
If you are sorted here
Your brav'ry knows no peer
You stand large in the crowd

Dark Slytherin, You're out and in
The shadows they have formed
If you are sorted Slytherin
You ride before the storm

Of Ravenclaw, are those who saw
Enlightenment of our Kin
But in this soon upcoming war
Your will help him win

Oh, Hufflepuff, what sturdy stuff
You represent our wealth
Of common right and decency
Through the dark, will come your health

Yes, I'm the ragged, old sorting hat
And prophecy has come and gone
In one abbreviated warning
I give you in this song

Yes, safe you are at Hogwarts
Out there, can't say the same
But this year, alas
Begins, not ends
The dark and dangerous game

Layla listens closely to the hat as always. But then a brow arches and her gaze narrows. She thought the dark times were over? And Prophecy? Right time to seek Professor Patil after this. Yet for now she shows outward calm and speaks softly to worried students to calm them. Just what has come. The last time the hat said things like this it was a dire time indeed.

Alyn blinks and relaxes as the lights go back to normal and then the hat starts singing. His brow furrows a bit and he cocks his head to the side, that doesn't too good. He gulps a bit and takes a deep breath, as if he wasn't nervous enough. He looks around the rest of the room and then up towards the Faculty.

Feeling no need to comfort little firsties with false, assurances and smiles, Aniko's lips curl upwards at the corners in a horrible version of a smile as she listens to the Sorting Hat's song. She almost seems … pleased with what the hat is saying … and at the end, she covers he lips for a moment before leaning back in her chair and flashing a strangely amused grin at the Headmaster. Her red painted nails flash up and she covers her mouth as she leans forward to whisper in Professor MacMillan's ear - something that makes poor Ernie give the older woman a startled look. Whatever it was - he passes the message on to the Headmaster with a sideways look at Aniko.

Zavier blinks and looks at the hat. He wonders if the hat is drunk or something. "Bloody thing…" He mumbles resolving to petition Potter to start up the duel club this year, whip these kiddos into shape he will.

And with that, the hat goes inert again, and Professor Longbottom approaches it. The chamber is far more quiet than it has been in recent memory. His footsteps echo upon the hard, stone floor, and even Professor Potter has gotten up. He moves around the front of the table, eyes sweeping over the students, and then the first-years, who he regards quietly but intensely. He leans in to whisper something to Longbottom, who nods and says something back, putting a long, paper list of some sort into the Headmaster's hands before moving off to one side, and Potter gives a smile to the students, as if amused by something, though it's fake, and it only lives there on his expression for a second, before he wipes it away and says, "Right. Well, the Hat's certainly given some memorable songs. And sometimes, they're a bit dodgy. But I think we're going to get things started now. Alexander, Amanda!" And luckily, the girl's been waiting, and she wastes no time in getting up to the chair, where the hat is plopped down on her head, it awakens, and declares, "Slytherin!" And the girl is helped off the chair, the hat taken by Professor Longbottom, who points her to the Slytherin table as the Headmaster calls out, "Azria, Herbert…"

Rashan greets the newest Slytherins with a smile and motions for her to take a seat next to some of the second years. The Slytherin table erupts into cheers for the girl as Rashan looks towards the hat. "More please." He says softly with a smug grin.

Karrie eyes the odd Professor at the staff table. Doesn't she know it is impolite to pass messages! After all not like she is a student. Surely the odd one is NOT a professor! If that is the case then Headmaster has lost his mind! But then they get a firstie and she cheers with the rest!

Selina shifts a bit and just STARES at the hat. GULP! Then the other guy is there and he has taken the list. Who the heck is he to just barge in like that! Oh she better listen now as the hat starts with the house sorting.

And finally, Potter gets to, after a good number of students, "Kaneda, Kakita!"

Kaneda blinks at Professor Potter and wonders when it will be his turn. He wonders about the hat and how it knows where someone would go. He then hears his name and beams as he walks up to the Hat, Sitting in the chair he looks around with a smile, his mitten covers hand folding in his lap as the hat is placed on his head. "Hmmmm… yes.. yes… HUFFLEPUFF!" The smile on Kaneda's face gets even wider as he hops off the seat and heads to the Hufflepuff table. He even has a slight strut to his step, his grandfather is going to be so happy when he gets this owl.

