Lord Zavier Kashin III
Portrayed By Adrian Paul
House Ravenclaw
Year Alumnus
Position Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 44
Place of Birth Glasscow Scotland
Date of Birth 28 January 1982
Mother Lady Devenica Kashin.
Father Lord Kashin II
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children none
First Appearance Welcoming Feast 2026
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born the winter of 1982, Lord Zavier Horace Kashin III, is the son of Lord Kashin II and Lady Devenica Kashin. His childhood was the same as any young Lord's. He went through etiquette classes, fencing classes, Geneology, and Riding Lessions. Up until he was ten years old his life was that of your average noble boy. The summer of his ten year, he received a letter From Hogwarts, it was only the icing on the cake added to the strange things that were happoning all year, come to find out that he was the cause of them. His mother was also known to be a Witch, and His father was, at first, worried about how this would make him look. Though after it was explaind to him that the magical community is well hidden, and that this would be a better life for their son, Lord Kashin agreed to send his son to Hogwarts. At Hogwarts Zavier waqs chosen for Ravenclaw, just like his mum. And he took to his studies with a fervor. He was apt at Defense against the Dark arts, as well as charms and herbology. He was usualy a Quiet one, but not an outcast and had friends whom he would say were 'Good Chaps'. His third year he picked Ancient Runnes and Arithmancy as his electives, having a fasination for Magical Studies as well as wanting to learn more, to explore the old ruins and write about them. He passed his OWLs with flying colors, scoreing close to top of his class, and his Newts were: Defense Against the Dark arts, History of Magic, Charms, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. He passed those classes as well and graduated. His seventh year he was Honored with a Prefect Badge, Being a Keeper on the Raven Claw Quidditch team, as well as graduating top ten percent. That summer he prepaired for his work, and soon left England for parts of the world unknown, at least, Parts of the world that you wouldent normaly see a Wizard. He traveld to Americal first, studying the magic of the Native Americans and seeing if their shamans were 'of the blood'. Then he went along to Japan and Immersed himself in the study if Ki, and Their way of Shintao. In china he became fascinated wit hthe tomb of the first emporer of China, and was almosted Killed getting away with said Emperor's bejeweld sword. In India he came upan a small underground of people who wished to raise teir social status. Zavier found out that their leader was a Witch whom wanted her own country. He himself took on the task of removing this 0organizeation, and he had to do things that werent looked upan as 'Good' to achieve this goal. After that, Zavier went to Africa and has a study of their ways as well, though it was close to the native american studies. Once he made his journy around the world, with artifacts and notes about thease places. He returned to his Family's Mannor and began writing about them. Nightmeres started to assault him about his travels, and eventualy, he learned to live with them. After his books were published, people often wornerd if he actualy did thease things or was he just a good fictional writer. That is, until they see his collection from the places he has been and are shocked. Most of thease artifacts are left in his vault at Gringots in london, save the Chinese sword, that he takes with him, though not openly, he still has it on hand. Zavier has decided to have another Venture, only this time he looked twoards Hogwarts, and more specificaly, twoard being a Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. So he began working on his Resume, and readyed himself for his Meeting with Headmaster Potter. This made him nervious, wvn after all his adventures, 'The boy who lived' and the saviour of the world makes all his own accomplishments look like your average hum drum activities, at least, In Zavier's Mind.


A man of many layers, Zavier usualy puts on a show of being a kind person, always with a kind word to most people and a helping hand. Though, due to the travels he had after his Graduating Hogwarts, he has been known to have moments of deep thinking, to the point he becomes almost absent minded. There are other times, when he dosen't trust a certain person, he can be down right cold and insulting twoards that person, though this rarely happons and usualy stems from the person having a shady past. As far as the students are concerned, he is deathly protective of them and wants to ensure that they get a safe, and well taught education. His additude twoards Muggles is the same as to every one else. Sinc his father is a Muggle, and he is, after all, A member of the Muggle house of Nobles.

Other Information

Dark Arts of the World by Lord Zavier Kashin
A book on different Dark Arts used around the world and the propper way to combat them.

Sights of the Damned by Lord Zavier Kashin
A book about different sights of the world used in rites and rituals of Dark Magic and the history of said places.

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