Portrayed By Unknown.
House Hufflepuff
Year Alumnus
Position Healer Trainee
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 22
Place of Birth England
Date of Birth August 19, 2004
Mother Philomena
Father Jack
Siblings none
Marital Status Single
Children none
First Appearance Sept 15, 2009
Last Appearance current

Character History:

William was a quiet, pleasant child, prone to sunny smiles and warm affections. His father, a muggle painter, and his mother, a witch and midwife, were deeply in love, and that warmth permeated through William's childhood. He made friends easily, though there was a strangeness about him that earned him occasional harassment. In science, his seeds always grew fastest and most lush; in art, the paintings he hung sometimes looked different day to day, as if he'd put up a nearly identical one with only the sun moved over when no one was looking. Once, a bird flew into a window during recess and broke it's wing. William, soft hearted that he was, cried and cried while the boys laughed at him — right until the bird flew away. While Wil was delighted, others gave him a fairly wide berth for a while.

His invitation to Hogwarts was met with mixed feelings. While the idea of a magical school where he would learn the world's secrets and have countless adventures seemed exciting, Wil was reluctant to leave his family. It was a shy, nervous boy who boarded the train, watching as older students excitedly became reacquainted while he tried to wedge himself into a corner — until he met the young lady who would become his best friend through school, and as good as family. Though Chloe was sorted into Gryffindor and he into Hufflepuff, the pair were inseparable during their free time and shared classes, supporting one another through all the ups and downs of childhood. One of the lowest points involved Chloe's car accident and her subsequent inability to dance professionally — though not a skill he discusses much as he finds it a bit embarrassing, William learned the basics of ballet simply to coax his friend into dancing again at all.

It was Herbology Wil loved most as a young student, feeling a natural affinity for working with plants. His ability in potions was abominable initially; every potion would go awry, and William would have to sit and think as to why it did… consequently he acquired a greater understanding of the hows and whys of potion making, managing to drastically improve his grades in time for OWLs and even pull off the NEWT. No one would have thought the firstie covered head to toe in slug slime would have made it, or that he would be proudest of that NEWT. Most other courses he performed well enough in, keeping his grades up at all costs lest he loose his place on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. In later years, William joined Chloe in taking Healing and Divinations, continued on to become Captain, and actively participated in a fair number of study groups — necessary, as he'd decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and become a Healer, requiring five NEWTs. No one was more grateful to drop Divinations (save perhaps Chloe), or DAtDA when given the opportunity, though he missed history, in which he had learned a valuable skill; how to sleep with one's eyes open.

Upon graduation Wil joined his friend in a Grand Tour, spending a year traveling the continent and experiencing all the world has to offer youth — while Chloe's French got them through France well enough, William's inept attempts at secondary languages provided for a few comedic disasters along the way. Upon return to Mungos they both applied (and were accepted) for training at Mungos, which they have dedicated the last three years of their lives to. It appears as if Wil is leaving his specialty selection to the last possible moment, wavering constantly between Toxicology and Trauma. In his spare time he plays in the neighborhood quidditch league, as he tries to lead an active life in general, helps his mothers (as Chloe's mother tends to be called 'mum' as well) tend their garden, and spends time with his friends. He sometimes dances with Chloe (which mostly involves him standing there as she dances around him, and the occasional lift), and occasionally remembers to pick up his flute and find out how much he's forgotten. Spare time, for an Trainee, is farely sparse however.


William tends towards the warm and friendly, though often somewhat quieter in large crowds of strangers unless he has a task to do. He likes to keep busy, and can be a bit clownish around his friends. Some people find him to be sweet and endearing in a boy-next-door sort of way; others think he's naive, self-rightious and annoying for the same reasons. It takes a fair amount to push him into a flash of temper, more often for a slight against someone he cares about than himself.

Trivia and Notes:

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