Alexis is watching the sorting with a little more energy now. Someone probably poked her and said 'dude, act like the prefect you are supposed to be'. She automatically sat up and tried to look oh-so-important at that point in time. Right. Got to be a good girl. "Are we going to get -any- first years this year?" She asks softly.

A few names are called afterwards, Jamie Kimball goes to Gryffindor and Landy Kohl goes to Ravenclaw. And then, finally, "Murphy, Alyn," the headmaster calls out, looking for Alyn to come forward.

Layla watches happily as you come to the table She mutters to Kaneda, "…room just over…"

Selina starts to look more and more nervous! Well maybe she will get lucky and get to go with one of her friends. Oh why oh why did her name have to begin with T! Right patience, patience!

Alyn smiles and claps for his friend, especially as it seems that he got put into the house that he was expecting and wanting. He listens to a couple of others be called and then almost doesn't realize it as his own name is called. The Irish lad is a definitely a bit nervous as he takes a deep breath and then moves forward to take a seat on the stool. He has no clue where he wants to go or any of that really, he runs a hand through his black and red hair, and straightens his robes, trying to sit up straight as the hat is placed on his head. While to him it seems to take a while, it isn't long before the hat calls out, "Yes… most Definitely… Ravenclaw!" The hat comes off Alyn's head and he seems to be beaming a bit, his face no longer wrinkled up in concentration and he seems to have visible freckles which weren't there before, not that he realizes it. He looks around trying to find where he goes and sits.

It's about time!! Alexis, along with the rest of the Ravenclaw table, erupts into a roar of cheers. YAY! Hopefully that will help Alyn figure out where he needs to go. Alexis tries to wave at him, signaling to come sit down where the awesome is at.

And then, after a few more names have been called, and the people to whom they are attached welcomed and congratulated, comes, "Telkin, Selina!"

Zavier smiles inwardly as the fact there is a Ravenclaw. he turns to smiles at Padma and then turns back to watch the sorting.

Selina gulps and walks over to the stool and climbs up hesitantly with a glance at the hat! Right all is well. Talking hats are normal after all right? Then it is sat on her head and maybe the hat has gone to sleep for it seems to take a very long time before calling out "Yes Gryffindor!" Once the hat is lifted Selina takes no time at all to getting to her feet. Yeah she is off display! She follows the cheers and waves over to her table and takes a seat at the very end!

Alyn makes his way there and sits with the rest of the Ravenclaws. The freckles seem to be gone by the time that he sits down but he is still smiling and beaming. He glances around to watch the last of the sorting as well.

After the last of the students, Zabinsky, Gerald, is called and seated, with Slytherin — oddly, that makes the first and last students being sent to the same house —Headmaster Potter steps up to the podium at the head of the Great Hall. Where Dumbledore's podium once held the image of a phoenix upon it, Potter's bears the symbol of a stag. He smiles at the four houses, before looking down at the podium, back up once more, and calling out, "All right then, everybody quiet! You've seen new blood in each house, and now I just want to say a few words before the Great Feast."

Rashan smiles at the last student, another Slytherin. Then he looks to Zarina and smirks, go out with a bang he always says. "I see Gryffindor got a few ones too… heh." he says with a smirk before turning his attention to Headmaster Potter.

"Welcome to Ravenclaw, Alyn!" Alexis smiles at the new first year. "And to the rest of you as well!" She addresses each of the by name. "Soon there will be food, and it is seriously the best food you will ever taste, I promise!!" Oh, she could go on about the food for hours, but the Headmaster is calling for all of their attention again. Her head turns, watching the Headmaster speak.

Layla looks at something in her hand and then looks over to the Slytherin table. Right then! She talks softly with Kaneda and others and looks up when the headmaster calls for silence. She looks up and down her table and waits.
Kaneda looks around and smiles up at Layla. "When do we eat?" He asks before he slowly removes his mittens and places them in his lap, revealing delicate hands with long nimble fingers. He then adjusts his Robe with the new Hufflepuff badge on it, very proud of himself in a modest, shy way.

Aniko looked bored through most of the sorting, and she's now pouring the contents of a small silver flask into the goblet in front of her - before recapping it and sliding the flask back into her cloak. Lifting the goblet, she wriggles it between her fingers a couple times before taking a good swig of the contents.

Alyn smiles at Alexis, "Thank you." he says and giggles just a little, his Irish accent ringing a bit. He clams up as the headmaster starts talking though and puts his attention back there.

Karrie speaks easily with some of her fellow Slytherin before joining the rest and looking up to headmaster to see what he has to say. Lets eat already! She idly jots something on a slip of paper while she waits.

"Now… the food which is about to appear on your tables…" says the Headmaster, who is still three years shy of fifty, he still bears traces of the youth who one, they say, defeated the greatest dark wizard of all time, before anybody here, save for the teachers and staff, was even born. He is a kind-faced fellow, with round glasses and an easy smile on a serious face, and eyes which have seen much. Everybody knows his name, but everyone knows lots of names. Here, he is real. "…don't touch it just yet. I just want to say a word about what I look forward to this year."

At that point, the richness of all that has been wrought by the talented house elves appears on the four house tables, burdening them with more wonderful flavors than even the most imaginative could have dreamed.

Alyn blinks a bit, at the food appearing. He had read all about it, but it is one thing to read about it and another to see it happen, of course it might explain how his veggies vanished off his plate some nights, but that is neither here nor there. He licks his lips a little as there are things he has only ever dreamed of on the table but then remembers the Headmaster saying not to touch it yet….only thing keeping him from stuffing his face.

Kaneda jumps in surprise and grips Layla's robe. "Holy Cow…" He says as he eyes the food warily… wondering if it really is safe to eat… just appearing like that… kinda dodging…

Selina goes wide eyed as the food appears. This is more then she sees in a WEEK! Before anyone can stop her she is looking under and around the table. She has gone a bit pale. One of the older students lean over to reasure her softly. She still doesn't look very settled.

Layla mutters to Kaneda.

"I'm not a man who gives these eloquent speeches like the headmaster of my day. He was the greatest headmaster this school has ever seen, and me, well I'm just trying to do his legacy justice. And just like I try to do his legacy justice, now, each of you finds yourself in a house, some for the first time in your life, and you might feel this… weight. A need to live up to the names of people who have gone before you. Well, what I want you to know is that it's when you look back that you'll be able to see your place in things. Looking too far forward, or wrapping yourself up too much in the moment, shouldn't dictate everything you do. Think of all three. Think forward, enjoy the here and now, and remember that one day, today will be a memory. Always strive to do what you think you'll be proud of, looking back on it…."

"Isn't it fantastic looking?" Alexis whispers to the first years. Her smile is wide and bright and his fingers are itching to grab one of the dinner rolls. They look very tasty right now. But nope, she is setting a good example and listening to the Headmaster. Man, he's being awfully introspective tonight.

Layla listens to something Kaneda says and nods reassuringly to him. She glances around the hall as she listens to the headmaster.
Alyn nods and cocks his head to the side a little. He stares at the headmaster and cocks his head to the side as he tries to get the message being imparted.
Karrie speaks to some of the firsties and offers assurances also. See it is alright honest! You think this is something…wait till they see desert! Karrie nudges Ciara briefly and nods toward the headmaster.

"And.. well," he looks to the left, to the right, at the teachers up on at the table before he says, "Let's just all say hello to our newest teacher, Professor Aniko Dazvarsh, who has agreed to comer back this year to teach Ancient Runes. Also, a soon-to-be Professor I am sure, Zavier, is acting as Fellow of Defense Against the Dark Arts this year"
Applause. Hungry rumblings of stomachs. Potter grins.
"So I'll let that be it. We'll keep it short and sweet. Firsties, be sure to get with your prefects, everybody be sure to thank the house elves for this amazing feast. Cheers."
And that's it. Potter's brief speech is done, and he's gone back to the table to the polite applause from the students and teachers alike, as everyone begins attacking the food on the tables.

Layla stares from the headmaster to Aniko and back. No flipping way! HER! Maybe she should rethink her N.E.W.T.s. She then lets her gaze go to Padma and then back to Aniko. Buckle up Layla it is apt to be a bumpy year!

Aniko looks up from her goblet of questionable contents, arching a brow as Potter mentions her name. She gives the student body a nod of her head, her typical little scowl never quite leaving her face as she mutter something under her breath at the table. Then her eyes slide to the side at the applause, and the older woman gives Zavier a smirk and a nod of her head.

Selina looks up at the staff table and just tries not to stare. So many teachers! Just stay calm Sel it will be alright honest. She turns her attention to the food and drink. Well since everyone else seems to be eating, it must be safe /right/? She fills her plate and starts to eat

Alyn looks up for a moment and looks at the teachers, and makes a mental note of the two new teachers and then looks back at the table and starts filling his plate. He takes small amounts of things, mostly so he can try everything.

Zavier nods to the students, and gives an evil smirk, they are gonna earn their grades this year. Then he turns to Aniko and gives a nod in her direction. He then looks towards Slytherin, one Slytherin in particular and frowns before he picks up his ale and starts to drink it.

Kaneda starts to eat after everything is said and done. He nibbles a bit at first before finally deciding that it's okay to eat, then he starts to munch big time. For someone so small and delicate, he sure can put the foods away.

Rashan smiles and pats Zarina on the hand. "Enjoy the food, remember we might have practice in a few days." he says with a smile before getting up and heading to the Hufflepuff table, placing his hands on Layla's shoulders. "Come here often?" he asks with a smirk as he looks at some of the others, with shocked looks that Rashan Havinter actually came over to the table, though the Griffindors don't look to happy at him right now and from across the room, he is shot dirty looks.

Layla notes all the looks as she says something softly to Rashan. She shifts a bit making room for him on the bench "So another year has started. I'm not sure which class I'm more worried over." She takes a few bites of roast to show a firstie that yes it is safe to eat "I see you got some firsties also. Ready for them? I think we should do that scavenger hunt in the next few days."

Zarina lightly rolls her eyes as she lifts a hand to waves Rashan's away from her, taking a drink to wash down her food. "Yeah yeah. Cut it out or people are going to start thinking that you're the bloody Captain or something." she answers, smirking lightly before returning to her food in front of her, finishing the last on her plate before leaning back and releasing a contented sigh.

Zavier looks around a bit and smiles as he excuses himself from the table. "Professors, I do have a bit of preparation to do, as well as see that my supplies are secured from the train." he says as he stands up and walks out of the hall. He passes some students and talks about their newts wit hthem before leaving.

Layla mutters to Rashan, "… Never… think…"

Kaneda finishes his plate and raises a hand to his mouth to stifle a yawn before he places his mittens back on his hands and then looks around sleepily. He then nods off and falls sideways, his head handing right in Layla's lap as he starts to snore softly, almost like a bunny rabbit.

Alyn does work on trying at least everything once. He is getting full fast though. He glances around and cocks his head to the side as at the other table he notices a Kaneda passing out, good thing the lad's swords aren't there. He shakes his head a little and is too excited to pass out yet. He runs his hand through his black and red hair, and turns his eyes on everything at least once.

Rashan takes the offered seat and chuckles at her reply before blinking at the first year that is using his Girlfriends lap for a pillow. "Little bugger beat me to it." He says with a chuckle as he looks at her. "You got my message right?"

Layla nudges Kaneda "Hey come on now. Stay awake long enough for me to get you to the commons. No way am I carrying you." She is gentle in tone but firm! She arches a brow and laughs at Rashan "Oh really beat you too it?" Then she nods "It'll take me a bit to get the firsties and others settled though.

Kaneda stirs and lifts his head before realizing where he is at. "Gah! Gomen Nasi Layla-sempai. I didn't mean to.. I guess I'm tired from the train." he says as he looks around and decides to drink a class of punch, hoping that it will keep him awake.

Rashan nods and smiles. "I do think it is time." he says leaning over to kiss Layla on the cheek. "Lets get these kids off to bed." he says with a smile as he stands up and heads to the Slytherin table.

Alyn giggles a bit as he sees the kiss on the cheek and then shakes his head a bit. He looks around and realizes people are starting to head off to their common rooms and all. He sticks a couple of the really nice pastries in his pocket, after all he hasn't had this much choice before. He considers for a moment and then shoves a couple into his mouth. He might make people wonder where he puts it all.

Layla rises as well and nods. After watching Rashan as he goes. Then mentally she shakes herself "Alright First years with me! Time to go to the commons." She gives another glance toward Rashan quizzically before she watches the firsties and starts to head to the door "It's alright Kaneda…I think many of feel the same as you. It's been a long day." With that she leads the group out

Pushing her clean plate away, Zarina releases a sigh, knowing there is work to be done as she rises to her feet, brushing back her long, snow white hair off of her slender shoulders. With Slytherin students already moving, she starts to direct the younger years and steps out in front of them, leading them towards the doors of the Great Hall and down to the dungeons.

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